The Best Bicycle Panniers in 2023

Going on a trip with your bicycle for a long weekend or even a complete holiday carrying your luggage will always be a challenge. You must travel light on your bicycle, but some essentials like clothes to change or rain protection need to be transported. For such active holidays, there is a wide choice of bicycle panniers available today. Lightweight, durable, and water repellent, they will protect your belongings from the elements and keep them at hand for you.

They come in different sizes and can take various volumes. No matter if you travel light or need more items with you, you can choose the perfect size for your needs. The bicycle panniers should be not only functional to store your belongings but also be flexible and easy to attach to your bike. You want to avoid having your bag dropping or your saddlebag’s straps getting tangled in the wheels. We have tested a selection of the most popular bicycle panniers to help you find the bags fitting your expectations most.

Top 10 Best Bicycle Panniers in 2023

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10. ROCKBROS Bicycle Panniers Waterproof 27L

ROCKBROS Bicycle Panniers Waterproof 27L

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We have reviewed the 27 L bicycle pannier from ROCKBROS. The bags are made from high-density 840D Nylon. They are also covered with TPU film to make the pannier bag waterproof so that you can use them also on a rainy day. The bag is easy to clean. You can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

The large volume of 27 liters of each bag can hold your cloth and essential things you bring along your cycling trip. Exterior bungee cords hold your raincoat or other items you need to have at hand quickly. Mesh pockets inside help you to store smaller items. These panniers are also great for transporting groceries when shopping. The pannier bags can be safely and easily attached and adjusted to your bicycle with the movable buckles and rotatable brackets.

  • Weights just 900 g
  • Reflective design for visibility at night
  • Waterproof materials
  • 3 point attachment system
  • Quality not as sturdy as comparable brands

9. FANWU 50L Bicycle Panniers

FANWU 50L Bicycle Panniers

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FANWU has created large and versatile bicycle panniers with these durable saddlebags. The panniers support bike racks with a width of fewer than 7 inches. The bags have a capacity of 50 liters and can take a load of up to 35 kg. Reflective elements will improve your safety when riding at nighttime. Each pannier has a large main compartment for your bigger items. They also feature a front pocket with a net and another side pocket.

The bicycle panniers are waterproof and made of high density reinforced polyester with PU coating. Each set includes an extra rain cover for keeping your belongings safe on rainy days. The installation of the saddlebags is easy. You just attach the 4 fast installation hooks, and 4 fasten straps with buckles to your bike rack.

  • Fast installation hooks and fasten straps with buckles for safe installation
  • Large capacity of 50 L
  • Weights just 2,98 lbs
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft canvas bag, not rigid bags

8. Gonex Bicycle Panniers 27L

Gonex Bicycle Panniers 27L

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GONEX is a well-known high-quality brand for bicycle panniers. Their products are not cheap, but the high quality and durability are well worth the investment. Our reviewed 27L panniers are made from 900D water- and dustproof, high strength PVC. Adding to the durability are the seams which are sealed by hot pressing. You can load a maximum of 20 kg per bag. The front elastic straps will hold your items you need to access frequently.

The panniers are versatile to use. With their adjustable shoulder straps, they are also easy to turn into a shoulder bag. Reflective stripes on both sides add to your safety when riding at night. The triangular hooking system with two movable and solid buckles and the 360° rotatable bracket make these bicycle panniers easy and quick to install.

  • High-quality durable materials
  • Lightweight with only 2.6 lbs for each pannier
  • Easy and quick to hook and adjust
  • Removable shoulder straps for versatile use
  • Higher priced than comparable products

7. Vincita Bicycle Pannier

Vincita Bicycle Pannier

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These bicycle panniers from Vincita feature a more elegant and less outdoor design compared to other saddlebags. You also have the choice of various colors. These panniers can be used on nearly all types of adult bicycles that have rear carriers. The bags are also versatile and double as shopping bags or carry bags, as they feature a crying handle.

The panniers can be easily installed on your bike rack with four hooks and loops straps on the top, plus two adjustable elastic straps at the back panel. The saddlebags are water-resistant and very durable due to the 600D high-quality polyester fabric they are made from. An extra rain cover adds to the protection on a rainy day.

  • Feature a carrier handle to double as a portable bag
  • Fits nearly all bicycles
  • Includes a rain cover
  • Available in different colors
  • Smaller volume than other pannier bags

6. PELLOR 3 in 1 Detachable Bicycle Pannier Bags 70L

PELLOR 3 in 1 Detachable Bicycle Pannier Bags 70L

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PELLOR has created a very versatile bicycle pannier with this 3 pieces set. We really liked the different options these saddlebags offer to you. The side bags can be unzipped from the center bag for separate use. The center bag also doubles as a backpack. This set of panniers offers you a capacity of 70L altogether while weighing only 3.5 lbs. A rain cover is included as a useful accessory to keep your bags dry on rainy days.

PELLOR bags are made from durable high-quality thick nylon fabric. This bags also feature reflective stripes. The bags are easy to install on your bike. You just need to mount them to the bicycle frame with their fixed hooks. There will be no shaking when riding, as your bags are safely attached.

  • Versatile set with 1 large bicycle bag and 2 side pockets
  • Extra rain cover included
  • Can be quickly attached to your bike
  • Side trapezoidal design for your safety
  • The plastic claps connecting the center bag can break if not handled carefully

5. Bushwhacker Omaha – Bicycle Grocery Pannier

Bushwhacker Omaha - Bicycle Grocery Pannier

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If you are not into long bike journeys, but you enjoy cycling within your community to go shopping, then these specific grocery bicycle panniers are the perfect choice for you. Each pannier mounts separately on each side of your bicycle and can hold one full-sized grocery bag. The panniers are open, so you can put your groceries in immediately without having to open a top flap.

The saddlebags can be effortlessly secured to the rack of your bike with a three-point mounting system. Simply attach them to the top of the rack with two metal hooks. To secure them to the bottom of your frame you just need a bungee and a S-Hook, which are included in the set. The bags are very lightweight and durable. You can fold and store the panniers easily when they are not in use.

  • These bicycle panniers are specifically designed for shopping
  • Very lightweight and durable
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Effortless to install to your bicycle
  • Not suitable for rainy days.

4. Hikenture Bicycle Panniers 27L

Hikenture Bicycle Panniers 27L

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Available in bright yellow or classic black are these bicycle panniers from HIKENTURE. With a volume of 27L, they are ideal for carrying along with your belongings during your bike adventure tours. The saddlebags are waterproof and splash-proof, so also the electronic equipment you might carry along is safely stored. The bags are made from seamless and wear-resistant 500D nylon and high-quality TPU.

The panniers feature 2 pockets, with an external pocket to easily access your phone or wallet, and an internal mesh zippered pocket for keeping small items like keys separate and safe from getting lost. The bicycle panniers feature a 3 in 1 function as a bike bag, shoulder bag, or handbag. They can be safely and easily mounted and adjusted to fit your bike without wobbling or falling off.

  • Easy to mount and to adjust
  • Lightweight with only 2.45 lbs
  • 3 in 1 function as a bike bag, shoulder bag, or handbag
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • The pannier material has temporarily a strong rubber smell when purchased newly

3. Roswheel 14892 Multifunction Bicycle Panniers

Roswheel 14892 Multifunction Bicycle Panniers

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We also liked these 3-in-1 multifunction bicycle panniers from ROSWHEEL. Offering a large volume of 37L distributed over 3 bags, they are ideal for a long journey on your bicycle. The panniers consist of 3 bags with a detachable top bag. This bag can be converted to a shoulder bag with an included shoulder strap. The 2 side bags feature an angled corner design to stay out of your way when you pedal your bike.

The saddlebags are made from durable and water-resistant 1000D reinforced polyester with PU coating. The reflective logo outside the bags provides additional security for you when you ride at night. The panniers are easy to install by simply using the buckles with adjustable straps to attach them safely to your bike rack.

  • Large capacity of 37L
  • Made from 1000D Polyester
  • 3 bags with a detachable top bag
  • Good value for money
  • Does not fit all types of bicycles

2. Ibera Bicycle Panniers

Ibera Bicycle Panniers

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These IBERA bicycle panniers provide you with a very high quality due to the durable, sturdy, and resistant materials used for their fabrication. Made from waterproof 500D tarpaulin and 600D polyester with ultrasonically welded seams, the panniers can withstand harsh weather conditions. The saddlebags include two large reinforced compartments, plus two water-resistant external zippered pockets.

The installation is convenient thanks to the Smart Quick Release/Clip-on System, which allows you to attach and detach bags quickly and easily. The bicycle panniers are compatible with most racks and bike types. The bags provide a large capacity of 15L per bag and can be used independently if you cycle with a smaller load only. The panniers are available in bright orange or in classic black color.

  • Made from high quality waterproof 500D tarpaulin
  • 15L capacity per bag
  • Compatible with most bicycle types
  • Features a hand-carry strap
  • Higher priced than comparable panniers.

1. BV Bicycle Panniers with Carrying Handle

BV Bicycle Panniers with Carrying Handle

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The bicycle panniers from BV come in a rather elegant design. Hence, they are not only suitable for active tours but also for commuting into the city to your workplace or university/school. They come with a total volume of 26L. Reflective trims add to your safety when cycling at night. The saddlebags feature a large compartment plus a zippered front pocket for each bag.

They also include a carrier handle and can double as a carry bag, as they are independently mounted to your bicycle. The angled pocket design leaves you ample pedaling space. The panniers are attached to your rack by four shelf straps and two height-adjustable bungee hooks. The bags come with a rigid back panel, so the bag structure is stable for your easy access to your items stored inside.

  • Features reflective trims for riding at night
  • Angled pocket design
  • Come with a carrying handle
  • Available in black or gray color
  • The quality of the zippers was not satisfying for some users


With numerous choices available for bicycle panniers you might want to focus first on the size and volume you need for your biking adventures. Next, you need to know the measures of your bike in order to select saddlebags that will fit your rack size.

The quality of the materials the panniers are fabricated from must be long-lasting and durable, as the panniers will have to endure quite some wear and tear. Enforced seams and high-quality water-, dust- and temperature-resistant materials are essential for the long life of your bicycle panniers. An extra waterproof rain cover to protect your belongings comes in handy too, in case you end up in a rain shower.

Easy installation and stable attachment to your bike are other important points to focus on. Your saddlebags must sit safely on the rack and cannot interfere with your feet when cycling. Versatile use, like doubling as a shoulder bag or backpack is an advantage, so your bags can also serve you when you are not on a cycling adventure. Hence, they should also be easy to clean. We hope the recommendations of our favorite selected bicycle panniers will help you find the best matching saddlebags for you.

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