The Best Cordless Circular Saws in 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you look into any handyman’s tool chest, you will find a circular saw. A circular saw is a multipurpose tool that enables you to tackle any wood cutting project. Whether you are building a wooden house, renovating your kitchen or building a deck, you will find a circular saw handy.

With the advancement of technology, you no longer have to rely on only corded circular saws. Today you will find cordless circular saws that bring you power and flexibility. These saws are fitted with lithium ion and powerful motors that allows you to handle various demanding applications efficiently. From making simple cross cuts to making large rip cuts and bevel cuts, the best cordless circular saws are all you need for a start.

There are hundreds of different models on the market that comes with various features and different price. We understand that it can be intimidating to purchase a power tool without testing it yourself.

However, in our guide, we have only included models that are the most innovative, durable, and functional. Going through the listed products will enable you to pick a model that meets your needs perfectly.

The 10 Best Cordless Circular Saws you can buy in 2023

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10. Ryobi P508 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

Ryobi P508 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Circular Saw

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With Ryobi P508 One+ circular saw, cutting through lumber is a breeze. Featuring innovative features, this saw will cut planks down to a size for a construction project or cut them into smaller pieces for a demolition project. This model boasts of high power that is paired with cordless convenience, enabling you to use it on remote job sites.

Besides, the impressive torque a cutting speed, this model also comes with advanced features that enable you focuses on the task for precise results. First, the handle has a rubber mold coat that ensures a secure hold of the tool even in slippery conditions. Secondly, the unit comes with an onboard spindle lock system that allows for fast blade changes. Moreover, this circular saw also comes with an adjustable guard that protects you from flying debris as well as LED lights that illuminate the working area for precise cuts.

Key features
  • Powerful lithium ion battery offers an impressive runtime
  • Comes with an adjustable plastic guard that protects you from flying debris
  • LED lights at the front help illuminate the area you are working on
  • Cordless convenience offers your flexibility

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9. Ryobi P508 18-Volt One+ 7-1/4 inch Circular Saw

Ryobi P508 18-Volt One+ 7-1/4 inch Circular Saw

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The Ryobi P508 circular saw is a great choice for individuals looking for a circular saw that combines beastly power and torque while remaining portable. Featuring a powerful battery, this saw delivers a long runtime, enabling both professionals and DIY builders to tackle their applications efficiently. The saw also pairs a powerful motor and full-size blade, enabling the user to cut differently sized lumber easily.

With a 0 to 56 degrees bevel cuts, this is one of the few circular saws that enables you to cut most common and complex angles. Also, this model comes with a spindle lock that allows for easy blade changes and LED light that illuminates the cutline for more precise results. What’s more, the saw comes with a GripZone overmold that offers optimum grip and user comfort.

Key features
  • Has a brushless motor that is efficient and maintenance free
  • Impressive zero t0 56 degrees bevel cutting capacity
  • Has LED light that illuminates the cutline for precise results
  • Comes with a full-size blade that enables maximum cut capacity

8. Ryobi One P505 5.5 inch, 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi One P505 5.5 inch, 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw

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When it comes to circular saws, bigger is not always better. Depending on the application, a large circular saw might be excessive, rendering it unusable. This is where the Ryobi One P505 5.5 inch circular saw comes in. With a medium-sized design, this saw is a perfect DIY warrior. Offering 4,700RPM, this model offers you with impressive power similar to that of corded saws plus the portability of a cordless model.

Along with the portability, this saw comes with a collection of advanced features that enables it to handle different applications easily. To start, this unit comes with a rubber grip handle that offers maximum control. Next, we have the extra handle on the left side that offers you more control and visibility. Beyond that, the saw has adjustable bevel from 0-50 degrees enabling you to make precise cuts quickly.

Key features
  • Gripzone overmold handles ensure a secure and comfortable grip
  • The bevel is adjustable from 0-50 degrees
  • The lower guard is transparent giving you maximum visibility on the working area
  • Compact and lightweight design offers you more flexibility

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7. VonHaus 6-1/2” 20V MAX Cordless Circular Saw

Ryobi One P505 5.5 inch, 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw

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Whether you are a professional, a DIY builder or a homeowner seeking for a reliable backup the VonHaus 6.5 inch circular saw will serve you well. Boasting of a powerful 20V lithium-ion battery, this saw not only offers you with impressive cutting speeds but also an extended runtime. The saw also comes with a host of advanced features that makes your life easier. For instance, this model comes with adjustable bevel and depth that helps make angled and joint cuts easily.

For optimum comfort, the saw comes with an ergonomically designed handle with rubber grip. More to this, you will get to enjoy the cordless portability that enables you to use it indoors and outdoors. Another notable feature is the standard 6.5-inch TCT tip blade that makes sourcing compatible blades simple.

Key features
  • Enjoy the cordless convenience plus longer runtime thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Adjustable cutting depth of up to 90 degrees
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle offers more control for accurate results
  • Powerful motor that delivers a no-load speed of 3800RPM

6. Makita SH02R1 12V Lithium-Ion Circular Saw Kit

​Makita SH02R1 12V Lithium-Ion Circular Saw Kit

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If you are looking for a compact cutting solution that is lightweight or a model you can use in tight spaces, you will not go wrong with Makita SH02R1 circular saw. This model couples power and speed in an ultra-portable size, making it a great choice for a wide variety of wood cutting applications. The kit comes with two 12V lithium ion batteries that deliver enough power for demanding cutting applications. Besides the compact design, this saw boasts of an ergonomic design that improves the balance, making it easy to control.

Weighing only 3.5 pounds and a compact design, you can work on tight spaces easily. The saw also comes with a 1-inch cutting capacity making it a perfect choice for cutting plywood, pegboard, MDF, drywall, and melamine. Additionally, to boost your convenience, the saw comes with a LED charge indicator and inbuilt blower that keep the cutting line free of debris for enhanced accuracy.

Key features
  • Compact and incredibly lightweight at 3.5lbs for reduced user fatigue
  • Powerful lithium ion battery delivers an impressive runtime
  • Comes with an ergonomic handle with rubberized grips for enhanced user comfort
  • Unique design that pairs performance with superior ergonomics in a compact size

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5. Makita XSR01Z 18V Lithium-Ion 7.25″ Circular Saw

. Makita XSR01Z 18V Lithium-Ion 7.25" Circular Saw

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Being a pioneer in battery innovation and brushless motor technology, Makita is a force to reckon with. As you can expect from this brand, the Makita XSR01Z cordless circular saw will bring you cordless convenience and incredible power to tackle your projects. Two LXT lithium-ion batteries that bring you extended runtime and impressive power this saw. We also love the electronically controlled brushless motor that matches the RPM and torque to the application. Another advantage of the battery is that it is energy efficient, so the battery will last for long,

Best of all, the cordless design ensures that you get freedom from the cord allowing you to tackle demanding applications such as cutting sheet and dimensional lumber easily. Additionally, this model also comes with a long list of advanced features that boost your accuracy and speed.

Key features
  • Brushless moot delivers up to 5100RPM for enhanced performance and 50 percent longer runtime per charge
  • Powered by 2 LXT battery that offers more power, runtime and speed
  • Features automatic speed change technology that adjusts the cutting speed and torque for optimum performance
  • Comes with a wide tool hook that is retractable to secure the tool when not in use

4. Milwaukee M18 2630-20 18 Volt 6-1/2 Circular Saw

Milwaukee M18 2630-20 18 Volt 6-1/2 Circular Saw

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Only high-end circular saws will suffice when it comes to performing the wood cutting application. While there are various models on the market, very few can match the performance you will get from Milwaukee M18 2630-20. This is a heavy-duty powerhouse that is powered by an 18V lithium-ion battery to ensure highest power grade and toughness. The saw also comes with a superior motor that delivers impressive torque and maximum speeds of up to 3500RPM. To extend its life, the motor is contained in a solid structure that has magnesium guard on the top and the bottom. This ensures that the saw is able to survive drops and other damages.

Better yet, the saw offers a robust bevel and depth adjustment making it easier for you to get precise cuts. The adjustment system is conveniently located near the foot, allowing you to do so easily. Another incredible feature included in the kit is the powerful carbide-tipped cutting blade that makes smooth cuts regardless of the wood type.

Key features
  • Soft grip handle offers maximum comfort to the user for enhanced precision
  • Both the bevel and depth are adjustable giving a huge degree of versatility in your cuts
  • Top and bottom magnesium blade guard ensures your safety
  • Electronic blades bring the blade to a stop quickly

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3. Makita XT706 Cordless Combo Kit

Makita XT706 Cordless Combo Kit

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Designed for pro-user who needs for a best in class cordless solution, the Makita XT706 cordless combo kit gives you everything you need for a wide range of applications. This kit offers you with seven cordless solutions for driving, drilling, cutting, demolition, grinding, cleanups and much more. The kit includes a 0.5-inch hammer driver drill that has an impressive 480in.lbs torque.

It also comes with a powerful impact driver, a 6.5-inch circular saw with 2.25-inch cutting capacity. Additionally, this kit also has a reciprocal saw that has a refined crank mechanism that delivers faster-cutting speed and longer stroke for efficient cutting.

Key features
  • Lightweight design minimizes user fatigue making it easier to use
  • Combo kit featuring several useful tools for professional and DIY builders
  • Variable speed ensures optimum control
  • The rapid optimum charger allows for fast charging while optimizing the battery

2. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C 20V Max Cordless Circular Saw

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Compact, powerful and easy to use, the Black and Decker are one of the cheapest models on the market that doesn’t compromise on performance. This saw comes with a high-efficiency motor that delivers impressive torque that enables you to make a variety of smooth and quick cuts. The Saw also offers the user with a host of advanced features including tool-less depth and bevel adjustment with detents at 90 and 45 degrees. This will enable you to make angled cuts easily.

In addition, we love the fast 5.5-inch 12T carbide blade that allows for fast and smooth cuts in a variety of materials. The handle is ergonomically designed, offering the user with flexibility and more control. Besides the Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use for various applications

Key features
  • Comes with a high torque motor and 5.5-inch fast cutting blade
  • Tool-free depth adjustment and Bevel adjustment with detents at 90 and 45 degrees
  • Superior 12T carbide blade allows for fast cutting in a variety of materials
  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use for various applications

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1. Makita XSS02Z-R 18V Cordless LXT Circular Saw

Makita XSS02Z-R 18V Cordless LXT Circular Saw

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Makita brand has a great understanding of how to balance their circular saws with useful features that boost their performance. While most Makita circular saw performs well, the XSS02Z-R stands out when it comes to balancing performance and price. Being one of the cheapest models, you will be surprised by the features integrated into this unit. Some of the notable features you will find in this model is the LED lights and dust blower that works for hand in hand to ensure accurate cuts.

Make no mistake; the compact design doesn’t compromise its performance. The saw comes with a powerful battery and motor that ensures enough torque to tackle tough application. It is also fitted with a fast cutting blade that is tough to cut through almost all types of materials. What’s more, the lightweight and ergonomic design bring enhanced flexibility and control, boosting the user’s overall performance.

Key features
  • Powerful motor delivers 3700RPM enabling faster cutting and ripping through wood
  • Compact and lightweight design weighs only 7.3 lbs for reduced operator fatigue
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced flexibility and control
  • Has a heavy gauge and precision machine base that allows for smooth and accurate cutting

Factors to consider when getting the best cordless circular saws

Similar to other tools, we recommend picking the cordless circular saw and see how it feels in your hand. You can try out your co-workers to test its performance. However, it is not always possible to do a test drive when it comes to selecting the best cordless circular saws.

In this buying guide, we have listed the most important features that should help you make a decent choice.

  • Blade Size: The size of the circular saw is determined by the diameter of their blade. The standard blade for circular saws is 7.25 inches. However, you can also find models with smaller blades of up to 3 inches. These are great choices, especially when working in tight spaces.
  • Power: The power of a cordless circular saw is often determined by the battery and motor. As you might have guessed, high-quality battery offers a longer runtime and better performance. On the other hand, the motor should deliver enough torque to tackle various applications.
  • Bare tool or kit: Bare tool saws do not come with a charger or battery. The best thing about the bare tools is that they come at an affordable price. So if you already own a cordless tool, find a bare saw that uses the same battery. This will save you a lot of money in the end. On the other hand, a kit is slightly expensive but comes with all the accessories. This makes a great choice especially if the cordless circular saw is the first cordless tool you are purchasing.
  • LED Work Light: The LED light is another crucial feature that you should consider. Even in a well light workshop when you stand at the wrong side, your shadow may make it hard to see the line. For this reason, selecting a circular saw that has led light and dust blower will improve your accuracy.
  • Ergonomics: From a distance, circular saws look pretty much the same. However, the saw feels much different up close. We recommend going for the models that that comes in an ergonomic design. The handles should be well crafted and wrapped in a soft rubber coat. Additionally, lighter models reduce user fatigue, boosting their overall work output.


A cordless circular saw along with a drill is necessary to have tools for a home workshop. They are also a great choice for professionals as they offer practicality especially in tight spaces as well as job sites where electricity is not accessible. In this guide, we have only included the best models that offer you with the best performance. Compare each and pick the model that meets your need perfectly. Best of luck!

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