Best Retractable Extension Cord Reels in 2022 | The Key Difference

We all need a retractable extension cord reel for almost daily usage. It allows you to get the power wherever you need it and makes your different projects possible outdoor and indoor. Choosing the best retractable extension cord reels can be difficult as you need to consider too many things. The durability and quality are big concerns when choosing any power supply devices.

This article will look at the top ten best retractable extension cord reels that you can consider buying.

Top 10 Best Retractable Extension Cord Reels in 2022

Here are our top ten options starting from number ten. Take a look and choose one that suits your needs.

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10. Reelworks Extension Cord Reel

Reelworks Extension Cord Reel

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On number ten, we have a Reelworks Extension cord that covers your basic power supply needs.

The cord reel keeps your space neat with its smooth retractable rewind system. It rewinds immediately and leaves the desired length back without causing any extra cable hanging around. Its double ratcheting system double locks the cord inside. It comes with a special case that keeps the cord secure and prevents any tangles.

The SJT cable comes with all security features for your safety. It is free of alkaline, acid, kink, or ozone. It comes with convenient breakers that won’t allow any accidents in case of tripping or overloading. The special breaker buttons ensure the safety of this retractable power reel cord.

The Reelwork cord reel is compact and lightweight that makes it easy to carry. The cover is made of high-quality polypropylene that is durable and lasts longer than you expect.

The retractable feature in this reel cord has springs that keep the cord in the right direction when you are using it. With its swivel bracket, you can also mount it on the wall that keeps your place tidy. You can also rotate it to 135 degrees for easy storage.

The downside we can mention is that it can sometimes retract back on its own when using it. The racket can randomly fail that place it at the bottom of our list.

9. Alert Stamping 5020TFC Industrial Retractable Extension Cord Reel

Alert Stamping 5020TFC Industrial Retractable Extension Cord Reel

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An SJ cord makes it ideal for normal household work or workshops or other professional needs. With 20 feet long cord, you can have a power supply wherever you need away with electric sockets. The sturdy polypropylene construction makes this cord durable and compact.

The cord reel features a 15 Amp circuit breaker that keeps your electric appliances safe from tripping or oversupply. The cord is powder-coated, which makes it weather-resistant and flexible to meet your various daily needs. The extension cord outlet comes with a power indicator that makes it easy to know whether it is plugged or not. It comes with wall mounting options as well.

A great option at a reasonable price, but the cord reel is more suitable for low-duty works and may not fit well for heavy electric power tools. Its drawback is that it does not retracts easily at times, and you may have to retract it manually.

8. Cord Reel, Tacklife Retractable Extension Cord Reel

Cord Reel, Tacklife Retractable Extension Cord Reel

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This cord reel is made of high-quality polypropylene, making it durable and functional to fulfill your power supply needs. It suits those people who need longer cords. Unlike our previous options, this one is 50ft long, which helps you have power sockets very far from your work point.

The retractable option keeps your space clean, and no loose cords are hanging around. It easily shrinks back when not in use. With a slide bracket, you can easily mount it on the wall to avoid clutter. It comes with both triple tap and double-tap connectors at the same time to meet your daily requirements.

Any cord reel is incomplete without a circuit breaker. It comes with a circuit breaker as well that protects your expensive machinery from any unfortunate damage. The extension can rotate to 180 degrees that gives you a lot of conveniences. You can work in any direction.

Its quality is excellent, and the price is very reasonable. The power extension worth every penny you spent on it. Though you need to be careful while using it, as if you are connecting it with heavy machinery, it can handle a maximum load of up to 1500 watts.

7. Goodyear Extension Cord Reel

Goodyear Extension Cord Reel

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This one is a heavy-duty extension cord reel that suits professionals or those who need to connect heavy machines.

It has an advanced auto retract system that kinks back the cord smoothly. Its double adjustment function locks the cord, allowing you to get as much length as required for your work. No messy cords hang around your space. As this one is designed for heavy machines, it offers all safety features. It keeps your workplace safe with its seal connectors. A circuit breaker saves your expensive devices in case of overload.

The 40 inches long cord allows you to work where you want it. The power extension is designed for durability. The polypropylene made cord unit is portable and light-weight yet very efficient in handling heavy machines. Its automatically latching system will lock the system and prevent the cord from abrasion.

It’s a quality product that is designed for workshops and a heavy workload. The power extension keeps your heavy-duty appliances safe and supplies power in the safest possible way. It provides good value for your money.

6. Tonopah 30 Ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

Tonopah 30 Ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

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Okay, this one is a bit less expensive for those looking for a budget-friendly power extension cord reel.

The 30” 16/3 SJTW cord is suitable for all-purpose. It can handle your day-to-day appliances or heavy equipment with equal ease. Its 30 ft length allows you to work outdoors in the yard or garage efficiently.

Tonopah Retractable Extension Cord Reel comes with a mounting bracket that allows you to mount it on the ceiling or wall easily. It keeps the space clean and clutter-free. With its three outlets, you can run multiple devices at the same time.

The extension reel cord is both water-resistant and flame retardant. It comes with a vinyl covering that protects the cable against abrasion and direct sunlight. The stark yellow cover makes the cable very visible to prevent any accidental falls. It also comes with a reinforced prong that keeps it safe from bending or breaking.

The power extension comes at a very reasonable price. Though it has some quality issues, it works well for normal house use. The outer covering is easy to rip off. These quality issues make it a bit less reliable for the heavy workload.

6. Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord Reel

Bayco SL-800 Retractable Metal Cord Reel 

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Bayco is a global brand that offers many useful lighting products. This power cord reel is 30 inches long and very useful for handling your various devices efficiently. The extension comes with three separate grounded outlets that cover your various power supply needs.

The extension cord has LED light indicators when power is on. You can easily mount it over a wall or ceiling to manage the cord. The unit can swivel to sides allowing you to manage the cord. With a forklike pin, it will support the reel cord. The retractable cord springs back to its position immediately with a simple tug when you do not use it.

The only problem with the cord reel is that it supports 10 amps that work only for small appliances. It will not work for home improvement equipment or workshop machines. The cord even gets hot when used for 10 amp machines.

Overall, it’s a cheap option that works for small household appliances and may not work very well for professionals. It also does not come with any power breaker that puts your machinery at risk.

4. Extension Cord Reel, Giraffe  Cord Reel

Extension Cord Reel, Giraffe  Cord Reel

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On number four, we have the extension cord reel by Giraffe Tools. The quality of power extension makes it a good choice for normal household work and bit-heavy machines.

The high-quality cord reel unit offers extended usage. The high-quality polypropylene built makes it impact-resistant and convenient in any workspace. The smart design and thick plastic coating of the unit make it wear-resistant.

The power cord comes with a circuit breaker button that allows you to save your machines from tipping or overloading. The extension unit offers three outlets that will enable you to connect multiple devices with it at a time.

The retractable cord springs back inside when not in use. You can use it as much as you need. An adjustable cord stopper keeps the cord neat and retracts the length you don’t need.

It comes with a swivel bracket that allows you to use the cord in any direction in a hassle-free manner. The cord reel is reasonably priced and offers good value for your money. The 50 4.5 ft cord is convenient to work away from power sockets easily.

3. Retractable Extension Cord Reel by Iron Forge Cable

Retractable Extension Cord Reel by Iron Forge Cable

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It’s a very cost-effective option that is good for normal household use. The heavy-duty cord can handle your everyday appliances very easily. The 30 ft long cord can reach your garage, backdoor, yard, or in any room.

The mounting bracket makes it easy to adjust the cord reel on the ceiling or wall. Three power outlets allow you to run multiple electrical devices at a time. It offers LED lighting that indicates when you have the power.

The extension cord is water-resistant and also flame retardant. It is covered with a vinyl coating that makes it safe from abrasion or bending. A breaker switch makes sure your appliances remain safe in case of any power fluctuation.

The power extension is great for catering to power supply needs at home, but it is not suitable for heavy-duty machinery. It is very lightweight that raises some security issues as well. The cheap plastic may melt or break easily. Still,  it is a low-price option and gives the value of your money spent.

2. Flexzilla E8140503-AMZ

Flexzilla E8140503-AMZ

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Unlike our previous option, this one suits heavy-duty machines. It features three lighted outlets that give you plenty of capacity. The power extension reel comes with a circuit button that prevents any accidental trips or fuses.

The cord reel retracts back smoothly, leaving the desired length of cord out with an adjustable stopper. It offers versatile mounting options. You can hang it on the wall or ceiling. The power extension can swivel up to 180 degrees. You can use the cord in all directions at your convenience.

The compact cord reel keeps your space clutter-free. The cord is perfect for indoor use. The high-quality cord reel is good to be used in almost any type of weather condition. It’s a bit expensive option but gives you better quality and durability.

1. CopperPeak 50 ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

CopperPeak 50 ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel

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On number one, we have CopperPeak retractable Extension cord. It’s a midrange cord reel that provides excellent quality and good performance. The safety features, quality, and good cord management make it ideal for both home and small to medium professional use.

Our first concern while using a power extension is safety features. The extension springs back to its position smoothly, leaving the cord you need behind. An adjustable stopper allows you to have as many cords as you need.

The extension unit is easy to manage. It allows you to have the cord in any direction with its swivel performance. You get the power breaker that keeps your electrical appliances safe. The durable case prevents any oil or water damage.

It keeps you updated if the power is on with an LED light. The heavy-duty built makes it an excellent choice for any garage or workshop. It keeps the cord neat and out of the way. Overall, it’s a great option that brings power to where you need it. Mount it on a wall or ceiling, and you can carry on working with a clutter-free space.

Buying Guide of a Retractable extension Cord Reel

After we recommend the selected power extensions, let’s take a quick look at the buying guide. Here are a few things you should consider while buying an extension cord reel.

  • Quality: Ideally, you should choose the cord reel that suits your needs. For normal household appliances, you can choose low-quality cord reels. But if you need to work with heavy machines, make sure you invest the money in a good quality extension cord, even if it costs you more. The high quality built will also keep working for long. The cheap unit with a low-quality plastic cover can catch fire if you use it with heavy machines.
  • Length of Cord: It depends on your needs. Different extension cord reels offer long or short chords. Some of them can go as long as 50 feet. You can choose the one with less length if you have a small space.
  • Power Breaker: It is important for the safety of your equipment. Accidentally tripping can damage your expensive machines. A power breaker keeps your appliances safe. So make sure the extension you use has a power breaker.
  • Wall mount: It keeps the space neat and tidy. A loose cord is a big danger, especially with kids around. With a wall mounting option, you can keep the cord well managed and out of the way.
  • Smooth Retractable Operation: The retractable extension cord keeps your place clutter-free. You can have your desired length, and the rest goes in the unit smoothly, coiled around its spool. No more hanging cords make your surroundings messy.
  • Casing: The retractable cord should be covered with quality casing. Cheap plastic material can melt with heat. Choose one with high-quality polypropylene that stays in good condition. It should also be lightweight and portable.
  • Power Light: It will be convenient. Light will indicate when you have the power that makes your job easy.
  • Swivel: A swiveling unit allows you to use the cord in any direction.


All retractable cord reels in this list are good products that make your life easy. They differ slightly in design, length, and quality. Make sure you choose one that suits your needs. We recommend not to settle on less if you need power for heavy machines and equipment. We recommend CopperPeak 50 ft Retractable Extension Cord Reel as the best option, but it can depend on your requirements and demanding purposes. It is not very expensive, yet not a very cheap option as well. So you can use it at the home, garage, or even in workshops.

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