Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad: The Best Holiday Gifts in 2023

When the holidays come closer, you may worry about Christmas gift ideas for dad. You don’t want to give him socks or a tie again. And he still hasn‘t used the spa voucher you gave him last year. We knew this problem and had to face it ourselves sometimes. When your dad doesn’t have a wishlist, you really need advice.

That‘s why we compelled a list of amazing Christmas gift ideas for dad that is a bit out of the ordinary. Although we have included some tools and gadgets, they are not the everyday electric power drill or another smartwatch. We were looking for handy tools your dad can use and which provide a real benefit. Other than that, we also found some more traditional gift ideas, like a comfortable long-sleeve shirt, a pair of cozy moccasins, and a care package for dad’s beard.

We are sure one or more of our ideas will make your dad happy, and some may even be a big surprise under the Christmas tree. We spend quite some time researching suitable products for the 2020 Christmas season.

These are the Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad

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10. Camping Gear Multitool for Adventurous Dads

Camping Gear Multitool for Adventurous Dads

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When you are out in the woods or at a camping ground, you need to keep the weight of the baggage low. And since it might be Dad at the end who has to carry the heaviest backpack, reducing weight will do him a big favor. The Camping Gear Multitool is a perfect gift idea for dads since it brings only 15 oz on the scale.

But the functionality is much bigger: it contains 16 different tools. A screwdriver for quick repairs, a wire cutter, a bottle opener, of course, and even a small hammer and an ax. The multitool is also helpful when in emergencies, such as cutting a seatbelt in a car accident. The material is stainless steel with a black oxide coating. A red anodized aluminum grip makes it easier to find it at the camping site and reduces weight even more. Your dad will be happy to own such a versatile tool!

  • 16 different tools
  • Stainless steel will not rust
  • Light weight
  • Helps in emergencies
  • The axe might be a bit small to cut firewood

9. Comfortable Moccasin Slippers as a Christmas Gift Idea for Dad

Comfortable Moccasin Slippers as a Christmas Gift Idea for Dad

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When the winter comes, your dad may enjoy sitting in front of a fireplace and reading a book. To ensure his feet are warm and cozy, those comfortable moccasin slippers are a great gift idea for dad. They are available in sizes from 6.5 to 15 and come with a memory foam sole. This makes sure that your dad will walk like on clouds.

To avoid any bad smell, the slippers use a Hanes Fresh IQ advance odor protection, developed by the shoe manufacturer. The sole is made from solid material with a grip, so it is no problem for your dad if he needs to bring the trash out or go to the mailbox. The polyester material protects his feet against water and snow in the front yard. And if the shoes get a bit dirty, you can just throw them into your washing machine. We liked the cozy feeling when wearing those slippers, even during summer time.

  • Grip sole for indoor and outdoor use
  • Memory foam for a comfortable walking experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different sizes
  • Designed in the US, but made in China

8. Flexible and bendable Magnetic Light

Flexible and bendable Magnetic Light

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Remember the last time dad repaired something in the car and asked you to hold the light? Even with a high-quality flashlight, it isn’t easy to illuminate certain areas properly. If you want to make your daddy happy, this torchlight comes with a lot of functions. It is a perfect companion for the garage and can be kept in the car if a repair is needed on the road.

The first function you will notice is the telescoping neck. It can be extended up to 22 inches. But there is more: the neck can be bent, so the light reaches exactly the area where it is needed. Three powerful LEDs ensure a perfect illumination even in dark and narrow spaces. And when you remember how dad was swearing when a screw dropped and he couldn’t find it, the magnetic light comes to the rescue. The magnetic bottom picks up every small item made from metal. To let your dad play immediately with his Christmas gift, the flashlight has four LR44 batteries already included.

  • Multifunctional flashlight
  • Magnetic bottom
  • Flexible neck
  • Strong LED lights
  • Non-rechargeable batteries

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7. Viktor Juergen neck massage pillow

Viktor Juergen neck massage pillow

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One of the best Christmas gift ideas for dad is this massage pillow. Whether his name is Viktor, Jurgen, or John, this gift ensures a relaxing experience for your father or grandfather (your mum may like it too).  The built-in 3D rotating massage nodes will start kneading your dad’s muscles like a pizza dough. The manufacturers were inspired by the shiatsu massage technique and replicate it with this device.

Another advantage is that you can use the pillow on different body parts. If your dad complains about pain in the shoulder and back area, just place it there and it does its wonder. Or he wants to have a gentle foot massage: Simply put the pillow on the floor and place the feet on top. Your dad will feel like in a massage salon while watching TV from his armchair on Christmas day.

  • Heat protection
  • Applicable for different body parts
  • Easy to clean
  • Usable in cars with a 12V adapter
  • Needs an electric cable

6. Best Dad Ever Multitool

Best Dad Ever Multitool

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With this Christmas gift idea for dads, you can’t make a mistake, because your love is engraved in the tool. This multifunction-gadget has “Best dad ever” written on it, so your father will never forget the love you expressed. Besides the emotional effect, the tools include a variety of functions.

If your dad needs to repair something in the house or in the car, the multitool provides him with a screwdriver, a serrated blade, a sharp knife, a small saw blade, a hammer head and a wire cutter. He can also use the pliers and the regular plier. And once the work is done, he can crack  a beer bottle with the opener integrated in the tool. Once folded, it can be stored in a backpack or in the glovebox in the car. It weighs only 10.5 oz and can be carried around easily.

  • 12 tools included
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Perfect Christmas gift idea for dad with affordable price range
  • Lightweight
  • No seatbelt cutter

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5. Hanes Long Sleeve Shirt with Buttons

Hanes Long Sleeve Shirt with Buttons

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Many men and dads don’t like to go shopping for clothes. A range of white shirts and business suits for work and a few T-Shirts, jeans and shorts for leisure time usually do the job. But you may want to care about your dad, and a nice long sleeve shirt might be a great Christmas gift. Hanes is a company with a long experience in men’s clothing. This Beefy Henley Shirt is comfortable to wear. The fabric is a cotton-polyester mix; it feels like a second skin and has a perfect fit.

Available in different colors and sizes it has a tagless neckline. Three buttons in front give you options how open you want to wear it. The raglan sleeves bring a sporty look into the shirt. It can be worn for many occasions, from a gathering with family and friends to a restaurant visit or a shopping trip. Even during a casual Friday in the office your dad looks great with this shirt.

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Available in different colors
  • Tagless neckline
  • Sporty look
  • Shoulder seam is a bit of an old design features

4. Creeper and Seat In One for Repair and Maintenance

Creeper and Seat In One for Repair and Maintenance

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Repairing a car at home is not much fun when the problem lies underneath. If you don’t have a pit as professional garages have, you need to crawl under the car and work from there. More helpful is a creeper. Our model is a perfect Christmas gift idea for dads because it makes working in narrow spaces more comfortable.

The creeper and seat combination has six swivel casters to ensure a maximum of maneuverability. Your dad will also enjoy the padded cushions, including a headrest. The material is easily cleanable vinyl, so your dad doesn’t have to worry if some oil or other liquid drops.

Once the work under the car is done, he can convert the creeper into a comfortable seat. The seat mode can be used just for a rest or when working on other parts of the car or on a workbench. With 3000 pounds weight capacity even big daddies have a comfortable rest.

  • Six swivels for easy movements
  • Headrest
  • Can be converted into a seat
  • Easy to clean vinyl material
  • Needs some storage space

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3. RAK Universal grip for bolts and nuts

RAK Universal grip for bolts and nuts

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If your dad is a handyman and responsible for repairs in the house and bikes, this universal grip will make him smile. It is one of the most handy tools since it combines a whole box of separate tools in one little device. The tool grips hex-nuts and ring-screws and can even take a hook out of wood or a wall.


The product made by RAK fits everything between 7-9 mm or 1/4 to ¾ inch. You can use it with a standard ratchet wrench or a power drill. An adapter is provided. The universal grip also works with damaged or torn screws and nuts, where a regular tool has to give up. The torque is 125 lbs, enough for nearly every use case at your home. When dad is angry because he doesn’t find the right tool or cannot lose a bolt are over with this Christmas gift.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • Loosens even damaged bolts
  • Small and handy
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Doesn’t work well with flat nuts and bolts

2. RAK Wristband for small items, magnetic

RAK Wristband for small items, magnetic

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Remember Tim Taylor in the TV-Series „Home Improvement“ and his tool belt? While it was holding hammers and screwdrivers nicely, he needed to grub in the pouch to find the right one – or keep it between his teeth when he was looking for a nut or a hook. To avoid Tim Taylor’s faith for your dad, the RAK wristband will make any repair and improvement easier.

The strap is made from strong fabric and fits any wrist. Embedded are ten strong magnets. They will hold screws and nails your daddy needs when hanging a new picture or securing the Christmas tree. It is also useful for drill bits. Whether your dad stands on a ladder or has to work under the sink, he can prepare all items beforehand and doesn’t need to search for them. Furthermore, he won‘t have to worry that a screw drops to the floor or that he has not enough of them.

  • Long lasting fabric
  • Strong magnets
  • Easy to use
  • Water resistant
  • Should have a pocket or two

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1. All in one beard cosmetic and grooming set

All in one beard cosmetic and grooming set

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When it comes to the perfect Christmas gift ideas for dad, this grooming set for him will be a big surprise for sure. It includes a bottle with conditioner, a special beard shampoo, and the finest shining oil for a full beard or a mustache. The set is also a soft beard balm, a brush, and a comb to keep the beard in order and a scissor to adjust the length. The set can be used for any length or shape of a beard.

All the cosmetics are made from 100% natural products. To make sure your dad can use them on his next business trip, a storage bag is provided. And in case he just started beard care, he can download an ebook with instructions and advice. Be prepared that your dad will immediately leave the living room and rush into the bathroom to start grooming once unpacked.

  • Many products in one set
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Storage bag provided
  • For any beard
  • Scissors could be sharper


When looking for Christmas gift ideas for dad, you should first think about your father’s likes and not what you may want to have. Most dads like to fix things and repair, particularly when they sit in the office the whole day. That’s why we selected some home tools because they make the life of a home-handymen easier. They are also budget-friendly. Your dad will like them since they save him time and the hassle of too many tools around him.

But we also selected some Christmas gifts that we hope to relax your dad a bit. Comfortable house shoes are a nice gift in the winter season. And a massage pillow can always be used, at home, in the car, or in the office. Who would not like to have one? We are sure that at least one of your suggestions for Christmas gift ideas will fit for your daddy. We wish you a happy holiday!

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