Top 10 Best LED Truck Bed Lights in 2023 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

When compared to Halogen and Incandescent bulbs, the LED lights are pretty new to the market. However, they have been on the market for over a decade now. Over this time, these lights have gained massive popularity. Unlike the traditional models, the LED lights offer much-improved visibility. This is the primary reason why they are so popular as DIY kits. Unlike other models, these are easy to install lights into the bed of your truck. These lights are also energy efficient and do not emit heat. This ensures a longer lifespan that can last the life of your truck.

These lights are also available in various options making them a great choice for people looking to add personality and character to their trucks. To make this possible, these lights come in different colors and functions including the music activated lights bars that flash according to the rhythm of the music playing in your car.

In this guide, we have reviewed the best LED trucks bed lights that will help brighten your truck or make a statement. Go through each of them, do the necessary comparison for you to make an educated choice.

Top 10 LED truck bed lights in 2023

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10. Fuguang LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit

Fuguang LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit

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The Fuguang LED truck bed lighting kit comes with 2 pieces that measure about 60 inches and consists of about 180LED lights. This enables them to illuminate a large area efficiently. This means you don’t have to carry your touch to the back of your truck to unload the merchandise. These are flexible and durable LED lights featuring an IP65 sealed housing. This will not only protect the LEDs from raindrops but also snow, dust, and sand. Thanks to the sealed design and impressive heat dissipation, these LED lights have a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours.

When compared to other models on the market, this lighting kit is also safe to use. It comes with an intuitive on/off switch and blade fuse that enables the user to control the strips easily. These lights are also compatible with your truck, SUV, boat, and RVs. Actually, this light can be mounted anywhere that has a 12V DC power. Moreover, the lights come with 3M adhesive that allows for super easy installation.

Key features
  • Super High Brightness LED illuminates your trunk bed efficiently
  • Universal compatibility with cargo boats, pickups, and SUVS
  • Can be mounted anywhere with a 12V DC powered
  • IP65 Sealed Housing to protect them from rain, dust, snow and other harsh weather conditions

9. YITAMOTOR 2pcs 60″ LED Truck Bed Light

YITAMOTOR 2pcs 60 LED Truck Bed Light

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If you are looking for the brightest off-road lights for your truck, the Yitamotor is the answer. The package consists of two 60-inch pieces that are integrated with pure 5050 SMD white lights. This step bar light is compatible for truck bed lighting, running board LED light, side bar, RV awning as well as side door LED lights. You can also mount them to the rear window of your car.

Installing the light is incredibly easy. This is facilitated by the self-adhesive tapes coupled with extra ties that help to secure the strips. Additionally, these flexible lights also come with an IP67 waterproof housing that keeps them protected from rain, dust, snow, and other harsh weather conditions.

Key features
  • IP67 rated waterproof, dustproof and sand proof
  • Two-way Splitter cable connectors make it easy to connect
  • Impressive running Life up to 50,000 hrs
  • Easy to turn on and turn off your with the integrated on and off switch

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8. Robin Electronics Truck Bed Lights for Trucks

Robin Electronics Truck Bed Lights for Trucks

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Designed for truck owners that are looking for OEM quality solution, the Robin electronics truck bed lights are crafted from high-quality materials. The factory quality construction gives your truck a professional looking lighting system that you can rely on. These lights are designed to last the life of your truck. This gives you peace of mind while still saving your money. One of the features that make these lights stand out is the capacitive touch lens.

Unlike other models that come with a clunky switch, you simply need to touch the lens of any connected light for it to operate. It also comes with an auto OFF feature that turns off the lights after 60 minutes. For added convenience, this unit also comes with an extra wire enabling you to connect the light to your dome light circuit. Additionally, these lights will produce glare-free light while still drawing minimal power.

Key features
  • AUTO OFF feature turn off your bed lights after 60 minutes automatically
  • The IP67 dust and waterproof rating makes it weatherproof
  • Simply touch the lens of any of the connected lamps to operate
  • Simple installation that takes less than 10 minutes

7. EXCOUP LED Lights for Truck Bed

EXCOUP LED Lights for Truck Bed

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Looking for LED lights for your truck, pickup, or RV that comes at an affordable price? Well, the EXCOUP lights make a decent choice. Dissimilar from other models, these lights come with a wider wire that incorporates wider LEDs for super bright light. The improved design also extends their lifespan. This unit comes with eight pods truck bed lights that consist of 48 super-bright LEDs. Each of the light stands comes with a 23-inch wire between each pond. For easy installation, you are also provided with 21 feet of power wire.

You don’t have to worry about safety and ease of use when you purchase this set. It comes integrated with a simple to use on/off switch that lets you control the brightness of the entire truck bed with a small switch. Boasting of 1P67 water rating, these lights promise a continuous operation even in bad weather conditions such as snow, rain, and storm.

Key features
  • Easy to mount anywhere with a 12V power source
  • High-Quality Lights Pods
  • IP67 rated waterproof
  • Impressive 30,000 hours lifespan

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6. YITAMOTOR 2x 60″ RGB LED Truck Bed


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The YITAMOTOR RGB lights are highly advanced and customizable making them a great choice for people looking for enhanced convenience. These lights are designed to substitute standard cargo truck lights as they offer better illumination and style. Unlike the regular mono lights, these lights come clear lighting and multi-colors options. Both the flash speed and brightness is adjustable offering you a cool way to light your truck.

Different from other models, these lights come with smart sound sensors. This sensor allows the lights to move to the beat of the song playing in your truck. How cool is that! Besides the aesthetics, these lights also come with self-adhesive tape and extra ties that allow for easy installation. More to this, the package also comes with an RF remote controller. This allows you to control the lights remotely for up to 30 meters in all directions.

Key features
  • IP67 rated waterproof, dustproof, snow-proof, and sand-proof
  • Universal compatible for all pickups and RVs
  • Comes with four dynamic flashing and 4 music modes
  • The brightness is adjustable and comes with an RF wireless remote

5. Ampper LED Truck Bed Lights

Ampper LED Truck Bed Lights

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Ride safely at night and access everything you need from your truck without using a torch by installing the Ampper LED lights. These light comes with a simple to use on/off switch and inline fuse harness kit and can be installed anywhere with 12V power. This means it is not only limited to your truck bed. You can also use it at home, office, showcase, as well as decorating your backyard. The light comes with a 3M adhesive that allows for easy installation.

Besides coming in high-quality construction, these lights are extremely bright. The package comes in two strips that are long enough to cover a large area. As you might expect, they also come with an impressive 30,000hrs lifespan. Moreover, these lights are enclosed by a superior housing that is not only water tight but also keeps the dirt, snow, dust, sand away.

Key features
  • Ultra-Bright LEDs Pods with a total of 60 LEDs
  • Come with harness kits with an in-line fuse, an on-off switch
  • Only 0.25 inch thick makes them extremely easy to hide
  • Withstand harsh weather conditions like rain, snow

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4. MICTUNING 60 inch Cargo Bed White LED Light

MICTUNING 60 inch Cargo Bed White LED Light

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With a wide experience in this field, MICTUNING is dedicated to offering their esteem customers with superior products. True to its calling, these light strips integrate top LED chipsets to ensure best in class performance. Coming with an IP67 waterproof housing, this truck bed light is not only watertight but also protected against sand, sand, strong wind and dust. It also comes with an impressive lifespan of over 30,0000hrs. This makes it one of the most durable LED lights available on the market.

The light comes in 2 pieces white lights that are long enough to cover the bed of a truck, pickup, RV, SUV as well as cargo. You can also use it for home party decoration. Besides its impressive compatibility, this light can also be mounted on anywhere that has a 12V power source. It also comes with 3M adhesive plus extra ties that allows for easy installation. For enhanced safety, this unit comes with blade fuse as well as on/off switch that also allows for easy control.

Key features
  • Easy to mount anywhere  that has a  power source with 12Volts
  • Comes with a strong 3M adhesive allows for fast installation
  • Enhanced safety thanks to the On-Off Switch and Blade Fuse
  • IP67 sealed housing allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions

3. AMBOTHER 60” LED Strip Light for truck bed

AMBOTHER 60” LED Strip Light for truck bed

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Designed to offer you with unparallel brightness, it is time to abandon the traditional straw-hat technology and benefit from the latest SMD LED technology. The AMBOTHER 60 Inch LED lights compromises of 180 5050 SMD LED lamp beads that offer you with impressive brightness. This ensures optimal lighting on your truck, RV or even a boat. Different from the ordinary lighting, these soft light strips come with a silicone sealing that ensures superior waterproof performance.

The light strips also come with a sealed construction that is shockproof. Coupling this with its ability to dissipate heat efficiently, these lights offer you with a lifespan of over 30,000 hours. For enhanced safety, these lights also come equipped with switches and fuses that have passed international certification. This gives you peace of mind while driving. What ’s more, thanks to the no drilling installation you don’t have to degrade your truck. Instead, you can make use of the tough as nails adhesive enhancer allows for a secure yet simple DIY installation.

Key features
  • Simple adhesive installation eliminates the need for drilling
  • IP67 sealed housing offers best in class waterproof, dustproof, and snow proof protection
  • It works with a DC 12V for universal compatibility
  • Have passed international certification CE, ROHS, FCC, DOT certification to ensure safety

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2. AMBOTHER 8Pcs LED Lights for Truck Bed

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Traditional lights consume a lot of energy and may drain your car battery after a few minutes of operation. Forget the hassles of having to jump-start your car just because the headlights and truck bed lights have drained your battery by purchasing these LED lights from AMBOTHER. These 8 pieces white lights that come with super bright SMD LEDs. These lights also boast of universal compatibility making them ideal to install on your truck, boat, or RV.

Boasting of high brightness, these lights illuminate a large area conveniently. They also come with a long life span enabling them last the entire life of your truck. This is made possible thanks to the waterproof, dustproof and rugged aluminum allows construction. Another great feature is the easy installation. Unlike other lights that require drilling, these lights come with super adhesive tape that allows for easy installation.

Key features
  • Rugged aluminum alloy housing ensures superior dust and waterproof performance
  • 3M adhesive tape allows for easy installation
  • Low power consumption while delivering high brightness
  • Multi-use can be mounted anywhere with a power source with 12V

1. Xprite Led Rock Light for Bed Truck

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The XPrite LED rock lights come in eight beautifying LED pads where each pad has three lights. These lights are available in various colors including white, pink, purple, blue, and green. This allows you to pick the model that meets your needs best. These lights come with a superior waterproof performance featuring an IP67 rating. Besides, from being waterproof, these lights are also resistant to shocks, harsh environments, and extreme weather. They also boast of a rectangular shape and thin pods that allow you to conceal.

These lights are also incredibly easy to install. Each of the pods comes with a 3M adhesive that allows for fast yet firm installation. The package also comes with screws and light switch allowing for convenient control. Besides using these lights for truck bed, you can also use it for multiple purposes provided you have 12V DC power output.

Key features
  • Shockproof and IP67 waterproof performance
  • Consist of eight pods with three LD each offering a total of 24 Ultrabright LEDs
  • 3M adhesive, screws, and toggle switch included for easy installation
  • Super bright and comes with a universal compatibility

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Factors to consider when purchasing the best-LED Truck bed lights

Now that you know of the best products available on the market, it is time to figure out the model that will work best for you. In this guide, we are going to discuss some of the things that you should consider. This should give you an idea of exactly what you need.

  • Compatibility

Before you even think of the brightness, build and the colors, you should first make sure that the model that you pick fits your truck. To do this you should focus on the length of the cord. The best thing about the products listed in this guide is that they come with excess wiring. This means that even if you have a massive truck, these lights will suit your needs.

  • Durability

Another factor to consider is the durability of the light. When looking for a model that last, you should look for things such as lighting pods. Remember, the pods are the protective cover that safeguards the LED lights. For this reason, going for a model that has a sealed housing that is shockproof and waterproof will extend the life of the lights.

  • Size and Shape

As you can tell from the models available in this guide, these lights are available in different shapes and design. This is a good thing as it gives you the option of customizing your truck according to your needs. As a rule of thumb, you should always go for models that offer you a classic and simple design.

  • Color and voltage

Finally,  you should also consider the color you need. These lights come in various colors from white to pink colors. We also have other models that come with multiple colors. These models often have adjustable brightness and flashing modes. When it comes to selecting the colors, it will depend on your preference. Additionally, you should also consider the Voltage. While most lights work with power sources that have 12V DC output, it doesn’t hurt double-checking these statistics.


Whether you are looking to brighten your truck or making a statement, the above-LED truck bed lights are a great choice. However, before making your final decision, consider the above tips. This will help you find a model that meets your needs perfectly.

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