The Best Outdoor String Lights For Party in 2023 – Trendy Reviewed

There is something magical about winter nights. While this is usually the coldest season, the Christmas festival happens to be a part of it. Being one of the most celebrated festivals, we need something to brighten our smiles. The best string outdoor lights make a great choice for decorating our gardens, patio, gazebo, and Christmas trees.

With these string lights, you can finally relax and have a good time with your friends and family as you enjoy the merriment of the season.

The outdoor string lights are also warm, loving and give off a super bright light that brings a romantic vibe at your home and wedding venue. We also love the practical and multifunctional design that allows you to use them all year long whether you are planning an aromatic dinner with your partner, cocktail party with your friends or celebrating a birthday. The possibilities are endless.

The best outdoor string lights for party

Today, outdoor space decoration doesn’t have to be limiting. While there is a vast choice available on the market, the weather resistant string lights come with various styles and colors.

To help you make an informed decision we have selected the top models that will help you transform your outdoor space from a dull hanging spot to a magnificent spot to hang out.

Here are the 10 best outdoor string lights you can buy:

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10. Guddl Globe String Lights

Guddl Globe String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Brings a warm glow that is not only welcoming for your guests but also lets them feel relaxed
  • Durable construction consisting of well-insulated AWG black wire and double fuse
  • The practical and easy installation allows you to fix or place it wherever you want
  • End to end connection plus UL Listed Indoor and Outdoor Lights Settings

If you are looking for a perfect atmosphere and a warm glow to keep your guests relaxed as you enjoy the Christmas holiday, this string light from Guddl Globe is an excellent choice. It is smartly designed to assist you to illuminate the indoors as well as indoors bringing the festivities mood. You will love the cool, bright light that illuminates your both you’re indoors and outdoors, giving it a beautiful look.

The string is durably constructed with an AWG black wire that is well insulated to ensure a long lasting performance for long. It is also flexible making it easy to maneuver when decorating a Christmas tree or other furniture. Additionally, thanks to the end-to-end connection you can connect up to three strings, enabling you to cover a large area.

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9. Classyke 48ft Indoor Outdoor String Lights

Classyke 48ft Indoor Outdoor String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Features a UL certified cable and adapter to ensure a permanent outdoor or indoor installation
  • Flexible mounting options allowing you to either hang it from above or mount on a flat surface
  • Superior weather resistance makes it a heavy-duty string light that you can leave outdoor all u year round
  • Boasts of an end to end connection that allows linking up of 5 48ft cords

Create a beautiful, romantic ambiance and elegant atmosphere in your backyard that will impress your guest whether you are planning an outdoor wedding or elegant cocktail parties with the Classyke string lights. Taking pride in their modern design and bright illumination this string lights is also a great choice for bringing Christmas festive mood to your home or workplace. The manufacturer prioritizes the user’s safety by creating a UL certified cable and adapter ensuring safety whether you are installing it outdoors or indoors.

At a closer look we also love the fact that this light string also boasts of weather-resistant construction, this means that you can leave the display confidently without having to worry about damage caused by harsh weather elements. Above all, this model also comes with a convenient loop on each socket making it to easily install either using either the zip ties or eyehooks.

8. Addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights

Addlon 48 FT Outdoor String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • IP65 Waterproof construction makes it a commercial grade outdoor light string that lasts for many years
  • The Lights are dimmable allowing you to set the right mood
  • Heavy duty construction and bright enough to illuminate a large area
  • Comes with energy efficient bulbs, saving your monthly electric bills

The Addlon 48FT outdoor string lights boast of a heavy duty and IP65 waterproof construction. This means that you can leave them for a long time without having to worry about extreme weather condition. They also come with a  unique style that has their filaments exposed for a warm and bright glow. You will also love the dimmable lights allowing you to set the right mood. This makes them a great choice for various activities including birthdays, weddings, as well as a tree lighting, especially when celebrating family reunions during Christmas.

Combining flexibility and superior weather resistance, this light string makes the best choice when looking for a model that is ideal for outdoor lighting. Each of the stands comes with fifteen E26 based hanging sockets that have eighteen packs of S14 incandescent bulbs. Equally important this model comes with each socket having a hanging hook making it easy for hanging with hooks, zip ties, as well as guide wires.

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7. GiveBest 100FT Outdoor Patio String Lights

 GiveBest 100FT Outdoor Patio String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Incredibly long at 100Ft and fitted with 100 bright bulbs
  • Commercial quality making it a great choice for home and businesses
  • Well-insulated cord ensures durability, safety, and flexibility
  • It also comes with a candelabra E12 socket base

Christmas is around the corner, so it is crucial for you to prepare before the shelves run out of the best sting lights. The GiveBest 100Ft  string lights will give your porch, patio as well as the front yard with an intimate ambient and beautiful touch. Unlike the other models, this string light is double the size of the most models available on the market. With a length of a 100 Ft, you will illuminate a large area effortlessly.

Having bright yet energy saving bulbs this string gives your home a beautiful look day and night. Besides using them for home decoration, you can also use it to decorate your business premise and create a festive mood. For durability, it comes with a highly insulated cord, which also ensures safety. Additionally, this model is incredibly flexible allowing you to maneuver it around trees, fence, as well as furniture.

6. SUNTHIN 48ft String Lights

 SUNTHIN 48ft String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Heavy duty and weatherproof construction makes them durable whether you install them outdoors or indoors
  • Linkable as they come with female plugs that allow for an end to end connection
  • ETL approved making them safe for commercial and home use
  • Energy efficient bulbs and flexible design makes them an excellent choice for everyone

Although everyone would want their home to look glamorous during Christmas holidays, most of us loathe the idea of having to untangle the string lights. Instead of having to purchase string lights every Christmas, you can invest in this model. Pairing high-end construction and flexibility, this string light will make an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor decoration. What makes them a cut above the rest is that you don’t have to worry about untangling them every time.

They come in a commercial grade, meaning that you don’t have to uninstall them after the celebrations. This is because they are made using weather resistant materials that last for long. This design will also save you a lot of time and energy of having to uninstall, fold, untangle, and hang whenever you need to use. Besides these are multifunctional string light that not only brings Christmas mood but also offers a warm and relaxing glow for birthday parties, weddings as well cocktail parties.

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5. Mpow 49ft LED String Lights

Mpow 49ft LED String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Customizable as it comes with an end-to-end connection with up to 23 strands
  • Energy saving bulbs with a lifespan of up to 15000hours
  • Waterproof and well insulation ensures superior Outdoor performance
  • Dimmer compatible allowing you to create a warm and soft ambiance that mesmerizes your guests

Transform your outdoor space into something magnificent with the Mpow string lights that bring a soft ambiance to your space. The nostalgic glow creates a beautiful look in your patio, backyard, porch, as well as your garden. The lights also act as pergola lighting for parties, romantic dinners, as well as wedding banquets outdoors. Created to ensure a high waterproof level and well insulated to protect the strand from the extreme sun, you can confidently leave them on display all year long.

As if this is not enough, the lights also boast of a longer lifespan of up to 15000hours making them durable than the incandescent string lights. Besides, these are LED lights that are energy efficient making them more economic. Similarly, they are also brighter allowing them to illuminate a large area effortlessly. In addition, these lights come with an end-to-end connection for up to 23 strands.

4. Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights

 Lemontec Commercial Grade Outdoor String Lights
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Crafted from rugged and waterproof materials that ensure durability
  • Fitted with eleven-watt incandescent bulbs that offers a bright and warm glow
  • Multifunctional lights allowing you to use them for home décor, weddings, as well as events
  • Flexible and easy to install on flat surfaces or around furniture

Take your outdoor entertainment a notch higher by using the Lemontec string lights. Featuring an elegant and durable design, these lights will ensure optimal performance. Another great feature that comes with this model is that there are no rules when it comes to hanging them. You simply need to follow your personal preference and intuition to create a customized appeal. Unlike other models, you don’t have to follow an orderly design for them to appear attractive. Instead, with these lights, you can actually benefit from the incidental style.

More to these, the lights are designed to withstand all kinds of weather including hot sun, strong wind, and rain. It is also certified to comply with the safety standards making it safe to use everywhere including indoors. Besides, the sturdy and rugged construction enables it to last year after year while providing you with excellent performance.

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3. Brightown 50Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Bulbs

Brightown 50Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Bulbs
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Multipurpose functionality makes them usable for weddings, parties and during the festive season
  • Comes with 50 bright and beautiful bulbs for a breathtaking view
  • Decent length covers a large outdoor space
  • Bright enough to illuminate the whole area

While there are dozens of light bulbs on the market, it is rare to a model that combines high-quality construction and affordability. Well, Brightown prioritizes high performance, safety while still ensuring that this string light is affordable. No wonder why you find this model most commonly used for both home and commercial decoration. It comes at a decent size of 50 feet that will illuminate a good size and an end-to-end connection that allows you to connect more strings to cover the area you need.

Thanks to the weather resistance construction, this model makes a great choice for the outdoor lighting application. The cable is also well insulated making it safe and flexible to use even indoors. Additionally, this model comes with energy efficient yet bright bulbs that create beautiful outdoor views making it great for all parties as well as other festivities.

2. Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Incandescent String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Incandescent String Lights
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The Brightech Pro Ambiance string lights are specifically designed to provide you with endless options of transforming your outdoor space into something magical. These lights will add a touch of elegance making them an ideal choice for various occasions like but not limited to family reunions, barbecues, weddings, birthday parties as well as celebrating festivals. Thanks to the weathertite technology, these lights perform greatly all year round regardless of the prevailing weather.

Most users prefer this model as it comes with a vintage style exposed filament bulbs that provide a retro look and a cozy glow, bringing a lovely ambiance. Featuring a flexible and long design, it is also to get creative on how you hang them to give your space a unique look. What’s more, this is a heavy-duty string light that can be used for home as well as commercial decoration.

Key Features & Benefits
  • High quality and stylish Edison Bulbs with retro filament creates a beautiful and warm atmosphere
  • Dimmable bulbs enable you to set the right mood
  • Heavy-duty construction and waterproof makes them for both home and commercial use
  • Stylish design and energy efficient to ensure reliability
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1. Brightown 50Ft Outdoor Patio String Lights

Brightown 50Ft Outdoor Patio String Lights
Check it now on Amazon
Key Features & Benefits
  • Connectable and long 50 feet allows you to arrange the lights in a wide range of patterns
  • Energy efficient bulbs offer a warm and bright light that illuminates your space efficiently
  • Weather tight technology allows the lights to withstand harsh weather elements including rain and sun
  • Versatile functionality makes them ideal for parties, weddings, as well as decorating Christmas trees

These Nostalgic and decorative string lights make your nighttime or twilight gathering feels comfortable and relaxing for your family and guests. With a weatherproof design, you can use them for garden parties, wedding receptions, as well as tree lighting festivities. That’s not all, with a warm glow, these lights will enhance the mood of an evening meal from a night out with family at a sidewalk café to an intimate dinner for two on your deck.

These lights are approved to work well for both home and commercial settings. They are incredibly simple to install saving you time and energy. They are also connectable allowing you to cover larger areas. Equally important these are energy efficient and safe string lights that come with a candelabra socket base and use only five watts of power.

Factors to consider when getting the best outdoor string lights

As with any other equipment, it pays when you are able to use the best possible model. By doing this you will avoid the numerous problems that arise when it comes to using inferior products. The following tips will assist you in selecting the best string lights that you can use in your home.

  • Size:  The size is one of the top considerations when it comes to selecting the best model. As you can deduce from the reviews above, the string lights come in different lights. The best thing to do when selecting the size is to take note of the area you need to be covered. Besides choosing models with end-to-end, connection allows you to connect several strings for a customized look.
  • Design:  As the name suggests, the outdoor string lights are meant to be used in the outdoors. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that you only pick models that are designed to withstand the harsh weather elements. Pick models that offer superior water resistance and are well insulated to withstand hot sun especially during the summer.
  • Power consumption: There are many benefits of going for energy efficient models. They will not only save you from having to spend hundreds of dollars paying your electric bill but are also safer on the environment.
  • Flexibility: Additionally, you also need to look at the flexibility of the model you choose. Luckily, there are many models that are integrated with hooks making them easy to hang. They must also be easily bendable allowing you to create various shapes and reach the hard to access places.


Most outdoor string lights will say sweet things about their products. Sadly, not all these manufacturers mean what they say about their items. For this, we recommend the buyers to first go through the reviews of the products before making their decision. Additionally, by comparing, the above models should help you in selecting an item that will meet your needs.

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