Top 10 Best Handheld Steamers for Clothes in 2023 | Buyer’s Guide

Handheld steamers for clothes bring a lot of convenience in your life. They are excellent for some last-minute touch up to your expensive clothes. Ease of use, comfort, and portability make these garment steamers an essential appliance for home use and travel.

How Does A Garment Steamer Work?

A garment steamer comes with a water reservoir. Water is heated until it becomes steam that is used to remove the wrinkles from fabric. The steam relaxes the fabric’s fiber and removes any wrinkles from its surface.

A handheld device allows you to de-wrinkle the clothes in any position with more ease. You can even de-wrinkle the clothes in a hanging position.

Garment Steamer VS. Press Iron

The purpose of both iron and clothes steamer is to remove the wrinkles. Both have their advantages.

Advantages of an Iron

  • Iron is excellent for making creases.
  • Gives best and 100% results.
  • No spitting or sputtering.

Advantages of a Garment Steamer

  • The steamer is excellent for fabrics that are difficult to lay on a pressboard.
  • It does not require any pressboard.
  • The garment steamer is more portable and good for carrying along when travelling.
  • It is easy to work on fabrics that are difficult to iron press, for example, those having embellishment or stonework.
  • It produces fast and efficient results.

Top 10 Best Handheld Steamers for Clothes in 2023

Choosing a handheld steamer seems a challenging job when you have too many of them out there. Here, we have chosen 10 best hand-held steamers for your convenience.  Feel free to choose one that seems more promising.

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10. Queenwill Garment Steamer for Clothes

Queenwill Garment Steamer for Clothes

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We have Queenwill’s garment steamer on #10 in our list of the best garment steamers. It’s a powerful device that is perfect for both your everyday use and also for professionals.

Water leakage can be the worst part of any garment steamer; it is unpleasant and messy. Queenwill’s Garment steamer comes with a sealed water tank, and you don’t have to worry about spilling hot water. The tank is also separable, so it is easy to fill it.

The steamer can be used both horizontally and vertically, as per your choice and convenience. Its portable design makes it more convenient for carrying along on travel trips. Its Polypropylene built is durable and won’t be melting even at very high temperatures. It also gives your appliance a cool exterior, so you don’t have to worry about an accidental burn.

The steamer comes with a powerful tank. With its 180 ml capacity, you can keep on steaming for 10 minutes. Its nozzle is designed for emitting an even spray. It is good for removing wrinkles from all fabrics, including the delicate ones. You can use it even in a rush and have some excellent results. It’s a great option that is surprisingly cost-effective as well.

9. BZ Steamer for Clothes

BZ Steamer for Clothes

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Next, we have BZ Steamer that combines convenience and efficiency. The steamer comes with advanced technology to give you a great steaming experience. Its powerful heating unit can work on even very tough and stubborn wrinkles. If you are too busy to spend minutes on pressing clothes, probably this one is your best bet. With its high tech micro-heating panels, the water in reservoir heats up within just 120 sec.

A very notable advantage of this garment steamer is its portable design. The hand-held steamer is easy to carry in your luggage when travelling, and also easy to store. Its compact and lightweight design makes it an excellent travel accessory.

The steamer features a very well-constructed nozzle that emits equal steam. And it is not messy at all, even when emitting steam, the nozzle and entire steamer remain dry.

It’s a perfect choice if you are always on the go and don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on such a simple task as steaming your clothes. The steamer comes with a 1-year warranty but is sure going to last longer than that.

8. MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer

MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer

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If you want the real quick steaming experience, this one is for you. The MagicPro steamer works magic and is capable of heating up in almost 25 sec. Now, all it takes is about 25 seconds to remove even tough creases from your clothes. The steamer is designed to remain safe for the user. It comes with an automatic shut-off system, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. The steamer comes with an electric pump for water that doesn’t allow any spills or leakages.

The steamer works on all fabrics. It is highly portable, and you can simply pack it in any small suitcase. You can use it at any angle that makes steaming your clothes even more convenient. With all these wonderful features, the steamer is surprisingly cost-effective. It’s a great choice that won’t put any extra strain on your pocket as well.

7. iSteam Luxury Edition Steamer

iSteam Luxury Edition Steamer

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This one is for those who are looking for a quality product that provides the best steaming experience. This iSteam Luxury Edition Steamer is a ready-to-go steamer that is designed for those times when you are in a rush. Its powerful motor heats the water within 25 seconds.

The water in its reservoir is enough to give you at least ten minutes of continuous steaming. The time is enough to remove wrinkles from your clothes, bed sheets, drapes, or any other fabric.

The steamer comes in a small and compact design that you can easily pack in your travel luggage. Even your worst wrinkled clothes are ready to wear within minutes.

Unlike some ordinary steamers, this one does not sputter water while steaming. You don’t have to worry about the messy spills at all. You can steam the clothes in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Whether you want to give some last-minute touchups to your drapes or bed covers, or need a steamer for some quick ready to wear clothes, this one is a perfect choice.

6. DB DEGBIT Portable Fast Heat-Up Steamer for Clothes

DB DEGBIT Portable Fast Heat-Up Steamer for Clothes

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DB DEGBIT offers another great option in quality garment steamers. The handheld steamer is compact enough to fits in your hand. Its efficient 800-watt system heats the water within 25 seconds to give you a quick steaming option. The steamer comes with a 100 ml sealed tank for water. It is enough to provide you with ten minutes of continuous steam.

The steamer works on all types of fabrics. Whether you need to steam some cushion covers, drapes or bedcovers, this one makes the process easy and hassle-free. It comes with a 2m long cord that makes it use more convenient. You no longer need to find an electric socket nearby. Simply take the steamer to the cloth.

The steamer emits dry steam, and there are no spills or spits that you hate while steaming. Its cool exterior is perfectly safe even when the steamer is fully heated. A very useful feature is its ability to automatically shut off the system when the temperature rises a certain level, or if you leave the steamer on for long. The manufacturers are offering a lifetime warranty that makes this steamer all the more reliable.

5. PurSteam Steamer for Clothes

PurSteam Steamer for Clothes

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This one is another quality steamer that is perfect for travelling. Its small size, ease of use, and speedy results make it ideal to be carried on trips, cruises, and even for everyday use. The steamer is perfectly fine for even delicate fabrics like chiffon. It will not only de-wrinkle your clothes, drapes, or bedcovers but sanitize them as well. The lightweight steamer is powerful enough to take only a few seconds to heat the water, and the rest is easy.

The steamer is designed with BPA free ABS/PP and comes with a sealed water reservoir. It stores enough water to give you ten minutes of continuous steaming. Its long chord provides much convenience while steaming. The only downside we noticed is that manufacturers do not offer any warranty.

4. Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

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This one by Lemontec is another portable steamer that is perfect for travelling. Its small size, lightweight, and great performance make it excellent for luxury trips like cruises. Just stuff it in a suitcase along with other things, and you no longer have to worry about wrinkled clothes anywhere.

You will get 7-10 minutes of continuous steaming after each refill. Its latest design incorporates an auto-shutoff system that is quite helpful, especially when you are steaming in a hurry. The system will automatically shut off even when you leave it on in a rush. However, the steamer can spit some water if tilt too much on a side or filled above the maximum line.

Overall, it’s a great investment for having clean and fresh clothes within minutes practically anywhere with an electric plug.

3. Magictec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Magictec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

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This Magictec’s Garment Steamer comes on number three in our list. The steamer has a unique design and features a nozzle that distributes even steam, and you can better focus on the wrinkled parts. Its electric leakage protection rules out the possibility of any spills. Its compact design makes it ideal for stashing in any bag for travelling.

The steamer supports all types of fabrics, including the delicate ones, or those with the most stubborn wrinkles. The ease of steaming allows you to de-wrinkle anything you want, table clothes, covers, drapes, or anything that you find hard to spread on an iron board. The steamer is easy and safe to work with and performs well despite its reasonable price.

2. Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer

Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer

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Hilife Steamer is one of the best products available that you can trust for your everyday use, travel purpose, or for steaming delicate fabrics that you can’t risk putting under an iron. This clothes steamer comes with more water capacity and provides 15 minutes of continuous steam. The 700 watts powered steamer takes few seconds to boil the water inside for steaming.

The steamer has a sealed water tank, and there is no risk of water spilling, or hot water spitting out of it. It not only cleans the wrinkles but sanitizes your clothes and give them a fresh new look. Its light and compact design make it ideal for packing in a suitcase. The only downside we noticed is that it can only steam in a horizontal position. It’s a good choice for giving a fresh touchup to your clothes in the last minutes.

1. BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Steamer for Clothes

BEAUTURAL 1200-Watt Steamer for Clothes

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We have Beautural’s steamer at the top of our list of best garment steamers. The product deserves to be on number one with so many wonderful features and thousands of positive reviews by the customers. The steamer works fast and efficiently. It needs only 30 seconds to make your clothes wrinkle-free. The water tank holds enough water to let you steam nonstop for about 15 minutes.

The steamer is perfect for use on all types of fabric; nylon, velvet, chiffon, linen, silk, polyester, or any other fabric. The steamer features the pump steam technology that eliminates any chance of water leakage. It can steam in any position. You don’t have to hang or put your clothes in a specific position. You can steam your clothes in vertical or horizontal positions.

The best part of this steamer is that it comes with three removable attachments. It comes with a creaser, lint brush, and fabric brush that gives you versatile steaming experience and makes your task easier. The product comes with a two-year warranty, but it is going to last long after that with the same performance.

The steamer is slightly pricey than the other options. But it provides better performance and is durable enough to last years. It is the best option that you won’t regret spending some extra pennies on.

Things to Consider While Buying A Handheld Steamer

Here are a few things that you should look at while choosing a garment steamer.

  • Brand: Choose a reliable brand. There are a lot of cheap options in the market, but appliances like steamers are not bought every day. So it is better to choose a reliable brand that offers a good warranty for their product.
  • Heat-up time: A handheld garment steamer is usually used in the last minutes, so you need to be assured it takes less time in heating water and making steam. Always check the heat up time and make sure it comes with enough electric power to heat the water in less time.
  • Water reservoir: Check the capacity of the water tank. The amount of water it can fill will determine how long the steamer will work. Some steamers give continuous steam for 10 minutes. Those with more water capacity will give continuous steam for a longer time without needing a refill.
  • Longer chord: The purpose of your handheld device will fail if your steamer has a short chord. You need not bring your clothes near the electric plug. The steamer should have long enough chord so you can take it to the hanging area, or the cupboard where you have the clothes.
  • Portable design: Goes without saying, it should be lightweight and compact so you can easily carry it along on your travel trips. Easy to use design will help remove wrinkles from drapes, bed covers, and other such large clothes.
  • Auto-shutoff: An important feature you would love to have in your steamer is auto-shutoff. It saves electricity and also your device. If you leave the steamer on in a hurry, it will automatically shut off without causing an accident. It will also prevent the steamer from overheating.
  • Accessories: Some steamers come with few useful accessories like fabric brush, lint brush, or creaser that can help you in removing lint or making better creases of your dresses.
  • Anti-leakage technology: A garment steamer is a small appliance with burning hot water. So make sure you buy one that comes with all the safety measures. It should be secure, and the water tank should be sealed to prevent any leakage or sputters.


A garment steamer is a necessary appliance that is going to help you a lot. You can use get wrinkle-free clothes within a few minutes, and they are perfect to accompany you on all your travel trips. Make sure you buy a quality product that is convenient in use and gives excellent results as well.

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