Benefits Of Buying Hanging Tents for Kids

Hanging Tents or more popularly known as hammock tents are becoming popular for their comfort and safety features. If you an avid hiker or camper, then tents would be an integral part of your life. However, we always do not get the perfect ground in the literal sense to put a tent, given the rocky patches of forest lands, water, mud, and even the fear of wild animals and reptiles.

Enter the hanging tents that can be hung to a tree branch, depending on the height at which you want to rest. Not only you get more space, but also the durability of the tent increases as it is safe from mud, water, and other wear and tear.

Benefits Of Buying Hanging Tents
  • Clean And Hygienic

Hanging tents are clean as there is no ground touch, and therefore, you stay away from water, mud, insects, and so on. Moreover, during the cold weather, the ground tents might be a bit uncomfortable compared to the tree tents.

  • No Worries Of Insects And Bugs

You might be considering buying a hammock, which pops up as a distinct alternative of the ground tent. However, hammocks can be defenseless from mosquitos and other types of bugs, and therefore tree tents are a better option. You can simply close the tent during the night for sound sleep free from mosquitos and bugs.

  • Fewer Accessories To Carry

You do not need to carry the poles in case of tree tents, making it a better option. Accessories related to the tree tents are easy to carry just in a bag pack, therefore, giving you more agility and less burden to carry.

Top 10 Best Tree Hanging Tents In 2023


10. Garcia Swing Play LED Decoration Inflatable Cushion Tree Tent

Garcia Swing Play LED Decoration Inflatable Cushion Tree Tent

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This tent from Garcia comes with waterproof and UV resistant oxford cloth along with a curved inflatable cushion. The ergonomic design ensures that you do not feel exhausted even when sitting for a long time. Functional load capacity ensures that both adults and children can use the tent.

Hanging tree tents is in HangOut shape with a string of LED lights on the inside for cozy feel adding to the atmosphere. Kids will have a good time as all you need is zipping up the tent and putting on the LED lights.

Plan an escape from the daily hustle and relax in the lap of nature with this Tree tent. Keep yourself and your family safe and secure from the bugs, mosquitos, water, dirt while also enjoying the woods.

Since the tent is easy to fold, it is simple to carry anywhere you go, whether at the home garden or during the camping.

Check Product Key Features
  • Ergonomic Design
  • LED light, waterproof and UV resistant
  • High-quality material
  • Zipper for closing the tent
  • Made of sturdy material to ensure that the entire family can enjoy
  • LED lights in the tent add to the atmosphere and keep kids engaged
  • Waterproof and UV resistant fabric
  • Might be slightly expensive for a small family

9. Zupapa 2 in 1 Detachable Tree Straps Hanging Tree Swings

Zupapa 2 in 1 Detachable Tree Straps Hanging Tree Swings

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Inspired by creating fun and innovative products for the kids and adults, these tree swings from Zupapa are fun both indoor and outdoor. Further, the durable material and high-quality steel frame with weaved nylon rope ensuring both comfort and safety.

The galvanized padding pipe and foam padding along with heavy-duty PP and oxford fabric make this tree swing perfect for the kids and adults. Other than that, you get the adjustable ropes that can be adjusted according to the height of the branch.

Let your kids experience the outside world under the blue sky with this durable and robust tree hanging tent from Zupapa. Kids can enjoy the space to play, read comfortably even in the outdoors. Moreover, to ensure proper ventilation, there is a mesh net window and rolling door.

Never again, the kids will be confined to just indoors with this functional and fun tree hanging swing tent.

Check Product Key Features
  • Detachable Play tent
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Galvanized pipe and foam padding
  • Adjustable rope
  • Net window and rolling door
  • Makes outdoor activity of the kids entertaining without exposing them to sunlight and heat
  • Sturdy material and foam padding is comfortable for the kids to play
  • Rolling door and mesh net window for proper ventilation
  • Could be quite big for the small outdoor area

8. Sportpower Soft Polyester Metal Chain Tree Hanging Tent

Sportpower Soft Polyester Metal Chain Tree Hanging Tent

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The Sportspower family BluPod hanging tent is perfect for the entire family who wants to enjoy outdoors. Secure installation and pop-lock connection, along with quick assembly, is something that you love. Moreover, the suspension chain is made of metal, making the fastening entirely secure.

The tent comes rigged with the LED lights and the interior elastic bands not limiting the utility of the tent just during the days. The fabric of the tent is durable polyester enough to carry around 600 pounds of weight.

Soft polyester cushion and galvanized steel hanging stand make sure that you can sit inside the tent with your entire family and enjoy it. Just like any other sports material, this polyester hanging tent from BluPod also meets the ASTM safety standard.

Now, enjoy a fun-filled day with your entire family outdoors without having to worry about the scorching heat, cold, rain, or any other adverse weather condition.

Check Product Key Features
  • Polyester cushion seat
  • Galvanized steel hanging stand
  • Polyester fabric
  • LED lights
  • ASTM safety standard
  • The led lights ensure that the hanging pod can also be used during the night
  • Durable Polyester and galvanized hanging stand offers extra strength and durability to the tent
  • The pod meets the ASTM safety standard making it the right choice for the entire family
  • Customers would need to buy the LED lights separately

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7. HappyPie Hanging Space Capsule Ambient Light Swing Tent

HappyPie Hanging Space Capsule Ambient Light Swing Tent

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The automatic inflation cushion, vibrant color, and innovative space capsule design are what makes this swing tent worth consideration. You can install the LED lights inside the tent along with the roller shutter door and PVC window for natural ventilation.

Moreover, the hanging capsule is made of heavy-duty polyester canvas, which is breathable and waterproof. Perfect for the kids, the capsule has passed the German TUV children’s toy safety test.

Let the imagination of your kids take new leaps as they enjoy and learn in this capsule, both indoor and outdoor. Further, to increase comfort, you can attach the matching inflatable cushion for the kids.

You get LED lights, cushion, tree belts for suspending the capsule from the tree, carabiner, tree belt, and hardware along with this product. Get the perfect set up for the kids, both indoor and outdoor letting them enjoy and learn together.

Check Product Key Features
  • Polyester Cloth case
  • Accessories such as LED, Carabiner, and hardware included
  • Automatic inflatable cushion
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Vibrant color and sturdy design makes the tent an apt buy for the kids
  • The product has passed the Garman TUV quality test
  • LED lights ensure the utility if the tent even in the dark
  • Only one color combination available

6. Costzon Giant Playing Zone Heavy Duty Detachable Indoor/Outdoor Tree Tent

Costzon Giant Playing Zone Heavy Duty Detachable Indoor:Outdoor Tree Tent

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Costzon ensures that this hanging tree swing is not short on coziness and comfort to take care of the kids’ sensory needs. Made from the durable galvanized pipe frame with foam padding. Oxford fabric and PP jumping cloth, the hanging nest, can accommodate 2-3 kids and has a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs.

The diameter of the play zone is quite wide, wherein kids will get enough space to sit comfortably and play. Moreover, this giant hanging play zone from Costzon is easy to assemble and mountable with just a universal hanging rope.

Kids are going to love this fun and innovative idea of spending time, both playing and learning. Further, parents do not need to worry anymore about the harmful sun rays or bad weather outdoor. The ropes are braided for extra strength, and the length is adjustable, therefore letting you adjust the heights accordingly.

Get this very comfortable, pleasing to the eyes and sturdy tent from Costzon to make outdoor activities fun for the kids and adults.

Check Product Key Features
  • Flying saucer shape
  • Galvanized pipe with foam padding built
  • Adjustable rope
  • Indoor and outdoor activity
  • The large size and sturdy design for maximum comfort and safety
  • Length of the rope is adjustable to decide the height
  • Screen Window and rolling door for proper ventilation
  • Available in single shade only

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5. Woodland Wonderland LED Flower Light Huggle Pod For Kids

Woodland Wonderland LED Flower Light Huggle Pod For Kids

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Specially made for the kids who love nature and outdoor, this Huggle pod from Woodland is an excellent option. Very comfortable and cozy, this huggle pod has three windows and a fabric door. Further, the LED leaf lights inside the top make this cute looking tent perfect for the kids to play at any time of the entire day.

If you want to hang the tent inside, just use the crescent stand from Woodland to do so. Easy to assemble and suitable for sensory experience, this huggle pod is perfect for the kids to play comfortably.

This could be your kid’s cozy and personal space where they can play, learn, and just spend time. Easy for the parents to monitor the kids and, at the same time, not restricting them to go outdoor is what you can achieve with this Huggle Pod for the kids.

The pod is easy to assemble and made of sturdy material, ensuring long term performance and durability.

Check Product Key Features
  • Three windows and a Fabric door
  • LED leaf lights
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Tested as per U.S. Child safety regulations
  • Beautiful and close to nature look makes the kids more interested in spending time inside
  • LED lights leaf add to the atmosphere and give a very natural look
  • Easy to install and fold once kids are done playing
  • Might not be suitable for more than two kids

4. Sorbus Hanging Seat Indoor Outdoor Spacious Round Frame Hanging Tent

Sorbus Hanging Seat Indoor Outdoor Spacious Round Frame Hanging Tent

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A fun place to sit, play, and relax for the kids, as well as teenagers, this swing chair nook from Sorbus, is perfect for outdoor. Moreover, assembling this tent is very easy, and all the instructions required to do so are included in the pack itself.

Since there is just a single suspension point, it is easy to relocate this hanging tent indoor and outdoor. You can hang it from a stable tree branch, swing sets, or even ceiling hooks.

If you are looking for an exciting item that keeps your kids engaged and also ensures you monitoring them comfortably, then this hanging tent is an excellent option. Superior strength and sturdy material ensure safety.

Get home this teardrop design hammock for a cozy look and ensure that your kids are not subjected to harsh weather when playing outside.

Check Product Key Features
  • Tee Pee style teardrop design
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Round windows
  • Indoor and outdoor utility
  • Fade-resistant
  • Can be hung to most of the trees and indoor hooks as well
  • High quality, 100% cotton fabric for comfortable and durable performance
  • Easy assembling under an adult supervision
  • Could be large for smaller indoor/outdoor

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3. OrangeA Waterproof Portable LED Lights Green Hanging Tent

OrangeA Waterproof Portable LED Lights Green Hanging Tent

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Made from heavy-duty polyester, this hanging tent is colorful, fun, and weatherproof making outdoor recreation fun for the kids. Further, to save the kids from the harmful UV rays when they are playing out, the fabric of the tent is also UV rays resistant.

The LED lights that light up the pod in the dark add to the atmosphere, making it fun for the kids to play, read, or do any recreational activity. This hanging tent is easy to clean and portable, making it a must-have for family camping.

The three porthole style windows ensure proper ventilation along with a Velcro flap door. The plump cushion on the top of it makes seating for longer hours very comfortable. Apart from that, the metal hooks are heavy duty.

Make your kids’ outdoor activities even more enjoyable with this bright green hanging tent, which is sturdy and easy to install.

Check Product Key Features
  • Removable PVC Cushion
  • Reinforced metal ring for suspension
  • LED lights option
  • Indoor/outdoor utility
  • Good ventilation with three windows and one door
  • LED lights on the inside option making the tent functional during the dark as well
  • Waterproof and portable
  • Does not come with hanging hardware

2. BestChoice Products Multicolor Tie-Back Doors Swing Chair

BestChoice Products Multicolor Tie-Back Doors Swing Chair

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Spacious design with ample seating arrangement to let the kids sit comfortably and enjoy throughout the day. The hanging tent from BestChoice has the option of multicolor LED lights adding to the atmosphere.

Further, the material of the tent both sturdy and durable making it perfect for any weather. The fabric doors ensure that your kids are safe from mosquitos and bugs. The metal base border with a blow-up exterior inflates quickly.

Let your kids enjoy the outdoor, recreate, red, and play without you having to worry about the weather outside. The ropes are adjustable so that you can suspend the tent according to your preferred height and ensure the safety of the kids.

Apart from LED lights, you also get the option of hanging other toys making it more entertaining and engaging for the kids.

Check Product Key Features
  • Indoor/outdoor option
  • Adjustable rope
  • Multicolor LED lights
  • Tie-back door
  • Built-in window and tie-back doors enable easy ventilation and safety from bugs
  • Multicolor LED light option ensures an engaging environment for the kids
  • Soft, comfortable and sturdy fabric
  • Available in Just one shade

1. Happy Pie Play&Adventure Waterproof Light Strings Hanging Tent

Happy Pie Play&Adventure Waterproof Light Strings Hanging Tent

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This spacious tent is everything your kids would ever want to play, read, or just relax outdoor. The tent is strong and durable enough to accommodate 2-3 kids. Additionally, the inbuilt pocket can be used to keep the valuables, books, toys, etc. while camping.

Moreover, the LED light strings flash like the stars during the night. The tent fabric is waterproof and also anti-UV oxford cloth protecting the kids from harmful rays.

Give your kids a safe and cozy environment to play, pursue their hobby, read, or just relax in the tent outdoor while you can also keep watch on them. This tent is made of sturdy material and is safe from rain, heat, and other weather conditions.

Light string with curtain design guarantees utility during the night as well as natural ventilation. Further, assembling this tent is quite easy and can be done in adult supervision.

Check Product Key Features
  • Waterproof and Anti UV rays
  • Portable and with light string
  • Can be assembled under adult supervision
  • Adjustable string
  • Lightweight, portable and yet can take the weight of 2-3 kids
  • Fabric door and window opening for proper ventilation
  • Lights string with curtain design
  • Available in just one shade

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Factors to Consider While Buying A Hanging Tent

If you are considering buying a new hanging tent, then consider the following factors while doing so:

  • The Fabric Of The Tent

While choosing a tent or hammock, consider the denier density. Higher denier density means that the fabric of the tent would be more durable compared to the lower denier density. Moreover, if you are looking to buy a tent for more than one person, higher denier density should not be side-lined.

  • Size Of The Tent

This depends on the number of people planning to be in one tent. There are various types of tents that you can buy depending on the size. Moreover, the best option is to buy a spacious tent that can accommodate 2-3 people.

  • Accessorize Available

A hanging tent should have the accessories for all weather types. Some of the basic accessorize that you should not ignore while buying a tent are straps, Bug net, Rain tarp, Hammock tents, and so on. Irrespective of the weather condition out there, these and various other accessories keep you prepared.


The hanging tents are both fun and have great utility for those who love interacting with nature more often. Moreover, these tents, when hung from the tree in our backyard, also serve the purpose of kids’ playhouse.

To ensure that you buy the tent that ticks all the right boxes and is light on your pocket too, we curated a list of trending hanging tents. You do not have to worry about your kid being outdoor for long hours as they can rest, sit, play, read books in these tents throughout the day and night.

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