The Best Portable Ice Makers for Party and Summer

Today, portable ice makers are inevitable for any family gathering, especially during the hot and sultry summer season. With an ice maker, you need not waste the main fridge space in ice-formation. Planning for any cookout with friends or family? Just plug it to a steady electric point at the picnic spot and get ice in less than 10 minutes. No hassle of drainage or prolonged waiting. Just plug it into a steady source of power, choose the size of an ice cube, add water, and you are done. If you belong to the clan of party-people and host parties quite often, then you should blindly opt for the best portable ice maker.

Top 10 Best Portable Ice Makers In 2023

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10. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine

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IKICH has brought us one of the best portable ice makers, which serves nine pieces of bullet-shaped ice cubes in 6 minutes. Unlike other ice makers, it comes with a smart indicator that lights up once the ice is ready or needs more water. Ice trays and scoops are removable so that you can carry them directly from the maker to your wine glass. In addition, you can keep an eye on the process through its translucent window.

IKICH designed this product to fit over the countertop. It comes with a 2-years of warranty and a 45-days return policy that makes the product more authentic. You can choose the size in which you need each ice cube -large or small based on what purpose you want the ice. This ice-maker makes negligible sound interference with your party; it’s hardly 45 decibels.

Key Features
  • Fast Refrigeration
  • Energy Efficient
  • Better Insulation
  • Smart Indicator
  • Quickest Ice-maker
  • Choice of sizes for ice-cubes
  • Intelligent LED display
  • Nine ice-cubes in 6 minutes
  • If you do not handle or install properly, then you are likely to face leakage issues.
  • Ensure the wiring and power source are stable; otherwise, the coils will get heated quickly, leading to short-circuit.

9. Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine 

Igloo ICEB26RR Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine

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Igloo launched this automatic portable ice maker, which has now occupied a position in a must-buy list for any party shopping. It has a simple-to-operate control panel through which you can figure out when to add water or when the ice is ready. From outside its transparent lid, you can look into the current capacity.

You get a drain plug to drain out the excess water while you do not use the ice maker. You can take out the ice cubes in the removable tray and carry them to your drinking table. This ice-maker can produce as large as 20lb ice cube in one shot, making it exceptionally popular. It has additional storage for 2 lbs of ice cube at a time.

Key Features
  • Automatic and Portable
  • Smart Control panel
  • Produce easily breakable ready-to-eat ice
  • Removable ice basket and ice scoop
  • Co-operating customer service
  • Retro-look
  • Complaint-free
  • Emit unwanted noise but not too loud.
  • Sometimes, the ice cubes do not fall into the basket properly and get stuck near the entry, thereby falsely indicating the machine as full.

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8. Crownful Ice Maker Machine

Crownful Ice Maker Machine

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Crownful brings the most recommended ice-maker to us, which produces nine ice cubes in less than 10 minutes. You have to place it in an environment with 10-32°Cand use pour cold water of temperature 8-28°to makes proper ice.

Crownful ice-maker is one of the best portable ice-maker. It requires only 120V electricity, which makes it energy-efficient. It can hold up to 70-80 pieces of ice cubes, unlike any other ice-maker. To reflux, press the power button for a long time, and in 7 minutes, cleaning gets over. Now turn on the water plug to drain out the excess water and dry it using a rag. It is designed compactly to fit on top of any table or the kitchen counter.

Key Features
  • Ice does not melt fast
  • Hassle-free cleaning process
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Sleek Design
  • Easy to operate
  • High Capacity
  • To resolve any issue, you need to unplug and plug it back in again to work properly.

7. homeLabs Ice Maker

homeLabs Ice Maker

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A portable ice-maker by homeLabs is equipped with a compressor and runs on frost-free technology. It requires low energy to cool, but its tiny size makes it perfect to fit in your bar. With this flexible-to-operate ice maker, you can get 8-9 ice cubes within 6-8 minutes.

HomeLabs designed the water reservoir below the ice basket to reuse the melted water to make some more ice. Here you get warning lights, and an automatic power-off feature activated when the ice basket becomes full or needs water.

Key Features
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Frost-free
  • Plastic Container
  • No Installation
  • ETL Certified
  • Energy efficient
  • Reservoir to store water
  • As it is made up of plastic, so the ice and drink may taste bad. Just clean it regularly with vinegar and keep it dry when not in use.
  • Sometimes, ice cubes get stuck to the top near the sensors. In addition, it often makes a loud noise, which is not expected at party time.

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6. Deco Gear Rapid Electric Party Ice Maker 

Deco Gear Rapid Electric Party Ice Maker

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The brand Deco Gear blessed us with a party ice-maker capable of producing around 26 pounds of ice each day. With this product, you will never run out of ice again in the future. Take proper care of the machine to increase its durability. Use mineral water to get ice cubes of better taste.

In less than 6 minutes, you get nine ice cubes. What more can you expect during a party? Use the ice just after taking it out of the machine so that the former does not melt away soon. If you are looking for a small ice-maker within an affordable budget, then go for this.

Key Features
  • Easy to fit in boats, caravans, and kitchen
  • Insulated storage holds 1.5 lbs. of ice at a time
  • Made up of Stainless Steel
  • Low maintenance
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • Options for ice-size
  • Sleek and compact design
  • These are expensive but worth each penny you invest.
  • It makes an unexpectedly louder noise while making ice.

5. Frigidaire EFIC189-SILVER Compact Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC189-SILVER Compact Ice Maker

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Frigidaire has launched stainless-colored ice-makers to produce ice in less than 6 minutes. Its heavy-duty model can produce up to 48 pounds of ice each day. There is no separate installation process. Just plug it and add water. In around 7 minutes, you get ice cubes.

In less than 2 hours, you can get 4 cups or 1 quart of ice. It looks like a small toaster so that you can carry it to camping and day outings. It comes with an ice shovel to take out the ice cubes in a sanitized manner. This brand is known for producing useful quality appliances at competitive prices.

Key Features
  • Transparent window for continuous monitoring
  • Store 1.2 kg ice
  • Choice of ice cube sizes
  • Power consumption is as low as 110V
  • No use of chemical refrigerants
  • Noise level of fewer than 38 decibels
  • Non-polluting
  • Drain plug
  • You need to refill water very frequently.
  • Overuse might burn the heat exchanger. It is a little on the expensive side.

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4. GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

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GE is the most reputed brand for electric appliances, and undoubtedly, ice-maker is one of the best portable ice-maker. In 20 minutes, it serves soft and crunchy ice cubes of good taste. In addition, this ice maker has Opal Icemaker, Side Tank, Ice Bin, Ice Scoop, and Drip Tray as part of its in-box accessories.

Some customers are heard to quote its ice cubes as sonic ice for margaritas. With the help of the GE Profile Opal app, you can schedule the ice-making process. Unfortunately, this facility is rare to get in icemakers. As a result, Nugget-shaped ice cubes look like snowballs floating on your favorite beverages. And the price is very reasonable.

Key Features
  • Control through Bluetooth app
  • Removable ice basket and scoop
  • Chewable nugget-shaped ice cubes
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Countertop Size
  • Smart and powerful
  • After delivering around 1 pound of ice, it often turns hot.

3. Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop

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The portable ice-maker from Euhomy is perfect for weekend getaways. It comes with automatic sensors that warn the basket is full before dumping more ice. In less than 5 minutes, it produces ice cubes enough for 2-3 people to get the full batch. Of ice-cubes, you need to wait a bit.

In less than 15 minutes, who can serve 24 white crystalline ice cubes? You can carry it anywhere, be it your workplace or a friend’s house. Its highly efficient compressor helps to save on monthly electric bills. Its compressor makes no noise during the entire process, unlike other ice makers of the same price range. It comes with a long cord so you can plug it somewhere but place it where you sit to drink.

Key Features
  • Removable ice bucket and scoop
  • Low power consumption
  • Water Recycling System
  • High-Quality Ice Cubes
  • LCD & Digital display
  • User-friendly
  • Demands high maintenance
  • The ice melts too quickly

2. VPCOK Ice Maker

VPCOK Ice Maker

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With a VPCOK ice maker, partying and drinking become seamlessly more comfortable. When not in use, drain the water through the drainage holes at the bottom of the machine and dry it thoroughly.

If you are meticulous about hygiene, then throw the first batch of 10 -15 ice cubes. Ice does not remain frozen for a long time. Instead, it melts, and then the water again gets condensed to ice.

You can get ice cubes of different sizes as per your requirement. Through its intelligent detection system, you get warnings of the basket getting filled up with ice. Towards the front foam layer of the storage basket, heat is preserved to store the ice for some time.

Key Features
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Moderate Capacity
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Smart Sensors
  • Delivers ovular bullet round ice
  • Simple operation.
  • During the ice-making process, the harsh noise of the wind passing from the pan is a little annoying.

1. Igloo Portable Electric Countertop 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker

Igloo Portable Electric Countertop 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker

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Igloo’s countertop 26-pound ice-maker is the best portable ice-maker in the market. This portable appliance will keep your drinks chilled for a longer time. In addition, it is equipped with a removable drain plug to drain out excess water.

Through the LED-lit control panel, you can choose the size of ice cubes. This display blinks when you need to refill more water and when the ice is ready to serve. Its water tank and ice basket have a high storage capacity of 3 and 2 quarts, respectively. It is best suited for interior gatherings at home or dorm rooms and pool parties.

Key Features
  • Reusable coffee filter
  • Delivers cylindrical shaped ice cubes
  • Transparent lid to watch ice cube capacity
  • Delivers 26 pounds of ice each day
  • Incessant monitoring through the transparent lid
  • Delivers fresh big ice cubes
  • Retro-look
  • Someone has to check the machine at regular intervals to remove the dispensed cubes; else, the machine will sense that its capacity is full and stop working.

What Points to Consider Before Buying the Best Portable Ice Makers

If you are planning to purchase an ice-maker, then you should judge specific criteria and compare a few top models before investing in it. For your reference, some of the essential features are cited here:

  • Size: Ice makers come in small sizes concerning regular freezers, yet you should check the storage capacity based on your requirement. Else you will end up repeating the ice-making procedures till your demands are met. An average ice-maker can generate 2.5 lbs of ice cubes in one go, resulting in 25-40 lbs of ice per day. If the storage capacity is low, then storing pounds of ice becomes a matter of concern.
  • Temperature: Ice makers cannot maintain the freezing temperature consistently low, unlike refrigerators. Therefore, the ice tends to melt, but the extra water turns to the ice again due to its inclination towards recycling. So you must check the recycling capability of the ice-maker before purchasing.
  • Weight & Portability: Check the dimensions and weight of the setup so that it does not become difficult to carry when you plan any outdoor picnic. Usually, ice makers weigh 5-8 kgs on average.
  • Drainage Process: Review the drainage system in the ice-maker. If it fails to recycle the melted water to ice, then excess water may leak. Usually, the ice makers are designed with drainage holes or plugs through which the melted water drains out when you are not making ice.
  • Power Connectivity: Make sure the ice maker has a proper power outlet to be connected to any stable power source. Also, check if it has a long cord to place it near the sitting place. Otherwise, your ice is ready every time you have to run to the ice-maker near the plug-point leaving all the fun.

Benefits of Using Portable Ice Makers

Before the ice-makers came into being, boozing was not this comfortable. Ice bags might have been there as a cheaper model, but their performance was no way closer to ice-makers.

  • An ice-maker saves the freezer space for condensing other eatables. So you not only get to save space and time as in 10 minutes, you get 2-3 pounds of ice.
  • As the name suggests, you can carry it with you by its small size. You no more need to wait for hours to get one tray of ice as the case with conventional freezers.
  • Since an ice-maker converts any melted or extra water back to the ice, no extra effort is required for drainage.
  • Icemaker saves the life of frequent boozers. Just initiate the process and keep cheering stress-free.


As we explored each of the ice-makers, we noticed that most of them produce the same quantity of ice cubes in similar timelines, but they differ in the drainage system and storage capacity. Icemakers are also available across a varied price range to suit your affordability. So choose the best portable ice maker at your convenience only after careful consideration. Ice-maker takes your overall party experience to another level.

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