Best Staples Office Chairs in 2021 – Trendy Reviewed

According to the latest studies, your office chair’s quality and comfort will not only affect your productivity at work but also your health. Sitting in a regular chair can lead to back, neck, and shoulder pain, among other health afflictions. This is the reason why it is crucial to invest in ergonomic office chairs. With that said, it is also paramount to mention that not all office chairs that claim to offer ergonomics live up to their promise.

For this reason, we have decided to focus on a brand that has been providing their clients with high-quality office chairs to help them boost their productivity. So whether you are looking for a simple chair that meets basic requirements or a chair that has therapeutic properties, the best Staples chairs have got you covered.

Most of us are familiar with the Staples brands, especially those people who work in offices. Staples Inc. is an American multinational that specializes in the manufacture of high-quality Office Supplies. We decided to focus on office chairs from this brand because it has proved to offer excellent quality for over three decades now.

Currently, this retailing corporation has over 1,500 stores in North America and sells its merchandise online, allowing millions of people to access its products globally. While this brand has several dozens of ergonomic office chairs, we have reviewed the top best models in terms of quality, price, and ease of use.

The 10 Best Staples Office Chairs in 2021

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10. Staples Westcliffe Bonded Leather Managers Chair

Staples Westcliffe Bonded Leather Managers Chair

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Crafted from genuine leather, the Westcliffe is an exquisite office chair from Staples designed to bring you all the benefits of an ergonomic chair plus unbeatable style. This chair comes with impressive features such as an adjustable backrest, tilts tension capabilities, and a well-padded seat for optimal convenience. Also, thanks to its ingenious construction, this chair can be customized rather quickly and effortlessly.

What makes this office chair an excellent pick is its ergonomics and the cleverly engineered design that allows it to work with all desk types. Another important point-to-point out is that it comes with a surprisingly comfortable design that will allow you to work for long hours without being overly fatigued. At the same time, we cannot forget to mention that the chair also comes with awesome lumbar support that alleviates any sort of back pain associated with sitting in a bad posture for long.

Key features & Benefit
  • Made using genuine and bonded leather for added comfort, style, and durability
  • The seat has a pneumatic height adjustment feature.
  • It comes with fixed loop arms that are well padded.
  • Excellent lumbar support and tilt tension allows for customized support

9. Staples Fayston Fabric Home Office Chair

Staples Fayston Fabric Home Office Chair

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Designed for individuals who crave the soft touch of breathable fabric office chairs while not sacrificing the ergonomics of a mesh chair, the Fayston fabric office chair from Staples is a worthwhile choice. This chair is nicely padded on both the seating area as well as the backrest to offer a soft comfortable feeling. Besides offering you impressive comfort, it also provides excellent lumbar support, so you don’t have to worry about back or shoulder pain.

For enhanced comfort, the back is also well contoured so that it naturally aligns with the curvature of your spine. The fabric itself is also tough, so you don’t have to worry about accidental tearing or scratching. It is also easy to clean. Above this entire seat is height adjustable, allowing you to customize it to fit your needs.

Key features & Benefit
  • Features large backrest that is contoured to offer excellent back support
  • Made using breathable fabric that is also easy to spot, clean and durable
  • Offer impressive lumbar support and is height adjustable.
  • A stylish, sophisticated look that gives your office a modern touch

8. Staples Kelburne Luxura Office Chair

Staples Kelburne Luxura Office Chair

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The leather office chairs have the edge over the competition over the completion as they come with a more professional look. With the Kelburne Luxura office chair, you will enjoy not only the professional design but also modern design that adds a touch of class to your office. This chair is covered by bonded leather, so you don’t have to worry about tearing or peeling off, as it made to last for many years.

Apart from the aesthetics, this seat also comes with unique features that are hard to find on other models. First, the chair is well padded with soft materials that molds to your body. The seat is also height-adjustable, allowing you to customize your seating. Speaking of customization, this chair also boasts of an adjustable tilt that allows you to relax as you read a newspaper and lock it to an upright position which is great when typing or studying.

Key features & Benefit
  • Professional and generously scaled design and reasonably priced.
  • Height and tilt tension adjustable for recline stability
  • Durable multi-surface dual-wheel casters
  • An ergonomic and functional design makes it great for everyone

7. Staples Sorina Bonded Leather Chair

Staples Sorina Bonded Leather Chair

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Tired of purchasing leather chairs only to find that they start peeling within a few weeks of use? Well, a peeling or torn leather seat will require immediate replacement to maintain a neat and professional look. You can bid this inconvenience by when you purchase the Staples Sorina Bonded leather chair. The chair features bonded leather that ensures durability. It is also stuffed with soft tough materials that ensure unmatched comfort.

What makes a leather chair best in class is, of course, the countered back for additional support and comfort. This design will offer not only excellent comfort but also offers superior lumbar support, minimizing the risk involved with bad sitting posture including back, shoulder and neck pain. Another notable mention is the adjustable height allowing you to customize the height depending on your height. Additionally, for optimal comfort, the arms are generously padded and the base has caster wheels, which make the chair easy to move.

Key features & Benefit
  • The Seat comes with swivel wheels and a sturdy base.
  • Bonded leather does not only ensure a sleek look but ensures unmatched durability.
  • The back is contoured to offer you with best in class lumbar support.
  • Adjustable tilt and height ensures effortless customization

6. Staples Mcallum Leather Managers Chair

Staples Mcallum Leather Managers Chair

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Spend your day at work in a stylish and comfortable chair. By integrating this chair into your workspace, you can work for longer without putting much stress on your spine. Boasting of a black bonded leather cover this chair will instantly elevate your office look with its professional and elegant appearance. The seat also comes with a handy pneumatic height adjustment feature plus the adjustable tension and long, and the chair will adopt your specific needs boosting your productivity.

While the main selling points of this chair are the impressive adjustability plus excellent aesthetics, you will also love the plush padding that allows all your muscles to relax. The outstanding lumbar support also ensures proper alignment of your body, eliminating various side effects, including a backache and neck ache.

Key features & Benefit
  • Many adjustments allowing you to customize the chair to fit your need
  • Full back support plus adjustable height ensures total comfort.
  • Made using sturdy construction, steel frame, and bonded leather cover
  • Superior lumbar support ensures that your spine is aligned properly

5. Staples Corvair Luxura Task Chair

Staples Corvair Luxura Task Chair

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Built-in focus to offer a breathable design, and praiseworthy comfort, the Staple Corvair Luxura task chair is backed with research-backed ergonomics for exceptional performance. While many features make this chair stand out from the completion, what makes it stand out most is the clever construction that allows it to work with almost all types of desks. To boost your comfort, the underside of the chair is fitted with a bunch of handles and knobs that help you tweak every aspect of the chair including the forward tilt, back angle, tilt tension, as well as tension.

The back is made of mesh, allowing plenty of air circulation on the back, while the seat is made of well-padded and comfortable materials. Besides ensuring breathability, the back mesh also offers plenty of lumbar support, ensuring that your back is well aligned. This alleviated the most issues that come with improper sitting posture, including back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Key features & Benefit
  • The back is made of versatile mesh that is breathable for cool support.
  • Features a sturdy metallic skeleton ensuring a long-lasting service
  • The seat offers plenty of comforts plus lumbar support.
  • The depth is adjustable while the seat tilts, ensuring easy customization

4. Staples Stiner Fabric Managers Chair

​Staples Stiner Fabric Managers Chair

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Experience uncompromised comfort and professional look by investing in Staples Stiner fabric chair. You will feel the difference with this chair when you sit in the extra plush seat that molds to your body shape. The chair also comes with stylish fixed loop arms plus a sleek and durable fabric. Combining adjustable tilt tension, height adjustment, as well as fixed lumbar support, customizing this chair to meet your needs is super easy.

Not to mention, this chair also comes with center tilt, which is adjustable, and a lock that allows your back stays upright. This offers you more flexibility while helping you in dealing with issues that are involved with a bad seating posture. The chair also supports individuals weighing up to 250 pounds. That’s not all; this chair meets or exceeds all the BIFMA/ANSI, ensuring sustainability and optimal comfort.

Key features & Benefit
  • Impressive Pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • 250 lbs weight capacity makes it ideal for a variety of users
  • Height adjustable and impressive lumbar support ensures optimal comfort.
  • Budget-friendly price, especially when considering the decent adjustability and ergonomics

3. Staples Osgood? Bonded Leather Managers High Back Chair

Staples Osgood? Bonded Leather Managers High Back Chair

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The Staples Osgood manager bonded leather chair gives your office a professional look without compromising style. This chair is designed with the user’s needs in mind and is cleverly designed to give you a personalized style. It is surprisingly comfortable and soft to touch while still providing you with excellent support. Unlike the other models, this chair is thickly padded with foam that never depresses, ensuring that it retains its shape for long.

Looking at the ease of adjustment, this chair leaves no stone unturned. It is fitted with a soft push lever that allows you to adjust the seat to meet your height requirement. It also comes with actuated levels and lockout features that allow for the correct posture.

Key features & Benefit
  • Covered using high-quality leather, which is filled with soft pillows that ensure perfect comfort
  • It comes with various adjustments, including tilt, height, and wide seating, allowing you to sit comfortably
  • Excellent back and lumbar support eliminate back issues.
  • The smart armrest that is padded ensures improved ergonomics

2. Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair

Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair

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If you are in love with ergonomically designed leather office chairs, then the Staples Montessa II Luxura chair is a great job. Besides coming with impressive aesthetics, that gives your office a professional look, this seat boasts of excellent ergonomics boosting your productivity. Designed to offer the user optimal pelvic tilt, this seat will minimize the spine compression and increase circulation. The exterior is made of dark brown color leather that is bonded for enhanced durability.

It’s Plush and deep layered cushioning is comfortable, while its back supports impressive lumbar support. When it comes to a height adjustment, this seat comes with a stylish lever that you simply need to press up or down. What’s more, this chair comes with a well-padded armrest that allows for precise arm positioning.

Key features & Benefit
  • High class bonded leather gives a modern and professional look to your office.
  • Well padded on the back and seat ensure the best in class comfort.
  • Impressive adjustability allowing simple customization
  • Ergonomic design and excellent lumbar support

1. Staples Telford II Luxura Managers Chair

Staples Telford II Luxura Managers Chair

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The Staples Telford II Luxura chair is an ingenious office chair that comes with a natural glide system. This enables it to recline in various ways, allowing the user to stay visually oriented as you perform your job while still ensuring unmatched comfort. The chair will let you work while sitting in various positions, ensuring you do not put too much pressure on your back. By ensuring there is minimal stress on your spine, it minimizes the multiple back issues associated with sitting in the wrong posture for long hours.

More to enjoying impressive lumbar support, this brown leather chair comes with pneumatic seat height adjustment system, adjustable padded comfort, and adjustable tilt tension that offer plush comfort. Additionally, this chair also comes with easy to follow instructions making its assembly a breeze.

Key features & Benefit
  • A simple assembly as it comes with easy to follow instructions
  • The seat’s height adjustment is through the pneumatic technology
  • Brown bonded leather is not only durable but also offers stunning elegance
  • Four casters roll easily on carpeted floors

Factors to consider when selecting the best Staple office chairs

As mentioned earlier, your work chair's comfort will have an impact on your productivity when it comes to your work. Selecting a comfortable and ergonomic chair will also prevent various medical issues, including spine and back injuries.

If you are thinking of selecting the best  Staples office chair, the following pointers should help you make an informed decision.

  • Adjustability: Well, all the staple office chairs are adjustable. However, the degree of customization and flexibility varies from one model to the other. While the other models also seem to work well, we recommend going for the chairs that come with a natural glide mechanism, as they will help you sit comfortably at the right height to reach your desk and keyboard without straining your back.
  • The back height: Well, some will prefer chairs with headrest while others will go for those chairs that support only their back. Our recommendation here is to find out the number of hours you spend in the office. If you are looking for more flexibility and you don’t work for more than 6 hours, go for models with only back support. Otherwise, if you work for long hours, choosing the models with a headrest will minimize neck fatigue.
  • Armrests: Adjustable armrests were discovered lately, so not all the staple office chairs might have. However, this is something worth considering as it ensures that your hands don’t strain, especially for those who use computers. The armrest should also be well padded for enhanced comfort.
  • Lumbar Support: The lumbar support mainly dictates the chair’s capacity to reduce stress on the lower back. Also, all the office chairs from this brand prioritize this. However, some will offer better lumbar support than others. It is understood, if you have lower back issues go for models with better lumbar support. You can also find models with removable pillows that offer better support when you need it.
  • Material: Similar to other brands, the staple office chairs are crafted from different materials. The main materials used in the construction include fabric, leather, and mesh. Mesh chairs offer better air circulation in the back area. The fabric chair also offers breathability but is not as efficient as the mesh. On the other hand, the leather chairs may not offer the best breathability but are well padded for extra comfort.


Looking at our guide, it is evident that there is a lot involved in selecting the best Staple office chair. In our guide, we have tried as much as possible to include all the chairs from all the categories to allow you to get an insight into what to expect. We hope by going through the guide, you can now select the chair that meets your needs with confidence.

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