Top 10 Best Christmas Pajamas for Family in 2023

Imagine your Christmas morning with every member of your family dressed alike, isn’t this cute? Well, the best Christmas Pajamas will let you gear up for Christmas and enjoy quality time with your family. These Pajamas will not only make your family look stylish but also brings the Christmas spirit to your home. From watching films and relaxing on the eve to enjoying breakfast and taking a photo shoot on the Christmas morning, these Jammies make one of the best gifts for all ages.

Christmas pajamas come with various designs including little penguins, snowman, rain deer, Elf, Santa Claus, and many more. They also come in various sizes to accommodate every member of your family regardless of their age. While the impressive look will leave everyone who sees you with a smile, questions such as if it is worth the price if the quality is good and if you can use it another time will come to your mind.

To help you come up with a solution to these questions and pick a model that serves your needs well, we have reviewed the top best-selling and rated models on the market. Take your time to go through this post and select the one that suits your needs best.

The 10 Best Christmas Pajamas for Family in 2023

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10. SUNNYBUY Family Christmas Pajamas Set

 SUNNYBUY Family Christmas Pajamas Set

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As the old Adage goes, a family that prays together stays together. For us, we say a family that enjoys Christmas together, age gracefully. It is time to spice up things a little bit more and have fun together as a family with this super cute and stylish Christmas pajama set from Sunny Buy. This set will not only allow you as the parent to sleep comfortably but your kids too.

Thanks to the cute design featuring classic reindeer tops and striped pants, this set will also be your kid’s favorite. they are not only a great choice for sleeping but also keep you warm as you watch movies or open the Christmas presents. For extra comfort both the top and bottom are made of soft cotton and are snugly fitted, boosting your convenience.

Key Features
  • Made of well-blended cotton and polyester materials to ensure comfort and flexibility
  • Matching set for all family making perfect for not only holidays but also daily wear
  • Styled to suit the needs of all family members from toddlers to adults
  • Soft, breathable, comfortable, and sweat-absorbing materials offer an impeccable feel

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9. Yaffi PatPat Dad Mom Baby Kids Christmas Striped Pajamas

Yaffi PatPat Dad Mom Baby Kids Christmas Striped Pajamas

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Make your Christmas holidays merrier by purchasing these striped pajamas from the Yaffi. They are made from a hundred percent cotton and are bubbly enough for the Christmas season while still being a great choice to use all year round. Each set comes with long-sleeved breathable shirts and free-size trousers that feel soft. To ensure that every member of your family’s needs is met, the set comes in a wide range of sizes from infants to adults.

Another feature that makes them stand out is that all the pajamas come with matching colors for a picture-perfect set. At a closer look, we also found that the pajamas do not feel as heavy as they look. They will bring you soothing warmth while their breathable design doesn’t make them feel stuffy.

Key Features
  • Soft and free size trousers and long-sleeved shirts make them suitable for home wear and sleepwear
  • Made from solid and super soft material that feels incredibly soft to the skin
  • Comes with a snug fit design although it’s recommended to select the right size
  • Available in a wide range of sizes from infants to adults to accommodate all your family need

8. SleepytimePjs Holiday Mix Match Family Matching Sleepwear Pajamas

SleepytimePjs Holiday Mix Match Family Matching Sleepwear Pajamas

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The SleepytimePjs Mix Match whole family Pajamas will raise a smile from everyone that sees you. They also make you make a statement during the upcoming festivities. With these PJs, you can cuddle with your family during the cold days as you enjoy a movie or play video games. Different from other models they come with an extra texture that allows you to stretch and move freely without feeling constrained.

These Pajamas also faired pretty well when it comes to washing. Their simplistic yet stylish design plus different pattern and size make them age-appropriate for the whole family. Additionally, you will love the mix and match the design that ensures that each family member has something special. What makes them stand out is that you get to choose from the dear stripe print, modern set plaid or traditional argyle snowflake set while still ensuring that you are all color-coordinated from head to toe.

Key Features
  • Available in various printed design that allows you to mix match, giving you a cool look
  • All seasons PJs; you can wear them to bring Christmas spirit as well as everyday wear while watching movies or longing
  • Snug fitting and flame resistance enhancing your kid’s safety
  • Warm and cozy design plus easy machine-washable care

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7. Sleepyheads Holiday Family Matching Winter Snowflake Pajama PJ Sets

 Sleepyheads Holiday Family Matching Winter Snowflake Pajama PJ Sets

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Christmas is the best time to enjoy quality time with your friends. Ensure every moment is memorable during this time by not only purchasing the best Christmas tree but also wearing a matching pajama set for photoshoots. The Sleepyhead PJ set comes in a cozy a warm design, making them a perfect pick for those who live in cold areas. They are made using, stretchy, soft, and machine washable materials making them a great choice for mobile night, morning pictures, lounging as well as having breakfast with Santa.

These are whole family matching pajamas that come with a whimsical let-it snow graphic design and red snowflakes plus coordinating striped pants. This design is not only cute and fashionable but also brings in a Christmas festive mood. The long-sleeved shirts plus the flexible trousers come with a snug fit allowing them to grow with your kids. Additionally, the kid’s pajamas are flame-resistant, boosting your kid’s safety.

Key Features
  • Classic design and comfortable pajamas for Christmas morning pictures
  • Soft and stretchy construction plus easy machine-washable care
  • Comes in a snug-fitting design and flame-resistant construction for enhanced safety
  • Features a Christmas theme, allowing them to bring the festivities mood

6. IF Family Matching Family Christmas Santa Claus Sleepwear Pajamas

IF Family Matching Family Christmas Santa Claus Sleepwear Pajamas

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Boasting a Stylish and fashionable cartoon pattern, these PJs will remain your Kids’ favorite. The pajamas are uniquely designed to incorporate the finest artisanship to ensure the best performance and look. Unlike the tedious and boring designs, these pajamas bring you an interesting design and colors that make your bedtime more colorful during this Christmas.

Both the kid’s and adult size pajamas are made of premium materials that ensure a cozy feel when sleeping. We also love the superior design that features a spacious room in the leg area so whether you are watching a movie or snoozing; you will be in the lap of luxury.

Key Features
  • Lightweight knit top and comfortable tagless design boosts your comfort and flexibility
  • Various sized from infants all the way to adults with a matching design makes you look adorable
  • Made using a hundred percent cotton for enhanced durability, comfort, and simple maintenance
  • For improved kid’s safety, the children pajama set is snug-fitting

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5. Shelry Striped Kids Sleepwear Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

Shelry Striped Kids Sleepwear Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

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Are you looking for high-end, whole-family Pajamas to make this Christmas as sweet as a treat? Well, these PJs from Shelry Bring the Christmas spirit to perfection with their white and red stripes that captivate the whole family for the Christmas festivities. Made by a reputable brand, you can buy this set with confidence as they are not only built to offer you the best look and comfort but are also safe for your Kids.

Having been made using high-end materials, these PJs will not only make great sleepers but also allows you to indulge in other family-oriented activities including watching movies, lounging as well as jogging. They also take pride in their delicate and natural cotton that is soft to touch and machine washable, making them easy to clean.

Key Features
  • Stylish, modern, and fashionable design and color
  • Children’s sleepwear sets are snug fitting; however, you are advised to go one or two sizes up
  • Constructed premium cotton jersey and spandex to bring warmth and superior softness
  • Soft comfortable and lightweight design makes them a great choice for wearing at home all the time

4. Shelry Christmas Tree Matching Family Pajamas set

Shelry Christmas Tree Matching Family Pajamas set

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These uniquely designed PJs sets are a perfect addition to your Christmas Eve box before the whole gang snuggles down to watch a Santa movie or play by the fireplace while opening gifts. These personalized pajamas capture the right mood and bring in the Christmas spirit. They come in a stylish and comfortable design that lets you use them as sleep suits of warm daily clothing as you enjoy your time as a family.

Similar to the other previously mentioned model from Shelry, this set also comes with all the goodies that you will find in a high-quality PJ. The construction materials are not only soft and warm but also flexible allowing you to sleep comfortably. They also come with a snug fit design with the kid’s model having an elastic waist while the adult models feature drawstrings. In addition, they are made using organic cotton making them easy to clean by hand or machine wash.

Key Features
  • Holiday inspired design lets you bring in the holiday spirit
  • Made using hundred percent organic cotton that offers a superior soft and warm feel
  • Fits the whole family, from infants, kids all the way to adults ensuring a picture-perfect matching look
  • The construction materials are not only warm but also machine washable making them easy to maintain

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3. PajamaGram Family Pajamas Chill Out

 PajamaGram Family Pajamas Chill Out

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The Chillout Matching Family Pajamas from PajamaGram is a rare gem for a family looking to have a perfect sized and superior construction. They are an excellent choice for a family looking to warm up those winter nights while having a good time together. These sweet pajamas boast of comfortable warm materials that ensure that your family stays toasty as they sip hot cocoa by the fire or open the present.

Each pair comes with a long-sleeved crew neck top and a pair of red pairs with a white snowflake. The trousers also come with a bear print that takes you to a winter land. Suiting the Christmas festivities best these pajamas will not disappoint when it comes to uniting the whole family. Similar to the above model, these PJs are snug fitting and flame resistant.

Key Features
  • Crafted from soft and comfortable materials plus an elastic waistband for the kids
  • Enhanced children safety as these PJs are not only snug fitting but also flame resistant
  • Coordinates an adorable design, featuring polar bears and snowflakes bringing Christmas mood
  • The adult sizes come with an elastic drawstring that allows for custom sizing

2. Shelry Matching Family Pajamas Christmas Boys and Girls

Shelry Matching Family Pajamas Christmas Boys and Girls

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If you are looking for a soft, warm, and beautiful family pajamas for this Christmas period, then the Shelry Matching Family Pajamas beats the other models’ hands down. These PJs adds loads of fun coordinating colors and design allowing you to get cool Christmas photos. They are also made using high-quality materials allowing them to become your favorite garments not only for the Christmas photoshoot including movie night as well as longing.

The Pajamas are made from premium cotton jersey with Spandex to ensure superior softness, sufficient warmth, and just the right amount of stretch. Besides, we also love the breathable materials that ensure you are warm during the cold nights while remaining breathable, ensuring that they don’t feel stuffy. Above all the snug-fitting design gives the user optimal flexibility.

Key Features
  • Made using a mixture of cotton and spandex to ensure breathability and optimal comfort
  • Snug-fitting design makes it a great choice for the whole family
  • Has a green rib trim at the waist, neck as well as the ankles
  • The classic and modern design makes your family look fashionable

1. PajamaGram Family Christmas Pajamas Set

PajamaGram Family Christmas Pajamas Set

Check it now on Amazon

If you are after sumptuous comfort with ethical sourcing the PajamaGram family Christmas pajama sets are your best bet. These PJs are classic, comfortable, and warm, offering you a perfect way to get your whole family in the holiday spirit. The adult-sized set comes with a polyester and cotton thermal top plus a brushed cotton flannel pant that offers you a cozy feel even in the coldest months.

On the other hand, the Toddler and Kids pajamas come with a polyester long sleeve thermal top plus flannel pants. Owing to their unique and versatile design, your kids will look adorable. The matching design also makes them a great choice for the whole family while watching movies, lounging or opening the Christmas present. Additionally, they make a perfect pick for family pictures. What’s more, your pet is not left behind as the set also includes fitting PJs for them.

Key Features
  • Comes in a wide range of sizes from toddlers to adults that create a picture-perfect look during the holidays
  • Made using premium materials that are woven and double brushed for a superior warm and soft feel
  • The cute, cozy, and classy design makes them a perfect pick for all family
  • They also include a set for your pets that has a snap closure

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Factors to consider when purchasing the best Christmas pajamas for the whole family

Just like choosing any other garment, you need to do your due diligence and ensure that you select a model that suits your needs. For instance, you cannot expect to choose a good model without having to check the manufacturer’s descriptions in terms of size. While choosing the best model comes to use of common sense, we also have other features that should help you in making an informed decision.

These include:

  • The user’s comfort: The first thing to ensure is that you select a pajama that is versatile and comfortable. Choose models that are made using high-quality materials that are soft to the touch and flexible. This time of the year tends to be cold so it makes sense to select models made using warm materials
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance: When it comes to the ease of cleaning, you should make sure that the materials used do not catch a lot of dirt and are easy to wear. We recommend models that are made using cotton and polyester materials as they offer you with best of the world, flexibility, and warmth. They are also durable and machine washable.
  • Your style: Some will pick a model that helps them make a bold statement and bring Christmas spirit, while others will prefer a model that can be used all year round. If you are looking for something to wear particularly during the Christmas festivities, go for models with a merry Christmas statements. On the other hand, striped models make a perfect pick to use during the winters as well as any other time of the year.
  • Your budget: This is a no-brainer, while the best Christmas pajamas are constructed using high-end materials to ensure durability, it doesn’t make sense to burn holes in your pockets by purchasing the most expensive model. However, this doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest either. Find a model that creates a good balance between price, style, and quality. Luckily, there are many models so selecting the one that suits your budget is not difficult.


If you are searching for a cute and comfortable Christmas pajama for your family but you don’t know where to start, selecting any of the above models is a great idea. Each model comes with something special to suit the different user’s needs. Go through each model and pick the model that you find that will get your family into the holiday spirit.

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