The Best Razor Electric Scooters for Kids Ages 6-12

The electric scooters run on motors and batteries. You will not need to push them just like those kick scooters! Kids can conveniently ride these scooters because they are fun to ride. If you are looking for the best Razor electric scooter for kids, then you have come to the right place. Razor scooter is a well-known compact scooter developed by Micro Mobility Systems, and they have produced and sold out more than five million scooters since 2000.

With an overwhelming number of manufacturers, finding the best product has become a tedious task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of our top 10 best Razor electric scooters for kids ages 6-12.

Read on to find the best Razor electric scooter for kids and give your little one a reason to be happy!

Best Gifts for Kids: Razor Electric Scooters for Kids Ages 6-12

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10. Kids Ride E125 Scooter

Kids Ride E125 Scooter

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If you are looking for the Razor electric scooter for kids that come with brakes and high-quality tires, we recommend you go with the Razor E125 scooter. It has a chain-driven, single-speed, and high-torque motor powered by 100 watts. Additionally, your kids can ride on it at more than 10-mph or 16-km/h speed.

It is a perfect gift for kids ages more than eight. It also comes with a 24V rechargeable sealed-lead-acid (two-12V) battery system. These batteries take approximately 4-hour to 6-hour to fully charge. Therefore, your kids can ride it for more than 40-minute of continuous use. The best thing is that this Razor electric scooter for kids is more comfortable to ride due to its controls.

It comes with a top-quality steel frame that makes it studier and a fork that offers a solid ride. This Razor electric scooter for kids has soft and twists rubber grips along with the control of acceleration. Additionally, this Razor electric scooter for kids also features a caliper front brake operated with hands.

  • Maximum rider weight should be 54 kg (120-lbs)
  • Long-lasting and durable scooter
  • Equipped with long-range rechargeable batteries
  • Its pneumatic front tire delivers a smooth ride on rough surfaces
  • Does not have any LED light or flash that attracts kids
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

9. Spark Kick Kids Scooter

Spark Kick Kids Scooter

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Spark Kick scooter by Razor is the most durable scooter for kids because it is constructed with a professional-grade aluminum tube as well deck. This material makes your ride memorized. The best advantage of this scooter is that you can fold it to store in storage places. Also, there is no additional tool and effort required for its folding.

It is the best product, especially for beginners, because it has an adjustable handlebar. Thus, you can adjust it according to the skill level and kid’s height.

It comes with great construction, and it can bear approximately 64-kg weight. For that reason, it does not matter if your kids are heavyweight. The flashlight added additional fun to the ride, and your kids can take pleasure in a trip at night.

  • Premium quality aluminum makes it sturdy and reliable.
  • Maximum weight capacity is about 65 kg (143-lbs)
  • Available in four stunning colors
  • Adjust handlebars according to the height of your kids
  • Difficult to find separate cartridges and replacing it

8. Electric E100 Scooter

Electric E100 Scooter

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Razor E100 scooter has a kids-size frame and deck, making it the best Razor electric scooter for kids ages more than eight. It comes with a zero-emission electric power that connects a quieter chain-driven motor.

Additionally, E100 Razor electric scooter for kids has a twist grip and front brake operated by hand for stopping the scooter smoothly. Moreover, it comes with a retractable kickstand so your kid can park it and starts their ride again.

It offers a rear-wheel-drive that increases control and traction. Additionally, it is equipped with two 12V (a 24V) rechargeable batteries. Thus, your kids can enjoy a comfortable ride for more than 40-minute of continuous use of this best Razor electric scooter for kids.

  • Equipped 8-inch two pneumatic tires to deliver a smooth ride
  • Comes with a high-torque and quieter motor
  • Features front brakes that are operated by hands
  • Frame and fork are made of steel that enhances durability.
  • Available in six attractive colors
  • The brakes eventually stop the electric scooter that can be hurt your kid.
  • Comes with 552mm height handlebar but does not have an adjustable option

7. Jr. Lil’ Kick Kids Scooter

Jr. Lil' Kick Kids Scooter

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Do you have a child age 3 or older and looking for a scooter that delivers a secure ride? Well, we suggest you pick Jr. Lil’ kick scooter by Razor. This is because; it comes with a three-wheel design that added safety by providing stability.

The deck is slip-resistant that protects your little angels from any incident. It also has a low profile that makes scooting more convenient. It can bear more than 20 kg (45-lbs).

The steel frame and padded handlebars deliver a comfortable and smoother ride to your kids. It is accessible in two colors that attract the kids. The wide and rear wheelbase enhances safety and makes it the best option for your kids.

  • Comes with a three-wheel design to deliver a stable ride
  • The steel construction makes it durable and sturdier.
  • Ideal for little angels ages more than 3
  • Comes with polypropylene anti-slip deck to add safety
  • Available in only two blue and pink colors
  • Does not provide great stability while turning

6. Cruiser Kids Scooter

Cruiser Kids Scooter

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Razor Cruiser scooter is made with a unique and classic surfer style. The company uses a combination of fiberglass and wood. For that reason, it is a more durable, sturdy, and reliable product for your kids.

It has a wide foot space and wide wheels that give you a comfortable riding experience. It is also easy to fold and carry. Therefore, you can carry it for transport purposes.

It has a wider wheel measuring about 1400mm and can support 45 kg (143-lbs) weight. Consequently, it is the best gift for ages 5 or older kids. The adjustable handlebars enhance its functionality because you can adjust them to your kid’s requirements.

  • Ideal for age 05 and older
  • Come with a flexible and wider wood deck.
  • Features an adjustable handlebar as your kid’s requirements
  • The maximum supportive weight is about 65 kg (143-lbs)
  • Easy to assemble, fold, and carry
  • You have to secure the handlebars tightly after some use.
  • Not much sturdy as compared to the metal frame

5. A6 Kick Kids Scooter

A6 Kick Kids Scooter

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Razor has used anti-rattle technology to construct an A6 Kick scooter for kids. The folding mechanism and anti-rattle handlebar ensure the quietest and smoothest ride. Therefore, you can enjoy their ride without any rattling.

On the other hand, it delivers safety, quality, style, and services to your kids. It is specially designed for riders ages 08 and more.

The best feature is that it can bear more than 100 kg (220-lbs) weight. It comes with a longer deck and an extra-tall handlebar. Thus, a tall rider can also enjoy the comfortable, smoother, and quieter ride.

You will not feel any hunching because the tall ride can adjust its handlebar as its height. The maximum height is about 42-inch or 1067mm.

  • Adjustable handlebar up to a 42-inch height
  • Ensures a quietest and smoothest ride
  • The perfect scooter for ages 8 and above
  • It can support more than 100 kg (220-lbs)
  • Comes with rear-fender brake for gliding and effortless stop
  • Available only in two colors but good quality product
  • Brakes are weaker as compared to other Razor’s model

4. Globber V2 Adjustable Scooter

Globber V2 Adjustable Scooter

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Globber V2 scooter comes with a steering lock that locks the wheel, and the scooter only moves backward or forward. Through this way, your kid will quickly gain the confidence to balance their scooter. You can push the button to unlock this feature and enable the scooter for traveling.

Nylon reinforced and low composite deck makes the frame sturdier. It can support more than 110 lbs of weight.

Your kids will enjoy more if you choose Globber V2 flashing light scooter for your kids. The scooter wheels have battery-free LED flash in green, blue, and red colors. These LED flashlights ups the wheel throughout the comfortable riding.

  • Available in six stunning colors
  • Easy to use adjustable T-bar
  • Wheels have LED flashlights in green, blue, and red color.
  • It can support more than 50 kg (110-lbs) weight.
  • Comes with three-wheel design with rear brake system
  • Not a foldable scooter but a long-lasting scooter

3. A5-LUX Kick Kids Scooter

A5-LUX Kick Kids Scooter

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Razor presents the best A5-LUX scooter for kids because it comes with larger urethane wheels and a rear-fender brake. As a result, your kid will enjoy the smoothest, comfortable, and quieter ride around.

It is effortless to carry due to its folding mechanism. The company uses an aircraft-grade super-strong aluminum t-tube and a deck that makes it a more reliable and durable scooter.

It features a hand-operated rear-fender brake. The padded handgrip handle also permits you to ride it with ease. The best thing is that there is no assembly required. Additionally, you can also adjust the handlebars according to the kids.

  • Comes with adjustable handlebars make it perfect for a larger rider.
  • Equipped with larger urethane wheels
  • No assembly needed, and easy to fold and carry
  • Available in four stylish and attractive colors
  • Come with a great quality kickstand
  • It doesn’t have any LED flash system.
  • Not suitable for rattling

2. Party Pop Kids Kick Scooter

Party Pop Kids Kick Scooter

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Razor Party Pop scooter comes with multi-color 12 LED lights that are placed on a plastic skateboard-style deck. This scooter also has a rear-fender brake on the back of the wheel. Your kids have to practice using this brake with their foot.

Rigid construction of the handlebar has padded with foam that delivers a comfortable ride. The urethane wheels are of high quality, and colorful which attracts kids.

The best thing is that it can support more than 65 kg (143 lbs). Therefore, it is suitable for ages 6 and older. It is also a lightweight scooter for your kids but comes with a durable steel frame.

  • Comes with skateboard design with urethane wheel and brakes
  • Features multi-color 12 LED lights
  • Suitable for ages 6 and older
  • Support more than 143 lbs weight
  • Only available in one color
  • LED lights are not durable

1. A-Kick Classic Scooter

A-Kick Classic Scooter

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If you want a classic style scooter for your kid, then we recommend you A-Kick scooter by Razor. The company uses aircraft-grade aluminum material to construct it. This original scooter comes with blue highlights that enhance its look. This scooter is accessible in stunning seven colors. You can choose your kid’s favorite color.

It also features a rear-fender brake that can quickly stop the scooter. The best thing is that you can adjust the handlebars according to the height of your kids. Consequently, your kid will enjoy a comfortable and smoother ride.

  • Available in seven attractive colors
  • Comes with 6 months warranty
  • Folding mechanism makes it easy to carry
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 3 kg (6 lbs )
  • Equipped with the wheel with ABEC-5 bearings
  • Support only 6-lbs weight
  • It is a louder scooter


Overall the best Razor electric scooter for kids is the A Kick. It is available in seven different colors and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The wheels of this scooter are made of urethane for high durability.

The rear fender has a patented brake system that will allow your kid to make quick stops. This scooter is suitable for ages 5 and older. So which one of these have your kids used before? Let us know if we have missed your favorite kid’s scooter and the reason why you liked it. We will love to hear from you!

Happy shopping!

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