Top 10 Best Gutter Guards That You Can Buy

Owning a house surrounded by trees is everyone’s dream, and once the dream comes true, the quality of life improves. But as a house owner, you may know the downsides as well: besides paying the mortgage, there is also a lot of maintenance work to do. One part is the gutter: Usually, you have to clean it frequently. But when you are using gutter guards, you can strike this maintenance task off the list.

They protect the gutter from all kinds of debris: leaves, needles, stalks, and even insects. At the same time, gutter guards ensure water can flow freely and drain fast. We reviewed different kinds of gutters to give you a comprehensive overview. Some are designed using a mesh, while others drain water through holes. One gutter guard is made from foam. Enjoy browsing through our list of the 10 best gutter guards, and we hope you find the one that fits you best.

Top 10 Best Gutter Guards That You Can Buy

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10. Superior Gutter Guards

Superior Gutter Guards

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A good gutter guard keeps all the dirt out of the gutter while making sure that rainwater gets through. Superior is a known brand when it comes to protecting your gutter, and their products are very DIY-friendly. This gutter guard is made from stainless steel, while the frame is aluminum. Both metals will never rust or age. The gutter mesh is so fine that even insects won’t make it through. Installing is very easy, and a manual is provided with the set.

This guard fits into all standard 5’’ gutters and is made by an American company. You get a 20-year warranty, and the manufacturer had the gutter WUI certified. If you want to protect your gutter and avoid overflow, this product will do a good job. You can cover 48 ft with one gutter; to fix it, self-tapping hex screws are provided.

  • Made in the USA
  • 20-year warranty
  • Stainless steel and aluminum
  • Fine mesh to keep insects out
  • Without water, flushing through the mesh can clog easily

9. GutterStuff Guard Foam Filter

,GutterStuff Guard Foam Filter

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There are many ways to protect your gutter, and while some guards use a mesh, GutterStuff has a different approach. They use dense foam, which you just insert into the gutter. It keeps leaves and any debris from trees out, while rainwater can still flush through. Since the foam is much denser than metal mesh, mosquitoes have no chance to get through and breed in the gutter.

The foam gutter is 5’’ wide and fits perfectly in all standard gutters. You don’t need any screws or drill holes; just fit it in. If you want to clean it, you can take it out quickly. But usually, you can keep it for a while and forget about the yearly gutter cleaning. This also increases your safety – fewer hours on a ladder. While this gutter foam comes in a length of 32 feet, other models are 96, 144, and 219 feet long. There is also a 4-inch option for smaller gutters.

  • Easy to install
  • Keeps mosquitoes out
  • 5-year warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Not as robust as metal

8. A-M Aluminum Gutter Rain Flush

A-M Aluminum Gutter Rain Flush

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One problem with gutter guards is that debris can stay there for a while, and it needs heavy rain to flush it away. The A-M model addresses this issue through a special design. The near z-shape profile ensures water flushes faster, and debris can stick to it. Small holes protect the gutter from leaves and other debris. The gutter guard is made from heavy gauge .018 aluminum and is mainly intended to be used with hidden hangars. But you can use it with other hangars as well.

The guard cannot be seen from the ground and has 380 holes per foot, enough even for heavy rainfall. You can easily install those guards; the joints are seamless in case you need to attach two guards to each other. The gutter guards will then be fixed with standard 1/2″ #8 zip screws.

  • Weather-resistant high-quality aluminum
  • 380 holes per feet
  • 6’’ wide, 50 ‘’ long
  • Perfect for hidden hangers
  • Does not protect from insects breeding in the gutter

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7. Smart Screen GPS401 Aluminum Gutter Guards

Smart Screen GPS401 Aluminum Gutter Guards

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Smart Screen is another company using aluminum instead of steel for its gutter guards. There is a good reason since aluminum doesn’t rust but is much lighter than other metals. Therefore, installing the guards is effortless, and you can safely stand on your ladder. They are 5’ wide and come in a pack of five pieces. The holes are not just for water to get through but also for the wind to lift leaves and clear the gutter.

Installing this protection is comfortable; you can hang the parts into your gutter. Just fix them with a few screws (not provided), and you are ready for the windy season. One advantage of those aluminum gutter guards is that they can resist heavy loads. Therefore, they not only protect you from debris but also from the snow. It can melt slowly on the metal, and the water can then trickle through the holes.

  • Durable material
  • Fits in standard gutters
  • Protect gutter from heavy snow
  • Fast installation
  • Will let insects and smaller items through

6. FlexxPoint High Clearance Gutter Guards

FlexxPoint High Clearance Gutter Guards

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Even if most gutter guards are not visible from the ground, you want them to fit the overall design of the house. That’s why FlexxPoint has those guards in different colors available. You can choose between white, matte aluminum, and black. They sit high on the gutter, ensuring a maximum flow of water. At the same time, the design keeps debris away, and the rain will flush it from the surface in no time.

Installing it easy, the company provides you with stainless steel. This gutter guard will not void the roof warranty with its light design and weight. You can choose between different lengths; this model is 204 ft long. The gutter is made from US-aluminum, meeting the highest quality standards. The drain is made in the USA as well.

  • High-quality aluminum
  • Different color and length options
  • Maximum flow inside the gutter
  • Made in the USA
  • Hole design can lead to water overflow.

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5. LeafTek Contractor Grade Gutter

LeafTek Contractor Grade Gutter

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The best DIY tools and accessories are those also used by contractors. The LeafTek gutter guard is a good example of this rule. You see it already installed at lots of houses by companies. But it isn’t difficult to upgrade your gutter with this protection. One piece is 32 ft long and 5 inches wide, the latter being the standard gutter width.

The raised vent ridge makes airflow much better, so the wind can take the leaves away, and you don’t have to be worried about cleaning. At the same time, the water flow is optimized, drying up the gutter faster. Built from 0.19 heavy gauge aluminum, the guard is available in white and black. You also get an impressive 35 years warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee, and customer support 7 days a week, with US-based staff available.

  • 35 years of professional warranty
  • Special ridge design for best airflow
  • 0.19 heavy gauge aluminum
  • Two colors available
  • Holes may not stop small debris.

4. A-M Professional Grade Gutter Guard

A-M Professional Grade Gutter Guard

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Design is important when it comes to a gutter guard. How does the water flow? Will wind be able to blow leaves away? The A-M 5’’ guard is professional-grade protection from dust, dirt, and debris of all kinds. It is made from 0.18 heavy gauge aluminum, so even snow and the occasional fruit from a tree won’t do any damage.

The company gives you a lifetime warranty, a clear sign they believe in the product’s quality. While it is best for hidden hangars, you can also use it with other gutters. In both cases, the guards will not be visible from the ground. They have a good hole density, so water can get through quickly and drain, while debris can’t get through. Per foot, you have 380 holes, able to manage even a heavy downpour. Furthermore, the product is designed and made in the USA.

  • Durable and strong aluminum
  • 308 holes per foot
  • Best for hidden hangars
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Doesn’t fit all kinds of gutters

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3. Stainless Steel Raptor Mesh Gutter Guard

Stainless Steel Raptor Mesh Gutter Guard

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If you are a fan of mesh gutter guards, this model might be the solution you are looking for. Mesh guards are usually recommended when you have a lot of small debris on your roof, like tiny branches, needles, and stalks from fruits. With regular guards, they can slip through holes, but a mesh will stop them. It also protects better against insects.

The micro-mesh gutter guard is made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust or deterioration. It fits well into a gutter of 5’’ or smaller, and installation is easy since it was intentionally produced for DIY. Included are self-tapping screws, which are also corrosion-resistant.  The company provides a 25-year warranty and US-based support. Thanks to the V-bend design, you do not need a bottom frame, making installation even easier.

  • Fine mesh capturing small particles
  • Made from stainless steel
  • 25 years warranty
  • No bottom frame needed
  • Can overflow in a heavy downpour

2. FlexxPoint SmoothSurface Gutter System

FlexxPoint SmoothSurface Gutter System

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When your roof experiences heavy rain, the gutter needs to transport water away as fast as possible. The gutter guard will protect the gutter but can also be a reason for clogging. That’s why Flexxpoint introduced a smooth steel surface. With the unique three-point system, you have small dams speeding up the water flow and ensuring debris will be washed away quickly while draining the rain fast as well.

The airflow, even when there is only a small breeze, will take away leaves when they dried up, thanks to just the right amount of holes in the aluminum gutter guards. Flexxpoint offers you a 30-year product defect and performance warranty. While the regular width is 5’’, there is also a 6’’ option for commercial buildings available.

  • Installed already in more than 20.000 US homes
  • Professional grade gutter design
  • Fast draining and cleaning through natural airflow
  • Smooth surface, so nothing will stick for long.
  • Pine needles may get through the holes.

1. Amerimax Home Products Metal Mesh

Amerimax Home Products Metal Mesh

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One of the easiest and price-wise affordable options to protect your gutter from debris and leaves is a simple mesh. Amerimax Home Products offers such a solution, with 25 units in one set, compatible with 4’’, 5’’, and 6’’ gutters. They are straightforward to install; you don’t need many tools. First, you just slide the mesh guard under the first row of shingles. In the second step lock, the gutter guard to the front lip, and you are done. If you need to remove the mesh, just carefully pull it out. Not tools and no screws required.

The mesh guard is made from powder-coated steel so that corrosion won’t be possible. Since the mesh is wider than other products, this is a perfect solution for heavy rainfalls and downpours. It comes with a 10-year warranty, and the mesh guards are designed and made in the USA.

  • Very easy to install and remove
  • Fits different widths of gutters
  • Powder-coated metal
  • Good for heavy rainfalls
  • The wide mesh will let small debris through

Gutter Guards Buying Guide

When looking for gutter guards, you should first check the dirt around your house. If you have only leaves, but nothing like pine tree needles or stalks from chestnuts or alike, a guard with holes will do it. They have the advantage of transporting water fast, so they are also a good solution in regions with heavy rainfalls. The downside is that small particles may make it through the holes.

To avoid this, you can use gutter guards made from mesh. We recommend using metal mesh since it is much more durable than plastic mesh. A third option is a foam guard; this seals the gutter best but can clog when there is too much water coming down the roof.


When you want to protect your gutter from dirt, a gutter guard system is the best solution. It prevents overflow during downpours but also keeps the drain free during the summer. Most gutters are self-cleaning, letting the wind blow the leaves away. You can choose between different designs, depending on the trees and the gutter system you have. All gutter guards we reviewed are easy to install without the need of a professional.

You just need a ladder, a drill and screwdriver, and maybe a special tip for hex screws. As always, when working on your house, follow safety rules, and take precautions. When working on a ladder, make sure you are not alone and avoid installments in the rain or when it is slippery. Some of the gutters are maintenance-free, but we recommend checking them from time to time. Sometimes needles can make it through, and you will only find out through an inspection of the gutter.

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