Factors To Consider While Buying A Tree Swing for Kids

Tree swing has been an inherent part of our lives and a playing activity that has never gotten out of vogue. We loved playing tree swings, and our kids do too. It would not be wrong to say that in childhood, tree swings are the closest experience of flying. After all, who doesn’t like defying gravity and swinging in the air?

The market has been flooded with all sorts of swings nowadays, but tree swings are classic and timeless. Finding a right tree swing requires a bit of research, both trees on which you want to hang the swing and the quality of the swing.

Top 10 Best Tree Swings for Kids You Should Buy

To help you make a more informed decision when buying a tree swing, we researched a bit to give you the best.


10. Jungle Gym Multicolor Red Disc Seat Tree Swing

Jungle Gym Multicolor Red Disc Seat Tree Swing

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The beautiful looking red disc tree swing is a perfect outdoor setup for your little monkeys. Not only the climbing rope is durable but also soft on the hands of the kids and adults. Moreover, you get 3” leg protectors which are an additional feature ensuring the safety of the kids. Further, the dual swing doubles up as a climber encouraging the kids in strength-building exercises while also having fun.

Increase the coordination, balance core strength, and integration of sensory movements with this tree swing. As far as quality is concerned, tree swing from Jungle Gym is designed with durability and safety in mind.

If you have been struggling with adjusting the rope length for your kids of different age groups, then this is the perfect buy. All you need to do is pulling the plug from the bottom of the seat and tie the knot as per the required length.

Few things that you need to keep in mind while buying this Tree Swing is the maximum age for which it is suitable. Apart from being for residential use only, the swing is best suited for the kids above three years of age. Further, the maximum weight should not cross 150 pounds and make sure that you are around when your kid is playing.

Key Features
  • Red Colour disc with 3” leg protector and four textured platforms
  • Multicolour braided polyethylene climbing rope with a sturdy metal ring
  • Doubles up as a climber for the kids to do adventurous and fun activities
  • Made from the highest quality material and certified
  • Can be used as a swing and climber
  • Adjustable rope
  • Nylon Strap missing from the package as per a few reviews

9. Pellor Indoor Outdoor Wood Tree Swing 

Pellor Indoor Outdoor Wood Tree Swing

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Designed with natural wooden material, this tree swing from Pellor can be set up both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, the protective painting on the wood swing covers it from the risk of moldy while playing outside.

The length of the rope is pretty comfortable at 180 cm along with the galvanized metal ring. Moreover, you can adjust the rope as per the convenience for both kids and adults. The curved ergonomic design of the wooden seat is slip-resistant and comfortable.

This ergonomically designed tree swing can be fun for your kid as well as you. It makes sure that you get involved with the kids while they are playing, which ways the entire family can have a good time.

Moreover, the carabiner design of the swing aids in the strength of protecting your kids and family both. Spend a fun-filled and relaxing time with the entire family with this length adjustable and comfortable seating tree swing.

Key Features
  • Eight high-quality screws fix the board
  • Rope can be adjusted
  • Ergonomic and unique curve design
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor
  • Fit for both kids and adults
  • Very easy to install without any hardware or tools required
  • Natural wooden material and harmless
  • Might have a chance of getting damaged by moisture

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8. Royal Oak 40 Inch Flying Saucer Protective Swing

Royal Oak 40 Inch Flying Saucer Protective Swing

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One of the best features of this giant flying saucer from Royal Oak is its strength and safety that it provides to the kids. Particularly popular among the kids, this tree swing ensures that the kids can sit comfortably and enjoy for as long as they want.

Since the maximum load is 700 lbs, this giant swing can comfortably hold 2-3 kids at a time. The fabric used is one of the highest as per the industry standards. Further, there is a protective coating and the absence of lead guaranteeing safety for the kids.

Well, if you want your kids to enjoy the outside environment rather than sitting and gazing at the all-day, this tree swing is your solution. Never again find yourself in a fix over tussle on who will sit on the swing first.

Moreover, its weather-resistant feature keeps you worry-free and gives you full value for money. Apart from this, you also get the manufacturer warranty from Royal Oak through an easy registration after delivery.

Key Features
  • 40” disc for outdoor installation
  • 900D Oxford Fabric used for safety
  • Adjustable Rope
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Adjustable rope ensures the best fir for all
  • Easy installation without any tool required
  • Weather resistant
  • Quality not as expected as per a few reviews

7. Trekassy Waterproof Durable Steel Frame Tree Swing

Trekassy Waterproof Durable Steel Frame Tree Swing

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Play together with family and friends on this super sturdy and spacious Tree swing from Trekassy. The platform is as large as 60” and can take the weight of at least with a maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds.

Further, straps and carabiners that come packed with this tree swing are sturdy and can hold up to 6000lbs. Not just that, but the ropes are also adjustable, and the installation is quite easy.

If you are looking for a swing that is sturdy and spacious for both kids and adults, then this product from Trekassy is just perfect. Easy to install and durable, the tree swing is also made of 9000 Oxford fabric, which is an industry-standard across.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle in your kids today by bringing them closer to nature in a fun way.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Rope with free hang straps and carabiners
  • Weight limit of maximum 700 lbs
  • 9000 Oxford industry-standard fabric
  • Easy to install and spacious to enjoy
  • Large platform accommodating five kids at a time
  • Safe for the kids even when playing for long hours
  • Fabric description might be misleading as per few

6. HearthSong Deluxe Webbed Nylon Rope Mat Tree Swing 

HearthSong Deluxe Webbed Nylon Rope Mat Tree Swing

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Sit or just lie back on this extra-large tree swing from HearthSong while also swinging closest to nature. One of the best features of this swing is the simplicity of assembling and using. 4 pieces can be assembled into 40” x 30” hanging platform.

Moreover, the steel frame is sturdy enough along with the thick nylon ropes to bear up to 250 lbs in weight. The padded frame makes it comfortable or the kids to hang down their legs without any stress or pain.

Your daily headache of creating an engaging outdoor environment for the kids comes to an end with this tree swing. Because it can hold up to 250 lbs of weight, 3-4 kids can comfortably sit and swing together.

Now be carefree with the kids getting busy swinging and playing around this tree swing while you can enjoy your friends and family gathering.

Key Features
  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs
  • Intertwined nylon rope for the seating
  • Suitable for both kids and the adults
  • Strong seating and padded frame for the maximum comfort
  • Steel frames hold the pieces strongly
  • Can accommodate 4 to 5 kids together
  • Few threads were broken at the time of delivery as per few feedbacks

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5. Pacearth Adjustable Multi-Strand Durable Tree Swing

Pacearth Adjustable Multi-Strand Durable Tree Swing

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Fill the gap in your kid’s life where he lacks the outdoor activities with this durable and sturdy round disc swing. Not only is this swing safe for the kids but also for the adults to make sure that you spend quality time with the kids.

Moreover, the multiple strand braided ropes eliminate the problem of vulnerable ropes. The upgraded ropes can take the weight of up to 660 lb, which is an excellent feature to have. You also get two swing straps and galvanized climbing carabiners for that extra swing.

All you need to do is get this saucer tree swinger at home and enjoy a good time with the kids. Designed specifically for residential use, this tree swing offers you the best in class experience.

Further, the 900D oxford fabric that goes into making the seating of this tree swing has been thoroughly tested to hold more weight than the competitors.

Key Features
  • 900D Oxford fabric
  • Braided Ropes
  • Weight capacity of 660 pounds
  • Adjustable rope
  • Large size makes room for the entire family
  • Adjustable length of the chain for a better swing
  • Colourful tone and additional flags make it more attractive
  • Strap breaking issue as per a few reviews

4. Eastern Jungle Toddler Seat Outdoor Swing 

Eastern Jungle Toddler Seat Outdoor Swing

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Next in our list is a swing for the toddlers who also need interaction with nature for their holistic development. Keeping in mind the toddlers, the seat comes with outstanding back support and is fully enclosed.

Moreover, the material used is polyethylene, which is known to be one of the softest materials for the kids. Just to ensure that the baby has a pinch-free experience, the chains are coated with plastisol for a soft and pinch-free grip.

Introduce your kid with the outside environment by buying a swing, which is as comfy as your hug. The soft but sturdy material of the seat is good for the baby, along with the high back support.

Moreover, the adjustable length of the chain lets you increase or decrease the height of the swing. Adjust the height according to your and baby’s comfort level to give a comfortable seating and swing to the baby.

Key Features
  • Full assembled and closed
  • Zinc coated chains
  • Copolymer used in constructing the seat
  • Seat made from the high-grade plastic is perfect for the babies
  • Adjustable chain gives the option to decide the height from the ground
  • Full height back support keeps babies comfortable
  • Not convenient for the baby as per few feedbacks

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3. Laegendary 2-in-1 Climbing And Swinging Rope

Laegendary 2-in-1 Climbing And Swinging Rope

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This tree swing is one of the perfect outdoor plays if you are looking to build the strength and stamina in your kids. Both challenging and fun-filled the safe and durable disc made of the material, which is ASTM F963-11 and CPSIA section 101 (a)(2) approved.

Apart from that, it is easy to install and can be hung from the ninja slackline, swing sets, or a tree branch. The rope is not just long but also adjustable, therefore determining the height and the swing of the disk.

Made from high-quality material, this tree swing disk is a perfect set up for the backyard or the playground. Give your child a fun-filled childhood while also working on their core strength and stamina.

Easy to install and safe for the kids, the swinging disk from legendary will keep your child busy away from the cartoons and smartphones.

Key Features
  • Long rope with adjustable option
  • Maximum weight capacity of 120 lb
  • Braided polyethylene tree climbing rope
  • Comes packed with extra 4.2 feet strap
  • ASTM F963-11 and CPSIA section 101 (a)(2) approved
  • Easy to install and safe for the kids
  • Can be doubled up as a climber giving more options to the kids
  • Disc leans to one side making it a bit challenging for the kids to hop on

2. WV Wonder View Outdoor Tree Swing

WV Wonder View Outdoor Tree Swing

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A great option for playground and backyard this tree swing is made of quality material by the industry standards. Apart from being carved out of 900D Oxford polyester, the swing is also easy to assemble and use quickly.

Further, the large round shape of the seater can take the weight of up to 600 lbs, making it perfect for 3-4 kids. Above all, the Grade steel for the frame reinforced stitching, and high strong PE rope makes it sturdier and safer for the kids.

First of all, the durable and high-quality material of the seater makes it safe for the kids, our topmost priority for kids’ items. Further, it is weather-resistant, thereby retaining the color, fabric, and strength, making the tree swing perfect for outdoor activities.

A better way to spend time with the kids, this tree swing comes with multiple braided ropes and is simple to install.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Ropes
  • Maximum weight of 600 lbs
  • Frame made of Grade Steel
  • Waterproof Coating
  • High-grade material along with waterproof and UV resistance features
  • Large size for multiple kids and easy to assemble
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor
  • Some items like carabiners and straps missing as per few feedbacks

1. SuperDealSpiderWeb Net Platform Tree Swing

SuperDealSpiderWeb Net Platform Tree Swing

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Let your kids explore the nature by hanging this super cool and sturdy swing platform in the backyard or the playground. The maximum weight taking capacity of this swing platform is around 660 lbs, which are ideal for both kids and adults.

The large oval is made of steel with the padding on the inside, thereby making it secure on the inside and comfortable on the outside. Nylon webbing is safe and adheres to all international standards.

A resilient nest made of hand-braided spider webbing, the tree swing lets you sit, relax, and just swing. Never again, you have to worry about kids doing random stuff when out to play as this super enjoyable nest will keep them busy and entertained.

Further, you can assemble it very quickly without the need for any external help, hardware, or tool.

Key Features
  • Maximum weight handling of 660 pounds
  • Durable polypropylene ropes
  • Padded steel frame
  • Spider web design
  • Resilient and resistant to all weather conditions
  • Easy to install without any external tool or help
  • Spider web encourages imaginative play
  • After-sales service is a laggard as per a few reviews

Factors To Consider While Buying A Tree Swing for Kids

  • Quality And Safety: We can never be too careful when buying something for our kids, and tree swing is one of those things. Make sure that the tree swing that you are buying is sturdy and made of high quality. Moreover, the tree swing should be such that the outside environment does not cause quick deterioration. You can achieve the sturdiness by avoiding the rust and, therefore, look out for the swings that are rust-resistant.
  • Plastisol Coating On The Chain: If you have suffered from the incessant pinching from the swing chains, then it is because there is no plastisol coating. The plastisol can be coated on the area, which is usually held with the hand while swinging.
  • The Material Of The Swing: Go for the material that has a proven track record in the outside environment. The location of the swing determines the material that you should prefer to a very great extent. Further, you will not have to worry about the swing not being able to carry extra weight as your kids grow up.

Benefits Of A Tree Swing

If a bit of nostalgia has not convinced you to expose your kids to nature a bit more, let us understand the benefits of a tree swing.

  • Improves The Sensory Experience: When kids play on the swing and swing to and for, it is constructive in increasing their sensory experience. Various sensory experiences include pull of gravity, touch, sight, body movement, and so on. The brain does the beautiful mechanism of integrating all the senses, which prove to be quite beneficial in the earlier and later stage of life.
  • Core And Upper Body Control: Well, it seems like not only kids but adults can also benefit greatly, and tree swing could be a fun exercise altogether. One of the benefits of the swing is learning to pump. However, it is an excellent exercise for legs, core and hands because longer the rope, better the swing and more effort in swinging.
  • Relaxation Of The Mind: No science required in this one as, at some point in time, we all have experienced the change in mood that a tree swing can bring. A few minutes of swinging, and you have already shaken off the stress.


Tree swings are a great way of introducing your kid to the external environment in both fun and learning way. Right from making your kids more active in building the core strength, tree swings can be fun and useful.

Select the one from our carefully formed list of the one tree swing that lets you enjoy your time with your kids and family.

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