The Best Powder Blushes in 2023

Blushes have a significant history in the area of makeup. In our opinion, a natural and healthy makeup look is crucial. And, what we need for completion is blush. They can do wonders by elevating the natural tone of skin if applied correctly. We’re talking of correct application not only in terms of area but also the skin tone. So, choose only the best for you!

Have oily skin? Powder blushes are the most ideal for the oily texture of the skin. Keeping in mind the necessary care required for your oily skin, we’ve come up with the top 10 best powder blushes reviews and buying guide 2020 as follows.

These are the Top 10 Best Powder Blushes You Can Choose

Check out the detailed reviews of the top 10 best powder blushes below. It would let you know different things like benefits, key features, pros, and cons of a particular blush.

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10. Revlon Hot Cheeks Powder Blush

Revlon Hot Cheeks Powder Blush

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Revlon presents the most lovely powder blush used by every blogger or YouTuber out there. After being super affordable, you will get more than ten tone options. So, choose what suits your skin tone better. This blush is ultra-pigmented and super-fine for a smooth finish. Also, all of its tones are said to be luxurious when applied on your cheek apples.

Revlon is a reputable brand with a good stand-in, healthy beauty products. Secondly, their products are highly recommended by everyone, being less artificial. We would love to mention that Revlon provides three main tone options, including pinks, nudes, and berries. No matter what your skin texture is, you can choose from a fresh variety by Revlon.

Key Features
  • 12 shades options
  • Ultra-pigmented
  • Super-fine texture
  • High-color payoff
  • High-quality
  • Affordable
  • Variety
  • Attractive packaging
  • No brush provided

9. Glo Skin Beauty Powder Blush

Glo Skin Beauty Powder Blush

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Here’s another heavy-duty range by professional brand Glo Skin Beauty. With nine shade options, Glo Skin Beauty is one of the professionally recommended powder blush. It is said to be the best powder blush because of its ultra-fine finishing and mineral-based ingredients. Furthermore, it’s talc, paraben, and cruelty-free product worth buying in 2023.

Buying this makeup brand blush would be super-healthy for your skin. Its formula is indulged with rich anti-oxidants and high pigmentation for expert color delivery. People love to use this blush, especially in the daytime, for the natural glow. There is a variety to choose a blush tone as per your skin’s natural texture.

Key Features
  • 9 shade options
  • Handy packaging
  • Ultra-fine
  • High pigmentation
  • Rich in minerals and antioxidants
  • Professional beauty brand
  • Super-healthy
  • Great variety
  • Best for a daytime natural glow
  • A bit expensive

8. PUR Blue Vanity Powder Blush Palette

PUR Blue Vanity Powder Blush Palette

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Mix a beautiful range of blushes to your cheek apples and get fabulous compliments. Yes, the PUR’s Blue Vanity Powder Blush Palette is provided with four tones in two main options. What you will get is ‘Ray of Light’ and ‘Beam of Light.’ ‘Ray of Light’ is suitable for both dusky as well as fair skin. On the other hand, the ‘Beam of Light’ blush palette is ideal for the dusky complexion.

Buying this blush palette comes with certain benefits to consider. According to professional makeup artists, it is said that applying a mix of blush can give a more radiant finish than ever. Also, it is highly applicable to every skin tone, unlike other individual blushes. It is blue vanity blush because of blue light defense protection.

Key Features
  • Made with natural components
  • A mixture of 4 tones in one palette
  • Two main shade options
  • Facilitative palette with mirror
  • Ideal for both kinds of complexion
  • Recommended by professional makeup artists
  • Blue light defense
  • A bit pricey
  • Shade may be confusing

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7. L’Oreal Paris Super-Blendable Powder Blush

L’Oreal Paris Super-Blendable Powder Blush

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When the brand reputation is mixed with considerable variety, you should not think twice. Now, we’re reviewing the L’Oreal Paris Super-Blendable powder blush with certain exciting features. It’s powdery and soft texture will provide the required smooth finish over the skin. Plus, you will get super-blendable quality in each 12-shade option.

No matter the natural tone of your skin, it will be complemented indeed with this L’Oreal Paris’s powder blush. We’d like to mention that variety is available for both dusky and fair complexions. On the other hand, when you get the non-comedogenic and oil-free formula, it will leave your skin more glowing without any chances of sweat.

Key Features
  • 12-shade options
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Oil-free
  • Super-blendable
  • Respected brand
  • Also acts as a concealer
  • Ideal to both dusky and fair complexion
  • Less in quantity than mentioned

6. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder Blush

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Powder Blush

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Again, we’re reviewing a super-affordable powder blush by Physicians Formula. This natural blush with a radiant finish is said to promote happiness among the users. Well, this is because of the zero cons provided with the product. This is again a mixture of certain blush shades that suits your overall look and attire.

It would be great to buy this Physicians Formula Powder Blush because of non-comedogenic, paraben-free, and dermatologist approval. It is made with plant extracts for a healthy finish that even compliments sensitive skin. Thus, your blush is carefully designed, keeping in mind the strict requirements of the skin. The ingredients like seed extract, seed butter, manganese, or iron oxides stand better than other artificial blushes.

Key Features
  • A mixture of certain blush shades
  • Plant seed extracts
  • Three main shade varieties
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Paraben-free
  • Promotes happiness
  • Natural ingredients
  • Soft & super-blendable
  • A bit shimmer

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5. NYX Professional Makeup Powder Blush 

NYX Professional Makeup Powder Blush 

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As the name indicates, NYX is a professional makeup with worth considering products. It is one of the best powder blushes at affordable prices. Being available in the form of compact powder, it is also available in great design. You will get a radiant and healthy glow after a practical application.

It is made with rich pigmentation and silky texture. However, these shades go ideal with fair to the little dusky complexion. Almost a natural finish is provided without any sort of shimmer. Its total matte texture offers near to natural glow output. Longevity is also better than other products. Even if you are new to contouring, give it a try and be happy with the best makeup product!

Key Features
  • Professional makeup brand
  • Matte finish
  • Silky texture
  • Rich pigmentation
  • Ideal for fair to little dusky complexion
  • Natural makeup output
  • Attractive palette
  • Variety
  • Less in quantity
  • Fewer shade options for dusky skin

4. Covergirl Contouring Powder Blush

Covergirl Contouring Powder Blush

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Contouring Powder Blush is offered by Covergirl with three sizes and color options. The significant part about the product is a compatible mixture of shades. The packaging is also great for easy application. However, the product is lightweight and dermatologist approved with a super-blendable feature. This kind of mixed blush is highly recommended to young girls with fair little dusky skin.

Want an affordable powder blush in mixed range? Go with the Covergirl’s contour blush made with approved ingredients by a dermatologist. Unlike other cheap blushes, it is intensely pigmented and smoothly textured. Just apply it firmly on apples of your cheeks and see them glowing from within. Also, we found out that all its color shades are confusing and made to blend very quickly with the skin tone.

Key Features
  • Color and size options
  • Super-blendable
  • Lightweight
  • A mixed range of shades
  • Best for contouring
  • Smooth texture
  • Great variety
  • Affordable
  • Deeply pigmented
  • No brush provided
  • Two side ranges are less in quantity than the center range

3. Too Faced Perfect Flush Powder Blush

Too Faced Perfect Flush Powder Blush

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We’re highly impressed by the Too Faced’s Powder Blush in attractive packaging. It is designed with three separate color swatches for a perfect look. Mix them all to get a super-classy finish or use separate ones as per suitability. This paraben-free and vegan-friendly are best for all skin tones. As it is a baked formula, so you won’t get that patchiness.

If you’re fond of cute heart shapes as a part of makeup, this product is for you. We’ve included it in our list of top product not just because of packaging but an effective baked color range. It offers that bright, young, and healthy finish just after a single application. You can use this versatile blush for contouring, concealing, and to highlight a specific area.

Key Features
  • Three individual swatches in one palette
  • Baked color formula
  • Super-classy finish
  • Vegan-friendly & paraben-free
  • Ideal for all skin tones
  • Lovely packaging
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Natural glow
  • A bit expensive
  • No more variety

2. Maybelline New York Powder Blush

Maybelline New York Powder Blush

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Have you ever wondered about the beautiful range provided by Maybelline Fit Me? The brand is our personal favorite with worthy qualities. Here, we’ve been given almost ten shades to choose from. They genuinely fit your tone, as mentioned. Consider buying this Maybelline New York powdered blush with a simple application process if you have oily skin. However, the texture is a little creamy for effortless blending.

All of its shades are a little bit red. So, it will provide a perfect blush appearance right after application. And, the good thing is red is mixed with shades keeping in mind the requirements of your skin tone. Most women have even used it as an eye shadow and found it great for multi-purpose use.

Key Features
  • 10 different shades
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Effortless blend
  • Best suited to all skin tones
  • Even application
  • Natural blush appearance
  • Helps improve the skin tone
  • Highly affordable
  • No brush provided
  • A tint of red in all shades

1. Covergirl Classic Powder Blush

Covergirl Classic Powder Blush

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Covergirl is quite an impressive brand with high favorable ratings. The Covergirl’s Classic powder blush is also provided with a brush for smooth application. And, you get almost four shade options to choose from. Furthermore, the brush + powder is available in a compact range for easy transportation. It is made with professional ingredients approved by dermatologists.

If you love Covergirl’s makeup products, give this blush a try. You would like to sweep that natural blush over the cheekbones. It also acts as a flawless eye shadow or highlighter in case you need them. Moreover, these sorts of professional brands won’t mistakes like providing harmful ingredients, and so on. Thus, we believed in the brand presence as well as the quality of the product.

Key Features
  • 4 shade options
  • Professional brand presence
  • Versatile
  • Natural blush finish
  • Dermatologist approved
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality
  • Brush also provided
  • A bit shiny

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Let’s start with essential buying information for the powder blushes.

Buyer’s Guide: Best Powder Blushes 2020

Let’s see what makeup artists recommend while buying the best powder blushes for your skin type. It’s a mixture of product characteristics and the right application, as discussed below.

What Is Your Skin Texture?

Look out for the texture of your skin before buying any powder blush. We’d like to recommend powder blushes, especially to oily skin people. So, this is because creamy or liquid blushes won’t be ideal for the purpose. So, it’s better to go with a suitable blush rather than just going with the trend. Creamy and liquid blushes are best suited to dry skins. On the other hand, meteorites or mineral powder blushes are suitable for combination skin.

Components Origin

Blushes are made up of soluble dyes and pigments. Their component origin is either natural or artificial. Most of the powder blushes contain ingredients such as Mica, Talc, Boron Nitride, titanium oxide, glitter, or zinc to cover up the particular face area. However, makeup artists recommend using more and more natural components, including minerals. For instance, magnesium carbonate and Kaolin are used for perspiration. Plus, you must note that mineral blushes provide the most natural-looking finish. They are also non-comedogenic.

Blush Tones

As we mentioned previously, that does not just go with the trend; taking a look at blush tone is an essential part. Ultimately, your natural skin tone will be the blush tone. It doesn’t mean that you always have to go for fair tones, even if you have a dusky skin tone. To brighten that natural tone, you should apply the blush that compliments it. For instance, women with fair skin can go for light pink tones. On the other hand, dusky or dark skin would love to have tones such as orange, dark pink, or fuchsia with gold highlights. The tones like terracotta, russet, and hues of dark gold also compliment the dark complexions.

Skin Ageing

You may be wondering how we can relate to the aging factor with powder blushes. But, it is crucial, especially when your skin is growing old and starts losing its elasticity. To make them look younger, you will need to apply the blush correctly. Give them a beautiful and healthy look with the right tones. At first, draw attention to the most attractive features of your face. The tones like iridescent rose and orange are ideal for young skin. They are also suitable for older women to enhance sharp features. So, avoid using strong tones.


Does your blush contain any allergic reactions? You can even test it by taking a small amount of blush to the inside of your wrist. Let it rest there for almost 48 hours and check if any skin allergic reaction takes place. So, avoid using scented blushes or those with long-lasting stay. Keep away from ingredients like parabens, paraffin, nickel, metal, or any petroleum derivative.

Best Powder Blush Application

Do you know the correct application of powder blush? If not, read this section carefully and learn this simple skill. First of all, you must know the three main functions of blush: feature softener, glow provider, and useful concealer. Now, you can proceed with its application according to the shape of your face.

Face’s Shape Goal Blush Application
Wide Narrow Horizontally apply the blush under cheekbones.
Round Define Apply it from cheeks to temples.
Square Round Application form cheeks to apples in a circular movement.
Thin Wide Apply from cheekbones to ears.
Heart Smooth jawline Apply on cheekbones bottom just like contouring.
Diamond Soft Angles Application on cheekbones top towards ears while highlighting them.


An ideal blush is a crucial component of any makeup arsenal. They will not just make you feel younger, but you will also experience more freshness. Right after their application, it looks like your skin become healthier. So, try out the best powder blush this year and know its various buying factors, as mentioned above.

Keep blushing!

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