Top 10 Best Wooden Step Stools for Kids in 2023 | A Complete Review

A constant demand that we always hear from toddlers and young kids is the urge to do everything on their own. You will always find small kids trying to take up all their activities into their own hands. But a significant obstruction in their way of doing it is their minuscule height, with which they are not able to reach most of the places that they aim for. Be it the kitchen counter or bathroom sink; it’s always out-of-their reach.

To solve this issue and to help kids become more independent, step stools came into the picture. With so many step stools available in the market, it becomes quite confusing for the buyers to pick the best one. So we have reviewed the top 10 wooden step stools for you to buy.

Top 10 Best Wooden Step Stools for Kids In 2023

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The following are the details on the wooden step stools available for kids in the market.

10. BEKVAM Wooden Utility Step by IKEA

BEKVAM Wooden Utility Step by IKEA

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BEKVAM wooden step stool is a designer step stool, designed by Nike Karlsson and is manufactured and branded by IKEA, making it one of the most sought after stool for kids.

The stool is made from solid beech wood, and although designed for kids, it is very sturdy to carry the weight of adults as well. It is well made, and the back vertical is not at a 90% angle, but when kept near a wall or cabinet face, it does not leave many gaps in between, making it safe for kids. You can use this stool as a kitchen-helper for your small kids, where they can easily climb in and out all by themselves.

Key Features
  • Made from solid wood for durability
  • Available in three primary colors
  • Height of the stool is 9.5″ to the first step and 19.5″ to the top step
  • Stool includes a hand-hole for easy holding to movement
  • Hand-hole for easy pick-up
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Two steps stool
  • Great kitchen helper for small kids
  • Expensive
  • Hard to assemble

9. HOUCHICS High Gloss Step Stool

HOUCHICS High Gloss Step Stool

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The step stool is designed by HOUCHICS, a furniture store popularly known for its wooden furniture only. This multi-purpose stool can be used as a kitchen helper, as a potty training stool for kids, and as a footstool/ottoman in the living room.

Smartly designed, this step stool is a perfect choice for anybody looking for a stool to be used for different usages. It has some weight, so it doesn’t move unnecessarily, and the anti-slip pads at the bottom of the stool make it safe to be used on wooden floors without any leaving any scratch marks or making any sound while moving. The surface area of the stool is entirely appropriate for adults to stand on it without faltering. You can quickly assemble the stool with the help of a manual.

Key Features
  • Made from solid birch with high-gloss
  • Wider area for easy climbing and standing by adults as well
  • Very sturdy to withstand load capacity of 220 lbs.
  • With a height of 9 inches, it helps you and kids reach higher places
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Rounded-corner and anti-slip mat for preventing injury
  • Top oval-slat for smooth movement
  • 1-year after-sales-service
  • Little challenging to assemble

8. ECR4Kids Reach-Up Step Stool 

ECR4Kids Reach-Up Step Stool

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This excellently designed two-step stool is made from hardwood and is an excellent buy for parents looking to make their kids more independent. It helps kids reach higher heights and do various activities, like doing their dishes, taking out books from the top shelf, or using in the bathroom while brushing or hand-washing, etc.

Innovatively-designed, this two-steps stool helps kids to reach higher places independently without injuring themselves. The two support-handles provides dual support to kids, first enabling them to balance their steps without slipping and second, making it easier for them to carry it to different places. The non-slip surface texture prevents kids from slipping and falling.  The stool is easy to assemble and takes very little time.

Key Features
  • Kids friendly- kitchen helping stool
  • Two-steps stool for reaching multiple heights
  • Built-in support handles to provide safety to kids while climbing and for easy carrying and to move
  • Heavy weighing capacity of 200 lbs
  • GREENGUARD [GOLD] Certification for minimal pollution emissions
  • Durable, high-quality hardwood
  • Light-weight and support handle design for easy carrying
  • Polished-finished look
  • Rounded edge for safety
  • Expensive
  • Small footsteps, not suitable for adults

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7. HAJACK Step Stool for children 

ECR4Kids Reach-Up Step Stool

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Made from natural wood, this step stool from HAJACK meets the safety standard of Europe and America Toy safety. The stool is lightweight and is perfect to be used as a toilet training stool, kitchen step stool, or a bedside stool.

Carefully designed, and keeping in mind the security reasons for small kids and toddlers, this two-step stool is a wonderful birthday gift. Made from strong-quality solid wood, it matches the height of kitchen and bathroom counters and thus is suitable for kids to reach these heights. It is durable, long-lasting, and the complimentary non-slip mats are a bonus to the multiple benefits that the stool is already providing.

Key Features
  • Super-quality natural wood, with complimentary ten pieces of non-slip mats
  • The stool has a thickness of 0.66 inches, strong enough not to break or crack when kids stand on it
  • Well-designed angle to not leave any gap between the wall and the stool
  • Higher load capacity of 200 lbs
  • 3-year warranty and after-sales service
  • Sturdy real wood for durability
  • Anti-slip grips at the bottom
  • Two-sided holes for easy pick-up
  • Anti-slip surface prevents slipping
  • Rounded-edges prevents injury
  • Only one color available

6. HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose Kids stool

HOUCHICS Multi-Purpose Kids stool

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As the name suggests, this is a two-steps stool from HOUCHICS, which can be used by both kids and adults, for multiple usages. With the size of 14.9*13.6*13.7in, the stool is of perfect height and width to be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s room or living room.

This classic looking stool can be placed anywhere in the house, as required, and serves multiple functions for all age groups. It is very sturdy and comfortable to stand on and can easily withstand a weight of 260 lbs. It doesn’t slide around easily on the marble floors and thus is very safe for use. The stool comes with extras of hardware for easy and hassle-free assembly. With the variety of colors available, you can easily pick the one matching your décor and enjoy the usage.

Key Features
  • Made from solid wood, with beautiful texture and design
  • Supports a load of 260 lbs
  • Equipped with four anti-slip mats for safe use by kids, elderly and pregnant women
  • Rounded corners prevent kids from hurting themselves
  • Lightweight for easy pick-up and movement
  • Available in 7 attractive colors
  • Rounded-corner and anti-slip mats to prevent injury
  • Two-steps stool for reaching multiple heights
  • Easy assembly with straightforward instructions
  • Instruction manual is not very clear

5. B.Spaces by Battat – Wooden step stool 

B.Spaces by Battat – Wooden step stool

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Specially designed for toddlers and young kids, this Peek-a-Boost wooden step stool is made from natural wood and comes in beautiful mint and wood color, with textured patterns on the steps. This gorgeous looking stool can be easily placed in a playroom, kid’s bedroom, bathroom, or even near the kitchen counter.

This kid’s sized 2-steps stool is sturdy and wide enough to allow kids to stand on it comfortably, without losing their balance. The stool is extremely lightweight, and the handles make it easier to be carried by the kids. Standing at a perfect height, it gives kids that extra boost to reach higher without your support.

Key Features
  • It is very sturdy and effortless to put together
  • The smooth and rounded edges work perfectly for an injury-free use
  • Made from 100% solid wood with MDF side panels
  • The lower step is of 5,” and the upper step is of 10″ height
  • Lightweight step stool
  • Integrated handy-handles for easy carrying
  • Assembly is straightforward
  • Pretty good heights for toddlers
  • Doesn’t have an anti-slip pad
  • Screw slots are not in proper alignments in a few stools

4. KidKraft Wooden Children’s Stool

KidKraft Wooden Children's Stool

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KidKraft’s wooden stool, specially designed for small children of 3 to 8 years, is an elegant looking step stool. The two steps of the stools make it convenient for kids to reach different places and take out things that are not otherwise reachable to them.

Built-carefully keeping in mind the safety of kids, this 2-steps stool makes kids reach the top counters and other places without any supervision and help. The stool can be used in multiple places like bathrooms, kitchen, kid’s playroom, etc. It is sturdy, and the steps are wide enough for the kids to stand without losing their balance. All you need is some anti-slip pads for extra safety if you have tile or wooden flooring.

Key Features
  • Specially designed for 3-8 years old children
  • Made of MDF wood veneer and comes in white color
  • Easy to clean and beautiful to look glossy finish
  • Build-in two handles to easy carry by kids
  • Tall enough to reach cabinet height
  • Easy to assemble with clear pictorial instructions
  • Sleek and classic look
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Glossy paints might make it little slippery

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3. Melissa & Doug Kid’s Step Stool – White

Melissa & Doug Kid's Step Stool – White

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Wisely designed with four different and beautiful colors, the step stool from Melissa and Doug is tested for safety and durability standards, making it an excellent choice for your kid’s use. This two-step stool can be a great addition to their playrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.

This product is made from durable wood and available in white, espresso, and natural color to match any home furniture you may have. The stool is attached with anti-skid pads at the bottom of the legs for providing non-slippery and robust support to kids when they stand on it.

Key Features
  • Ideal for the age group of 3-7 years’ old
  • Stool adds a height of 14″ high and can withstand weight up to 100 lbs
  • Easy to pick-up cut-out holes for carrying it to any place you want
  • Sturdy and large platform with smooth edges
  • Straight back for better support
  • 5 steps easy assembly
  • Easy assemble with clear instructions
  • Safety and durability-tested
  • Steps don’t have anti-slip mats

2. WOOD CITY Toddler Step Stool 

WOOD CITY Toddler Step Stool

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Designed especially for toddlers and small kids, this step stool is an excellent buy for giving kids independence while teaching them to do various new things for their age.

A perfect choice for your little one, this stool enables kids to do various activities on their own, without you worrying about their safety anymore. This two-step stool is made from high-quality, durable real wood and is quite keen to hold weight up to 200 lbs. Also, this stool does not get damaged when kids spill a little water on it. Just clean it with a soft cloth, and it is as new as it was.

Key Features
  • Sturdy natural wood makes it strong enough to bear heavy weight without crack or break
  • Smooth and rounded surface and wobble-free stability
  • Convenient handle-holes for easy pick-up and carrying
  • Perpendicular back design leaves no gap and provides more security while you align it with the wall or any other surface
  • Anti-slip strips for the legs
  • Perfect match for various counters
  • Lightweight makes it easy portability
  • Big in size, sturdy and holds weight well
  • Light color reveals strain marks easily

1. Growing-Up Bamboo Step Stool

Growing-Up Bamboo Step Stool

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Made from pesticide-free bamboo wood, this wooden step stool fits beautifully to any décor you might have in your home. Generally, this also represents the company’s commitment to a greener and safer environment while fulfilling customer demand.

The stool provides a firm grip at the bottom of the kegs with rubber mats that help both the kids and adults to stand on it without slipping or falling. At the same time, the stool weighs only 1 pound, quite light for small kids to carry around without difficulty. The classic and simplistic design of the stool makes it a perfect choice to fit into any home décor, without looking out of place.

Key Features
  • With a dimension of 7″ tall and 14″ wide, the stool is perfect for both sitting and standing purpose
  • Made from high-quality green bamboo with proper lamination
  • Strong structure to withstand weight up to 200 lbs.
  • Extremely lightweight of 1 pound only, for easy portability
  • No assembly required
  • Rubber buttons on the bottom guarantee no skidding
  • Superb quality for the right price
  • Sturdy to hold weight, but also light to move
  • Easy to clean with a mild soap
  • The sticker is not liked by a few

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What Points to Consider Before Buying the Wooden Stool for Kids

The main point to remember here is that the product we are buying is for small children, so it is of utmost importance to check for the safety and usefulness of the stool that we want to pick.

Height: The height of the step stool and the height it adds to your kid, both play significant roles here. The step stool designed for kids should not be too high for them to climb on to, and also the overall height it provides should not be very tall to off-balance them while they stand on it. The perfect step stool is generally the one that makes your kids tall enough to reach the kitchen or bathroom counters comfortably. Also, consider one-step or two-step stools based on the requirements you have and the height you are aiming for.

Safety: While buying any product for kids, safety is the most critical factor that we should look into. Thus, please consider the following points when choosing the right step stool for them.

  • Does the stool have anti-slip steps and bottoms?
  • Is the stool wide enough to stand?
  • Is it stable enough to carry kids’ weight?

Durability: The construction of the stool decides its durability. Always choose a stool with good quality material, like natural or solid wood with a strong body and leg design, not to crack or break easily when you put weight on it.

Benefits Of Wooden Step Stools For Kids

When kids start growing up, the need and desire to learn new habits/things become more and more demanding. It becomes a challenging task for the parents to let kids learn new things without hurting themselves.

Be it helping parents in the kitchen counter, doing their dishes, toilet training, or brushing on their own, parents face difficulties in teaching all these things to kids. Toddlers/kids step stools help children in doing all these activities comfortably without getting injured. By using these step stools, kids not only become more independent but also learn to be more confident and learn to manage different activities smartly.

These enable them to accomplish their duties efficiently and responsibly. Whether helping moms bake a cake or taking out their favorite cookies from the top shelf, everything looks more accessible and fun to them.


Through this article, we have tried to provide you with not only the top 10 wooden step stools available but also all the critical points that you need to check while searching for the right stool for your home. Hopefully, the article will benefit you and help you buy the best wooden step stool for your little one. Good luck!

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