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There’s no doubting the far that virtual reality as an entertainment platform has come. Today, it’s a mainstream media platform offering matchless home entertainment experience. Currently, it is only available on VR headsets which are compatible with a range of devices.

There’s an upsurge in demand for VR devices worldwide. This has brought with it a fierce competition by various manufacturers trying to maximize returns on investment by producing more and more VR devices.

The result? Of course, mass production of many VR headset brands to try and meet the rising demand. And with the many VR headset brands come associated merits and downsides. I won’t delve any more in-depth on the merits and demerits in this article though.

First things, let me clarify something about the VR headset and the types available. That way, I hope you’ll get to see the bigger picture.

There are mainly three types of VR headset kits. We’ll mention each in passing, with a few scanty details, just to give you the idea.

  1. First, we have PC VR headsets which are tethered to a computer before use. Some of the industry favorites include Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE Pro, Sony PlayStation VR, Lenovo Explorer, and Samsung Odyssey.
  2. Secondly, we have Smartphone VR headsets that work best with Android smartphones and iPhones. Some of the industry favorites include Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream View 2, Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2, and Google Cardboard.
  3. The third and last group is Standalone VR. And as the name suggests, these ones have integrated computing power and do not require a connection to a PC or smartphone. Some of the industry favorites include Pico Neo, HTC VIVE Focus, Lenovo Mirage Solo, and Oculus Go.

Having said that, let’s head straight to the various brands enlisted in this review. I have rounded up some affordable, high-performance VR headsets that you may want to consider when shopping. Take a look!

These Are the Best Seller VR Headsets in 2023

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10. Shinecon VR Headsets for TV, Movies and Video Games

Shinecon VR Headsets for TV, Movies and Video Games

Check it now on Amazon

If you want to get a feel of high-end gaming or watching on the VR platform, a PC VR glasses with an innovative and comfortable fabric design is all you need.

Shinecon VR is one of the best PC VR headsets available. It features a high-grade ABS+Non-Woven adjustable nylon headband for comfort while watching your favorite VR movies. For HD visual quality, it uses PMMA optical resin lenses.

These high-end lenses have an eight-layered Nano coating to minimize glare and eye fatigue. An exquisite, detachable, and breathable leather pad gives Shinecon a clean, soft and attractive finish. This soft finish also protects your screen from scratches. A pair of memory protein ear cushions are ergonomically designed to simulate normal skin texture for more comfort.

Moreover, the headband features T-shaped straps that reduce pressure from the head and face by more than 30%, besides minimizing visual fatigue.

Shinecon VR Glasses have Hi-Fi Noise canceling headphones for a quality audio experience. With these, you’ll appreciate otherwise subtle VR movie and gaming sound effects. If you want to listen to all the sound effects while gaming or watching VR movies, Shinecon VR Headset will serve you right.

Key features
  • Ergonomic design featuring T- shaped straps that balance the pressure on the head and face and also reduce visual fatigue.
  • Inbuilt replaceable and breathable leather padding protects your phone’s screen from scratches.
  • Memory protein ear cushions are expertly designed to simulate human skin texture. You can, therefore, enjoy remarkable VR entertainment more comfortably.
  • Hi-Fi stereo headphones cancel all surrounding noise thus providing you a crisp clear and powerful VR audio experience.
  • PMMA optical resin lenses and an 8 – layered Nano coating reduce glare, optical deformity, and visual fatigue.

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9. Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR

Check it now on Amazon

Sony PlayStation VR has an expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display capable of up to 120 frames per second for exceptional image quality. It is designed lightweight, adjustable, and balanced for comfort throughout your VR experience. Enjoy watching your favorite movies comfortably on an industry-leading Virtual Reality Headset.

Sony PlayStation VR has LEDs around the headband and on the DualShock 4 wireless controller. These work in tandem with the Move Motion Controller and inbuilt cameras to monitor all organic body movements in virtual space.

Powerful 3D audio speakers provide high-quality sound effects making it much easier to interact with your virtual world. This is a plug and play kit which requires no additional installations or setting. With your PlayStation Camera plugged in, you are set and ready for the best VR entertainment experience. It never gets any easier than this. Gamers have access to more than enough titles with Sony PlayStation VR.

Some of the titles to check out include All-New Star Wars Battlefront, Golem, and VR Worlds among others. If you are an ardent gamer and would love to have a feel of the virtual world, I suggest you try out Sony PlayStation VR.

Key features
  • Sony PlayStation VR delivers a quality VR gaming experience.
  • Plug and play VR headset. No need for additional installations.
  • 3D audio technology for a quality sound experience.
  • Expansive 5.7” OLED 1080p display running at 120 frames per second.
  • Industry leading design with a comfortable, balanced and adjustable headset.

8. Merge AR / VR Goggles Augmented Virtual Reality Headset

Merge AR : VR Goggles Augmented Virtual Reality Headset

Check it now on Amazon

This is one of a few mobile VR headsets without a remote controller. It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. Merge AR comes with some 300+ family-friendly and educational entertainment experience.

You want to learn more about human cells, explore the depths of the sea or simply study erupting volcanoes? Merge VR goggles got you covered.

It comes in a durable and adjustable soft foam designed to simulate human skin texture for comfort. Moreover, it is lightweight with a softly padded headband for comfort even during long gameplay.

For exceptional image quality, this VR kit has a set of PMMA aspherical lenses which have adjustable Pupil distance and Focal Distance. This makes Merge AR/ VR Goggles ideal for use by myopic and hyperopic individuals. It is built tough and durable, capable of withstanding accidental drops. The adjustable T-shaped strap makes this VR headset ideal fit for kids and adults.

What’s more, Merge AR/VR Goggles have a one-year limited warranty and a 24/7 friendly customer service. The package box contains the AR/VR Goggles, a user guide, and a lens cleaning cloth. If you want to try out something new, I recommend this award-winning VR headset by Merge AR.

Key features
  • Award-winning VR headset featured in Academic Choice Awards.
  • Package contents: lens cloth, user guide, and AR/VR Goggles
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 24/7 friendly customer support
  • PMMA aspherical lenses with adjustable pupil distance and focal distance
  • Versatile STEM learning tool with 300+ family-friendly and educational VR contents.

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7. Destek V4 Eye-Protected HD Virtual Reality Headset

Destek V4 Eye-Protected HD Virtual Reality Headset

Check it now on Amazon

When it comes to immersive gaming and VR movie streaming Destek V4 VR Headset reigns supreme. Here, you get to put your courage and composure to the test by taking part in high-speed car racing. Do you think you are brave? Put it to the test by adventuring into Destek V4 VR’s ghostly underworld.

You can also explore the secrets of the deep sea and even take part in thrilling scuba diving competitions with the great white shark. This VR headset transforms your wildest imaginations into reality in the virtual world.

A Destek Bluetooth remote controller responds seamlessly to organic body movements. Enjoy quality gaming while controlling your moves with a simple wave of your arm.

A set of PMMA aspherical lenses make it possible for short-sighted as well as normal-sighted users to enjoy unequaled VR entertainment experience. The lenses are also anti-radiation and anti-blue light equipped hence will keep your eyes protected throughout the play. The lenses are also powerful and provide unparalleled image quality for the best VR movie or gaming clarity.

To sum it up, Destek V4 VR has a lightweight build featuring a soft leather-padded headband that relieves pressure from the head and face during VR gameplay. You want a VR kit that is designed with user comfort in mind, the Destek V4 VR headset is what to go for.

Key features
  • A lightweight build with a leather soft face padding for extra comfort
  • PMMA anti-blue light and anti-radiation lenses keep your eyes protected. They also improve image quality greatly; IMAX style.
  • Compatible with many Android smartphones and iPhones with screen sizes ranging between 4.5” – 6.0”.
  • 103-degree wide FOV gives an amazing experience watching your favorite VR 360 degree movies.
  • High-grade lenses with adjustable Pupil distance and Focal Distance make this kit ideal for individuals with eyesight conditions; myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

6. Samsung SM-R325 Gear VR headset

Samsung SM-R325 Gear VR headset

Check it now on Amazon

Enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience with Samsung SM-R325 Gear VR. This is one of the most excellent mobile VR headsets from Samsung.

The package box includes an intuitive and interactive remote controller that seamlessly responds to organic movements. Samsung SM-R325 Gear VR is compatible with Galaxy Note9, though you need an additional adapter for an even better VR experience. It also works excellently with Note8, Note FE, Note5, Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, Galaxy A8, A8+, and A8 Star.

This is a plug & play VR kit that is ready and set for play straight out of the box. Absolutely no additional settings needed with this one. And if you’ve never tried VR headsets before, you don’t have to worry.

  • Samsung SM-R325 comes with a user manual to help you launch out.
  • Every purchase comes with a 1-month seller warranty for free repairs and accessory replacements.

If you are looking for an excellent mobile VR that guarantees quality entertainment experience, I strongly recommend Samsung SM-R325 Gear VR.

Key features
  • Quality VR entertainment experience
  • Compatible with many Samsung smartphones
  • 1-month seller warranty
  • Package includes a user manual
  • Plug & Play device with no need for additional installations or settings.

5. Pansonite VR Headset with remote controller

 Pansonite VR Headset with remote controller

Check it now on Amazon

This is the ultimate smartphone VR headset. It features a sleek and lightweight design for comfort and style. Enjoy watching movies and playing games on Pansonite 3D VR Glasses. It comes with a handheld remote control that responds seamlessly to organic human movements.

Powerful eye-protecting resin lenses provide HD image quality while also eliminating vertigo. A breathable leather-soft padded headband provides optimum comfort through long hours of VR entertainment experience.

If you are myopic of hyperopic, there’s something for you too. Inbuilt aspherical optical lenses have an adjustable Pupil distance and Focal length. This makes it possible for short-sighted and long-sighted individuals to also enjoy quality VR entertainment without glasses on.

This kit has an ergonomic design featuring an adjustable T-shaped strap that reduces pressure on the head and face. This ensures maximum comfort while watching or gaming. The T-shaped strap also makes the Pansonite VR Headset ideal for use by adults and kids alike.

Other outstanding features that define Pansonite VR Headset include a removable front cover for improved heat radiation. A deepened nose area relieves pressure from your face thus keeping you comfortable and relaxed while watching you VR movies. Having some eye-sight problems but would still want to experience immersive VR entertainment? I suggest you go with Pansonite VR Headset.

Key features
  • Compatible with Android smartphones with screen sizes between 4.7” and 6.0”. It also works well with iPhone X 8, 7 Plus, 6s, 6, 6 plus, etc.
  • Ergonomic design featuring an adjustable T shaped strap for reducing pressure on the head and face.
  • Removable front cover facilitates heat dissipation
  • PMMA aspherical resin lenses with adjustable Pupil distance and Focus Distance make it ideal for use by short-sighted as well as long-sighted individuals.
  • It comes with a handheld remote control that responds seamlessly to organic human movements.
  • The aspherical resin lenses eliminated vertigo and enhance image quality.

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4. Canbor VR Headset with remote controller

Canbor VR Headset with remote controller

Check it now on Amazon

When it comes to exceptional VR entertainment experience, comfort, exceptional visuals, and audio are a must-have. Find all these and many more with the Canbor VR headset. This Mobile VR headset features a pair of high-performance PMMA aspherical optical lenses for HD visuals. Besides, these lenses eliminate visual fatigue during protracted gameplay, thanks to the integrated anti-radiation and anti-blue light functions.

These VR goggles have a wide viewing angle of up to 120 degrees. This wide FOV provides a panoramic IMAX private theatre experience. Long or short-sighted? No worries. Canbor VR headset got you covered.

The adjustable Pupil Distance (PD) and Focus Distance (FD) feature ensure that even myopic and hyperopic individuals enjoy exceptional VR home entertainment.

The headset design features an adjustable T-shaped head strap and an eco-friendly soft leather interior for comfort and breathability.

It weighs slightly below 280g, so light it will decrease pressure from your face and head during extended gaming or watching. The adjustable strap makes it fit adults and children alike.

It is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. In particular, it works well with iPhone X/ 8/ 8 Plus, 7/ 7 plus / 6s / 6s plus & Samsung S9 plus/ S9/ Note 8/ S8/ S7, Sony, and Huawei smartphones.

If you are looking for a high-performance VR headset that is built for an immersive entertainment experience, you can never go wrong with Canbor VR.

Key features
  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones and iPhones
  • Comfortable, breathable and wearable design
  • Lightweight (>280g) and can be worn by adults and children alike.
  • Adjustable pupil distance and focal distance with a 120-degree wide FOV.
  • Eye-friendly anti-radiation and anti-blue light PMMA aspherical lenses minimize visual fatigue.

3. Oculus Go Standalone VR headset

Oculus Go Standalone VR headset

 Check it now on Amazon

Experience VR entertainment at a whole new level. Oculus Go comes with crystal clear optics and high-performance 3D graphics for unrivaled image quality.

Enjoy a personal theater watching or gaming experience with a VR headset that is ultra-lightweight. The 180″ screen is ideal for immersive gaming or VR movie watching experience.

This standalone VR is ready whenever and wherever you are. No need for PC tethering or even smartphone drop in. It is ready and set for use right out of the box.

There are some 1000+ VR games, social apps, movies on this platform. And for all these, you only need to sit back, relax and enjoy a remarkable VR entertainment experience from Oculus Go.

It’s very energy-efficient, thanks to the inbuilt Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 mobile platform that is known for its low power consumption.

What’s more, Oculus Go VR comes with an intuitive controller that simplifies navigation and makes access to your favorite VR shows a cinch. And about sound quality and performance, this standalone VR headset is powered by spatial audio drivers.

These deliver immersive sound quality with no need for oversized and bulky headphones. For unrivaled VR gaming performance, I suggest you go with the Oculus Go Standalone headset.

Key features
  • Lightweight and portable standalone VR
  • Spatial audio drivers for immersive VR sound experience
  • Intuitive controller for effortless navigation
  • 1000+ VR games, movies, live sports, and concerts.
  • High-grade optics and state of the art 3D graphics for crystal clear image quality.
  • 64GB memory capacity for more VR entertainment experience.

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2. BNext Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone & Android

BNext Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone & Android

Check it now on Amazon

This is another excellent Mobile VR Kit that is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones. BNext VR Headset transforms your mobile handset into a powerful gaming device. Enjoy playing your favorite games and watching movies with a revolutionary VR kit.

Do you want to impress someone with a birthday gift? These VR Glasses make a good surprise gift for loved ones.

Its aspherical lenses support OD and FD adjustments. Added to that, the BNext VR headset has a wide viewing angle for crystal clear image quality. It also helps with myopic alignment and also minimizes image distortion.

A fully adjustable head strap and eyesight protection lenses add to your comfort fit experience. Moreover, the kit features a soft nose piece and a padded interior to reduce pressure around the head and face while gaming.

BNext 3D VR Goggles have an ergonomic design that seamlessly interacts and integrates with human body movements. If you are shopping for a high-performance VR headset, BNext VR is worth checking out.

Key features
  • Compatible with smartphone brands with 6.3” screen size; Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S6, Note 5, Note 7, S9, S9 Plus & iPhone X, XS, XR, 8, 8 Plus, 7, and 7 plus.
  • PMMA lenses with FD and OD adjustments for exceptional VR experience. These lenses also make this VR headset ideal for myopic, hyperopic, and astigmatic individuals.
  • Padded interior design that simulates human skin texture provides extra comfort and style.
  • Exclusive VR content list and VR games compatible with Google Cardboard apps

1. VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset

VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset

Check it now on Amazon

VR Wear headset has a high-end design with a characteristic semi-transparent lid for the camera. It is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones with 4.5″ – 6.5″ screen size. A set of adjustable double lenses provide exceptional image quality. The lenses also support independent multidirectional adjustments, in addition to focal and inter-pupillary distance adjustment.

These VR Glasses have a soft leather face cushion to reduce pressure on the nose and face. Because of the ergonomic lightweight design, these VR headsets can be worn comfortably during protracted gaming or VR watching experience.

Eye-protected aspherical HD lenses are anti-blue light and anti-radiation enabled. You can enjoy playing your favorite VR games and watching movies for longer without worrying about eyesight complications.

You want to try out something and exceptional in the world of VR entertainment, I recommend VR Wear Virtual Reality Headset.

Key features
  • Eye-protected aspherical HD lenses with wide FOV for immersive VR experience.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design for extra comfort
  • It is ideal for users with normal eyesight as well as the myopic, hyperopic, and astigmatic individual.
  • Soft and elastic head strap and nose piece reduce pressure on the head and nose area. These keep you relaxed and comfortable throughout your VR experience.


That marks the end of our review of the best Virtual reality headsets. We highly recommend choosing from this list in order to get the best Virtual Reality entertainment experience. Use this guide to make informed purchases of your favorite VR Headsets. Also, remember to follow the Amazon links provided to get the best price deals.

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