Top 10 Best Portable Electric Lifting Seats in 2023

Whether you need a little push to stand due to age, injury, or weakened muscles, electric lifting seats make a great addition to your living space.  The best portable electric lifting chairs are not only useful for the seniors but also for people with disabilities.

They are also great for people recovering from surgeries as well as those suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and other muscle degenerative conditions. These seats are operated with an internal motor that reclines the seat gently allowing you to sit down and get up without straining your legs and back. The seats rise off the ground and tilt forward, getting you to a standing position easily.

Best Portable Electric Lifting Seats in 2023

Since there are very many lifting seat options out there, selecting the model that meets your needs will require thorough research and a keen eye for detail. By taking a look at the models we have reviewed in this guide, you can say goodbye to straining your knees and lower back, giving you an easier time when you stand and sit.

List of top 10 best portable electric lifting seats in 2023:

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10. DSS RMUPEP100EA – Upeasy Power Seat

DSS RMUPEP100EA - Upeasy Power Seat

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It is not simple to rely on someone to assist you with your daily activities such as getting up and sitting down when you are recovering from surgery or have mobility issues. However, you can now get the independence you deserve when you purchase this power seat. The seat is designed to help you sit and get up easily, minimizing strain on your muscles.

The seat is powered by electricity so you don’t need to depend on your caregiver to get up.  It also gives you a safe and gentle lifting experience, boosting your comfort. Additionally, this unit is cleverly designed to fit in most armchairs, sofas, and seats. As if this is not enough it comes with a sturdy base and simple to clean cover making it effortless to maintain.

Check Product Features
  • Powerful electric motors provide ample power to lift individuals weighing up to 300lbs
  • Simple Care as the foam cushion comes with a water-resistant coating
  • The large lever makes it easy to use, as you simply need to press it up to rise and push down to lower
  • Adjustable height allowing you stops at your desired height
  • Reasonable price making it affordable
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Incredibly lightweight design making it easy to transport
  • Simple use and maintenance
  • While the ample padding ensures comfort some users (although rare) find it too soft

9. Uplift Premium Power Lifting Seats

Uplift Premium Power Lifting Seats

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Regardless of the issues, keeping you down, the uplift premium electric lifting seat will get you up. It boasts of patented eyelift technology that gives you a gentle, comfortable, and safer life. This lift doesn’t offer you with a partial lift like the common models on the market but a hundred percent lift.  It also comes with a large toggle switch that allows for customization. This allows you to choose the height that you are comfortable with. Additionally, this unit comes in 17 and 20 inches widths so that it fits most chairs and seats.

Similarly, this unit also comes with a stable and nonskid base that offers you with peace of mind regardless of where you use them. Some of the other features that you will love include soft cushion for added comfort, washable and removable cover as well as ergonomic carry handles.  What’s more, this unit offers you with a decent weight capacity lifting users weighing from 80lbs to 300lbs.

Check Product Features
  • Lightweight design and two integrated handles make it easy to move from one place to the other,
  • Flexible handle control allows for simple height customization
  • Comes with a compact design and stable non-skid base
  • Well cushioned and covered with a simple to clean cover
  • Adjustable reclining position
  • Exceptionally comfortable experience
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Limited color options but this is not exactly a major cause of alarm especially when looking at its functionality
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8. Stand Assist Aid for Elderly Lifting Cushion

Stand Assist Aid for Elderly Lifting Cushion

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Do not compromise your independence and freedom just because you find it hard to wake up from your chair. This lifting seat will help you get on your feet effortlessly allowing you to perform your home chores, visit your relatives and even participate in social activities without a hassle. The seat is not only designed for seniors. It is a perfect choice for individuals who are recovering from surgery or suffering from Parkinson’s disease, arthritis as well as another degenerative joint disease.

The seat utilizes the latest technology to offer you with a gentle and safe push boosting your convenience. Taking a closer look, this unit performs better than most models, as it doesn’t need electricity or batteries to run. Rather the model comes with a hydro-pneumatic gas spring. This means that you can use it everywhere since it doesn’t require a power source.

Check Product Features
  • Large comfortable sitting place and incredibly easy to maintain
  • Patented technology allows you to safely get up and sit down
  • Highly portable cushion lift as it comes with an integrated handle and weighs only 8.5 lbs
  • Self-powered so you don’t have to worry about the battery running low or outage of power
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth recline system
  • Doesn’t require battery or electricity
  • Durable construction
  • The seat reclining height might not be enough for taller people

7. Carex Premium Power Lifting Seat

Carex Premium Power Lifting Seat

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Do you find it painful or extremely difficult to stand up from a seated position? Well, the Carex Premium lifting seat might be exactly what you need to solve your problems. The seat features a large toggle switch, which allows you to stop the lift at the convenient height. It provides you with a full lift to a standing position for individuals weighing up to 300 pounds.

Consecutively the seat offers you with a gentle and safe raise to the position that you find easy to stand from. This makes it a great choice for individuals living with mobility issues, seniors as well as those recovering from a surgery. Besides, owing to its sturdy construction and ease of maintenance, you can expect a long lasting service from this unit

Check Product Features
  • Offers you with a Safe and gentle lift boosting your comfort
  • Made from high-quality products that bring dignity and ease of use
  • Lightweight design and two integrated handles make it Portable
  • Comes with the zippered waterproof cover fitted with a comfortable mesh for improved airflow.
  • Offers you with a gentle lift
  • Brings you additional comfort and safety
  • Easy maintenance and use
  • Decent weight capacity of up to 300lbs
  • While it comes with a higher price tag, it offers a solid service making it a great buy
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6. Carex Health Brands Uplift Premium Seat Assist

Carex Health Brands Uplift Premium Seat Assist

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This premium seat assists by Carex is designed to help the elderly and people with immobility issues to stand without any assistance. Unlike other models on the market, this seat is powered by a hydro-pneumatic gas spring that neither uses electricity or batteries. It also activates automatically allowing the user to stand effortlessly. Thanks to the patented lever lift, you can expect a gentle and safe lift without pushing forward.

We also lobe the portable design boasting of a lightweight construction and integrated handle that makes it easy to move from one place to the other. Best of all, this unit features a simple working mechanism, allowing you to use it in the outside and inside of your home on almost all sofas and armchairs.

Check Product Features
  • Well padded with a memory foam, making it comfortable
  • Superior performance offering unparalleled assistance for users
  • Features a waterproof cover that is durable and simple to clean
  • Comes with patented innovation that provides a safe and gentle lift
  • comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Works on most seats both indoor and outdoor
  • Washable and portable
  • Incredibly comfortable seat lifter
  • The cover is not fully water resistant so you need to be careful when washing

5. Lifting Cushion Electric Chair Seat Lift

Lifting Cushion Electric Chair Seat Lift

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Immobility issues or old age doesn’t have to be a problem any longer with the Lifting cushion seat. This lift is designed to help you wake up from your favorite sofa or armchair with a flick of a lever. The seat comes with a lightweight and integrated handle that allows you to carry it everywhere. This means you don’t have to purchase various seat lifts for your dining room and living room.

To ensure a reliable service, this unit comes with a powerful electric motor with a capacity of lifting users weighing up to 300lbs. It also comes with an adjustable height position allowing for customization. Another great reason why you should go for this unit is that they come with memory capability that is programmed to remember specific seat positions. Additionally, the seat is easy to maintain and clean, as you simply need to wipe it down with mild soap and water.

Check Product Features
  • Compact and lightweight design making it easy to move from room to room
  • Features a solid, injection-molded base is made of durable polycarbonate materials
  • Patented design offers a for a safe lift up, without forward dumping motion
  • The fabric cover is not only breathable but also waterproof
  • High versatility making it easy to use almost everywhere
  • Made using high-quality materials
  • Compact and lightweight making it easy to carry
  • CSA and C/US Approved
  • Although the seat comes with a lesser weight capacity, it offers a solid performance
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4. Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus

Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus

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If you are a driver, suffering from back pain or the elderly and would like assistance when waking from your seat, you will love this unit. The seat is cleverly designed to offer you up to eighty percent lift assist making it one of the best models on the market. It comes equipped with a hydraulic lifting system meaning that it doesn’t require electricity.

One feature that makes this unit unique is its patented cushion design that offers a flat lifting surface. This offers a convenient and safer experience. Again, this model comes with a lightweight design weighing only 10lbs and inbuilt handle. This makes it easy to transport from one room to the other effortlessly.

Check Product Features
  • Lightweight weighing only 9lbs and comes with an inbuilt carry handle making it portable
  • Uses hydro-pneumatic gas spring that offers a slowly lifting mechanism automatically when the user begins to stand
  • The cover is made of a hundred percent polyester ensuring durability and ease of cleaning
  • Features superior lifting Technology that provides a gentle and safe lift
  • Increase your mobility
  • Works on most armchairs
  • Comfortable seat
  • Superior construction
  • Since it doesn’t use any power source, its performance may be limited when it comes to lifting heavier users

3. Carex Health Brands Power Lifting Seat

Carex Health Brands Power Lifting Seat

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Available in both 20 and 17 inches width, this lifting seat will work with almost all armchairs, seats, and sofas placed indoors as well as outdoors. The seat is designed to offer you a hundred percent electric lift for users who weighs up to 300 lbs.  We love the conveniently placed handle that allows for simple height customization depending on your needs.

Additionally, this seat also comes with a comfortable yet firm memory foam core that alleviates any pressure sores.  This makes it a decent choice for people suffering from chronic backaches, arthritis as well as those recovering from injuries.  In addition, this unit comes with a zippered water-resistant cover so cleaning it is not a big issue.

Check Product Features
  • Features a large toggle switch that enables simple customization
  • Offers a full lift assistance to users weighing up to 350lbs
  • Innovative and high-end construction ensures durability and ease of use
  • Electric powered to lift you gently to a position where you find easy to stand
  • Designed to work with most seats and chairs
  • High-quality construction
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • Made by a reputable design
  • Only available in a 17-inch width. While this allows it to fit in most chairs, it might be narrow for some people
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2. Carex Upeasy Power Seat

Carex Upeasy Power Seat

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Old age, accidents, and illnesses are some of the conditions that may force you to seek assistance when getting up or sitting down. While we can get this assistance from our relatives, being a little bit independent is something that anyone would wish. This is where the Upeasy power seat from Carex comes in. This seat offers the user with a hundred percent electric lift for individuals who need help standing from an armchair or sofa.

Similar to other products from this brand this model also boasts of levelift technology that ensures a gentler and safer lift. For added convenience, this unit comes with a right or left-handed power control. Consecutively, this model also comes with lightweight and ergonomic handles, making it portable.

Check Product Features
  • Lightweight, compact plus two integrated handles make it portable
  • Patented LeveLift innovation for superior performance
  • Offers a safe, gentle and comfortable lift as it doesn’t push you forward
  • Has a cover made of 100 percent which is polyester cover is fully washable
  • Brings increased mobility for people suffering from immobility
  • Washable and waterproof cover
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Well padded for increased comfort
  • None

1. Carex Upeasy (Standard) Portable Lifting Seat

Carex Upeasy (Standard) Portable Lifting Seat

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While our health should not be compromised in any way, sometimes money is a challenge. If this is the case and you would want something that offers you with what it promises, then this is a great choice. The seat utilizes hydro-pneumatic gas spring, meaning that it is self-powered, boosting the user convenience.

The seat is also designed in such a way that it will activate automatically when the user begins to stand and lift them up to 70 percent.  To ensure a safe and comfortable experience it comes with patented technology that offers a gentle and safe lift. Additionally, the unit comes with a lightweight design for portability and compact design, allowing it to work on almost all home sofas and armchairs.

Check Product Features
  • Weighs only 9 pounds and comes with an inbuilt carry handle making it portable
  • Compact design allows it to work with most sofas and armchairs in homes
  • This seat is self-powered making it portable and easy to use
  • It is covered by a polyester cover, which is easy to clean
  • Help keep people active and independent
  • Works on most sofas, chairs, and couches
  • Comfortable and easy to maintain
  • It’s portable and affordable
  • None that we could find
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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Lifting Seats

While the latest electric are designed to offer people suffering from immobility related conditions, they don’t come with the same feature. To help you get something that works best for you, it is important to consider the following features.

  • Size of the seat: Before making the purchase, you should first look at the seat size. Generally, here you should look at the width. Remember you will need to place this seat on another chair. For a reason, you need to ensure that, it fits on the chair.  Models with 17 or 20 inches tend to work with most chairs including those placed in the outdoors.
  • Performance: These lifting chairs do not come cheap so it would not make sense getting something that offers you with limited functionality. Depending on your choice, you should pick a model that either offers you with full or partial assistance to a standing performance. It should also have a customizable height, allowing you to stop at the position where you find it easy to stand.
  • Portability: The next feature to consider is portability. Since these seats are expensive, it can be financially draining to purchase a seat for your dining room and another for your seating room. However, by purchasing a lightweight seat that has integrated handles moving it from one place to the other shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Construction: The construction materials will also determine its durability and ease of maintenance. Besides having a solid frame, the unit should also come with a tough cover to ensure a reliable service. Models with a nonskid base also offer better performance.


The best portable electric lifting seats ensure that you get a high comfort level as well as retaining your independence. Choosing any of the above-reviewed product enables you to get up from your couch, sofa, or armchair with ease.  So, don’t let pains and aches limit your independence and mobility, as you simply need to purchase any of the listed lifting seats above. Best of luck!

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