The Best Makeup Highlighter Powders In 2023

Recently, highlighters or illuminators have gained superb responses in the makeup industry. Various illuminators can generate a dewy effect or natural no-makeup look on your skin. Amongst all makeup highlighter powders have also gained significant popularity because of its extensive finish and fantastic coverage.

To get a pop-up and shimmery cheekbone, collar bone, or pointed nose, you need the best makeup highlighter powder with which you can flaunt the correct contouring.

Our Top 10 Picks of the Best Makeup Highlighter Powder in 2023

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Read the extensive reviews on the top 10 makeup highlighter powder given below;

10. Aesthetica Makeup (4 shades+ Brush) Metallic Shimmer Powder Highlighter

Aesthetica Makeup (4 shades+ Brush) Metallic Shimmer Powder Highlighter

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The builders have formulated this smooth blending highlighter for all skin types. It is the best ready to go highlighter that you can use every day. There are four variant shades for each skin tone and comes along with a high-end brush.

The best part about this product is the long-staying nature without causing any breakouts. Again, the luminous effect of this highlighter is fantastic and makes you look naturally glowing.

If you are searching for a vegan-formulated highlighter, then it is a viable option. The presence of a brush helps you to blend the formula correctly on your skin. You will not have to spend on extra applicators. To get a long-lasting fantastic finish on your skin tone, you can surely choose from all the four vibrant colors available in the pack.

Key Features
  • Blends well
  • Everyday use
  • Four shades available
  • No breakouts
  • Luminous effect
  • Application brush accompanied
  • Durable shimmery glow
  • Ideal for fair skin tone
  • Smooth finish without causing fallouts or dry flakes.
  • Few users have noticed there are not many pigments present in this highlighter.

9. Lucoss Illuminator Shimmering Face Contour Palette Light Skin Highlighting Powder

Lucoss Illuminator Shimmering Face Contour Palette Light Skin Highlighting Powder

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The soft shimmery look at the party can be done smoothly with this beautiful makeup highlighter. Applying it on your skin allows it to breathe naturally without blocking any pores. There are small essential particles inside the solution that helps the highlighter to cater glow on your face from all dimensions.

You can expect a natural color effect after using this highlighter. It is suitable for contouring your face and neck perfectly.

Key Features
  • Soft and shimmery
  • Natural make look effect
  • The dimensional glow from all ends
  • Ideal for contours
  • You will not need a lot amount of it to get the radiant glow on your skin. Therefore, you can save it.
  • It blends well with the skin faster.
  • The color range is charming.
  • Few users have noticed foam thing in this highlighter while blending
  • The quality is not that impressive

8. L’Oreal Paris Nude Glow Moon Kissed Makeup Palette Highlighter

L'Oreal Paris Nude Glow Moon Kissed Makeup Palette Highlighter

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The smooth nude highlighter set is perfect for a sculpted, radiant look of your skin. This kit is a collection of four highlighting powders that can enhance the beauty of your complexion to the next level. You can either layer them separately or mix and match to get a natural glow effect on your skin tone.

The brand has designed these cool glowing palates suitable for all skin types. It does not result in any breakage or block of pores on your skin.

Key Features
  • Perfect for the nude makeup look
  • Four variant color shade
  • Ideal for all skin
  • No breakage
  • Bronzer and blush effect
  • Beautiful shine
  • Stays longer
  • Blends well
  • In some cases, users have noticed a grainy mess after applying this highlighter. The pigmentation is not present.
  • Shades of the colors available are not much noticeable for few skin tones. Therefore, you have to check which color can suit your skin type first.

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7. e.l.f Rose Gold Metallic High Shimmer Flare Powder Highlighter 

e.l.f Rose Gold Metallic High Shimmer Flare Powder Highlighter 

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The manufacturers have formulated this highlighter with a high-end shimmering capacity. It is apt for your party look or date nights. You can get a multidimensional glowing effect after using it on your skin tone. The product is vegan and contains no parabens and phthalates.

If you are searching for a long-wear formula, which will not affect your skin severely but give a constant glow, then try this product. You will fall in love with your natural makeup look once you start using the luminous highlighting powder.

Key Features
  • Shimmery effect
  • Soft and silky texture
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • No paraben
  • Long-lasting
  • Blends well
  • Affordable
  • At times, you may have to use it multiple times to get the shimmery effect.

6. Makeup Revolution 8gms Baked Vivid Highlighter

Make Up Revolution 8gms Baked Vivid Highlighter

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The brand has built up this lovely baked highlighter for generating a radiance glow on your skin. It is designed in a warm toner shade to compliment your skin tone well. This highlighting baked powder stays longer on your skin. You will not face any issue of thick or messy residue after applying this baking powder.

In case you want a gold-tinted pearl on your cheekbones or collarbone areas, then it is the best option to go for.

Key Features
  • Strong builds up
  • Radiance glow effect
  • Bakes natural contouring
  • No residue
  • Gold tint pearl content
  • Consumers have loved the range of shades. The selection of this color is natural according to the skin tone.
  • It blends well with the base makeup and acts as a great bronzer too.
  • There is an absence of pigmentation, as noticed by few users.
  • In some cases, people have found the highlighter too shimmery. However, it again depends on the occasion you want to use this product. It is ideal for date nights or parties.

5. Physicians Formula Mineral Translucent Glow Pearl Highlighting Powder

Physicians Formula Mineral Translucent Glow Pearl Highlighting Powder

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Now give your skin a radiant blushing glow with this translucent highlighting powder. Real pearl has been blended well in the formulation of this solution to get that shiny effect. You will feel a softer texture on your make up that allows it to breathe. Therefore, you will not have to worry about blocked pores. This product is suitable for all skin, including sensitive types.

To get a shine and pearl effect on your contoured to makeup, you should consider this unique powder highlighter. Again, it comes with an application brush with which you can blend it well and do not have to spend money to buy it separately.

Key Features
  • Radiant Glow
  • Translucent power
  • Real pearl ingredients
  • Shiny effect
  • Great for contouring
  • Ideal for all skin types including sensitive
  • Top layer coating has a nice glittering effect
  • Blends well and stays for a long time
  • Affordable
  • It did not show any luminous effect on fair skin

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4. Maybelline New York Chrome Molten Rose Gold Face Studio Highlighter

Maybelline New York Chrome Molten Rose Gold Face Studio Highlighter

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A smooth rose gold powdered highlighter can bring a reflective effect on your skin. It can help you to get an instant glow on your face. This powder is useful for setting the base of your make up correctly without causing any residue under your make up. You can expect a metallic matte finish on your make up.

If you want to highlight the beauty of your facial features, then you should try this product. The pigments of your skin also get blended well after using this powdered highlighter. This illuminating highlighter is ideal for all skin types.

Key Features
  • Rose gold color
  • Base setting powder
  • No residue
  • Metallic finish
  • Descent amount of pigments
  • Vibrant effect on fair skin or medium tone
  • Lightweight product and stays for a long time
  • In some rare scenarios, users have noticed the highlighter color fades on the skin after applying this product.

3. Rituel DE Fille Intensifier Cream Shimmering Highlighter

Rituel DE Fille Intensifier Cream Shimmering Highlighter

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It is one of the soft feel beauty enhancers for you. The powdered highlighter can be applied on any cream or moisturizer base. You will not even feel sticky. Instead, it gives a radiant glow instantly to your skin tone. The illuminator has a mixed cream and powdery texture and is translucent. It is lightweight and stays for a long time on your skin.

You will get a dewy finish on your make up if you apply this highlighter on your skin. Moreover, the original color of your skin will not feel like discolored because of the superb building coverage of this product.

Key Features
  • Intensifier
  • Layers well on lotion and cream
  • Shimmery effect
  • Radiant and fresh finish
  • Cruelty-free
  • No chemicals like parabens
  • You can use it effortlessly on your skin to get an instant moon glow
  • Does not cause any irritation
  • It is light and can be worn off smoothly
  • Users have not liked the thick and greasy feel on their skin after applying it.

2. Aesthetica Cosmos Metallic Sparkling Rose Make up Highlighter Powder

Aesthetica Cosmos Metallic Sparkling Rose Make up Highlighter Powder

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To get a lit form of natural glow on your make up, blend this highlighter. There are four varied colors available in this highlighter shade brand. Any flaws of your skin tone can be fixed well with this sparkling powdered highlighter beautifully. Another benefit of using this product is its long-lasting effect.

You can expect a superb professional glow on your face after using it. It is ideal for all skin types. This smooth blending powder is cruelty-free and is 100% vegan in nature.

The natural pressed powder and compact form highlighter can enhance your contours nicely. It will stay all day and night long without creating any messy residue on your make up. The small compact comes with a small mirror, so it is easy for you to carry and check yourself whenever you want.

Key Features
  • Four color variation
  • Long-lasting
  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Suitable for all skin
  • Smooth
  • Natural
  • It blends well and stays long
  • You can also use the color shades for eye shadow purpose
  • If more pigments were there in the content, the product would have been better.

1. Wet n wild Golden Flower Crown Colour MegaGlo Highlighter Powder

Wet n wild Golden Flower Crown Colour MegaGlo Highlighter Powder

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The manufacturers have developed the most luminous highlighting powder. It has a buttery formulation in the composition that will make your skin feel weightless and breathable. Therefore blending this highlighter is easy. There are micro-fine particles present in the mixture that can create a multidimensional glow effect on your skin.

Vitamin E, Shea butter, Murumuru seed butter, and argan oil are blended in this solution’s formation. It helps to make your skin softer with a radiance tone. It is vegan.

You can use it as bronzer and blush on your skin tone. Secondly, it will prep your skin well for any party-ready in less time. Again, there is no cruelty in the highlighter.

Key Features
  • Buildable
  • Nice coverage
  • Shea butter, vitamin E, etc. content
  • Both bronzer and blusher effect
  • No cruelty
  • Weightless skin glow
  • If you are looking for a natural sweaty look with your makeup, this is the highlighter for you
  • Gorgeous color shade suitable for light to medium tone
  • Value for money product
  • There is an absence of pigmentation

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What Points To Consider Before Buying The Best Makeup Highlighter Powder?

Before buying a makeup highlighter powder, users often go through a lot of confusion. Mostly, there are plenty of options available, which creates a hard time deciding the ideal one. We are presenting a clear review of the best makeup highlighter powders and buying tips on this to help your shopping from the list below;

  • Skin Type: Mostly powder highlighters for makeup are suitable for all skin types. However, it works best if you have an oily skin tone. Remember to apply the makeup highlighter powder on your contoured area after your face is moisturized well and makeup is done. Otherwise, it may create a thick residue on the face. For sensitive skin, the powdered highlighters also work fine. Still, it is better to consult with a dermatologist before applying the skin illuminators.
  • Shades: After skin type comes to your skin’s tone to know the exact shade of the powdered makeup highlighter. You have to know the details about your complexion to get that dewy or radiance edgy look. There are mainly three skin tones, and depending on them, you should apply the powdered highlighter.
  • Fair Tone: If you have a light or pale tone, then it is always best to choose the icy cool or champagne based shimmery colors for powder highlighters. Even light peachy colors are also favorable when it comes to powdered illuminators. They do not make your face loaded with a lot of makeup look but persists.
  • Medium Tone: Olive skin or medium-toned skin requires a frosty or gold powdered bronzer. It will give maximum coverage to your undertone nicely. Colors like peach or light pink can neutralize the skin tone better.
  • Deep Skin Tone: Try investing in fast blending rose gold powdered highlighters or bronzers. They are subtle and do not create a heavy look under your skin. The clear tone of pigment of your skin will be more beautifully portrayed if you use this shade. Mainly the warm powdered highlighters can make your skin tone look fresh. Otherwise, you might notice the skin may look dirty.
  • Blend: Before applying, check the makeup highlighter powder’s blending capability on your hands or finger. You can just take a small amount of the highlighter and try to match your skin tone accordingly. It is imperative before you choose the right bronzer for your skin.
  • Applicators: Often, the makeup highlighter powder sets come with applicators like brushes or sticks. For liquid bronzers, sticks are better. Powder highlighter can be set with the brushes. Therefore, choose the highlighter palates that come with such complimentary gifts.

Benefits Of Using Makeup Highlighter Powder

Generally, amongst the cream, liquid, and powdered makeup highlighters, it is always recommended to go with the powdered product as it is easy to use. Again another critical factor is mainly makeup highlighter powder form does not create any messy residue on your overall face.

It can result in a beautiful shimmery glow and wears off nicely. Even you can enhance the natural radiance of your skin tone by brushing off the extra powder smoothly. You can use it on the cheekbone top, middle section of the forehead, Nose Bridge, and with minimum blending, the powder effect stays longer on your skin.

How To Apply To Makeup Highlighter Powders?

Before you start with the powder highlighters or bronzers, here are a few essential methods you should follow;

  • Always choose a correct base with a natural primer. It will help your skin to look smooth with a slightly shiny finish.
  • Apply a moisturizer or foundation-based cream that can give a radiant finish. For extra glow, you can apply the light illuminator before the foundation and blend it well.
  • Now you can use the powdered highlighter to set your make up well. Highlight the correct areas and blend well with the brushes. Try starting from the temple areas and then on your cheeks. If you want a sharp jawline look, then you can also apply it.
  • After this, you need to color the effect. Hence, choose pink or peach shaded blushers on your skin tone for a naturally vibrant look.
  • Again, it is time for your best makeup highlighter powder to get that illuminated effect. You should brush it thoroughly on the skin area’s high points like the nose, forehead, and cheekbones. Then use the makeup setting spray, and you are good to go.


While shopping for the best makeup highlighter powder, you may get ample options in the market. Before you make your decision, checking the quality of the product is essential. We always suggest our readers check the reviews and compare prices before investing in the correct powdered highlighter for their skin type.

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