Having Fun with These Best Inflatable Bumper Balls In 2023

Inflatable bumper balls are a great way of having fun with family and friends in the open space. If you are worried about your kids playing a rough game like boxing, then why not introduce them to these bumper balls? These balls let the kids slip into one and then crash into each other with minimal risk of injury. The inflated bubble made from safe PVC material ensures that the kids and adults are safe even when on to some reckless activity.

However, there are various types of inflatable bumper balls available out there; it becomes a bit challenging to find the right one. There are a few critical factors to consider when buying a giant ball for the kids or yourself.

List of the Top 10 Best Inflatable Bumper Balls in 2023

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Incorporating the above features and more to offer, these inflatable bumper balls are the most popular purchases. Here are the reviews to help you out in picking the right inflatable bumper ball.

10. Holleyweb Non-toxic Washable Human Inflatable Bumper Ball

Holleyweb Non-toxic Washable Human Inflatable Bumper Ball

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This bumper ball from Holleyweb lets you run, flip and enjoy the fun outdoor activity without the fear of getting injured. Since the ball is made of PVC material, do not worry about it getting dirty as it can be washed and reused easily.

Moreover, the non-toxic material of the bumper ball ensures that you are safe inside. There are different colors available in these inflatable bumper balls to buy from.

Amplify the fun in the outdoor activity when you are playing soccer, swimming, on the beach day, or even shoaling water. Apart from that, this inflatable bumper ball can also be used for outdoor advertising to catch the attention of passers-by.

Get these durable and ergonomic design bumper balls in your house to enjoy activities without having to worry about injuries.

Key Features

  • Made of durable, non-toxic, and washable material
  • Can be used for outdoor activities such as swimming pool, soccer, and other commercial purposes
  • Durable with a life of up to 5 years
  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Can be used for personal and commercial purposes
  • Durable and washable
  • Could be a little hard to inflate without inflating the machine

9. Sunshinemall Heavy-Duty Easy Storage PVC Vinyl Bumper Ball

Sunshinemall Heavy-Duty Easy Storage PVC Vinyl Bumper Ball

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This inflatable ball from Sunshinemall comes straight out of a professional factory that has multiple years of experience in making inflatable toys for all ages. The ball is made from non-toxic PVC-vinyl and thoroughly tested to ensure safety.

Apart from that, the multiple patches that come along with the bumper ball are enough to prepare 1-3 patches, increasing the durability of the ball. Moreover, after use, it is easy to deflate the ball and carry it safely in the bag.

Inflate the ball just enough and slip into it for maximum fun during outdoor activities, swimming, and so on. These bumper balls from Sunshinemall are both durable and puncture-resistant.

Wear the ball with other appropriate safety gear such as a helmet, the right kind of shoes, and you are all set to have a fun-filled outdoor time.

Key Features

  • Made from PVC vinyl
  • Comes with patches to repair the holes
  • Deflate and carry in the bag option
  • For usage on the soft surface
  • Durable and puncture-resistant
  • Easy to carry along once deflated
  • Ensures maximum safety for the kids and the adults
  • Overinflation of the ball might damage it in the longer run

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8. Popsport Traditional Eco-Friendly Easily Inflatable Bumper Balls

Popsport Traditional Eco-Friendly Easily Inflatable Bumper Balls

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Play and exercise with the eco-friendly bumper ball from Popsport, which takes just around 2 minutes to inflate. Moreover, be assured of the safety features of the ball since it is made of 1mm non-toxic and odorless PVC, which ensures long-term use.

Further, the two handles inside the ball along with two adjustable shoulder straps, make it easier and more convenient for the user. Popsport ensures that the ball is engineered to be explosion-proof and durable, therefore negating the risk of accidents.

Apart from being durable and high on safety standards, this bumper ball has an ergonomic design ensuring proper comfort and posture. You can use this inflatable ball for overall body exercise, thereby improving your physical posture and strength.

Additionally, the bumper ball is straightforward to inflate through an electric pump, and the valve is tight enough to retain the air inside.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design with two handles and shoulder strap
  • Portable design
  • PVC non-toxic material
  • Can be used for various games
  • Easy and quick to inflate with the inflator
  • Ergonomic design with two handles inside for better fit
  • Made of non-toxic PVC material and odorless
  • Two handles and adjustable shoulder straps for better design
  • More suitable for kids aged above eight years

7. Popsport Inflatable Eco-Friendly Comfy Design Bumper Ball

Popsport Inflatable Eco-Friendly Comfy Design Bumper Ball

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This transparent bumper ball is made of PVC and nontoxic material with a 3-way safety system. Further, the PVC material ball is CE/TUV approved, making it easier and safer to play. The 3- way safety system ensures air protection, handles for easy holding, and a shoulder strap for the perfect fit.

Moreover, it is easy to inflate the ball in just 90 seconds with the inflator pump. You can use this ball in open grass, astroturf, indoor sports hall schools, swimming pools, beaches, theme parts, and so on.

Be stress-free about the quality of the product and safety standards with this Popsport inflatable bumper ball. The ball is designed in such a way with two handles and two shoulder straps to ensure maximum safety and fun.

Further, the ball can be deflated and carried easily in the trunk, which makes the storage problem go away. Buy these inflatable balls for your kids and family to have enjoyed fun activities outdoors.

Key Features

  • PVC material and nontoxic
  • Two handles and Two shoulder strap
  • 3-way safety system
  • Inflatable with the electric inflator
  • Safety harness and belt along with two handles offer better support
  • Easy to inflate and deflate when not in use to store in the trunk
  • Durable, portable, and odorless
  • Available in just one color

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6. Keenstone Durable Material Portable Giant Bumper Balls

Keenstone Durable Material Portable Giant Bumper Balls

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A fun way of playing soccer and doing other outdoor activities, these bumper balls also ensure maximum safety. The TPU handles are welded with the high-frequency machine, therefore, ensuring safety and no cracks. Moreover, the adjustable canvas straps are easy to adjust, accordingly keeping it the users safe.

Further, the big inflation inlet allows the bumper balls to be easily inflated or deflated with an electric pump. Moreover, the TPU plug keeps the sealing tight and airtight for maximum fit. This soccer ball is hard and cold-resistant and durable to be used for multiple years without any wear and tear.

A bumper ball that meets all the safety standards this inflatable bumper ball from Keenstone is a perfect option for your outdoor activities. Moreover, the non-toxic and skin-friendly material does not have any odd plastic smell.

You can use this bumper ball on grass, beach, bumper ground, and even snowfield for playing soccer and other outdoor fun activities.

Key Features

  • UV resistant and waterproof
  • Tear-resistant and quick inflation
  • PVC, non-toxic material
  • Air-filled sphere
  • Durable PVC material is non-toxic, odorless, and colorless
  • Welding by high-frequency machine ensures sturdy handles
  • Straps on the inside can be adjusted as per the requirement
  • It is a vast bumper ball and therefore requires the mechanical pump

5. Hi Suyi Inflatable Body Bubble Portable Bumper Balls

Hi Suyi Inflatable Body Bubble Portable Bumper Balls

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These deflatable and collapsible bumper balls for the kids are perfect for carrying outdoors on a picnic, beach, family outing, and so on. Since the ball is constructed from heavy-duty PVC vinyl, it is toxic-free and safe to use. Moreover, the heavy-duty PVC used in the construction of this bumper ball ensures durability.

Since these bumper balls come in a combination of two, you do not have to worry about buying separately for the other kid.

Give your child an exciting way of interacting with the outside world rather than sitting on a couch and just watching television all day long. Apart from promoting physical activity, the bumper balls also ensure that your kids are safe even when playing recklessly at times.

Take these bumper balls for your kids to play anywhere like the beach, get-together, picnic, and so on. However, ensure that there is proper adult supervision while inflating or using the balls by the kids.

Key Features

  • Available in the pack of two
  • Can be deflated and carried along
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction
  • Heavy-duty PVC material ensures durability
  • Easy to deflate and portable
  • Toxic-free and safe to use
  • Can start deflating slowly if someone sits on it

4. Sunshinemall Inflatable Heavy Duty Vinyl Bumper Balls

Sunshinemall Inflatable Heavy Duty Vinyl Bumper Balls

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This versatile and portable bumper ball from Sunshinemall is apt for having fun on the beaches, outdoors, at bbq parties, and so on. Not just the kids but also the entire family can have loads of fun with these bumper balls.

Moreover, features such as portability are something that makes this bumper ball worth consideration. All you need to do is to deflate to collapse the ball efficiently and carry it along. Further, the puncture-resistant material of the bumper ball is also a feature that is worth considering.

Gear up yourself and the kids for more outdoor activities with these super fun inflatable bump balls. Since you do not have to worry about the bigger size of the bumper balls as they can be deflated and carried around, you never miss out on the fun activity.

These bumper balls are durable, but precautions such as over-inflating and folding them properly would further enhance life. These bumper balls are of good quality and perform best when used on a soft surface.

Key Features

  • Can be deflated and portable
  • Made of toxic-free material
  • Multiple patches
  • Easy to deflate, fold and carry along
  • Durable and puncture-resistant
  • Multiple patches for repairing the holes
  • Not for kids below six years of age

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3. Yuebo Safe Design Tear Resistant Odorless Inflatable Bumper Ball

Yuebo Safe Design Tear Resistant Odorless Inflatable Bumper Ball

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This bumper ball is exceptionally safe to be used since it is made of non-toxic, odorless PVC material which is skin-friendly. Moreover, the heat and cold resistance feature of the material also gives it an edge over the other products.

Moreover, the bumper ball is wear and tear-resistant with better sealing performance and ductility. You can quickly inflate or deflate this bumper ball with the help of an air pump, air mattress, or compressor.

If you belong to the category of consumers who prioritize safety when selecting products for kids, then consider this inflatable ball. 2 handles and two adjustable shoulder straps ensure proper fit and make the bumper ball safer for kids and adults alike.

Easy to inflate and consistent quality of this ball makes it worth considering for ensuring that kids enjoy and spend more time outdoors.

Key Features

  • Made of PVC material
  • Two handles and two shoulder straps
  • 7 Fasteners a row
  • Available in two sizes
  • Heavy-duty PVC material, non-toxic and odorless
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Safety features such as two handles and shoulder straps
  • Limit the running distance and speed as is the case with all the bumper balls

2. Banzai Cushion Inflatable Surface Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

Banzai Cushion Inflatable Surface Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers

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These bumper balls are specially made for kids within 4-12 years, and therefore, safety has been paramount. The durable PVC construction of the balls, along with patches, ensures durability and is anti-wear and tear. Moreover, it is easy to wipe clean these bumpers even after long hours of usage.

Apart from that, you can quickly inflate these bumpers with the help of a manual or electric inflator. The pack of two belly-to-belly bumping action body bumpers comes in two different colors in the package.

Let your kids slip into action after wearing this super fun and extremely durable body bumpers from Banzai. Additionally, these bumpers can also be deflated and are collapsible so that you do not have to leave them at home when going out with the kids.

The bumpers are just perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities, making them fun for the kids. However, make sure that the kids are above three years as the balls contain small parts.

Key Features

  • Inflatable and Collapsible
  • PVC construct and nontoxic material
  • Patches for repairing the holes included
  • The PVC construction of the bumper balls makes them durable
  • Carried along easily wherever you go
  • For both indoor and outdoor
  • Made from non-toxic and odor-free material
  • Filling the air to every valve might take a bit more time

1. Baturu Store Ultra Thick Ergonomic Design Bubble Soccer Balls

Baturu Store Ultra Thick Ergonomic Design Bubble Soccer Balls

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This bubble soccer ball from Baturu Store is made of ultra-thick PVC, and the material is non-toxic as well as odorless. Moreover, better sealing performance and ductility make it wear and tear-resistant. The ball is more durable since it can support a higher weight of up to 250 lbs, making it even safer.

Further, the two handles are made to fit the shape of a human finger, and the grip is very soft, making it even more comfortable to hold.

An excellent product for playing games during a family gatherings, birthday parties, or just normal outdoor activities, this bumper ball is durable and comfortable. The ergonomic design and soft grip of the handle make sure that the ball can be used for longer hours.

This ball is made from high-quality material and is suitable for kids aged above eight years.

Key Features

  • Constructed from PVC material
  • Non-toxic and odorless material
  • Soft gripped the handle
  • Ergonomic design and better grip for better performance
  • Made from ultra-thick PVC making the ball bust free
  • Toxic-free and odorless material
  • Expensive in comparison

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What Points To Consider Before Buying The Best Inflatable Bumper Balls

Safety Features – Bubble balls are a great way of ensuring that kids play outdoor and reckless games but do not get hurt in the process. Just to ensure this, proper safety measures should be in place, such as a shoulder harness. Make sure that the shoulder harness of the bubble balls can be fastened as per your requirement. The strap should nicely fit because a loosely fitted one increases the chance of injuries.

  • Price – As the number of variants of bumper balls increase, you will get various price points as well. However, be sure about the features you want and the ones you do not because ultimately, you end up paying quite high for nice-to-have features.
  • Non-Toxic Material – The kids slip into the ball, and therefore, the material needs to be non-toxic. While most of inflatable bumper balls are made of non-toxic material, a double check is always advised before buying an inflatable bumper ball.
  • Durability – Since the bumper balls are made of PVC material, there are high chances of wear and tear of frequent punctures. A good PVC bumper ball should be puncture-resistant and come with patches to ensure these can prepare 1-3 holes.
  • Design Of The Balls – The design should be ergonomic for the best comfort of the users, and there should be two handles on the inside. A good design even helps in exercising the body and improving the overall physical fitness of kids and adults alike.


Bumper balls are a great way of ensuring that kids enjoy outdoor activities without getting injuries. Moreover, these inflatable balls are a great way of having fun on a family outing, beachside, and so on. Before buying inflatable bumper balls, basics such as material, grip, design, and durability should be considered thoroughly.

We hope this buying guide and product review attempt by us will help you make a better decision when buying a bumper ball next time.

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