Full Size Fleece Sheet Set

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For those of you who don’t know, full size fleece sheets are made of polyester, and they have a fluffy appearance. These sheets might have a soft brushing (fleece) on both sides or only on one side, with one side of a flat polyester.

Fleece sheets are considered to be warm because they tend to trap heat. But they don’t regulate your body temperature, and you might end up being too hot. Flannel, in comparison, is better to regulate heat because it allows some of the internal heat to escape.

In this post, we are going to show you what to look for when buying the best quality full size fleece sheet set for your bedroom. So keep reading to find everything you need to know about fleece sheets.

Full Size Fleece Sheet Set

What is fleece?

You might start thinking about “sheep” upon hearing the word “fleece.” But fleece has nothing to do with sheep because it’s a synthetic material made from plastic: polyester fiber to be precise, derived from plastic.

This polyester fiber is then woven into the form of lightweight fabric. With more brushing, the volume is added to it gradually. Some manufacturers also use natural fibers to add to it. These natural fibers include hemp, nylon, or wool to add vibrancy and texture.

How is fleece made?

For making fleece (polyester), a couple of raw materials that are derived from petroleum come into use. These two materials are terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol. Some fleece is made with recyclable plastic as well. For producing polyester, both these materials are heated for the creation of a chemical reaction via several processes to form a viscous syrupy liquid. This fluid is then cooled down and cut down into small chips.

These ships are then heated again to form a liquid, and it is pushed through a spinneret having very fine holes. The holes are so tiny that as the liquid passes through them, it cools down and harden to form fibers. These fibers are then wound using a heated spool, looking for a thick rope.

The next stage is the crimping and drawing stage. These fibrous ropes go through a heated roller for a stretch. The stretch elongates the fibers by four times to their original length, and it strengthens them as well. The result is a smooth strand that goes through the crimping machine to give the thread its zig-zag shape. The fibrous rope then goes through the dryer for cutting and baling. At this point, they look very similar to wool fibers.

These fibers are then dyed and then spun within a yarn that can be knitted. The final step is shearing and napping due to which the fleece gets that fuzzy texture. In the end, it goes through the finishing process for treatment and is made faded, pill-resistant, and wrinkled.

Fleece Sheet Buying Guide

If you cannot figure out what to buy when there are thousands of fleece sheets right in front of you, then here is a short buying guide for your assistance.

  • Choosing the right fleet sheet set for your bed

A wrong size can be a huge let-down. If you choose the sheets that are too big for your bed, they will end up being too loose and will bunch up at night. It will be a big issue if you move a lot during your sleep. On the other hand, if these sheets are too small, they won’t stay put and will keep popping off during your rest time.

So you need to know the size of your bed and consider that when choosing the sheet size. Usually, full-size sheets are better for full-size mattresses or beds. So make your choice accordingly.

  • Fitting

Length and width are not the only measurements that you need to consider. Depth is another important aspect because not all mattresses conform according to the standard size. If you have a mattress topper, for instance, then it will add a couple of inches to the overall depth of the mattress, or its height.

These mattresses can vary in height from 9 to 16 inches. Therefore, a standard sheet set that is suitable for 12-inch deep bedding is not going to fit 14-inch deep bedding. Most of the mattresses with pillow toppers need deep or extra-deep pockets in the sheets.

Also, make sure that the fleece sheets that you are considering features elastic bands that are very sturdy for the right fitting on the mattress. These elastic bands should be very durable because they will be in a stretched position all the time. Low-quality brands won’t last at all.

  • Buying sets vs. individual sheet

For a standard mattress, go for a sheet set because it will be more cost-effective than buying individual sheets. For a custom-sized bed, not all sheets in a set will fit the same in such a case you can go for individual sheets. It is because you can go for a different sized sheet according to the dimensions of your mattress.

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  • Fleece vs. microfleece

Both these terms are used interchangeably, and they both have very similar characteristics. However, fleece is a general term describing all kinds of fleece. On the other hand, microfleece is a term that refers to a particular type, which is the most flexible and thinnest of all fleece types.

  • Fleece vs. flannel

Flannel is well-known for its heat regulation properties. Still, fleece is also improving pretty quickly, and there is not much difference between the two nowadays. But there are a few differences between these two materials.

For instance, flannel is made of cotton fiber, which is natural and organic. Fleece, on the other hand, is made of plastic, which is a synthetic fiber. In terms of durability, again, flannel is better than some thin fleece sheets because these thin sheets are not very durable. But cotton is prone to shrinking, so flannel sheets will shrink, and fleece won’t.

Both these materials can pill too if you don’t take care of them properly. Moreover, flannel has more capability of retaining heat than fleece and is less breathable than fleece. Therefore, you can use fleece throughout the year, but flannel is better suited for winters.


Fleece is a good option for your bedroom, but only if you consider buying a quality material that features thick fibers. Some thin fleece is good too, but they are not very durable. Make sure that you are very meticulous about the size and fitting of your sheets for your bed or mattress to avoid any inconvenience later on.

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