The Most Comfortable Toilet Seats for Standard Toilets – Buyer’s Guide

Are you thinking of upgrading your bathroom but don’t have a budget to cater for a full makeover? Well, why don’t you try sprucing it with new accessories such as modern bathroom faucet, new shower curtains, and of course replacing your old toilet with a modern one? Unfortunately, regardless of how well a factory toilet may look, it often comes with a cheap plastic toilet seat that is uncomfortable.

Generally, the comfort of your toilet is determined by the quality of the toilet seat. Replacing the toilet seat will complement the functionality of your toilet, bringing efficiency and reliability. In this guide, we have focused our efforts on bringing you the best toilet seats for standard toilets.

Unlike the inbuilt factory toilet seats, modern toilet seats will not only transform your washroom appearance but also provide hygiene and safety. In this post, we have only reviewed the models that come in superior designs for enhanced performance. Therefore, if you are looking to take your comfort to the next level, selecting any of the following models may be a wise decision.

These are the Top 10 Best Toilet Seats for Standard Toilets in 2022

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10. WSSROGY Round Toilet Seats with Cover

WSSROGY Round Toilet Seats with Cover

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Despite coming in a simple design, WAAROGY toilet seat is jam-packed with all the crucial features you need. Therefore, if you are looking for a relaxing, hygienic, and relaxing experience in your washroom, don’t hesitate to pick this toilet seat. Different from other models in a similar price range, the seat comes with an anti-bacterial surface. This prevents the growth of bacteria making it not only safer to use but also easy to clean.

As you would expect, this seat closes slowly, preventing pinching of your fingers. This also prevents the annoying loud slamming, which is often associated with plastic toilets. Users also appreciate the unique anatomical design that features a small gap on the lid front for easy opening. Plus, the seat boasts of a versatile design that boosts your overall comfort. What’s more, you can buy this model with confidence as it is designed to work perfectly with all round toilet brands.

  • Anti-bacterial construction materials
  • Closes slowly and quietly
  • Standard design that fits most round toilets
  • Has two rubber pads that prevent the seat from slipping
  • One color choice

9. TECCPO Elongated White Toilet Seat

TECCPO Elongated White Toilet Seat

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If you prefer something that comes with a simple design, affordable price, and never compromise on performance, the TECCPO toilet seat makes a good candidate. Unlike the complicated seats that are often expensive and complicated to install, this seat is simple and convenient. Its versatile design hits these check marks by ensuring a straightforward style and fast installation. This will enhance your bathroom experience instantly.

While the seat is designed for standard toilets, the contemporary design doesn’t come devoid of crucial features. Contrary to most individuals’ perception, this unit comes with impressive features that will exceed their expectations. First, the lid closes softly preventing accidents and loud slamming. It also comes with an anti-slip surface that has a comfortable and gentle feel. When it comes to the construction, it is crafted from safe PP material that is tested to hold a weight of up to 440 pounds. Thanks to the sturdy construction materials, this seat is impact and crack resistant. Similarly, the seat comes with a gorgeous finish that resists fading and scratching.

  • Easy to open and close
  • Designed to fit most elongated toilets
  • High en construction materials ensure safety and durability
  • Very easy to install
  • Ideal for elongated toilets only
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8. Bemis 7800TDG000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated

Bemis 7800TDG000 Plastic Toilet Seat Elongated

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Bemis 7800TDG000 elongated toilet seat brings style and quality to homes, restaurants, and hotels. This seat has a versatile design that matches most modern washrooms décor. Coming in an ergonomic design with a premium finish, this seat will add an antique charm that blends well with any interior décor. More to its aesthetic appeal, the seat boasts of a versatile design that offers maximum comfort. This makes a valuable commercial and household accessory that fits most elongated toilets seamlessly.

Dissimilar from other models, this seat is built from high-end materials that are not only durable but also offers a warmer feel. To ensure it withstands test of time, the attachment washers and bolts are rust resistant. We also love the simple hinged design that allows for effortless installation. Moreover, the premium finish is scratch and fade resistant.

  • Durable thanks to the heavy-duty molded plastic construction
  • Works well with almost all elongated toilets
  • Comes with all hardware needed for a simple installation
  • Premium finish gives it an attractive look
  • Available in white finish only

7. American Standard 5330.010.020 Champion Toilet Seat

American Standard 5330.010.020 Champion Toilet Seat

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A loud slamming toilet seat can be annoying to use especially during the night. Stop distracting your partner sleep by installing this toilet seat from American Standard. Pairing a dazzling design and simplicity, this seat makes a spectacular addition to your washroom. The seat has a conventional design that ensures a seamless fit to all-round seats. Also, this seat comes with slow and silent close hinges that prevent pinching your fingers.

Another unique feature that comes with this unit is the tool-less lift off feature. This feature enables for simple seat removal and replacement, making cleaning the toilet a breeze. Built using solid plastic materials, this seat will withstand repeated daily use. More importantly, this is a budget-friendly choice that will never compromise its performance.

  • Fits almost all conventional toilets with a round design
  • The seat closes slowly and quietly
  • Has a simple to remove feature for effortless cleaning
  • Has an attractive design that complements your bathroom decor
  • Slightly larger than the toilet but this ensures proper a proper fit
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6. Delta Faucet 800903-WH toilet Seat

Delta Faucet 800903-WH toilet Seat

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Rejoice if you have a round toilet, Delta faucet 800903-WH toilet seat is the ultimate choice for those looking to make a bold statement in their washroom. Smartly engineered to work with most round toilets, this seat pairs with your toilet perfectly, bringing you the convenience you need. It features a slow and silent closing feature that prevents slamming accidents. We love the solid construction that guarantees years of reliable service.

The sturdy construction enables the seat to hold a decent weight capacity. Plus, this model also comes with bumpers that prevent shifting when in use. Likewise, users appreciate its stunning look that will complement the overall style of your washroom. And, the toilet takes less than 20 minutes to install, so you don’t need to hire an expert.

  • Excellent finish that is resistant to fading, chipping and staining
  • Equipped with non-slip bumpers to prevent shifting
  • Solid construction to ensure durability
  • Standard design works with most round front toilet bowls
  • Few color choices

5. Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat

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Built with consumer needs in mind, this toilet seat offers the user optimal comfort without adding any cleaning problems. Whether your toilet is from TOTO, American Standard or Kohler this seat will add a sense of royalty to your bathroom. Though it features a basic design, the versatile design brings an instant upgrade to your home. Having been crafted from high-grade PP material, this model is not only durable but also comfortable.

When compared to other models, this toilet is softer and has a warmer feel. This makes it a better alternative to blatantly plastic models. The seat is also durable thanks to the solid construction. In fact, this seat is tested to handle a weight of 400 pounds. This is made possible by the Four-foot bumpers that promote even distribution of weight. Additionally, the seat has a top-notch finish that does not chip, fade, or peel.

  • Polypropylene construction is warmer and softer
  • Tested to hold up to 400 pounds
  • Extremely durable thanks to the fade chip and peel resistant finish
  • The seat is removable making it easy to clean your toilet
  • Slightly higher price

4. American Standard 5320B65CT.020 Champion Toilet Seat

 American Standard 5320B65CT.020 Champion Toilet Seat

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Who said that you need to spend a fortune to upgrade your bathroom? Although a high-end toilet seat comes with many bells and whistles, this basic model from American Standard still has plenty to offer. Boasting of a dazzling design, this toilet seat coordinate well with classic and modern bathroom décor. One of the most notable features is probably the Everclean anti-microbial surface. With this seat, you don’t have to worry about bacteria growth. With this feature, you can worry less about your toilet maintenance and spend more time enjoying its services.

For enhanced performance, this toilet seat has an easy lift-off feature. This feature enables fast removal and replacement without using any tools. Additionally, this seat has a slow and silent close that prevents unintentional slamming. Plus, since this seat is made from premium plastic materials, you don’t have to worry about durability issues.

  • Simple Lift off Feature
  • Versatile design that closes slowly an quietly
  • Attractive design adds a touch of class to your bathroom
  • Has antimicrobial surface making it easy to clean
  • Special care needed to maintain it in top-notch feature

3. Bath Royale MasterSuite Elongated Toilet Seat

Bath Royale MasterSuite Elongated Toilet Seat

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If you ask any homeowner who has installed a wooden toilet seat, they will tell you plastic is bad. But let’s face the truth, Plastic molded toilet seats are a better alternatives for a various reason. First, unlike wood, plastic is non-porous. This means it doesn’t absolve moisture, preventing bacteria growth. Besides offering sanitary benefits, plastic offer better chemical, stain, and chipping resistance than wood. Bath Royale toilet seat is built to bring you with all these benefits.

Combining Eurocast and Polypropylene plastic construction, this toilet seat outlasts most wood toilet seats. This material also withstands more weight, making it a decent choice for commercial use. We also love the premium finish that never fades, chip, or stain. Other features that make this seat stand out includes; rubberized bumpers that allow for a secure it as well as better scratch resistance.

  • Durable construction provides years of reliable service
  • Strong and stable as it holds up to 400lbs
  • Designed to work well with most toilet brands
  • Quiet closing prevents the annoying loud slam
  • Few color choices
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2. Bemis 500EC 000 Wood Round Toilet Seat

Bemis 500EC 000 Wood Round Toilet Seat

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Available in various colors, you will always get it right with this toilet seat from Bemis regardless of your bathroom décor. Most importantly, this seat comes in a versatile design that offers outstanding safety and comfort. Designed to work in harmony with round toilets, this seat has a molded body and high gloss finish that blends with your washroom décor superbly. Besides the aesthetics, the stability of this model is exemplary. These attributes have made it one of the widely sought product for both home and hotel use.

Featuring a simple installation design, this toilet is also very easy to use. Another selling point worth mentioning is the slow closing feature. Forget loud slamming which is often responsible for small accidents such as finger pinching. Besides, the standard design fits most round toilet brands seamlessly.

  • Has an enamel finish for enhanced durability
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Comes with security Twist hinges for unlocking
  • Extremely affordable for concise budget buyers
  • Designed for round toilets only

1. KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat

KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Elongated White Toilet Seat

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Every time the word functional modern toilet phrase comes up, it is hard to miss the word KOHLER. It would be an injustice to conclude this guide without including this model from Kohler. Being one of the earliest brands in this business, Kohler has perfected their art in the production of functional, affordable, and versatile toilets accompanied with their accessories. The KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet Toilet Seat is one of the latest additions, designed to fit most elongated toilets. Coming with an innovative, subtle design, this seat is integrated with rubber bumpers to prevent shifting.

By combining superb ergonomics with premium materials, the  K-4636-0 seat provides optimal user comfort. It is crafted from solid PP materials with a fine finish that is resistant to chipping, staining and fading. The seat also pairs silent close features with quick release functionality that close with minimal effort. More to this, this seat brings improved hygiene since it requires minimal contact when opening and closing the lid.

  • Compatible for all elongated toilets
  • Quiet close design prevents loud slamming
  • Available in different color finishes
  • Fast-Attach Hardware enables fast installation
  • None that we could find

Factors to consider when buying the best toilet seats for standard toilets

Equipping your toilet with a new toilet seat brings numerous advantages. First, a toilet seat will boost the look of your bathroom. Secondly, the seat enhances your comfort when using the toilet. While these seats don’t have many bells and whistles found in premium models, you need to look at some crucial pointers. This will to assist you in finding something that works with your toilet perfectly.

  • Type of the toilet: The first thing to consider is your toilet type. Mainly we have round and elongated toilet bowls. While each has its advantages, it will depend on your preference. Similarly, toilet seats come in both elongated and round designs. While these toilet seats are designed to work with most standard toilets, make sure you pick an appropriate choice. Note: an elongated toilet seat will not work properly with a round toilet.
  • Construction materials: Toilet seats are made of mainly wood or plastic materials. Molded wood toilet seats offer an authentic look to your bathroom. However, they are not as durable as plastic models. Additionally, plastic materials are non-porous, preventing the growth of bacteria. We recommend using the plastic models especially if you have kids or pets. On the other hand, the wooden models are an excellent pick if you don’t mind providing extra care especially in high traffic areas such as restaurants.
  • Installation: Similar to other attachment, you need to set up your toilet seat. The ease of installation will determine whether you will need to call an expert or not. We recommend going for models with a tool-less installation setup. Picking a seat that has a lift-off feature will also make cleaning of your toilet a breeze
  • Finish and Hinge Quality: Hinges and finish of the toilet seat are some of the parts that fail first. For this reason, emphasize on quality when looking at these features. Despite ensuring that the hinges are rust resistant, make sure that they have a slow closing element to prevent slamming. Additionally, ensure that the seat has a premium finish that is fade and scratch resistant.


Choosing any of the above-reviewed Toilet seats will convert your boring toilet into a comfortable and functional toilet. Take your time to go through each of the reviews and pick a model that meets your needs. Don’t overemphasize on price; instead, look for the model that offers you with the features you need. Happy buying!

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