The Best Firewood Log Carrier Cart In 2023 Reviews | Buying Guide

Firewood log carrier carts are designed in a simple yet reliable manner to shift wooden logs from one place to another within the vicinity of your surroundings. Usually, the woodpile is at a little farther place than home, and there is a smaller reserve just nearby the house. From there, the logs of wood are carried into the house.

In this moving process, you will be spending lots of energy and time. But if you happen to have these log carriers, then it would be effortless as they are very convenient to carry heavy loads. So, this takes fewer trips to the place where logs are stored by using a firewood log carrier cart when compared to doing it by hand.

These Are The Top 10 Best Firewood Log Carrier Carts in 2023

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In-depth reviews of the firewood log carrier cart are given below.

10. Rural365 Firewood Log Carrier Cart

Rural365 Firewood Log Carrier Cart

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The large tire dimensions help us move it in fewer rotations of the wheel, and it being pneumatic type, the pushing is smooth and easy. The tubular steel rods of 1-inch width that are used to build the cart is strong, durable, and rust-free. They are coated with a black powder coat and hence are also weather-proof. The cart is of impressive 250-pound capacity and can carry logs of width 12 inches and above.

Moving logs to the fire pit or fireplace require a lot of hard work as the logs are heavy to carry, and not many logs can be carried in one go. If this trip includes stairs, then it is a more trivial task with weight in hands. Rural365 log cart does the work for you in little time and with a lot less energy.

Key Features
  • 10 x 3-inch pneumatic tires
  • 1-inch diameter tubular steel
  • 250-pound carry capacity
  • Works for 12 inch wide or above logs
  • Lumber stays protected from the dampness of the ground
  • Easy to move heavy logs to required places
  • Keeps logs organized in a small place
  • Assembly is simple and comes with detailed instructions
  • None

9. Vogelzang LC-37 Firewood Log Carrier Cart 

Vogelzang LC-37 Firewood Log Carrier Cart

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The 50-pound capacity fireplace log wood hauler by Vogelzang is a boon for those who store the wood logs far from the fireplace. Now you need not spend a lot of time carrying lumber in or around the house. Just load the log cart and wheel it inside the house or outside the house. Your back will thank you for procuring a rolling cart.

The split wood is the primary source of fuel for fireplace, fire pits, and wood stoves. They are all placed in various corners of the house and require transporting of wood logs from place to place when needed. It is not an easy task and requires manual labor. If you carry logs using a log cart, most of your effort in moving logs would only be of loading and pushing it to the desired location.

Key Features
  • 50-pound capacity
  • Weight is balanced on wheels
  • Spillage prevention using front support
  • Heavy-duty steel is reliable
  • High-quality steel for long-lasting build
  • Logs do not fall off as the front support secures them
  • The front rest legs keep the cart balanced during rest
  • The design of the cart makes it occupy very little space
  • The natural iron finish gives it a rustic look
  • Assembling the cart needs some extra work

8. Fire Beauty Firewood Log Carrier Cart

Fire Beauty Firewood Log Carrier Cart

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The ample size of the Fire Beauty log cart enables you to carry more every single time. You can even place the carrier right beside the source until you use up the firewood. The flexible and large wheels ensure smooth movement of hauler when it is loaded and gives you pleasant experience while using it.

The surface of the cart is treated with anti-rust proof paint, and hence it durable for time to come. The ease with which it moves while it is loaded makes you feel the chore of moving wood effortless and enjoyable. The well-planned design accommodates more logs in less space.

Key Features
  • 75L x 21.5W x 41H
  • 10” solid wheels
  • Anti-Rust paint treated surface
  • Big loading space with smart design
  • Large wheels for lessening effort
  • Puncture free tires
  • Moves well on the rough ground also
  • Easy to assemble the cart
  • Smaller sized logs than standard size fall off easily

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7. Woodhaven Firewood Log Carrier Cart

Woodhaven Firewood Log Carrier Cart

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The 16ga square tubing of 1” of the Woodhaven log carrier forms a sturdy frame that can carry loads effectively. The solid tires which allow heavy loads to be moved easily are an added advantage. The durability of the frame is ensured as it is UV resistant coat finished and thus lasts long enough time.

The primary issue you face while working with the log carrier carts is that over time, they give away at joints due to loosening of screws. Sometimes they are beyond repair, and screw threads give away, making it challenging to keep the joint tight. But most of the parts of this cart are welded, and hence there is less possibility of this issue.

Key Features
  • UV resistant powder coated frame finish
  • Solid wheels that need to be inflated
  • Welded parts keep joints intact
  • Minimum process of assembly
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Only wheels need to be assembled
  • Two durable wheels for easy mobility
  • Welding of the frame adds strength to the cart structure
  • Carries heavy load in one go
  • None

6. LEADALLWAY Firewood Log Cart Carrier

LEADALLWAY Firewood Log Cart Carrier

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The sturdy iron frame of Leadallway Wood hauler gives it strength but keeps it light, helping you to maneuver it easily. The large rubber wheels have fewer chances of puncture, and they move quickly on rough paths also. The rod connecting the wheels is reliable and also supports more wood accommodation.

The handy cart helps in moving the wood from place to place to efficiently as the wheels help in effortless carrying of the load. As the cart itself is lightweight, it does not add any extra weight to the load you are already carrying. The carrying capacity of the rolling dolly is high, and hence lesser trips are needed.

Key Features
  • Solid wheels made of rubber
  • Large loading capacity
  • Multi-functional as carrier and storage
  • Assembly is simple
  • Rod connecting the wheels is solid
  • The middle rod supports more wood accommodation
  • The frame is made of sturdy iron
  • Carries a right amount of logs
  • Can be used as log storer also
  • Assembly instructions are not clear

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5. Sporty’s Firewood Log Cart Carrier

Sporty's Firewood Log Cart Carrier

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The aluminum frame of the cart is rust-proof, long-lasting, rugged, and lightweight at the same time. It is strong enough to carry a load of 200 pounds at a time and help you move the wood in fewer trips. It has the first in class wheels, which are whopping 16” that gets you going quickly and smoothly.

Its construction and design are such that it can be used for more than wood transportation. The sleek look and the unique design make it more versatile. There is no chance of wood getting wet at the bottom even while pulling it through a thick layer of snow as it stands way high.

Key Features
  • 16” large wheels
  • Aluminum made
  • Rust-proof and rugged
  • 200-pound capacity
  • The unique design of the cart
  • Keeps wood dry at the bottom while moving the cart through the snow
  • Can be used on steps as it easily maneuvers over the steps
  • Carries large quantities of wood in a single trip
  • Multi-purpose usability apart from moving wood
  • No bending down to pick the wood
  • The print of the instruction for assembling the cart is not clear

4. GoplusFirewood Log Cart Carrier

GoplusFirewood Log Cart Carrier

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The well-built wood carrier serves as an outdoor as well as indoor wood carrier and storer. You can also use the cart to dry the wood or to stack the wood nearby your wood-burning source simply. It can stand beside a stove or a fireplace, and you can conveniently load wood into them from the cart.

Having a smooth-running cart handy saves your back during winter and whenever you need to carry massive logs. It merely minimizes the effort and maximizes the results. You can either fill your wood racks or just use the same cart as a rack.

Key Features
  • Clear manual of instructions
  • Reinforced metal tubes
  • Two pneumatic tires with easy pivot points
  • 220 lbs. load capacity
  • Can be used for drying firewood
  • Keeps the wood off the ground and organized
  • Smartly designed arch for larger loading space
  • Constructed with sturdy material
  • More than 12 logs cannot be easily pulled up the steps

3. Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart Carrier

Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart Carrier

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Sunnydaze presents a secure 21-pound weighing log caddy made of tubular steel. The frame is finished with a black powder-coat, and hence anti-rust proofed. The rubber wheels are of 10” diameter with an ability to carry heavy loads. The rubber wheels are easily maneuverable outdoors and safe to move about on the interior flooring.

The build of the wood rolling dolly is solid as you can see the materials used, and the weight of it based on its dimensions is very apt. The robust body keeps the logs secure and carries them to the destination with much less effort than doing it manually.

Key Features
  • 43” tall x 21.5” wide x 26” deep
  • 21 pounds of weight
  • 10” Pneumatic and rubber wheels
  • Black powder-coated finish
  • Holds 1/8 face-cord of wood
  • The tubular steel frame is durable
  • The pneumatic wheels can move the load easily
  • The large diameter of the wheel moves it in few rotations
  • The frame is anti-rust proof due to its coating
  • No bumper at the bottom end of the frame

2. Plow & Hearth Firewood Log Carrier Cart

Plow & Hearth Firewood Log Carrier Cart

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Without wheels moving massive logs would be tiresome and time taking. Using the Plow and Hearth cart, you can cut short your many trips into one by loading logs worth four trips manually to a single trip on the cart. Roll on merrily with the two tires provided.

The log carrier is sturdy and has a handsome finish. It is multi-functional and is used as storage along with transporting the wood. It is made of the tubular steel frame for strength and stylish look.

Key Features
  • Tubular steel frame
  • Move and store wood
  • The ergonomic design of the cart
  • Two super-duty tires
  • Lightweight for moving heavy loads
  • Moves on many familiar terrains found around the house
  • Easy on your back and body
  • The finish is clean and handsome
  • Bottom wood gets wet when dragging through the snow as the frame lies low at the bottom

1. 1900 Earth Worth Firewood Log Carrier Cart 

1900 Earth Worth Firewood Log Carrier Cart

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Cart is used to roll wood nearer to the fireplace, and when it is earth worth cart, you can move loads of log in a single attempt. These carts are durable, and they maintain their shape well in due course due to their durable material.

Firing your fireplace with constant wood-feeding is required in season, and you might have some wood remaining for off seasonal use. You can store it in the Earth Worth firewood log carrier cart as it stays high from the ground by not allowing the moisture to dampen the logs. Many problems with wood storage will be eliminated when it doesn’t lie on the ground.

Key Features
  • 23″ x 19.5″ x 42.5″
  • Dual function as cart and rack
  • High from the ground
  • Sturdy and strong frame
  • Spacious cart area to load ample logs
  • Durable material withstands abuse
  • Prevents wood from going bad or absorbing moisture
  • Stacking wood neatly in a pile for the season is possible
  • Short wood pieces keep falling from the bottom railing

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What Points To Consider Before Buying A Firewood Log Carrier Cart?

Before you invest in a log carrier cart, few things need to be considered, even though they seem to be simple enough.

  • Material: They are made of iron, steel, aluminum, or some other metals where you need to check their strength for them to perform well. Considering the whole strength of the cart depends on the frame itself to most extent, choosing a durable and robust material is essential.
  • Coating: As they will be used a lot outdoors, they should be resistant to rust and weather conditions. Good coating or treatment that ensures to protect the cart in adverse weather situations is long-lasting. The protective coating may be in the form of powder-treated or galvanized and form a protective layer on the cart frame.
  • Wheels: Wheels need to be reliable, extensive, and competent gripped. They should not scratch the floor and load should move freely on them. They should move steadily and smoothly at the axel. Right wheels tend to take all the burden off the cart in maneuvering it and balancing the load while driving it.
  • Design: The frame design plays a vital role in holding wood in place and in deciding the quantity of wood it can hold. More place is created using smart designs where wood can be accommodated in larger quantities yet does not fall off easily.

What Are The Benefits Of a Firewood Log Carrier Cart?

Carrying wood has been essential for long times, and many solutions have been invented since then. Man needed a solution with which the logs are less burdensome on him, and more moving work can be done quickly. After careful thought process, the smart solution which has a frame and wheels evolved.

  • Puts an end to the cumbersome method of carrying wood
  • Functions as a storage point near to the required place
  • Carries load equal to 3 to 4 manual trips
  • Tires help carry the load across various terrains like gravel soil and even on steps
  • Moving wood through steps would be a breeze
  • Serves as a drying rack
  • Many carts can be parked near the fire source for easy access to wood

The benefits of having a firewood log carrier cart can be better experienced than said.


You will not be bothered by the arm aches every two days, especially during the winter, and you will find yourself in a cozy warm room. You will be happy to move wood logs, and that will become your favorite chore. Yes, all these seem to be good dreams now, but they will be a reality when you own a firewood log carrier cart. Be warm and keep your body pain free by choosing one of the top 10 log carrier carts above. Moving wood to the fireplace has been one main reason, and once it becomes easy, you will start finding 100 other reasons to use wood.

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