How to Select The Best Portable Grill for Outdoors

Grilling goes hand in hand with adventure. Any of your outdoor activities will remain incomplete if there is no barbecue. And food lovers know portable grills are there to let you complete the fun. However, not all of us know how to select the best portable grills.

Therefore, you can only acquire these benefits if you buy one of the best portable grills, and that’s not easy. You need to look at certain aspects that define its cooking capabilities.

What are these factors? Here, we are going to highlight them. So, next time when you plan to purchase a grill, you won’t get confused about choosing the right option.

Top Benefits of a portable grill

Before we proceed to the guide section, let’s discuss a few top benefits of portable grills first:

Best portable grill

  • The most significant advantage of these grills exists in their size. They are small and effortlessly manageable. It could be great for those living in limited space.
  • The second benefit is none other than its portability, and that’s what these grills are meant for. As they are portable, you can easily fold them and carry them wherever you want. The situation is not very simple with other grills.
  • It is a feasible option for those who don’t barbecue regularly. So, all these users can go for this small tool instead of buying an expensive and bulky model.
  • Most of these BBQs weigh even less than 30 pounds. Thus, you can move them anywhere without facing many difficulties.
  • If you want to extend the BBQ set up, these grills do come with some accessories as well. For example, you can attach an additional shelf to add some additional space.

These are the Bestseller Portable Grills

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Buying Guide

There are mainly two types of portable grills. The gas grills are comparatively easier to use. It only requires pushing an ignition button in most cases, and you are ready to cook.

On the other hand, charcoal is comparatively inexpensive. It also gives that required smoky taste too. However, it is not very simple to set it on fire.

Now, you need to decide which one suits you the best. However, here are a few important factors that you should look before choosing any of these grills types:

  • Heating Element

Regardless of the grill type you choose, it is important to look for its heating element. It should be designed in a way to control flare-ups. It might occur because of any grease dripping on the exposed flame.

This condition is not only dangerous but also badly affects the taste. So, you should properly see its design as these grills are more prone to such incidents because of their small size.

You can also look for a grill that comes with a grilling plate. It serves the purpose of diverting grease away from the flame.

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  • Power Source

The power source you would need for grilling depends on the type you choose. For gas grills, you would need to purchase propane tanks. There are varieties of options available.

You can either choose one pound small tanks or refillable larger propane tank. However, you’d need to identify how much fuel you will be consuming.

On the other hand, the fuel option for the charcoal grill is very simple. You would only need to take a few bags of charcoal. It will be enough to satisfy all of your fuel needs.

  • Construction material

It is another important aspect as it defines the major heating and durability of the grill. Steel grills can be great as they are a combination of durability, lightweight, and comparatively lower conductivity.

Aluminum can also be a good option as it is amazingly lightweight and cost-effective too. However, it can conduct heat. It might create a problem in maintaining the grill temperature.

Ceramic is also an available option. It heats evenly and capable of retaining it even after the switch is off.

  • Versatility

A simple grill can be enough for most people. However, you might need something more when camping. It could be great if your chosen grill supports a range top. It can help prepare a variety of meals.

Moreover, possessing several burners can also make your job easier.

  • Airflow

This feature is important to see in charcoal grills. It is because you are going to maintain temperature using these vents. The best scenario is to have one vent at the top of the grill, and the other one in the center of the firebox.

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  • Lid

It is also a crucial feature as it will help in controlling temperature. These lids have air vents, and they allow you to adjust air circulation.

As it is a portable grill, it is good to have a lid that you can carry anywhere easily. A nylon handle on the lid can be a great option as it remains cool to touch.

  • Warranty

It is crucial for any grill you purchase. However, it becomes even more important if it is a portable grill. Why? You might be taking it on the campsite and other outdoor barbecue grilling contests.

So, having a warranty can be helpful as you’ll be able to exchange the part in case of any problem.

  • Safety

No matter what, you should look for a sturdy and stable grill as they will ensure your safety. Remember, you are going to use the grills on campsites, and they need to be safe.

A stable grill will prevent tipping that could be hazardous otherwise. Also, your chosen model shouldn’t have sharp metal edges and corners. Moreover, there should be an adequate distance between the grates and the burners.

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  • Can we use natural gas with a propane grill?

Usually, you can, but after making some conversions. You should NOT try making these adjustments on your own. A licensed gas technician should be called for this purpose.

  • Can I grill on rusted grate?

If your grill contains loose rust, it is not safe to grill on it. The loose rust will stick to your food. However, in the case of minor rusting, you can clean it before using it. It wouldn’t be a big trouble to ingest rust with one meal. However, it can cause problems to the intestinal tract if continued.

  • How much heat output should my portable grill have?

The heat output is usually calculated in terms of BTU. Ideally, the best grill should have large BTUs. It is like, if you have a 300 square inch grill, it should have 18,000 BTU output.

However, it is not the only thing that decides its cooking capabilities. The grill should be able to produce even heat. Otherwise, the large BTUs would only burn or dry out your meal.


There you have it. Now you know how to select the best portable grills. These grills allow you to carry out grilling fun anywhere. Yet, it is also important to choose the best portable grill to avail the maximum benefit.

In this post, we have discussed some points that play an important role in deciding the grill’s worth. We hope after reading them, you’d be able to select the best option for yourself.

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