Best Christmas Crafts for Kids in 2023

Christmas is a delightful season for families to spend more time with one another and form better relationships. It is also a great opportunity for parents to interact and create stronger bonds with their kids while learning and having fun at the same time. Finding the best Christmas crafts for kids is definitely one way to go to capture their interests and sharpen their learning abilities and creativity.

As they frolic in the bright atmosphere and vivid hues of the season, kids can also enhance their creativity, interaction with others, and develop the intellectual ability. These Christmas crafts let the kids wallow in the ultimate fun, creative learning, and even while helping you out with decorations!

Best Christmas Crafts for Kids in 2023

You can pick out any activities that your kids can have fun with. But if you want to know which Christmas crafts your kids can try out, we’ve sorted out the most recommended options and come up with the list of Top 10 Best Christmas Crafts for Kids in 2023.

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10. Foam Reindeer Holiday Ornament Craft Kit

Foam Reindeer Holiday Ornament Craft Kit

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Who could ever forget reindeers during Christmas? Reindeers are among the season’s favorite symbols, and your kids won’t surely get enough of their cute and funky faces. And if you want them to indulge in an innovative activity this holiday, this ornament craft kit will definitely get themselves busy onto something fun and creative.

This kit includes foam ornaments crafted with assorted reindeer faces. Each ornament showcases vivid Christmas hues, accessories, and facial expressions. There are cutouts that your kid can use and put together to create these charming reindeer faces. There are 12 reindeer ornaments in the kit – perfect for kids to share the fun!

Key features
  • Includes 12 reindeer ornaments with assorted faces
  • Comes in vivid Christmas colors
  • Includes accessories and satin ribbons for hanging
  • Has tiny holes for the ribbons or cords to hang on Christmas trees
  • Includes cutouts that are easy to put together

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9. Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Christmas Ornaments

Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Christmas Ornaments

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The Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Christmas Ornament kit is one of the ways to make Christmas tree decorating extra special, especially for your kids! It includes two double-sided ornaments that your kids can paint and hang on the Christmas tree afterward.

It comes with six metallic paints and two paintbrushes that your kids can mix to come up with the beautiful colors of the season.  After painting, your kid can top it off with the two satin ribbons for a more festive look. It is easy to use and safe for kids 8 years old and above.

While you and your kids decorate the Christmas tree with these shimmery and dainty ornaments, you’re creating memories and a better bond that both of you can always remember in the long run!

Key features
  • Comes with two double-sided ornaments
  • Includes six metallic paints, two brushes, and two satin ribbons
  • Easy to use
  • Safe for kids 8 years old and above
  • Helps improve creativity, interaction, and hand-eye coordination

8. Beadery Holiday Beaded Ornament Kit, Candy Cane Assortment

Beadery Holiday Beaded Ornament Kit, Candy Cane Assortment

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If you want to give your kids a fresh and fun activity this Christmas, Beadery offers a creative beaded ornament kit that gives candy cane making a different twist! It is very easy and fun to do! All you have to do is stack the beads up in the layout until it forms a candy cane. The beads come in different Christmas colors that make the candy canes bright and festive!

With all the beads included, kids can make up to 16 candy canes. That’s definitely a lot to make! But other consumers could make use of their extra supplies and make more than the expected 16 candy canes. Whether you’re looking for an activity for your kids, grandkids, nieces, or nephews, this beaded candy cane kit would be a nice Christmas treat!

Key features
  • Beaded candy cane ornament kit
  • Includes beads in assorted colors
  • Can make up to 16 candy canes
  • Easy and very fun to do
  • Enhances creativity and handling ability
  • Improves the bond and interaction between the parents and kids

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7. Magic Color Scratch Christmas Tree Ornaments (24 Count)

Magic Color Scratch Christmas Tree Ornaments (24 Count)

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If you want your kids to revel in the fun while decorating your Christmas tree at home, you can give them a magical treat with this Magic Color Scratch Christmas Tree ornaments from Fun Express! It may seem dull with all that black hue, but the magic happens when you let your kid scratch each corner of the ornament.

Using the scratching tool included, you can scratch the surface off to unveil the rainbow colors. This ornament features the all-time favorite Christmas symbol, a Christmas Tree, and as you scratch the corners off, you’d get a rainbow-colored Christmas tree! When you’re done, you can insert the satin ribbons into the small hoops and hang them on your Christmas tree at home!

Key features
  • Includes 24 Christmas Tree ornaments
  • It has 24 satin ribbons included and 12 scratching tools.
  • Reveals rainbow colors underneath the surface as you scratch
  • Stimulates fun, creativity, and imagination
  • Has small hoops for satin ribbons for hanging

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6. Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy Craft Kit – Santa and Tree Ornaments

Melissa & Doug Stained Glass Made Easy Craft Kit - Santa and Tree Ornaments

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If you can’t deal with the paint’s mess, the Melissa & Doug Stained glass craft kit for kids is another exciting activity your kids should try. Your kids can create exquisitely stained glass crafts with just one peel and press! This easy peel-and-press sticker craft showcases realistic features such as swirls and bubbles.

All you have to do is to peel the sticker off and press it on the frame. As it highlights the frame’s borders, the craft lends a colorful, beautiful, and creative design for your Christmas tree. It comes with ready-to-hang cords so you can display these ornaments right before that gleeful season comes!

Key features
  • Easy peel-and-press sticker
  • Creates a stained glass craft with realistic features
  • Very easy to use; no mess
  • Includes ready-to-hang cords for Christmas trees and suction cups
  • Safe for kids from 4 years old and above

5. Magic Color Scratch Reindeer Christmas Ornaments (24 Pcs)

Magic Color Scratch Reindeer Christmas Ornaments (24 Pcs)

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Treat your kids with this magical activity from Fun Express! This kit includes 24 pieces of reindeer ornaments, 24 satin ribbons to hang on your Christmas tree, and 12 scratching tools your kids can use to get the scratching game going! Each ornament features different silhouettes of reindeer positions, and as they scratch the sides off, bright and beautiful rainbow shades rainbow come up.

This ornament kit is ideal for multiple kids, and each of them can definitely take delight in a different kind of fun this holiday. Each ornament is crafted with tiny hoops to insert the satin ribbons and hang on the Christmas tree! To make the activity more memorable, the kids can use the blank space at the back and write their names on it for keepsakes!

Key features
  • Includes 24 reindeer ornaments with different silhouettes of positions
  • Has 24 satin ribbons and 12 scratching tools
  • Crafted with tiny hoops for the satin ribbons
  • Reveals rainbow colors underneath the surface as you scratch
  • Ideal for fun and creative group activities
  • Cultivates creativity and interaction

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4. Dozen (24) Make a NATIVITY SCENE Sticker Sheets Religious Education

Dozen (24) Make a NATIVITY SCENE Sticker Sheets Religious Education

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Sticker activities never go out of the trend. And if you want to spruce up the fun with this activity, kids would surely love it. This Nativity Scene sticker set blends with the theme and the stories of the three kings, the manager, and the birth of Jesus. Fun Express crafted the sticker set with the images of the popular characters they can put together to create the setting.

This activity is great for Sunday school kids and as an educational exercise during Christmas. The kids can take out the stickers and put them together according to the proper positions. It’s easy and fun to do. And while they’re educating themselves about these popular stories, they can also improve their interaction with the other kids and their parents as well.

Key features
  • Nativity Scene sticker set; ideal for beginners and educational exercise during Christmas
  • Includes 2 dozens of the sticker set
  • Features images of the popular characters about the story of the birth of Jesus
  • Easy to put together
  • Improves bond between kids and parents and other kids as well

3. Felt Christmas Tree, Outgeek 3.2ft DIY Christmas Tree with 28 Pcs Ornaments Wall Decor

Felt Christmas Tree,Outgeek 3.2ft DIY Christmas Tree with 28 Pcs Ornaments Wall Decor

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You can allow your young artists to unleash their creativity during Christmas with this DIY Christmas Tree from Outgeek. Derived from felt material, it gives off a smooth surface where your kids can stick the ornaments on. The ornaments come in various designs that showcase Christmas symbols, such as Christmas balls, snowflakes, presents, and candy canes.

The ornaments are designed with velcro at the back for easy and quick sticking. While you and your kid are having fun putting the ornaments on the tree, such activity can cultivate creativity, interaction, and hand-eye coordination. It’s easy and fun to do!

Key features
  • Made of felt material that gives off a smooth surface
  • Includes ornaments with velcro for easy and quick sticking
  • Includes ornaments that feature Christmas symbols
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Cultivates creativity, interaction, and handling ability

2. Aytai DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set with Ornaments for Kids, Xmas Gifts,

Aytai DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set with Ornaments for Kids, Xmas Gifts,

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If you’re looking for another option for a DIY Christmas Tree set for your kids, check this one from Aytai. As one of the best-sellers on the market today, the set includes a 3-feet Christmas tree made of the felt material that provides a smooth and soft surface leaving a safe layout for the kids to decorate.

To make decorating more fun and exciting, the set includes 35 pieces of ornaments that feature Christmas symbols. These adorable embellishments bring colors and bright details to your Christmas tree! And to make it much easier to put the ornaments on, each of them is designed with velcro tape for fast and hassle-free decorating.

Key features
  • DIY Christmas tree set for kids
  • Includes 35 pieces of ornaments crafted with velcro tapes
  • 3-feet tall Christmas tree
  • Enhances creativity, hand-eye coordination, and handling ability
  • Applicable for kids 2 years old and above

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1. Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Christmas Ornaments

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The first spot on our list and the most recommended Christmas crafts for kids this upcoming season is the Glitter Christmas ornament kit from Melissa and Doug. All you need are three easy steps to complete this fun activity with your kids – peel, press, and reveal! Once you’ve picked out the desired shape, peel the paper off, pick a glitter and press onto the area, and take the glitter sheet off to see the shimmers!

You and your kids can complete six shiny and sparkling ornaments without getting dirty and messy from the glitters. This mess-free glitter Christmas ornaments also have tiny hoops where you insert the satin ribbons for hanging. Your kids will definitely enjoy decorating your Christmas tree at home with these beautiful and shimmery ornaments!

Key features
  • Mess-free glitter ornaments
  • Easy and very fun to do
  • Includes 6 pieces of ornaments, 7 glitter sheets, and 6 ribbons
  • Makes 6 beautiful and shimmery Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree
  • Promotes creativity, better interaction, and stimulates fun
  • Applicable for kids 5 years old and above

How to Choose the Best Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • CONCEPT & CREATIVITY: To determine which Christmas craft you should buy for your kid, you can consider what the concept of the activity will be about. There are puzzles, paintings, ornament kits, and other crafts innovatively designed to enhance creativity and spur unlimited fun. You can go with these popular activities, but you can always opt for the crafts that you think your kids would definitely love.
  • INTERACTIVITY: One of the advantages of engaging in Christmas crafts is the interaction the parents and the kids can develop. Nurturing the kids to interact through these activities improves the communication between them and their parents. Better communication, better relationships. The kids can also socialize better with other family members, other kids, and other people in the long run.
  • SAFETY: Safety is always the priority. Regardless of their age, all the activities your kids will use and engage in should guarantee safety. There are activities, paint sets, and ornament kits that include small parts, coloring, and decorating items that can be hazardous or choking to your kids. There might be times when they have to scissors, glue, and other craft materials. Always provide utmost supervision. Precaution is a must.


There are tons of ways to celebrate Christmas this year! But if you want to make it much more memorable with your family, especially with your kids, you can treat with innovative and fun Christmas crafts. They enhance creativity, fun, imagination, and handling abilities and bring the family much closer together.

There are overwhelming options for the best Christmas crafts for kids on the market. But we’ve listed the best and the most recommended options to narrow down your choices and make shopping a little less difficult! Pick out your favorite crafts, and enjoy the holidays!

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