Points to Consider Before Choosing Portable Oxygen Concentrator

All the wealth in the world is your health, and you can stay healthy if you breathe in fresh air. The increasing pollution is creating a generation of people suffering from severe breathing issues. It is essential to know how to regulate your air indoors and outdoors, especially if you have asthma or other respiratory problems. The oxygen concentrator was initially used in medical facilities, but recently portable devices have come up in the market for individual use. We have compiled a list of such ten best oxygen concentrators that are portable and easy to use.

How Does Oxygen Concentrator Work?

Portable Oxygen ConcentratorsA portable oxygen concentrator is a device that takes in the surrounding air and purifies it, which is of great benefit for a person who needs fresh oxygen for medical use. People who are ill or like to hike to great heights or even students who suffer from lack of concentration due to breathing in polluted air can use this machine and enjoy it.

Points to consider before purchasing

Before you decide to buy one of these machines, you should take a look below and see what things should be kept in mind before purchasing one.

  • Budget

There are end numbers of companies offering end numbers of oxygen concentrators with various features, but as we know, nothing is free; therefore, you have to pay for all the features. You need to set aside a budget before you go shopping for a device. You can also look into buying a used unit to save money.

  • Capacity

Since the purpose of buying an oxygen concentrator is to be able to breathe in as much fresh air as possible, it is essential to see the capacity of oxygen it generates. If you are using it for medical purposes, then you should take advice from your doctor. Check to see if the oxygen flow is adjustable of fixed then decided which one would be best for you.

  • FAA Approval

If you plan to travel via air, then you should buy an FAA-approved unit as they are safe and reliable.

  • Size

Size is an important aspect when it comes to buying an oxygen concentrator. Find out where and how you will use the machine as the more massive models are suitable for indoors, and lighter ones are easy to carry outside.

  • Battery

You would not want your concentrator dying on you, especially if you are using it for medical purposes. Check to see the battery life before buying it. Some devices can be connected to more powerful batteries, although it is advisable to buy the one with a good capacity battery in the first place.

  • Filtration System

If you are buying for a person to use for medical issues, you should go for the device with higher concentrated filters with an antibacterial filter.

  • Sound

You don’t want an annoying buzzing or beeping sound disturbing your sleep.  Look for the machines which have low noise features; you can check the decibel levels before choosing one.

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Read on to learn how to pick the best portable oxygen concentrators.

Top Benefits

Oxygen concentrators generally have amazing advantages. However, portable take it a step ahead and become more accessible to everyone. Check out a few benefits that will lead you to the idea of a portable oxygen concentrator at home.

1.    SAFE

One of the most important factors is safety. Oxygen concentrators are better options that regular oxygen cylinders. They are safer in terms of leakage. In oxygen cylinders, the gas can leak and cause explosions and other problems. However, in portable oxygen concentrators, the chance reduces.

2.    Connectivity

A great benefit of portable oxygen generators is that it is easy to connect anywhere. Generally, they come with a single outlet. However, some of them have their own battery pack. This battery allows them to work even on the go. These are also perfect for emergencies for serious patients. One other reason they are easy to connect anywhere is that they need credibility in ambulances.

3.    Useable on the go

Of course, since the size and the connectivity are easy, it is generally easy to use almost anywhere. However, the FAA approves portable oxygen concentrators for flights as well. Generally, they are safe for commercial flights. However, as a precaution, it is always a good idea to check with the airlines.

4.    Reasonable in price

One of the best things about portable oxygen concentrators is that they are not as expensive as you think. In fact, they are quite reasonable in price, considering that they are important machines.

Buying Guide

Anybody who needs to have a portable oxygen concentrator at home needs this guide. There are so many different factors in buying the best portable oxygen concentrator. However, with this guide, we aim to let you know the most useful one that supports you as long as possible.

The following is a guide to our understanding and research. We strongly recommend that you get the final verdict after your doctor’s approval for the best and safest results.

PortabilityWeightSizeBattery LifeContinuous FlowFiltersSaturation options

Since you are looking for something portable, it is best to focus on this feature first. However, before we look at the features, you have to see the patient. Make sure you have an idea of the strength, maneuvering, and other factors of the patient. Once you do that, decide among the following:

One of the most important things is weight. The weight, of course, is generally not very heavy. However, for people of different levels of strength, weight matters. The very heavy ones come with wheels sometimes. The weight is also important if you are a frequent flier. The reason is that some flights may detail excessive weight.

The size is another important factor. Of course, the size will include different features. In that case, make sure to have all features present to determine the size. Ideally, make it so that the patient can carry it if they are mobile.

It also depends on the different ways of commute or your lifestyle. You cannot get anything bulky if you travel by train every day.

If the patient uses the oxygen concentrator more than just at home, then the battery life matters. One of the biggest and major reasons is that you need it on the go at all times. In that case, you need something that definitely has a battery.

Depending on your use, 2 -4 hours of healthy time is ideal. Of course, there are ones that give a much higher life.

One of the most important factors is continuous flow. In the daytime, it is easy to monitor the workflow of the machine. However, when asleep, it is important to rely on the machine entirely.

Something with a guaranteed continuity in flow allows constant oxygen to the patient. In the case that there is an electric plug, this might not become an issue. But in case you ditch the plug and go for the battery only, the flow may have interruptions.

There is usually some sort of filters on this thing. However, you want to look for microbial properties and an advanced filter. These filters will clean air of allergens to protect other things from harming the lungs. Filters require continuous change and a scheduled checkup.

There is no doubt that you need a number of different setting options. Every patient requires different levels of saturation. Getting something with the option is a requirement and not a choice!

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1.    Are portable oxygen concentrators safe?

Yes, in the general idea, they are a safer alternative to oxygen cylinders. They also end up being cheaper. However, make sure that the unit you have has approval from the FAA. This will give an extra layer of security and safety.

2.    What should the unit be set on?

This is a very medical question. In fact, the saturation is dependent on each person. However, in general, we believe that setting it to 90% or above gives the best results. Keep in mind that using it for an infant patient may differ, and so on.

3.    Is there a lot of maintenance?

No! There is not a lot of maintenance when it comes to portable oxygen concentrators. However, there are some basics that you need to follow. Make sure to check the flow of the machine every few weeks to know that it works.

In fact, find out how many hours your concentrator works and make checking hours accordingly. Most importantly, keep cleaning the filters!


There is nothing more important than oxygen, and it gets better if you can intake pure oxygen sitting right at home amidst all the polluted air. These high oxygen concentrators help you do just that. You can use them indoors or carry them with you outside and enjoy a stress-free life with your family. Read carefully before you pick the best one for you and enjoy fresh air throughout the year.

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