Top 10 Best Floor Chairs in 2023 | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Sitting on the floor is popular in many countries around the world and often has a cultural background. But it also comes with health benefits, as it keeps us more flexible and agile due to more muscles and movement being involved. We all love our comfortable sofas and armchairs and as the (mostly) Western world is not used anymore to spend time on the floor. But this doesn’t mean we cannot sit down anymore.

You have surely realized that your children enjoy playing, relaxing and even snacking or eating while sitting on the floor and you probably feel like joining them, but it is just too uncomfortable for you. Specific floor seats come to your aid to make your “floortime” more comfy and easy. With backrests and cushions to sit on they provide good comfort and let you relax.

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These chairs come in many options with different levels of versatility, and choices of designs and functions. Attention should be paid also to the quality and possibility to store away the chairs. Our featured floor chairs will help you to choose the most suitable seat for you.

Top 10 Best Floor Chairs in 2023

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10. BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable Memory Foam Floor Chair

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This comfortable floor chair from Birdrock Home comes in a beautiful dark blue color and comfy design. The high quality chopped memory foam is covered by soft plush fabric. The foam supports your body, especially your back, while sitting on the floor. You can adjust the chair in 14 different positions from laying down flat for a nap to up to a 90 degrees position to play board or video games.

The chair allows you to lounge on the floor conveniently to play with your kids, read a book or meditate. It is also a great asset to have in the house for visitors, when space on the sofa runs out. The Birdrock floor seat is easy to store and does not take up much space. Just lay the chair into the flat position and put it under your sofa or bed.

  • Adjustable to 14 positions.
  • Made from durable memory foam.
  • Easy to store.
  • Weighs only 12.5 pounds.
  • Total length is only 41.25 inch.

9. malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair

malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair

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A very functional product with many useful features is the Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair. Made from microfiber and featuring an reinforced steel frame this chair will stay with you for a long time. The floor seat supports weight up to 220 lbs. Its flexible design allows 6 different positions from full flat to completely folded in half.

With a weight of only 6.4 lbs the chair can be easily taken along and provides you comfort also in the park or while traveling. The seat can be carried conveniently with you thanks to a comfort strap that is both a handle and shoulder strap to carry the folded chair. The cover is fully removable and washable. Small stains can be removed with a damp cloth.

  • Can be taken along.
  • Features a head rest made from vegan leather trim.
  • Adjustable to 6 positions.
  • Cover is fully washable.
  • The seat padding could be thicker.

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8. JAXSUNNY Floor Chair

JAXSUNNY Floor Chair

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Solid and sturdy, this floor chair from JAXSUNNY reminds of an armchair with its chic design and comfortable upholstery. The chair has a 360 degree swivel base and supports weight of up to 220 lbs. The cover of the chair base is removable and easy to clean. The cover is made from skin-friendly linen type cloth, which is breathable and resists wear and tear.

You can adjust the backrest in 7 different positions to find the most convenient position while reading a book, watching TV or socialising in your living room. The ergonomic design of the chair supports your back and fits the curve of your body shape. The floor seat can be folded for saving space and easy storage. The orange-red color is a real eye-catcher in your room.

  • 360 degree swivel base.
  • Backrest adjustable to 7 positions.
  • Solid and sturdy design.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • A quite heavy floor chair.

7. NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair

NNEWVANTE Adjustable Floor Chair

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A lightweight floor chair which is easy to carry along is the NNEWVANTE foldable chair. Compactly sized, flat and lightweight with just 5.5 lbs it is not only perfectly easy to handle for your children, but you can take it along literally everywhere. Coming with a removable and washable cover, the chair is easy to clean. The waterproof crystal velvet bottom mat makes the little chair durable and long lasting.

The adjustable back support allows you 6 angles to choose your most convenient seating position while reading, playing or relaxing. The seat cushion is 3 inches thick. This allows comfortable seating, and also convenient storing when the chair is not needed. The sturdy metal frame supports you safely when using the chair.

  • Perfect to be taken along outside.
  • Sturdy steel frame.
  • Adjustable to 6 positions.
  • Covers made from soft velvet fabric.
  • Thin seating cushion.

6. Best Choice Products Swivel Floor Chair

Best Choice Products Swivel Floor Chair

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This floor chair from Best Choice Products convinces with its stability and functionality. The large solid armchair is an ideal addition to your sofa when friends and family are around and you run out of space. The chair features padded armrests for even more comfort. Enjoy reading, watching TV, gaming or social time with your loved ones.

You can adjust the backrest of the chair into 6 different positions. It also features a 360 degree swivel function for more mobility. The chair is fully foldable for easy storage. The soft polyester covers are quick to remove and can be machine-washed. The solid and sturdy design with a steel frame and the firm upholstery make it a long durable piece of furniture you can enjoy relaxing on for many years.

  • Includes armrests.
  • Color choices available.
  • Swivel chair.
  • Good value for money.
  • Takes more storage space.

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5. Amazonbasics Adjustable Floor Chair

Amazonbasics Adjustable Floor Chair

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Modern and stylish design in blue, white and grey makes the Amazonbasics floor chair an eye-catcher and perfect match for your living room, kids- or playroom. Due to its compact size and lightweight of just 12.5 lbs the chair can be also easily moved around. Made from sturdy alloy steel it can hold up to 220 lbs. The ergonomic design and the swivel function make it a comfy seat.

The chair can recline to different positions and angles and is made from quality high-density foam for comfortable sitting. The linen upholstery guarantees breathability. This chair is a true all-rounder and will always be at hand when extra seats are needed for a bigger gathering or party.

  • Swivel function.
  • Adjustable positions.
  • Made from high-density foam with recessed cushioning.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Cannot be folded.

4. WAYTRIM Sofa Floor Chair

WAYTRIM Sofa Floor Chair

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Multifunctional and comfy is this versatile floor chair from WAYTRIM. It resembles an armchair due to its design and the functions it offers. A high quality upholstery made of a wearproof mix of cotton-linen fabric and padded with soft recycled cotton guarantees your seat comfort. This material is also highly breathable.

The ergonomic design allows the chair to be adjusted to 6 different angles. This transforms the seat even into a flatbed suitable for an adult. The detachable cushion seat adds to the multiple positions the sofa chair offers. Comfy arm rests let you read, watch TV or simply relax. A separate pillow is a welcome accessory to rest your head or feet on. The chair weighs only 15.5 lbs and can be folded to a compact size for easy storage. The covers are removable and washable.

  • Versatile functions.
  • Very comfy and ergonomic design.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Excellent air circulation due to quality materials.
  • Higher priced floor chair.

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3. bonVIVO Easy II Floor Chair

bonVIVO Easy II Floor Chair

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The bonVIVO Easy II floor chair comes in a beautiful modern and minimalist design. 3 color-mix options are available to match your home best. It is a compact and space saving but yet comfortable seat, allowing to adjust to various positions of the backrest between 90 and 180 degrees. Weighting only 6 lbs and being completely foldable this chair can be carried around to any place you wish to bring it along to.

The cover is easy to clean. The high quality stain-resistant synthetic fiber simply needs to be wiped clean with a damp sponge. The upholstery filling is made from PE foam and PU foam to offer maximum comfort for sitting. The seat supports a body weight of up to 220 lbs.

  • A lightweight floor chair with just 5.1 lbs.
  • Several color options available.
  • Resilient and easy to clean seat cover.
  • High quality at a good price.
  • Cannot be placed directly on soil outside.

2. Best Choice Products Floor Sofa Chair

Best Choice Products Floor Sofa Chair

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This model from Best Choice Products comes without a swivel function, but with the same quality as the other furniture this manufacturer provides. The plushie chair offers you comfortable lounging with 14 adjustable positions, suiting your whole body to keep a healthy position while reading, gaming, meditating, relaxing and also napping.

Your kids will enjoy this comfy chair too as it is easy to climb on and off. Same as with all floor chairs the low position prevents your children getting hurt should they fall from the chair while playing or resting. Sturdy and durable materials guarantee the seat will last a long time. The chopped memory foam blend provides you a high quality comfort whenever you rest on this chair. Do not worry about storage, as this chair fits into your closet or under your bed when not in use.

  • 14 adjustable positions.
  • Can be stored under a bed or sofa.
  • Made from chopped memory foam blend.
  • Classic design.
  • The floor chair design looks bulky.

1. AmazonBasics 41-inch Memory Foam Floor Chair

AmazonBasics 41-inch Memory Foam Floor Chair

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Another good value for money option from AmazonBasics. This comfy and plush floor chair provides you an optimum of seating comfort and versatility. The classic design looks good in every home. The sturdy metal frame and 14 adjustable positions support your back during all activities – reading, gaming, playing, watching TV, relaxing or socialising. You can adjust the backrest in positions from 90 to 180 degrees.

In a flat position the chair can be conveniently stored under your sofa or bed. The seat will be delivered fully assembled to your home, so you save the hassle of putting together screws and nuts. The 41 inch memory foam makes the chair comfortable and supports your position while sitting. You will have no more back pain even after a longer period of sitting.

  • Versatile functions.
  • Made from comfortable 41 inch memory foam.
  • 14 adjustable positions.
  • Several color options available.
  • No extra accessories included.


With the large choice of floor chairs it might be not easy at first to find the right chair for you. Thus, it is best to consider first what is the most important feature you expect for yourself. Determine the main purpose you need this chair for, like an extra seat for visitors in your living room. Then the storage is important, as the chair should not take much space when it is not needed. For this purpose chairs which can be folded or put flat to fit under your sofa and bed or into your closet are ideal.

If you wish to bring your seat along for relaxing in the park or in the garden of your friends a lightweight foldable option with a durable, stain resistant and washable seat cover is important. Also, the seat’s frame must be sturdy and of good quality.

When your main buying purpose for the floor chair is relaxing, reading, gaming, meditating or playing with your children then a comfy model with good upholstery, adjustable back rest and ergonomic design is paramount. To add to the comfort armrests and a swiveling function will be welcomed extra features. Last but not least the design should fit your personal taste and your style of home decoration.

A high quality of the materials used for the chair is important, also to guarantee you many years of reliable use as you probably do not wish to miss your comfortable seat anymore. And for your final decision the budget might play a role. However, all floor chairs featured in our recommendations offer a good value for money. We hope with our information you will find the right chair option for you.

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