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Dumbbell sets are mighty pieces of equipment designed to let you build strength, size and tone your muscles. For you to get the best results, you need to exercise with differently styled and sized dumbbells. This is where the best dumbbells racks come in. Since you will be having several sets of dumbbells, it doesn’t make sense fetching the model you need from a corner. By investing in a dumbbell rack, you will not only display your dumbbells conveniently but also keep your workout space tidy and safe.

These racks will also help you keep your entire dumbbells house together in their respective pairs making it easy to grab the weights you need quickly. Additionally, by keeping your dumbbells off the ground, they will remain in good condition for many years to come.

In this post, we bring you the top 10 best racks for storing your dumbbells. When compiling the list we took into account various factors including the customer experience, price as well as construction materials.

The 10 Best Dumbbell Racks of 2019

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10. Body-Solid 3 Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Storage Rack Body-Solid 3 Tier Horizontal Dumbbell Storage Rack

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Keep your home gym clean, organized, and safe by purchasing the Body-Solid dumbbell rack. Thanks to its innovative design, you can place it at the center of the room or against a wall. The rack is crafted from sturdy steel and all  4-side welded construction to ensure insides and out safely. Notably, this unit also features heavy-duty mainframe that comes with a uniquely reversed pitch outline that ensures simple access to the three shelves.

For enhanced durability, the rack comes with a beautiful powder coat that prevents scratching and rusting. This keeps it in great shape for many years. The shelves are also angled to enable it to hold dumbbells and other weights securely. If you are tired of repairing the scratched floor, this rack will make a decent addition. It comes with a rubber base that not only absorbs the shock but also prevents scratching of the floor. Moreover, its innovative shape also allows for easy loading and unloading.

Key features
  • The shelves are angled to allow for easy loading and unloading
  • Sturdy construction makes it ideal for both commercial and home use
  • Three Tier designs that hold different sized and styled dumbbell sets securely
  • Comes with a reversed pitch design that allows easy access to all three tiers

9. Merax 800lbs 3-Tier Dumbbell Storage Organizer

Merax 800lbs 3-Tier Dumbbell Storage Organizer

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Coming in high quality, compact, and space saving design, the Merax 800lbs 3- tier storage organizer is easy to integrate into any home setup. Offering with three-tier storage you can have your assorted weight organized and within your reach in your home gym. We love the heavy-duty steel build that is reinforced with solid welded construction to ensure reliability.

Designed to organize and store multiple-sized dumbbells securely, this model comes with angled racks that are non-slip to allow for easy loading and unloading. The rack also comes with a rubber grid base feet that not only prevents sliding as well as absorbs the intense pressure. Plus, the frame of this rack is powder coated to prevent chipping and general wear, keeping it in a top condition.

Key features
  • Features a heavy-duty steel construction that is welded to ensure maximum reinforcement
  • Comes with a rubber grid base that absorbs intense pressure while still preventing sliding
  • The shelves come at a tilted angle to allow easy loading and unloading
  • Powder coated frame to prevent chipping and general wear

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8. XMark Dumbbell and Olympic Plates Rack

XMark Dumbbell and Olympic Plates Rack

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Typically, the XMark Dumbbell weight rack is a specially designed rack that every fitness enthusiasts will love. Offering you with dual 44 angled shelves that come with taller shelf lips; this rack will help to hold differently sized dumbbells in place. To prevent finger pinching when re-racing, this unit comes with downward front braces. Notably, this model also comes with wider shelves giving you with ample room to hold differently styled dumbbells. The unit also comes with four plate dividers while the lower shelf of the rack helps you store your Olympic weight plates or bumper plates.

In addition, this unit comes with dual bar holder. This makes it a great choice for individuals who love using the bars in their workout arsenal. The unit also comes with a two-inch receiver that helps hold the curl, Olympic, shrug as well as other bar types. Moreover, thanks to the functional design, you don’t need multiple racks to hold your workout equipment. This will de-clutter your workout space making it safer. What’s mote this unit comes with rubber feet that not only protect your floor but also prevent sliding.

Key features
  • Wider and longer 44 inch angled shelves hold differently size dumbbells securely
  • Comes with a 2-inch receiver that holds curl, Olympic, shrug as well as other bar types
  • Includes four plate dividers that allow for easy organization of your workout equipment
  • Space conscious yet functional design eliminates the need for using multiple racks

7. XMARK 550 lbs Dumbbell Set with Rack

XMARK 550 lbs Dumbbell Set with Rack

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If you are looking to save money and get a set that combines a heavy-duty steel rack that is loaded with a set of 550lbs dumbbells, look no further. This is a great choice for beginners or individuals looking to replace their old dumbbells. The shelves come with tilted shelves that allow for easy loading and unloading. We also love the extra large shelf lip that holds larger dumbbells in place while still leaving ample space between the weights.

Best described as a model that offers you with the best quality, the dumbbells are crafted using cast iron and welded to each handle. The dumbbell heads are also coated with rubber casing to prevent damaging the floors. Besides, you will love the chrome plated handles that fit into your arms comfortably. Additionally, the rack comes with a rubber-coated base to protect the floor while preventing skidding off accidents.

Key features
  • Heavy-duty three tier dumbbell with a decent 550 lb capacity
  • Comes with tilted shelves that allow for easy unloading and loading
  • Rubber feet coating protects your floor
  • Spacious shelves enable it to store differently sized dumbbells conveniently

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6. Cap Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Storage Rack

Cap Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Storage Rack

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The CAP Barbell Dumbbell Storage Racks boasts of a versatile and functional design that lets you customize your home gym for more desirable results. This two-tier dumbbell storage is designed to hold your heavyweights securely and safely. Offering you with a decent 40-inch length and decent width, you can hold multiple dumbbells, helping you de-clutter your workout space. We love its 500lbs capacity eliminating the need of having several racks to hold your dumbbells.

Correctly engineered with precise proportions and manufactured with top quality materials, these dumbbells will deliver reliable performance for many years to come. To start with, this unit comes with a high-grade steel construction that is designed to offer maximum safety and reliability. Additionally, thanks to the rubber-coated feet, you don’t have to worry about damaging your floors or accidental slip-ups.

Key features
  • Build to last a lifetime thanks to the heavy-duty steel construction
  • Impressive 500 lb Weight Capacity
  • Compact design that offers you with a combined 40-inch storage space
  • Rubber coated feet ensures a non-slip performance while still protecting your surface

5. Marcy Compact Free Weight Rack

Marcy Compact Free Weight Rack

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Invest in a reliable dumbbell storage rack that offers you with style, function, and convenience by letting you harness the advantages of training effectively in your home gym with this weight stand from Marcy. Featuring premium steel construction, this weight stand brings you a practical design coupled with functionality to withstand everyday use.

This weight stand also comes with a premium coating that protects its overall structure from scratches and rust. This ensures its function and look will last for years. Additionally, this unit also offers you with multiple storage spaces while its dual framed structure allows you to store differently styled and sized weights. What’s more, this model comes in a compact and low profile design that lets you store your dumbbells conveniently without taking too much space.

Key features
  • Low profile design lets you store multiple dumbbells without taking too much space
  • Has several trays that hold differently sized dumbbells
  • Premium construction ensures a reliable service for many years
  • Durable powder-coated finish

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4. XMARK Heavy Duty rack for Dumbbell

XMARK Heavy Duty rack for Dumbbell

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With this heavy-duty dumbbell rack from XMARK, you can now forget the gimmicks of sissy infomercials and get training with the best. This rack outfits your gym with a model that holds differently styled and sized dumbbells. This allows you to perform a wide range of exercises to ensure a full body workout. Designed to hold dumbbells from 5-50lbs this rack is a perfect choice for seasoned athletes or beginners.

Boasting of an angled design, this rack holds your weight securely. It also comes with ample storage space that eliminated overcrowding of the dumbbells. More to this, the rack also comes with rubber feet not only protects the flooring but also allows it to stay in place, preventing skidding. Besides, the sturdy steel frame is powder coated to ensure durability.

Key features
  • Heavy-duty steel construction allows it to withstand a weight of up to 450 lb
  • Comes with angled shelves that allow for easy unloading and loading
  • Spacious shelves allow it to hold differently sized dumbbells
  • Has a taller shelf lip that allows it to hold the dumbbells more securely

3. CAP Barbell Black a Frame Dumbbell Stand

CAP Barbell Black a Frame Dumbbell Stand

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This is another high-end model from CAP Barbell that is designed to maximize the efficiency of your space by letting you store up to five pairs of standard sized dumbbells. Coming with a powder-coated finish, this rack is a great choice for small workout spaces as well as home gyms. They are designed to securely store your dumbbells without taking too much space. Reliable and stable, the CAP barbell dumbbell rack will keep all your dumbbells organized making your workout space safer.

To keep your dumbbells and other weights secure and safe each notch on this rack is lined with protective plastic to prevent any damage. The rack also comes with a base that is well covered with rubber materials to prevent damaging the floor. Don’t be fooled by the small footprint, this steel frame is sturdy enough to hold up to 200 Lbs worth of dumbbells. What’s more, this unit is powder coated prevent scratching, chipping or rusting. This enables it retains its attractive look for many years to come.

Key features
  • Designed to hold differently styled dumbbells including Neoprene, hex as well as rubber hex dumbbells
  • Spacious angled shelves that hold up to five differently sized dumbbells
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move and assemble
  • A decent weight capacity of up to 200lbs

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2. Marcy DBR-0117 Combo Weights Storage Rack

Marcy DBR-0117 Combo Weights Storage Rack

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Save more and make your home gym a safer place to do your workout by purchasing the Marcy DBR-0117 weight storage rack. This is a cleverly designed premium organizer for your gym that helps you transform your gym into a safer and organized place to exercise. This makes it a perfect choice for enthusiast’s weightlifters that are looking to have better bodybuilding sessions. Having been designed from high-end steel tubes, this stand comes in a premium structure that pairs a practical design with improved function. This offers you with a storeroom that withstands everyday day use.

Offering you with three tiers with four simple access storage posts, you will get versatile storage space where you can store various weights including Olympic plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, as well as other weightlifting equipment. This rack also comes reinforced with the high-quality coating that protects it from scratches and rust. This ensures its style, function, and tone lasts for many years. Another notable feature that you will love in this model is the four rubber caps that prevent any damage to yours.

Key features
  • Heavy-duty steel tubes construction to ensure reliable performance for many years
  • A compact design consisting of three tiers and four-storage post
  • Accommodate different types of weights including dumbbells, Olympic plates, and kettlebells
  • Comes with four rubber end caps to prevent floor damage

1. Marcy Dumbbell Weights Storage Organizer

Marcy Dumbbell Weights Storage Organizer

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Are you looking for a high-quality dumbbell rack at home that never compromises when it comes to functionality and convenience? Well, the Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell comes with all the features you need making it a perfect addition. This model comes with three angled tiers that are decently sized to fit various dumbbell sizes and styles. The frame is crafted from high-end steel materials and powder coated to ensures durability. Thanks to the heavy-duty performance, this equipment will help you organize your iron or solid steel dumbbells conveniently.

Boasting of ergonomic design, this versatile storage rack offers you with three angled shelves to hold your free weights conveniently. Thanks to the compact and low profile design, this unit is a perfect addition to your home gym as it occupies minimal space. As you would expect from a high-end model, this unit also comes with rubberized feet that protect floor protection from scratches as well as preventing the rack from sliding. Besides, the innovative angled shelves design allows for easy loading and unloading.

Key features
  • Rubberized feet allow for floor protection
  • Rails are made of heavy-duty steel and powder coated to ensure durability
  • Three-tiered storage space designed to accommodate dumbbells of all sizes
  • Compact and space-saving design

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Factors to consider when purchasing the best dumbbell racks

Now that you know of the best racks for your dumbbell, it will be easier to make an informed choice. To make your work easier, we will also look at some of the essential factors that should help you in getting the model that suits your needs best.

  • Size

The first thing you need to look at is the size of the dumbbell rack. When purchasing these racks in terms of size, you should consider the size of your gym as well as the number of dumbbells and other weights you own. If you have limited space, it makes sense to go for a model that doesn’t take much of your space. On the other hand, if you have multiple dumbbell sets, go for a model that has several tiers.

  • Construction Material

Another crucial factor to consider is the construction materials. We recommend going for racks that are made of heavy gauge steel. The frame should also be powder coated to prevent scratching and chipping. Models made from sturdy steel materials tend to offer better weight capacity. This will help you store multiple dumbbells securely. Additionally, go for models with angled shelves as they not only hold the weights securely but also allows for easy loading and unloading.

  • Weight types

Additionally, you also need to consider the weights that you want your rack to hold. Would you want to only store dumbbells or a model that also stores other types of weights such as Olympic plates or kettlebells. Depending on your needs, you should go for a rack that offers you with this versatility.


A high-quality dumbbell rack is an indispensable addition to your home gym. However, before making your final decision, you should evaluate your needs and preferences carefully. This will help you pick a model that suits your needs perfectly. By going through the above model, you will get a rough idea of exactly what you need. After doing your comparison carefully, picking a model that offers you the best service should be easy. Good luck!

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