Top 10 Best Car Headrest DVD Players in 2023 | Full Reviews

When traveling long distances in a car, kids on the backseat get bored easily. A modern car headrest DVD player provides entertainment in the back and some rest for those in the front. Those players work like the screen you know from a plane. You can choose between models with one player unit and those with the main player unit plus an additional screen. That is handy when your kids want to watch a movie together.

As parents, you may know how exhausting it can be when the kids or teenagers get bored. Just imagine when there isn’t even a phone signal. The car headrest DVD players we review here are more than just disc players. They all have SD-card slots and USB ports. So if you don’t want to carry a stack of DVDs with you, you can still feed the screen with movies and series.

While there are many DVD players on the market, we focussed on those you can mount on the headrest. This is not just convenient but also an important safety feature. You don’t want to see the device flying through the car when you have to hit the brakes. Another advantage of the portable DVD players is that kids can continue watching the movie when you stop for a rest or refuel due to a powerful battery.

We reviewed the 10 best car headrest DVD players with care and from the viewpoint as a customer. For our review, it was most important how they perform everyday use and how convenient the players are to operate.

Top 10 Best Car Headrest DVD Players in 2023

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10. PUMPKIN Headrest Car DVD Player with Free Headphone

PUMPKIN Headrest Car DVD Player with Free Headphone

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Why not give your little munchkin a high-tech pumpkin when in the car? This Pumpkin Headrest Player brings everything you need to entertain kids in the backseat. The 1080 dpi display lets every pixel shine brightly and crystal clear. You can use all your old and new DVDs on the region free player.

For the more technically advanced kids, Pumpkin lets you stream video as well, from a mobile phone or even a raspberry pie computer through the HDMI port (if supported by the device). If you buy two devices you can even sync them. This way, everyone in the back watches the same movie at the same time. The manufacturer also built in a memory, so after a short rest, the DVD will resume at the point you paused it, even when the car engine was shut off.

  • Comes with free headphones
  • Syncing function between devices
  • Easy to use
  • HDMI-Output
  • No Wifi

9. Hikig Car Headrest Mount for easy install

Hikig Car Headrest Mount for easy install

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Some people already own a portable DVD player and want to have a convenient way of using it as a car headrest entertainment system. Here comes the Hikig mount into the game. This mount works with most standard 7-11 inch swivel and flip-style DVD players. It works with all models with a rotating screen. Installation is very simple since you have to adjust the strap to the car headrest.

The times are over when kids had to hold their beloved portable DVD player in their hands or on the lap. Every time you had to break, there was a risk the player slips out of the hands and falls down. With the headrest mount, you can securely fix the gadget and avoid any accidents. The headrest mount is washable and easy to clean since it is made from polyester fabric.

  • Works with most portable DVD players
  • Secures gadgets in the car
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Only for players with rotatable screen

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8. PUMPKIN 10.1 Inch Player Headrest With Brackets

PUMPKIN 10.1 Inch Player Headrest With Brackets

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Another model from Pumpkin, but this headrest DVD player comes with brackets included for an easy installation. It supports an HDMI input and AV output. So even without a DVD, your kids or anyone else in the backseat can watch Videos through an HDMI-Connection. And when you arrive at the hotel, you can connect the player to a TV in the hotel room.

Another way to play videos is an SD-Card slot. As long as the card follows the popular FAT32-Format, the player can show movies and videos. Up to 128 GB storage is supported, and so are all the main video formats like mp4, avi, wav, and mov.

While the car headrest DVD player comes with free headphones, the player also has speakers built-in. The intelligent design reduces sound interferences. To ensure also smaller kids have a good view, the angle of the screen can be adjusted.

  • Offers several ports for input
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable screen angle
  • Many video formats supported
  • No wifi connection

7. NAVISKAUTO Two DVD Players Set for Car Headrests

NAVISKAUTO Two DVD Players Set for Car Headrests

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When you have more than one child in the backseat, only one DVD player may cause some disturbance. With the NAVISKAUTO set, you are on the safe side since it includes two car headrest DVD players, including mounts. The pair of players can be connected, so one movie can be played in sync. But if children or teens want to watch their own preferred content, they can do so as well.

The DVD player supports not only discs but also input from other sources. You can insert an SD card with up to 128 GB storage or connect the player to a mobile phone. If you have a hard disk with your movie selection, simply connect through the USB-Port. We liked that the player is mounted with a solid bracket, so the screen is much safer than when just strapped on the headrest.

  • Two players
  • Synced watching
  • Supports different formats
  • Solid mount
  • Slightly higher price range

6. FANGOR 10.5 One Player, Two Screens

FANGOR 10.5 One Player, Two Screens

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With this set, you can save some money, but you don’t have to make a compromise when entertaining those in the backseat. The set includes one player with a built-in screen and a separate screen for the second headrest. With this solution, two people can simultaneously watch a movie, but you only need to pay for one player.

As per nowadays standard, you can use several types of sources, from different DVD formats to movies from external hard disks, with MPEG or MP4 movies. Both devices have their own charging cable and are connected with an AV cable. The battery lasts for up to 4 hours, so the kids can continue watching when you have a rest stop. Both screens have the same control layout; the buttons can be used separately. If one person wants to take a nap, they can just switch off the monitor while the other person can still watch the movie.

  • Money-saving set with two screens
  • Different video formats are supported.
  • Remote control included
  • Bright LCD screens
  • Cables can be a tangled between seats

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5. SUNPIN 11’’ Screen Car Headrest DVD Player

SUNPIN 11’’ Screen Car Headrest DVD Player

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One of the great advantages of the Sunpin car headrest DVD player is its screen size. With 11’’ inch, the device is bigger than many other models. And to increase the viewing experience even more, the manufacturer used a TFT-LCD screen for more brightness. The DVD player supports different video formats as well as input from external sources like USB or SD-Cards.

The headrest strap makes it easy for you to install the device and keeps its safe during driving. When two people in the backseat want to watch a movie, they can use the speakers, but also two earphone jacks. This way drivers and those in the front seat will not be disturbed by the movies. The lithium battery lasts for a few hours, so even when you do a stop and unmount the player, watching is possible. The device also resumes the video thanks to it’s memory function where you paused the movie.

  • Big screen size
  • TFT-LCD bright display
  • Two earphone jacks
  • Memory function
  • No wireless connection

4. SUNPIN Portable DVD Player 12.5″

SUNPIN Portable DVD Player 12.5"

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Even bigger, namely 12.5’’, is the screen of this model from SUNPIN. It also has an especially designed eye protection. With this feature, kids can watch movies even when it’s dark, or you are on the way for a long time, without hurting their eyes. At the same time, the screen is bright and provides a brilliant picture.

Two headphone jacks provide a convenient connection for two viewers using their own hearing devices. But the built in stereo speakers are quite impressive, even when used outside the car. The powerful battery lasts many hours and you are independent from external power sources. The car headrest mount is easy to use and the attached strap can be washed and clean in a washing machine. You can watch all kinds of videos, the DVD player is region free and supports different formats like mp4, mov and MPEG.

  • Two headphone jacks
  • Long lasting battery
  • Big and bright screen
  • Supports many video formats
  • Speakers could be louder

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3. FANGOR 10’’ Video Player Set with HD Screen and two Monitors

FANGOR 10’’ Video Player Set with HD Screen and two Monitors

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A 10 inch LCD screen with HD 1080×800 screen resolution should be more than enough for a car headrest DVD player. This is much more than you get on an airplane. But Fangor put even more in the basket: With the AV-Out port, you can connect the player to other screens, for example, the TV at home or when staying at a hotel.

This DVD player supports discs with free region code and can play most video formats, like MP4, MOV, WAV and WMA. The video files can be on DVD or provided through SD-Cards and USB-ports. Last but not least the set includes a second screen, so two people can watch the movie on their own monitor. Both screens are synced, but have their own headphone jacks. The player and the screen can be easily strapped on the headrest and secured with brackets.

  • Two screens
  • Different video formats supported
  • Decent screen size
  • SD- and USB-Support
  • Battery has only 2500mAh

2. WONNIE 10.5” DVD Player for Kids

WONNIE 10.5'' DVD Player for Kids

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Wonnie will be your kids’ best friend when installed on the headrest of your car. The 10.5’’ screens come with HD resolution. Like other models, the set contains the main player unit with a screen and an additional screen. Even on a long ride, the displays won’t get too hot and will not burn the headrest. The battery is strong enough to power the player unit alone for 4 hours; if two screens are used, it’s reduced to 2-3 hours. But since both can be connected to the car’s power system with 12V adapters, there is always a backup.

In the box, you also find a remote control, two headrest straps and brackets to mount the displays and sme cables. They connect the two units to each other to the power systems and to a DC voltage system. Furthermore Wonnie gives you a handbook in case you need advice on how to operate the player. But since it is targeted at kids, players and screens are easy to use. The menu can be controlled by up and down and left and right buttons.

  • Two screens
  • Recharging battery
  • Large viewing angle
  • Straps and brackets included
  • Screen size could be larger

1. HDJUNTUNKOR Flat DVD Player for Car Headrests

HDJUNTUNKOR Flat DVD Player for Car Headrests

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While it might be a bit difficult to pronounce the producer’s name, it is easy to use this car headrest DVD player. Thanks to the user-oriented design, all buttons and functions can be understood intuitively. A rechargeable battery lasts about 5 hours, and the 10’’ screen is big enough for a good viewing experience.

If you want to use the player outside a car, you will appreciate the swivel display – it can be rotated 270 degrees and flipped 180 degrees. The region free player can play all DVDs with code 0. Additionally, you can use the SD-card-slots or the USB-Port to connect cards and harddisks with more media files. HDjuntunkor understands many different formats of video and audio. What makes this player so successful is its versatility. You can use it as an in-car entertainment system or as a standalone media player at home, on the beach, or wherever you want. If you forgot your headphones, the loudspeakers are still providing a decent sound.

  • Flat design
  • Can be used in car and outside
  • The screen has a flexible swivel
  • The battery provides power for up to 5 hours
  • Screen is small


When looking for a car headrest DVD player, screen size is an important detail. While big screens provide more estate on the monitor, they may cause fatigue to children when sitting too close. Screen sizes between 10 and 13’’ are best for the distance between headrest and backseat.

The way the player is mounted is also something to be checked. The best mount contains a strap and a bracket to secure the device at all times. Furthermore, these days a player should support more than just DVDs. Most of the products we reviewed support a wide range of video and audio formats and different DVD types. Players with region free or code 0 may have problems to play code 1 restricted discs.

If you want to take the car headrest DVD player outside the car, then the battery performance is important. Most products run 4 hours without a re-charge.

A DVD player in the car provides entertainment for kids, but also adults. Even a long journey isn’t a boring experience when you can watch your favorite movie or TV series. And when you have a model with two screens, kids can watch the favorite shows together.

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