The Best Oxygen Saturation Monitors in 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

Investing in health is one of the most significant investments to make. This is not only limited to having medical coverage. You should be able to monitor the SpO2 and oxygen level in the blood daily.

One of the most critical items on the purchase list these days is the Oxygen saturation monitor or commonly known as an oximeter. These devices are flying off the shelves because they are the tools to measure our oxygen saturation level and pulse rate precisely.

A home pulse Oximeter is a great tool and is an essential home health product. It is a device that monitors the users’ vital statistics like oxygen level, pulse rate, etc. in a non-invasive way. It keeps the users informed about his health condition so that he can gain a better understanding of his health and take necessary measures as required.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best oxygen saturation monitors that you can buy along with the factors that need to be considered before purchasing one.

Top 10 Best Oxygen Saturation Monitors in 2023

With several brands and manufacturers out there, it can be challenging to find out the best oxygen saturation monitor for your use. Thus, we have listed the top 10 oxygen saturation monitors available in the market. Check out our top 10 picks below:

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12. Pulse Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index

Pulse Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index

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The FDA approved pulse oximeter gives SpO2 and pulse measurement at a low perfusion index. This oxygen saturation monitor has an upgraded dual-color OLED display that is huge and bright. The machine is made with high-quality materials. One can get reading from this monitor from within 10 seconds. It also comes with an alarm with an 8-second auto shut-off feature.

The reliable pulse oxygen saturation monitor is easy to use a device that can give quick readings and can accommodate different finger sizes. It comes with a carrying case that not only protects it from dirt but also makes it easy to carry it around. Additionally, it also comes with a 24-month manufacturer warranty that would give you complete peace of mind.

Key Features
  • Upgraded OLED display
  • Pulse measurement at a low blood perfusion rate
  • Has a bright OLED screen
  • Finger chamber has a smart spring chamber
  • 24-month warranty
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Gives accurate data
  • Affordably priced
  • Gives quick results
  • Might not work for index finger for some people

11. TrackAid Finger Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate Monitor

Finger Oxygen Saturation and Pulse Rate Monitor by TrackAid

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The oxygen saturation monitor is a light and compact device that can accommodate several finger sizes. It is suitable for sports and aviation use only and is not good for medical use. It comes with a lot of accessories such as 2X AAA batteries and a lanyard for convenience. The batteries also have a long life, which makes this device quite convenient.

TrackAid’s oxygen saturation monitor is a portable device that is easy to carry around. The device also gets automatically powered off after 10 seconds, which saves energy and makes this device long-lasting. It also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you get a complete refund in case you are not satisfied. It also comes with a 12-month warranty.

Key Features
  • Portable and compact device
  • Automatic power off after 10 seconds
  • Loaded with accessories
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Gives quick and accurate readings
  • Reliable and well-built
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • There have been issues of malfunctioning

10. Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor by Santamedical

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor by Santamedical

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The blood oxygen saturation monitor by Santamedical is a clinically tested device that has a small error margin. It makes use of patented technology that can give pulse and oxygen readings in a matter of seconds. The bright OLED display helps in reading even in the dark. The battery of this device has a long life. Additionally, it gets powered off automatically if there is no activity for 10 seconds.

The Santamedicaloxygen saturation monitor is fast and easy to use a device that can show the readings in four different directions. The light and compact design make it easy to carry around. It can comfortably accommodate different finger sizes. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and a friendly customer service.

Key Features
  • Makes use of patented technology
  • Bright OLED display
  • Accommodates different finger sizes
  • Automatic power-off after 10 seconds
  • 1-year warranty
  • Has a large display for reading the measurements
  • Good customer service
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Attractive and ergonomic design
  • Value for money
  • Readings might not be completely accurate

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9. AccuMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

AccuMed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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The Oximeter from AccuMed is a perfect device to check the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of anybody in a non-invasive way. The product is quite useful in updating the users about their accurate oxygen level and thus keeping them informed about their health.

This electronic device measures not only the blood oxygen level accurately but also gives the correct measure of our pulse rate within seconds. Thus, this monitor is a great tool to be used as an early cautionary indication for any respiratory disease such as pneumonia or asthma. You can also use this monitor while doing any physical exercises such as cycling, hiking, or playing any outdoor sports.

Key Features
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • LED display is apparent and visible on both day and night
  • Lightweight and thus portable
  • Automatic turn-off of the device when no finger contact is detected helps in low consumption of battery power
  • Auto-change of direction as per user’s viewing direction
  • Reliable and handy
  • Safe for all age groups
  • Fits all finger sizes
  • Accurate and hassle-free
  • Informative user-manual
  • Simple to use and easy to read
  • Not suitable for professional/medical use

8. ClinicalGuard Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate Monitor

ClinicalGuard Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate Monitor

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Designed by ClinicalGuard, this oxygen monitor is globally famous because of its accuracy and simple design. It is a perfect device to check on-the-go spot-checking of oxygen saturation level with an accuracy level of +-1%.

This reliable oxygen monitor measures your oxygen level and pulse rate in a minimum time of 8 seconds only. Explicitly designed for sports lovers, this device is small and compact and thus is a perfect travel partner. A one-year manufacturer’s warranty supports it. This device is an ideal heart-rate monitor and displays correct details with just the touch of a button.

Key Features
  • Provides on-the-spot results with the highest accuracy level
  • explicitly designed for sports and aviation usage
  • Include 2AAA batteries
  • Simple touch-on operation
  • Comes with a LANYARD that you can quickly wrap around your wrist or wear around the neck
  • Great accuracy even at high altitude
  • Easy-to-use and fast result
  • Compact size with a soft cover case
  • One-year warranty
  • Instruction manual is not clear

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7. Facelake Store Oximeter

Facelake Store Oximeter

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This FL400 monitor uses the latest technology for the precise and on-the-spot reading of your oxygen saturation level and pulse rate. And hence, it is a must-buy for anybody, healthy or unhealthy, to keep a check on his health parameter on a regular basis.

With a 12-months warranty and support service by the company’s US-based team, this device is an excellent product for checking your pulse rate and SpO2 regularly. With ergonomic design, this monitor is suitable for people of all ages as it gets auto-adjusted for small to large fingers. All you need to do it insert one finger inside the machine, and the machine will display your pulse rate and oxygen level precisely.

Key Features
  • carrying case comes with a belt clip and a plastic loop for convenient and easy wear
  • designed with neck/wrist cord
  • strong battery covers and easy-to-open case
  • include batteries, carrying case, instruction manual, and a lanyard
  • Suitable for all ages
  • on-the-spot pulse and saturation level check
  • Accurate and quick show of result within 10 seconds
  • Indicates low battery
  • Battery configuration might be misleading
  • Display is not rotatable, so shows the results upside-down

6. Metene Portable Oximeter

Metene Portable Oximeter

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This portable oximeter from Metene is an excellent choice for all those people who need to keep a regular update of their blood oxygen level. With an accurate measurement and timely display of readings, this device is an excellent purchase for your personal use.

This oximeter is easy to use. Just slide it over the finger and wait for few seconds. The monitor will display the on-the-spot readings of your blood oxygen level and pulse rate accurately. With its small size, you can quickly put in inside your purse and carry it anywhere, while jogging, mountaineering or playing football, etc. The readings on the monitor are consistently accurate and can be compared to the expensive devices available at the hospitals.

Key Features
  • Smart sensor with photoelectric oxygen and hemoglobin check technology
  • Designed with hypoallergenic silicone material for safety
  • Very lightweight of 50 gms only, thus is easily portable
  • Alarm mode indicating out-of-range readings
  • Safe latex-free material
  • Can carry inside your purse
  • Auto power cut-off, when not in use
  • Large LED screen for clear display
  • High-quality product with excellent accuracy
  • No cons

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5. Zacurate Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor by Zacurate 

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The oxygen saturation monitor by Zacurate helps in determining the SpO2 level, pulse rate, and pulse strength accurately. It is an excellent option for sports enthusiasts and can accommodate different finger sizes. The finger chamber has a smart spring system to enhance convenience. The readings are displayed within 10 seconds on a large digital LED display.

Zacurate’s oxygen monitor is easy to use a device that works great for anyone above 12 years. It is a lightweight and compact monitor that is easy to carry around. It comes with 2X AAA batteries that have a long life and a lanyard. The device has a USA based technical support and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Key Features
  • Large digital LED display
  • Accommodates different finger sizes
  • Contain several accessories
  • The USA based technical support
  • 1-year warranty
  • Good for home use
  • Easy to use
  • Professional and high-quality product
  • Value for money
  • Gives inaccurate readings on cold hands
  • Not suitable for medical use

4. Innovo Deluxe Oximeter

Innovo Deluxe Oximeter

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If you are looking for an oximeter that is the best in terms of accuracy and consistency when it comes to reading the data, then this Innovo deluxe oximeter is the best one for you. With features like plethysmograph and perfusion, this device is going to give you the most accurate readings when compared to other devices in the market.

With advanced internal hardware and software technologies, this device is most suitable for all sports enthusiasts such as mountain climbers, trekkers, footballers, etc. Along with accurate readings, the monitor also is designed with technology to warn you with an alarm in case your reading is beyond the set limits, thus helping you take necessary measures.

Key Features
  • High-quality OLED display screen with six directional choices
  • Designed with Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index (PI) for high result-readings reliability
  • USPTO registered trademark
  • Alarm function to warn when SpO2 and Pulse Rate are not in limits
  • Wave patterns indicate connectivity status
  • 6 multi-directional result showing the display
  • Spot-on accuracy
  • Convenient and give a smooth touch when the finger is placed inside
  • Quick display of readings
  • No cons

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3. Ankovo Pulse Fingertip Oximeter

Ankovo Pulse Fingertip Oximeter

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If you are looking for an oximeter that gives you accurate results every time you check and monitor your health closely, Ankovo pulse meter is the one to buy. With the latest technologies and upgrade model, this device gives you the best possible oxygen level measurements that you can find anywhere.

This device works well with an accurate pulse rate reading. The PI or perfusion index technology helps you diagnose if you have any other cardiac issues. The small and compact size of the machine makes it comfortable to wear, and the OLED screen is one of the brightest and most comfortable to read.

Key Features
  • Auto sleep mode after 10 seconds, if the device is not in use
  • Measures and displays result for 8 seconds, thus saving the battery usage
  • Lightweight and portable and comes with a detachable lanyard
  • Advanced display screen for viewing the result in any environment
  • A quick reading of data within 8 seconds
  • Easy-to-use
  • Large and clear OLED display
  • Small, compact, and easy to carry
  • Instruction about alarm function is not adequate

2. Santamedical Oxygen Saturation Monitor

Santamedical Oxygen Saturation Monitor

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An ideal instrument for reading pulse rate and oxygen level, this Santamedical oximeter is clinically tested for giving accurate and consistent results every time you check your parameters. With a 1-year warranty and an approachable customer service team, you can buy this gadget for the hassle-free reading of data.

The oximeter uses SpO2 patented technology and displays results un six multidirectional modes. With fast and reliable results, the model is fit enough for all those persons who would like to keep check of their oxygen level due to other health complications. Since the model is clinically tested, hence you can trust the accuracy level of this monitor. With lanyard and neck/wrist cord, this portable oximeter can be portable easily for checking your parameters anytime, anywhere.

Key Features
  • Comes with a Velcro pouch for convenient storage
  • Quickly checks the oxygen saturation level with accuracy
  • Hassle-free one-year warranty
  • Lightweight, compact, and easily portable
  • Low battery usage and auto power-off mode leads to long battery life
  • Great design with all critical features
  • Large and bright display for easy reading of data in darkness
  • Protective case for storage
  • Quick and reliable
  • Few users had issues with accuracy

1. Zacurate Fingertip Oximeter

Zacurate Fingertip Oximeter

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Designed and manufactured according to the standard set by CE and FDA, this oximeter is a must-buy for all sports enthusiasts and the aviation industry. The monitor is popular in the market for getting the on-the-spot reading of your oxygen saturation point and pulse rate accurately.

This updated model of oximeter comes with a silicon cover to protect it from dust and damage. With the latest technology in hand, the monitor produces 100% accurate SpO2 data. With a large and crystal clear LED, the reading is visible for comfortable reading by elders too. Reading of data is pretty easy; you just need to put a finger inside the monitor and wait for the monitor to give you the precise result fast.

Key Features
  • Manufactured according to standards set by CE and FDA
  • Rotatable screen to display the result for easy readability
  • Silicon cover for better protection
  • USPTO registered trademark holder
  • One-year manufactured guarantee
  • Auto-turn off after 8 seconds, if not in use
  • The instruction manual comes with useful information
  • Consistent readings for both oxygen and pulse
  • The vertical readout for convenient readings
  • Few have issues with the readings

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What Points To Consider Before Buying The Best Oxygen Saturation Monitor

With the availability of numerous oximeter in the market, it is crucial to understand what factors are most important before buying the right one for you.

  • FDA Approval: An oximeter is a class II device and needs FDA registration to be sold in the USA. You must check the certification details by going to the FDA database and enter the company’s name.
  • Precision And Consistency: The primary purpose of an oximeter is to monitor your oxygen level accurately. So, it is of prime importance to check the product’s accuracy level before settling for the right one. Try to validate the results with other devices and see its accuracy level.
  • Easy To Use: Since this medical device is useful for everybody, including senior people, the device must be easy to use. The display should be large and clear enough for reading quickly, and the operation must be a one-button touch.
  • Accuracy: One of the most important factors to consider is the accuracy. Check for perfusion index and error percentage. A good quality oximeter will provide an accuracy of ±2%. Buying from a reputable brand generally ensures the maximum accuracy in the readings.
  • Probe Size: The size of the probe should be between 0.3 inches to 1-inch so that it can accommodate the fingers of adults. In case you want a child, a lower range is preferable. Many of them come with an adjustable probe so that different finger sizes can be adjusted.
  • Display: The screen of an oximeter should be large and bright so that the measurements can be read easily. It should also be easy to adjust the brightness of the display. One should be able to read them easily in different lighting conditions.
  • Battery Life: The battery life of an oximeter is another factor to consider before purchasing. There are generally two options. The first one is lithium batteries that can be easily recharged. Another is AAA batteries that can last for up to 30 hours but are comparatively cheaper.
  • Ease of Usage: An oximeter should be easy to use and should not require any technical knowledge. Most of them just need to be clipped to the finger and display the reading after the button is pressed.
  • Automatic Shut Off: The automatic shut off feature ensures that the oximeter gets switched off automatically if there is a period of inactivity. This helps in saving battery, making it last for a long time.
  • Durability: An oximeter should be durable; otherwise, it can put your life at risk in some instances. Durable ones also provide the best results in the long run. They can also be waterproof and can protect against humidity.
  • Response Time: The old version oximeters used to take 30 seconds to display readings. However, the latest ones hardly take 10 seconds. It is essential to ensure that you buy the newest version of an oximeter.
  • Warranty: It is a good idea to check the manufacturer warranty as well as the return policy. This ensures that you are covered even if the device turns out to be faulty, damaged, or of a low-quality.
  • Price: The price of an oximeter varies based on factors such as features, accuracy, brand, and the material. Most of them can be purchased at a reasonable cost and do not cost too much.

Benefits Of Using Oxygen Saturation Monitor

The benefits of an oximeter can be understood easily from the fact that it is widely used in hospitals, clinics, ICUs as well as in sports and aviation sectors. Let’s understand the benefits of using an oximeter.

  • A non-invasive method to monitor blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate fast, giving the doctors an idea about heart health.
  • Primarily used for patients with Broncho-asthma, COPD, and other respiratory tract issues, this device is helpful to all those patients who need to keep track of their regular oxygen level to stay healthy.
  • Sportspeople can take the help of this monitor to keep an eye on their oxygen level and to get help whenever required.
  • People traveling to high altitudes like mountaineers and pilots use oximeter to stay informed against hypoxia.


Buying an oximeter should never be done impulsively, since your life and death may depend on its accuracy and preciseness. Don’t trust blindly what the salesperson is saying; he is just doing his job by selling you the product. It is always advisable to look into all the features of the device and choose the one that fulfills all your requirements. We hope, with our reviews and buying guides, you will be able to pick the best oximeter available in the market.

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