The Best Rectangular Waterproof Outdoor Dining Table Covers in 2023

Furniture covers for your outdoor dining table are essential. Leaving your expensive furniture out without any cover at the mercy of nature is not wise at all. Even the most expensive and durable furniture is not immune to dust, bird droppings, dew, and rain.

These covers not only protect your furniture from scorching sun and rain, but they will prevent them from dust and fading as well. If you are looking for the best rectangular waterproof outdoor dining table covers, then we can help. We have selected the top ten best options in the market for your convenience.

Top 10 Best Rectangular Waterproof Outdoor Dining Table Covers in 2023

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Let’s look at each in detail.

10. FIXKIT Rectangular Furniture Cover

FIXKIT Rectangular Furniture Cover

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Fixkit Furniture cover protects your outdoor dining tables perfectly. It’s a rectangular cover specifically designed to cover your dining tables in lawns, verandas, or patio.

The furniture cover is made of heavyweight woven polyester fabric that is further enhanced with UV-stabilizer coating to protect your furniture from rain, sunlight, wind, or dust.

The cover has special water-repellent and resistant laminated backing that keeps your dining table protected even under a heavy downpour. Fixkit cover features drawstrings that you can tie around the furniture so that even the strongest gush of wind cannot remove covers from the dining table.

The cover is large enough to be tied around an oval table and six chairs. It is padded with special water-resistant material that prevents the air from spoiling the furniture.

The cover has special air vents that allow air to pass through your furniture so that it remains airy inside, providing ventilation and preventing condensation. The cover comes in a convenient bag that allows you to fold it and put it nicely in its bag when you are not using it.

It’s a very cost-effective furniture cover and prevents your expensive furniture from the exposure to rain, dust, wind, or sunlight.

9. pool spa part Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover

pool spa part Rectangular Patio Heavy Duty Table Cover 

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This one is a little expensive cover than our previous option. It is tougher and resists the elements of nature with more strength. The cover is made of high-quality polyester material, a plastic-like material, and does not absorb water. It also uses TPU material in its making that renders this cover 100% water and UV resistant.

A simple solution to a lot of problems, this cover will protect your furniture from rain, sunlight, dust, wind, bird dropping and keeps them in a pristine condition for a long.

The furniture cover is wide enough to cover our dining table with 4-6 chairs and a spacious table. It comes with all the fastening options so that cover remains secure on the dining table. It has buckles and side plastic stoppers to prevent blow-offs in heavy wind and air.

You can easily clean the cover with lukewarm water and a brush. Its slippery texture won’t allow any stain. Make sure you don’t use any harsh soap to remove the protective coating from the cover.

8. SUNRAIN Patio Furniture Set Covers

SUNRAIN Patio Furniture Set Covers

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This one is another great option for covering your furniture sets. It comes with a strong fabric that would last longer and keeps you in good condition too. The furniture cover is made of 600D polyester that is very durable and resistant to dust, water, or UV rays.

The cover comes with a UV stabilized coating and high-density water-resistant backing that protects your dining table and keeps it safe from all harsh weather conditions.

The cover comes with an adjustable hem and chords that easily adjust around your furniture. With clip-close straps, the cover remains at its place even in the windiest conditions.

It features air vents that minimize the condensation inside the cover, and your furniture gets some air even when enclosed within the cover. The cover comes with a storage bag that makes it portable. Fold the cover and keep it safe inside the bag when you are not using it.

The only downside we can mention is that clips may break with time. It can also fade in severe sunlight. Overall, it’s an excellent option for protecting your expensive furniture and keeps it in pristine condition.

7. Porch Shield Patio Table Cover

Porch Shield Patio Table Cover 

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This one is an even more valuable option for protecting your expensive furniture. It is made of an upgraded material to make it more resistant to all-natural elements. Made of 600D Oxford material and a vinyl coating makes it more durable. It covers your furniture from all sides down to the ground, so no part is exposed or left at nature’s mercy.

The cover comes with double-stitched seams that make it very durable. The secure seams won’t cause any tearing or cracking, and the cover remains in good condition for long. The cover comes with a multiple-locking system. It has four adjustable sliders on each corner and two clips on sides that make it super tight around your furniture.

There are buckles on the bottom that keeps the covers at their place securely fastened, and even the heavy wind or storm can’t remove them easily. The cover features two durable cover handles that make removing easy and convenient. It also has air vents that keep the inside airy and condensation-free. It’s an expensive cover that provides better durability, and you should consider it if you are looking for extended use.

6. Duck Covers Ultimate Rectangle Cover

Duck Covers Ultimate Rectangle Cover

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Duck Cover is the ultimate protective cover for your furniture. It is designed to cover your rectangular shaped tables and chairs. The cover can cover 4-6 chairs easily. But you can look for a larger or smaller size of covers and the number of chairs you have.

The cover protects your furniture from dust, rain, snow, or wind. It is manufactured with a high-strength polyester panel for durability. It has a UV stabilizer that further protects your furniture from the heat of the sun.

The cover has double stitched seams that give it lasting strength. On sides of seams where they are more prone to tear, they have sealed tape that makes them more durable. The protective seal also prevents water from leaking in and ruining your furniture.

The furniture cover has an elastic hem that allows you to custom fit it. It also features four straps that secure the cover in its place. It also has nylon straps that further secure it around the dining table. The downside is that it is not very durable and may not look great after a few years of use.

5. Patio Table and Chairs Furniture Set Cover

Patio Table and Chairs Furniture Set Cover

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This one is a great option for your outdoor dining table. It is made of 600D Yarn Dyed fabric that is fade-resistant and won’t lose color with time. Even the covered furniture in your patio must look beautiful, and with this fade-resistant cover, you can make sure your place looks amazing.

The cover is perfect to be used in all seasons. It is good for summer rain or winter snow all in one. The cover looks good with its grey color and stylish green seams. The contrast of color enhances its beauty.

The patio cover has four release buckles that keep it secure around the dining set. It has an elastic tightener that keeps it in its place. With two air vents, enough air circulates to your furniture to prevent any condensation. The cover comes in an easy-to-pack bag that makes it very portable.

Overall, it’s a great cover that saves your furniture from water, heat, snow, dust, wind, or even bird droppings. It’s a bit expensive option but offers better durability and quality.

4. king do way Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

king do way Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

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This one is an extra-large option on our list. It’s a heavy-duty cover designed to cover 12-14 seats of the dining table easily. It fits over the rectangular or oval shape of furniture perfectly.

The cover’s fabric is made of extremely durable oxford 320D polyester that has a water-resistant coating over it. It also has a laminated backing that keeps your furniture safe. The smooth material is also easy to clean with water.

The cover has an elastic Hem chord with toggled allowed adjustment so you can tighten it around your furniture securely. It also features click-close straps that provide a custom fit with exceptional security in the windiest conditions.

The product comes with 36 months of warranty, so you can rest assured of its quality and functionality. Overall, it’s a great option for large dining tables outside that is a bit expensive but offers good value for your money.

3. Camtecx Patio Furniture Cover Set

Camtecx Patio Furniture Cover Set

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Here is another rectangle cover for your outdoor furniture. It’s a very affordable option for those who don’t want to spend much on furniture cover.

This one is made of 420D Oxford material that is water-resistant. It adds environmentally safe PVC coated polyester that makes it more durable. The combination protects your furniture from any harsh weather. It’s one cover that is good to be used throughout the year. Whether it is air, wind, sunlight, or snow, your furniture can withstand any change of weather.

It’s a larger cover that can cover up to 8 sets of chairs and tables. The cover is made of hydrophobic material and has bound edges that prevent it from tearing.

The patio cover is easy to clean. You can easily hose it down and leave it to dry in the sun. For storage, you get an easy-to-carry zipped bag that keeps it safe and out of place. It comes with tightening straps that enable you to securely fix the cover at its place so that even strong wind cannot displace it.

Overall, it’s a budget-friendly option that provides good value for your money.

2. AmazonBasics Dining Table Cover

AmazonBasics Dining Table Cover

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This one is an AmazonBasic brand that offers good quality furniture cover for your convenience. The patio cover is specially designed to keep your outdoor furniture in good condition. It’s a simple and easy solution that offers strength and durability.

The cover is made of 100% polyester fabric that protects your furniture from sun, rain, and dirt. For better durability, it comes with a double interlocked seam.

AmazonBasic Cover is made to resist all types of weather effects throughout the year. The cover is made tough and durable as it is used in all kinds of weather conditions. It comes with close click straps that snap securely around the furniture and keep it well protected.

The cover has special water-resistant material that saves the furniture from all types of moisture. In not only rain, but you can make use of it to save your furniture from dew in winter at night. It has loop straps at the bottom that keeps it secure in the wind.

It’s a very affordable option. With a low price, you may feel some concerns about its durability, but overall, it is a great option for protecting your furniture at a very low price.

1. ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Table Cover

ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Table Cover

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This one stands prominently at number one on our list. It is the best rectangular outdoor dining table cover option for your outdoor dining table cover in the market. It is a heavy-duty dining table cover. The cover is wide enough to be fit on a dining table with 4-6 chairs easily.

The cover is made of a 600D polyester canvas complex that is durable and does not absorb water. That means it won’t allow water, dew drops, or rain to seep through it and ruin your expensive furniture.

The cover has a vinyl backing that makes it tougher and prevents wind, rain, or bird droppings from ruining your furniture. With its durable fabric, it can restrict the UV rays from fading your furniture.

The table cover has a very well-made structure. It has air vents on all sides for air circulation inside the cover. With a heavy-duty elastic, you can securely tie the cover around your dining table set.

With its 100% coverage, it protects your furniture from natural elements and dust in all seasons. The cover is very reasonably priced and is durable enough to be used for many years to come. Overall is a good option that holds itself up nicely in extreme weather conditions.

Buying Guide of the Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

Here are a few things you should consider while buying outdoor covers for your dining table.

  • Size: It should depend on the size of your table and the number of chairs. Large to small options are available, so make sure you choose the right size for your chairs and table.
  • Material: The cover will be protecting your furniture, but it should be sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions too. Heavy-duty canvas, polyester, or nylon fabric are used for making furniture covers. Make sure the cover acts as a UV stabilizer and prevents your furniture from scorching sunlight too.
  • Tie-down and Fasteners: heavy rain, storms, and strong wind can remove any cover unless you have tied it securely around your furniture. Fasteners like loose strap buckles and elastic hems are used for this purpose. Make sure the quality of straps and buckles is good, and it won’t break easily.
  • Ventilation: The fabric must allow enough air inside the covers to prevent any condensation. The heavy-duty cover will save your furniture from the rain or sun, but the humidity and condensation will ruin your furniture if there is no ventilation inside. So make sure the cover features enough ventilation without letting dust or water inside the cover. It may also encourage mold growth.
  • Durable: furniture covers are out in rain and sun all the time. So you can’t trust anything of low quality. The cheap covers will easily fade and tear, leaving you no option but to look for another cover.


Covers for outside furniture are essential for saving your outdoor dining table and chairs. Without them, your furniture will chip off with rain, fade in sunlight, and lose its shine and grace. All options in our list serve the purpose well and protect your furniture from extreme weather conditions. Overall, we choose ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Table Cover as the best option for your outdoor furniture. It’s durable and won’t fade even after heavy snow, rain, or heat.

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