Top 10 Best Smart Reusable Notebooks in 2023 | Complete Reviews

Doing small bits to help the environment is a great way to start. One bit is switching to reusable products—for example, Tupperware and other things. Just like them, the relatively novel Smart Reusable Notebooks is a great way to start.

These smart notebooks use dry erase technology to rewrite on them efficiently. They are advancing with time. Nowadays, with barcode scanners in our phones, we can simply save our notes digitally while writing them traditionally. These notebooks have many features in them.

Take a look as we bring the best of the smart reusable notebooks for you to choose from. This is your chance to make a difference in the environment.

Top 10 Best Smart Reusable Notebooks in 2023

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10. Rocketbook Flip Notebook

Rocketbook Flip Notebook

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The Rocketbook Flip notebook is endless. It indeed shows that we live in the 21st century of technology. This smart reusable notebook is our recommendation because it sends your notes to Google Drive, Cloud, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Slack, and many more! Anything in your android is compatible with this notebook.

One of the most important features is to preserve the notes, and the Rocketbook Flip notebook has this feature. There is no limit and complexities in using this notebook. It works as a regular dry erase notebook.

One of the best things about this notebook is, it has two sides. One side has college lines for handwriting, and the other is plain. This feature adds a bonus convenience to use. You can write with any Pilot Frixion pen and erase it with a microfiber cloth. It comes in many different colors and two sizes as well!

  • Two-sided
  • Blasts notes to almost any app on your phone
  • Easy microfiber cleaning
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Needs alcohol cleaning every once in a while
  • The pen has a short life

9. Homestic Reusable Smart Notebook

Homestic Reusable Smart Notebook

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The Homestic Smart Reusable Notebook is environment friendly and safe. Unlike many others, there are not only one or two pages to write and scan. There are 80 pages in this notebook. All are reusable with the dry erase method. All pages are college lined, which makes them easy to write and draw. You can also select the different page styles in this reusable notebook.

It is so important to have several different pages. Use it to take notes altogether before saving them and reusing them.

One of the best things about this smart notebook is that you can scan it to download your notes on your phone. Almost all the different storages accept this. You can also use it with all kinds of dry erase pens.

  • 80 pages
  • Works with smartphones
  • Uses dry erase pens
  • College lined
  • Spiral binding unsuitable for left-handers
  • May need alcohol for thorough cleaning

8. Guyucom Smart Reusable Notebook

Guyucom Smart Reusable Notebook

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The Guyucom Smart Reusable Notebook is our recommendation because of its convenience. It uses a unique app that helps transfer your notes to your phone. The application helps blast your notes to Google Drive, OneNote, iCloud, Dropbox, and almost all kinds of android and iOS applications.

This is perhaps the best way to ensure your work remains safe in different storage spaces. There are about 40 different pages that are usable before you decide to scan. Both these features make it very practical to use for a long time.

This smart reusable notebook is A5 in size and has over 40 pages. It makes an easy way in your bag wherever you go. You also do not have to scan each page. In under 15 seconds, the ink dries so that it does not erase when you have it in your bag.

  • 40 college lines pages
  • Easy to scan with the app
  • 15 seconds for ink to dry
  • Works with dry erase pens
  • A5 size is too small
  • Spiral notebooks not for lefties

7. New Yes Notebook Reusable Paper

New Yes Notebook Reusable Paper

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One of the reasons that we love the New Yes Notebook is because these are reusable papers. You can fit them into any of your spiral journals and use them. You can also attach all of them together to use as one big diary.

These papers have various grids for planning monthly, weekly, daily, and even annually. Once your work finishes or the day passes, simply erase them and rewrite on them. They save the environment with their reusability.

One of the best things about these reusable papers is, they are perfect for all notebooks. They have six punched holes which fit on most diaries without a problem. The paper is strong and tear-resistant, which makes them durable. You can use the special pen that dries in 15 seconds to ensure long-lasting but easy ink removal.

  • Lose papers fit on any spiral diary
  • Planner and lined pages
  • Tear-resistant page
  • Ink is long-lasting on paper
  • Does not work without special pen
  • Erasing leaves residue

6. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

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The Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook is a great way to enjoy your notes, sketches, and everything that you want to pen down. This environment-friendly notebook has dotted pages. While lines are essential, people need dotted pages as well. They work great to help sketch, write random notes, make mind maps, and much more.

You can also opt to draw lines or make a square. You can leave the pages interleaf for anything you want. Just write and wipe with a damp microfiber cloth with this notebook. There are 32 different pages to write on before you erase and rewrite them.

This Smart Reusable Notebook is the shape of a notepad. It is perfect for people who write with either hand. It comes in several different colors as well for aesthetics. With the help of your smartphone, you can blast your notes to online storage and apps.

  • 32 different pages
  • Dotted pages for versatility
  • Can blast notes on phone
  • Easy to erase with a damp cloth
  • Only Pilot Frixion Pens and highlighters usable
  • Small in size

5. New Yes Reusable Notepads

New Yes Reusable Notepads

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The New Yes Reusable Notepads are like no other ever seen before. This smart reusable notebook is a collection of colorful sticky notes that are just as important as regular notepads. With these sticky notes, you can use them multiple times by simply erasing the old records. Although, after one use, they are useless.

The sticking capacity is very high in these notes. They are easily usable on different kinds of paper. It is also easy to clean with a tissue paper. For thorough cleaning, use a damp tissue paper, and you are good to go.

These sticky notes are vibrant, colorful, and very useful. They work on all types of paper multiple times. They use a special dry-erase pen that comes with this pad. There are a total of 140 sheets of three different kinds to accommodate you anywhere.

  • Different sizes of sticky notes
  • 140 sheets
  • Easy to wipe
  • Colorful
  • Strong adhesive
  • No scanning option
  • Works with special pen only

4. Rocketbook Executive Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Executive Smart Notebook

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The Rocketbook Executive Smart Notebook is our recommendation because it is technologically diversified. It has symbols on the page that associate with different storages like drive, cloud, dropbox, and more. To blast them to these apps, you just have to make a cross on them and scan the page.

The Rocketbook app helps you blast these in place. Every page takes about just 2 seconds to scan. Once you save the notes, you can simply erase them with the help of a microfiber cloth. If you want a thorough cleaning, you can use a little bit of alcohol too. This notebook comes with wiping material.

This smart reusable notebook comes in two different colors and fits for professional use. You can use the pilot Frixion pens, which take 15 seconds to dry. They give a regular pen finish and feel for you to draw and sketch anything you want. The pages do not make an impression of the ink and do not spoil the hands as well.

  • Easy blast to apps
  • The special pen gives a natural feel
  • Multiple pages
  • No impression of ink
  • Different colors
  • Dotted grid only
  • Spiral binding is not for lefties

3. Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

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This Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook is a planner and has a fusion of different kinds of pages to fit all your needs. You have the daily, weekly, and monthly planner where you can organize your time. You can also use these pages to make checklists. There are also college line papers to help you make notes on the natural pages of a journal. There are dot grids to make sketches and mind mapping.

Instead of choosing one kind of page to do everything, you have all sorts of pages in this brilliant reusable notebook.

Having it all is what this fusion notebook goes for. It has several different colors to choose from and comes in two different sizes. With the Rocketbook application technology, you can directly blast notes to online storage like cloud, drive, dropbox, OneNote, and more. Simply mark the icon that you want in your notebook.

  • All kinds of pages
  • Easy to write and erase
  • Blast scanning on storage apps directly
  • Easy to erase
  • Not friendly for lefties
  • Works with special pen only

2. Freedom Deluxe Reusable Notebook

Freedom Deluxe Reusable Notebook

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The Freedom Deluxe Reusable Notebook looks like a regular notebook. This smart reusable notebook has 128 pages of college lines and looks like your everyday notebook. It is not very bulky, nor are the pages very stiff. It fits easily in your bag so you can take it anywhere and use it in the time of need.

Smart reusable notebooks must have a natural sense of it. This one simply has a natural feel. The pages are also not seemingly abnormal. They look like simple pages that allow easy writing.

This smart reusable notebook is entirely environment-friendly. It uses vegan leather to ensure no animal cruelty. The pages have numbers to help you with organizing. With the app, you can scan and blast your notes to online storage without a failure. The cleaning is with a microfiber cloth.

  • Animal cruelty-free
  • 128 pages
  • College lined
  • Natural feel
  • Pockets inside
  • No color options.
  • Erasing is not easy

1. Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Check it now on Amazon

The Rocketbook Wave Smart notebook comes in a number of different sizes to suit your needs. You can use it for notes in class or for meeting minutes in the office.

While many notebooks have standard sizes, there are options in this. You can keep them everywhere and switch them from regular notebooks to these reusable ones. It also comes with a pen station so that you can carry it with the pen wherever you take it.

One of the most unique things about this notebook is, you can microwave it. Once you write something it stays unless you want to remove it. Heat to remove easily. This feature allows the safety of your notes. You can also blast the notes on your smartphone. The papers are non-tear which makes them long-lasting.

  • Different sizes
  • Durable papers
  • Ink removes with heat only
  • Thin style
  • Scan to digitize
  • Only dotted pages
  • Does not have many pages


Using Smart Reusable Notebooks is a significant difference that you can make to the environment. Imagine if school and college students start using them for their daily notes, a considerable percentage of trees will live longer. Moreover, they are practical and you do not have to carry several different notebooks and make your bags heavy. They are also a one-time purchase, so imagine the money you will save!

There are very few cons to using reusable notebooks. Incorporate them in your life, and see the difference that they make for future generations.

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