The Best Bed Rest Pillows in 2023 | Most Comfortable Reading Pillows

One of the best therapies that guarantee relief from the chaotic routine is reading a book. However, after a long day at work, it may hard for you to get time to sit in your study and read. This is why many people prefer bedtime reading. However, reading while lying on the bed for extended periods can be uncomfortable. The best bed rest pillows are designed to relieve these discomforts.

A backrest pillow also referred to as a reading pillow, is an upright pillow that comes with wraparound arms. While it is designed mainly for reading in bed, it is also ideal for other bed activities that require an upright posture. These activities may include but not limited to working on your laptop, watching TV, or playing video games.

The best Bed rest pillow ensures a proper sitting position on upright and lounging positions. However, while these pillows may have a similar design, not all of them will offer you the service you need. Obviously, for you to pick the model that works best, it might take a lot of time while making the comparisons. To make the process easier, we have rounded up the best bed rest pillows available on the market today.

Here are the best Bed Rest Pillows in 2023 reviews

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7. ComfySure Bedrest Reading and TV Pillow

ComfySure Bedrest Reading and TV Pillow

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ComfySure Bedrest is the ultimate choice for both adults and kids who are looking for added comfort while reading, relaxing, and watching television from their bed. These pillows are filled with foam cluster that adjusts to suit your size and weight. Designed to offer optimal head, lower and upper back support, these pillows are sturdy enough to provide the right support whenever you need it. Sturdy yet soft; this pillow has a plush and fluffy feel that lets you rest in absolute comfort. More importantly, the breathable and extra squashy interior contour to your body shape for optimal coziness.

Additionally, this bed rest pillow comes with a removable, machine washable cover, making it easy to keep the pillow clean. What’s more, this pillow is perfectly sized to offer maximum comfort and support for both kids and adults. It provides optimal back and arm support in an upright and lounging position. As an added convenience, the pillow comes with a top handle that makes it easy to move from one place to the other.

  • Premium quality construction
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a convenient carry handle
  • Perfectly sized to offer maximum support and comfort
  • Not so firm

6. Arlee Suede Oversized Bedrest Lounger

Arlee Suede Oversized Bedrest Lounger

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Couch readers, bed readers, and floor readers can all take advantage of Arlee Suede Bedrest Lounger. Coming in a contemporary design, this pillow lets the user rest in a comforting surface in more than one position. The pillow is made from premium materials giving it a firm and supportive feel. Unlike other models, the solid construction ensures that it doesn’t lose its shape. It is filled with the right amount of filling to avoid overstuffing. This allows it to give you good support when reading in bed or playing a game on your computer.

In terms of portability, you don’t have to worry about moving this pillow from one place to another. It comes with a handle at the top making it easy to lift and move. We also love the oversized armrest heightening your comfort. What’s more, this pillow is super easy to clean. You simply need to spot clean it with a damp cloth from time to time.

5. Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest Pillow

Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest Pillow

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It’s time to take a break from the bed rest pillows you are accustomed to and try something unique. With Brentwood Originals 2136 bed rest pillow, you will get the right firmness without sacrificing the soft feel. For enhanced comfort, this pillow offers good airflow. This makes it an excellent choice for people who love reading in bed, watching movies or playing games for long hours.

Its versatile design allows the user shifts their position to avoid putting pressure on only one group of muscle. Its supportive and firm design also offers optimal lumbar support preventing backaches and shoulder pain. Another handy feature that comes with this unit is the sturdy handle at the top. This handle makes it easy to move from one room to the other. More importantly, this unit comes with a soft exterior that feels amazing on the skin.

  • Versatile design for all round comfort
  • Attached handle makes it easy to transport
  • Provides excellent support
  • Easy to clean by spot cleaning
  • No removable cover

4. YESINDEED XL Reading Pillow

YESINDEED XL Reading Pillow

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After a long day at work, you would want to feel refreshed once you get back to your home. Reading a book, watching a movie or simply relaxing on your bed helps your tired muscles to relax and leaves your brain refreshed. However, doing so in an improper position may make things worse. This is where the YESINDEED XL reading pillow comes in. This is an amazingly soft yet firm pillow that lets you sink in comfort as you read or watch your TV. Different from other models, this pillow comes with a tall and wide base allowing it to accommodate adults and kids.

For enhanced performance, this pillow is filled with shredded foam filling. One of the advantages of these fillings is that it conforms to your body. It also offers decent lumbar support, preventing back issue. Additionally, this pillow comes with a flat and sturdy bottom that keeps it upright for lounging. That’s not all; the pillow comes with a plush velour cover that is easy to wipe clean. The cover is also liquid and dust repellent, making it easy to maintain.

  • Soft micro plush fabric
  • Doesn’t lose shape even after long-term use
  • Great neck and back support
  • Provides surprisingly good back support
  • Could be too small for larger users

3. mittaGonG Backrest Reading Pillow

mittaGonG Backrest Reading Pillow

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Incorrect sitting posture for an extended period may lead to a neck injury or back issue. MittaGonG reading pillow offers superior back support that lets you sit in a comfortable position. It also provides ample arm support, which takes the weight off your neck and shoulder muscles. What set this reading pillow from other models are its high-quality fillings. Unlike cheaply made bed rest pillow, this model is filled with shredded foam that is not only soft but also conforms to your body for added coziness.

This pillow also comes with a crystal velvet cover that feels soft on the skin and breathable. We also love the convenient pocket that lets you keep your essentials close by. The pillow also comes with a handle that makes it easy to move from one place to another. More importantly, the pillow cover is removable and machine washable. This makes it incredibly easy to keep the pillow clean.

  • A firm, supportive, yet comfortable design
  • Convenient handle and pocket
  • Easy to spot clean
  • The taller and wider design gives it a complete cozy comfort
  • Has a slight odor when new

2. Husband Pillow Big Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

Husband Pillow Big Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

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Husband Pillow is probably the most famous maker for reading and bed rest pillows. Thanks to its innovative design, this pillow cradles and cushions your back, head, and arms making it feel like a warm hug. Offering superior lumbar support, this is a perfect choice for reading in bed, watching your TV from a couch as well as playing computer games while seated on the floor. This pillow comes with a smooth fabric cover and filled with premium-shredded foam that conforms to your body.

With a larger design and better construction materials, this pillow cuddles your whole body leaving you energized and refreshed. Different from ordinary bed rest pillows, this model serves as a full-formed pillow, providing optimal lumbar support and optimal upper body support. It comes with a detachable head bolster pillow that offers extra neck and head support. The beauty of this pillow is the removable covers. Whether you want to match your bedroom color scheme color or suit a specific mood, these covers let you do precisely this. Additionally, these covers are machine washable!

  • The larger design offers ultimate support
  • Includes a detachable bolster pillow
  • Multiple uses, best for TV watching, gaming or reading
  • The removable cover makes it easy to clean
  • Slightly expensive

1. Brentwood Originals Shagalicious Bedrest

Brentwood Originals Shagalicious Bedrest

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Bringing the perfect blend of support and softness, Brentwood Originals Shagalicious bed rest makes a fun pillow for the whole family. It is made from fuzzy materials that feel soft on the skin for added comfort. Better yet, these pillow covers come in different bright, fun colors that give your room a dash of color. As its name suggests, this pillow is made from shag material that is not only soft on the skin but also cozy to rest against.

Surprisingly, while most people think that the shag material is hard to clean, it is rather easy to clean. The cover is amazingly easy to wipe clean using a damp cloth. Thanks to the multipurpose design, you can use this pillow on a flat surface, bed or couch. We love its extremely sturdy construction that doesn’t lose its shape even after constant use for many years. Moreover, this pillow offers sufficient back, shoulder and neck support preventing major back complications that result from an improper sitting position.

  • Versatile and highly portable
  • Available in fun colors
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Offers great back and neck support
  • Sheds a little when new

Factors to consider when getting the best bed rest pillows

Now that you are already aware of the best bed rest pillow, we hope that selecting the best model shouldn’t be a problem. To make your search even simpler, we are also going to discuss some of the consideration that should help you in reaching your decision faster.

  • Sturdy and supportive

The primary reason for purchasing a bedrest pillow is to get the support you need while on a seated position. The best bed rest pillow should not only be sturdy but also supportive. This enables the pillow to hold up with repeated use for many years to come. Additionally, the pillow should not only be comfortable for supporting your back but also your neck and arms.

  • Size

Today, Bed rest pillows come with resting arms. Besides offering a wraparound cuddle, these arms also take the weight from shoulder and neck muscles, allowing you to relax as you read or watches a movie. While this is the case, it is crucial to pick a size that meets your needs. As you probably know, taller individuals need a pillow with a taller back and arms. On the other hand, if you are a big person, consider having a model with a wider base.

  • Filling

There are plenty of fillings to choose from. Here your choice should depend on the comfort you want and durability. For instance, pillows with shredded foam fillings tend to conform to your body providing more cozy and customized support. On the other hand, feather filled pillows may not offer the best class support but feel super comfortable than shredded foam fillings.

  • Cleaning and Care

Additionally, before making your final buying decision, you should also check the care label. While most of the bed rest pillow comes with a removable cover that is machine washable, some only permit spot cleaning. Some can only be dry -cleaned. For this reason, pick a model that meets your needs.


An optimal bed rest pillow is a true must-have for people who love reading, watching movies or playing games on their bed. Each of the above reviewed best bed rest pillow will offer you with lumbar support you need in both lounging and upright position. While this model may be somewhat similar, going through each of them should help you pick the model that suits your needs perfectly.

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