Best Bikini Swimwear in 2023 | The Top-Rated Women’s Swimsuits

Before you bask in the summer sun and treat your skin with a sun-kissed tan, shopping for the perfect bikini swimwear is probably the first on your to-do list. But to show off your beach-ready body and sexy curves, you should choose bikini styles and designs that would flatter your figure. Department stores, high-end brands, and online shops offer a wide array of bikinis that may overwhelm you with tons of choices. But if you want to frolic in the pools and beaches wearing that perfect bikini, you need to settle for something durable and won’t let you go out of style!

To help you out before the summer season breaks in, we’ve listed the Top 10 Best Bikini Swimwears in 2023 together with a detailed guideline.

The Best Bikini Swimwear in 2023

If you haven’t found the best bikini that compliments your figure, style, and quality preference, we have jotted down the topnotch bikini swimwears that you should try. Check out our list of the Top 10 Best Bikini Swimwears in 2023.

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10. Seaselfie Women’s Beach Bikini

Seaselfie Women's Beach Bikini

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Whether you’re a plus size, slim, or petite, tankinis would definitely work on you. This tankini from Seaselfie comes with a high-waist bikini and a halter top that can emphasize your shoulders and make them look broader.

For those who have smaller bustline, the halter style and the padding bra will flatter the area around the chest. The tank top is tailored with a lace-up style that can be tightened or loosened according to your preferred fit.

The high-waist bikini would also be a perfect choice for those who want to conceal any bulge in their tummies and rather draw the attention to the legs and hips. You can sunbathe or walk by the pool or by the seaside while making your legs look longer and sultrier. Tailored from chinlon, a type of nylon, and elastane, it ensures superior comfort, smoothness, and elasticity that hugs the body with the ideal fit.

  • Made from chinlon (a type of nylon) and elastane.
  • Comfortable, soft, and durable.
  • An ideal style for petite and plus size women.
  • Designed with a high-waist bottom that highlights the legs and hips
  • Features a design that can conceal bulging tummies
  • Has available sizes from small to double extra large
  • Some consumers complain about the inconsistencies in sizes.

9. Tempt Me Women One Piece Vintage Printed Off Shoulder Flounce Ruffled Printed Monokini

Tempt Me Women One Piece Vintage Printed Off Shoulder Flounce Ruffled Printed Monokini

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If you want to play with ruffles and summer prints, Tempt Me offers a sexy one-piece bikini that will surely complement your body figure. With its pushed up bra, it is an ideal style for those who have smaller bustline. It accentuates the chest while the one-piece style gives off a sexier look on your figure.

Unlike the conventional bikini styles, this vintage printed one-piece is tailored with ruffles that drape smoothly along the chest that elevates your style. Whether you’re a plus size and slim, the off-shoulder design emphasizes your shape while the summer prints make it even more attractive and fitting for the summer season. And because it’s a one-piece swimsuit, it covers your tummy and flatters the contours of your body.

  • One-piece bikini tailored with ruffles and summer prints
  • Features an off-shoulder design that accentuates the shoulders
  • Made from high-quality and smooth fabric
  • Stretchable material for a comfortable and flexible fit
  • One-piece bikini that conceals bulging tummies
  • Ideal for plus-size women and rectangle-shaped bodies
  • Available in many sizes
  • Some consumers complain that it is a bit see-thru when wet.

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8. Tempt Me Women One Piece Bikini Lace up Ruffled Off Shoulder Flounce Monokini

Tempt Me Women One Piece Bikini Lace up Ruffled Off Shoulder Flounce Monokini

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If your body is not yet beach-ready, you can still flaunt it away with this Tempt Me one-piece bikini with a ruffled off-shoulder design. It features a cross lace up design and a padded push-up bra that highlight the bust area, especially for those who want to achieve a bustier figure. The ruffled off-shoulder gives off a seductive sensation that drapes along the chest area while making your shoulders look wider.

Whether you’re slim or plus-size, this one-piece bikini would give your figure a sultry trick. It contours the curves and can make you much slimmer if that’s what you’re hoping to achieve. Tailored from high-quality materials, it ensures comfort and versatility. It is also stretchable that provides a perfect fit that won’t wear off even when you’re venturing the waters for a swim!

  • One-piece bikini with cross lace up design; ideal for plus-size women and those that have smaller bustline
  • A crossover design between modest and flirty look
  • It contours the curves and gives off a much slimmer effect
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Stretchable and comfortable
  • Has removable halter straps
  • The ruffled off-shoulder design sometimes falls off.

7. Imily Bela Women’s Bikini

Tempt Me Women Two Piece Off Shoulder Ruffled Flounce Crop Bikini Top with Print Cut Out Bottoms

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Another way to spruce up your bikini swimwear this summer is sporting a ruffled off the shoulder and a bottom with print cutouts. This stylish piece from Tempt Me offers a stunning collection of bikinis that are crafted with a chic ruffled off-shoulder top that can go well with a smaller bustline. It is paired up with a bottom styled with cutouts that accentuate your figure, particularly the hips and around the abdominal area.

There are a lot of prints to choose from. There are prints you can choose if you want to blend in the summer season. The vivid hues and busy prints would also go well with whatever complexion you have. The pushed up bra is a great bonus for those who have a smaller bustline and want to make it look fuller. And because it is made from stretchable and durable material, you can use for the next summer seasons to come!

  • Two-piece bikini with a ruffled off-shoulder top; ideal for those who have a smaller bustline
  • Comes with a bottom that has cutouts that can accentuate your figure; ideal for rectangle-shaped body and pear-shaped body
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Stretchable; provides a perfect fit
  • Available in many designs and sizes
  • The ruffled off-shoulder comes a bit off for chesty or bustier women.

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6. COCOSHIP Women’s Bikini Set Chic Swimsuit (FBA)

COCOSHIP Women's Bikini Set Chic Swimsuit (FBA)

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High-waist bikinis are perfect for women who have pear-shaped and apple-shaped body figures. Plus-size women can also grace these bikinis beautifully and show off their curvy features. This high-waist bikini swimwear from Cocoship might just be the summer treat you’re looking for. Apart from its floral summer prints, the high-waist style covers the flaws you wish to hide while sunbathing and swimming.

The push-up bra is also a great feature for petite girls and those who aren’t blessed with bustier bodies. Not only does this Retro Boho Flounce Falbala showcase the summer vibes, but it also ensures long-lasting and durable quality with its polyester spandex fabric. It provides a comfortable and versatile fit so you can get into the waters or bask in the sand without worrying about your swimsuit falling off!

  • Made from polyester spandex fabric; durable and long-lasting quality
  • Provides comfortable fit; stretchable
  • Features floral prints for a summery vibe
  • High-waist bottom that flatters the legs and hips while covering the flaws on your body
  • Ruffled top with a halter strap that accentuates the chest areas
  • Available in many different designs and sizes
  • Some consumers complain about the inconsistencies in sizes.

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5. COCOSHIP Retro 50s Black Pink Blue Floral Halter High Waist Bikini Set Halter

COCOSHIP Retro 50s Black Pink Blue Floral Halter High Waist Bikini Set Halter

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Cocoship Retro 50s high-waist bikini is made from polyester spandex fabric that makes it stretchable to provide a custom and comfortable fit. As it is also breathable, it guarantees comfort and durability that you can use for more summers to come! Its high-waist style emphasizes the legs making them look longer and your derriere to look sexier.

As the top is padded, those who have smaller bustline can accentuate their chest area and can even make them look bustier if that’s what you wish to achieve. With its floral prints, it makes the bikini more attractive and can give off a more summery vibe. The high-waist style also conceals the flaws and bumps in your body.

  • Made from polyester spandex fabric
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Stretchable and offers a durable quality
  • Two-piece bikini; high-waist bottom to accentuate the legs and conceal the flaws in the body
  • Halter style top with padded bra that gives emphasis to the chest area
  • Those who are not fond of busy prints may find it unflattering.

4. zeraca Women’s One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

zeraca Women's One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

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Taking the third spot on our list is a sexy piece perfectly tailored specially to ladies with rectangle-shaped body figures. With the Zeraca bikini’s V-neckline and side cutouts, it can flatter your figure and give you a curvier and sexier shape. Those who have smaller bustline can also benefit from these features. And if you also want to highlight your legs and your bum, the high-waist style will do the work for you.

As it is a one-piece with a high-waist style, it can cover all the areas that need concealing. You can hide whatever you need to hide, particularly on your tummy area. It can cover the bulge in your tummy and make it look more flawless and sexy. The cuts are truly flattering and make your figure more attractive than ever.

  • Made from high-quality materials for a long-lasting quality
  • Made from super soft spandex fabric for a stretchable and more comfortable fit
  • One-piece bathing suit that provides full coverage on your bottom and problems around your tummy
  • Flattering cuts and neckline to accentuate your figure
  • Has a removable padded bra
  • Made from polyester; durable quality
  • Chlorine-resistant and pill-resistant
  • Some consumers complain about the inconsistencies in sizes.

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3. zeraca Women’s Strap Side Bottom Halter Racerback Bikini Bathing Suits

zeraca Women's Strap Side Bottom Halter Racerback Bikini Bathing Suits

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If you want to go for the conventional two-piece bikinis, this halter racerback from Zeraca surely is worth a try. You can flaunt your flat tummy while accentuating your body figure along the chest area and legs. Tailored with a halter racerback, you can also look sexy from behind.

It is made from polyester and elastane which ensures superior comfort and durability that you can use for many years to come. With the push-up padding, women with smaller bustline can make their figures look bustier and sexier. It also features a low-rise bottom that allows you to show off your sexy and flat tummy.

  • Made from polyester and elastane; durable and long-lasting quality
  • Tailored with a halter racerback for a sexier back
  • Has a push-up padding that accentuates the bustline and makes your figure look bustier
  • Comes with a low-rise bottom that accentuates your flat tummy
  • Available in many sizes and designs
  • This may not be an ideal design for those who prefer full coverage and wish to conceal tummy problems.

2. Aixy Women Vintage Swimsuits Bikinis Bathing Suits Retro Halter Underwired Top

Aixy Women Vintage Swimsuits Bikinis Bathing Suits Retro Halter Underwired Top

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Aixy vintage bikini truly takes you back a bit in the memory lane with this retro halter style underwired top. It is designed with a padded push-up bra that compliments women with a smaller bustline. The push-up bra makes the figure look bustier and sexier. And with its high-waist bottom, pear-shaped, apple-shaped women and even plus size women can highlight their curves conceal their flaws away.

It is made from the popular materials for swimwear – nylon and spandex. Such high-quality materials make this bikini durable and comfortable. It also makes it versatile which can provide a custom and flexible fit. The halter strap, however, enhances the shoulders and gives your arms a slimmer look. And if you wish to go with vivid colors, florals, or summer hues, there are a lot of designs to choose from.

  • Retro halter style underwired top that can accentuate the chest area
  • Has a push-up bra or padded bra that makes the figure look bustier
  • Made from nylon and spandex for a more comfortable and versatile fit
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Available in many colors, designs, prints, and sizes
  • Conceals the tummy problems with the high-waist bottom
  • Some consumers find the sizes not very consistent.

1. Tempt Me Women One Piece Monokini Swimwear

Tempt Me Women One Piece Monokini Swimwear

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If you’re not comfortable of wearing two-piece swimsuits, you can still frolic in the sand and bask in the waters with a stylish and comfy bikini. This one-piece bathing suit from Tempt Me fully covers your body to conceal all the bumps and flaws. It showcases a v-neckline tailored with a mesh fabric that gives off a modest but sultry vibe. It is an ideal style particularly for plus size and apple-shaped women.

This swimwear is available in many different colors and you can choose which shade flatters your figure very well. The stylish cut at the back promotes aesthetic craftsmanship that highlights your figure right from behind. Made from high-quality materials, smooth and stretchy fabric, it fits perfectly on the body.

  • One-piece bikini with V-neckline tailored with mesh
  • Ideal design for plus-size women and apple-shaped body figures
  • Made from high-quality materials; smooth and stretchable fabrics
  • Available in many different colors and sizes
  • Accentuates the contours of the body and conceals the flaws and curves
  • Not really an ideal design option for women with rectangle-shaped bodies.

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How to Choose the Best Bikini Swimwear

  • KNOW YOUR BODY SHAPE: With all your preferences in style, design, and quality, it seems easy to pick out the perfect bikini. But it all comes down to learning more about your body figure to determine the right style and design. Without knowing this vital point, even your favorite bikini brand might just suit you up with an ill-fitting size. Take a look at these body shapes and some quick pointers:
    • Pear-shaped – If you have hips that are wider than your shoulders, you probably have a pear-shaped body. Those women with this shape may be bustier or have a smaller bustline. For this figure, opt for one-piece bikinis with cutouts to flatter the contours of your body. If you have a smaller bustline, go for a lower neckline to highlight the bust area.
    • Rectangle-shaped – You shouldn’t feel embarrassed when you don’t have the curves or bustier figure to flaunt. A few tweaks with your bikini will do. Try one-piece bikinis with side cutouts as well to give an illusion of a curvier body. Two-piece bikinis with bright colors shimmer and colorful prints and patterns can also emphasize your flat tummy and overall figure. Don’t settle for dark colors and stripes.
    • Apple-shaped – If you haven’t flattened out your tummy yet, it might not be easy for you to head out to the beach or by the pool to sunbathe and splash. But if you want to hide your bumpy tummy, high-waist bikinis are your best bet. High-cut styles will also flatter your legs and behind rather than highlighting the belly bump. You should also choose solid and darker hues and bikinis with fewer prints.
    • Plus-size – Everybody figure is beautiful. And if you line up among the plus-size women, that’s definitely okay. You can still hit the beach with the bikini that flatters your figure. Bikini dresses, bikinis with mini skirts, and tankinis will complement your figure. High-waist bikinis and one-piece or two-piece bikini swimwears with ruffles would also be a great option. Opt for bikinis with vertical lines and stripes, darker shades, and minimal prints.
  • CHECK THE MATERIAL: When it comes to the wide selection of swimwear and branded swimsuits, polyester is the leading material. It is known and proven to be durable and fast-drying. It can resist fading thus preserves the color and condition at its finest for many years to come. Some swimwears are also manufactured from nylon and spandex materials which provide a flexible fit that hugs the body well and comfortably.
  • CHOOSE YOUR STYLE & DESIGN: With great consideration of your body shape and the material and quality of the bikini, the next phase comes easy: choose your preferred style and design. There are a lot of designs, colors, prints, and styles to choose from. That’s why identifying the material and learning more about your body shape make it much easier to know which type of bikini you should settle for. Comfort and size are also essential factors to consider to make sure you’re not just flaunting your sexy figure but also making yourself comfortable while plunging in the waters or taking in some summer heat.


It’s always nice to head out to the beach or swimming pools looking great with your figure and swimwear. But if you end up with the wrong bikinis, it might just cut some of your self-esteem off.

Hence, if you want to be at your best in a bikini while feeling comfortable with your body figure, it is a must to consider the essential factors. Basically, you have to determine your body shape first, know your size, and check the material and durability of the bikini.

When you’re all done with the vital points, you can now pick out the design and style of your choice. When you have that perfect bikini, you can go and show off your sexy curves! If you haven’t found the best bikini for this summer yet, our comprehensive guideline and top ten list of the best-selling bikinis will help you out!

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