The Most Comfortable Bathtub Pillows in 2023

Wouldn’t it be a relaxing treat to pamper yourself with a nice bath after a long and exhausting day? The warm water and aromatic smell make it much more soothing and therapeutic. Everything seems to be perfect until you feel some pain on your back and around your neck. What could’ve gone wrong?

The best bathtub pillow is definitely what you need. Designed with a soft padded foam, you won’t have to lean against the hard porcelain of your bathtub ever again but rather indulge in superb comfort. As it is also crafted with an ergonomic design, it delivers optimum neck and back support that can relieve soreness and tension. 

Truly, you’ll have to worry about nothing but only in delightful and luxurious relaxation. And if you’re planning to get one for yourself and experience a different kind of comfort as you bathe, our comprehensive roundup, reviews, and buying guide will help you out!

The Best Comfortable Bathtub Pillows in 2023

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10. AmazeFan Bath Pillow

AmazeFan Bath Pillow

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If you want to wrap up your day with a hot water bath, you can ramp it up with this AmazeFan luxury bath pillow. It boasts its 4D air mesh technology that ensures ample ventilation, making it breathable and comfortable at the same time. You won’t have to worry about moisture buildup and odorous smell as you dry it. You can hang it and it’ll dry in no time. And when it comes to cleaning, you can wash it by hand or machine.

What’s also great about this pillow is the maximum grip. The manufacturer designed it with 7 large suction cups so it won’t slip even when you rest on it for a long time. As you indulge in a soothing bath, it also relieves muscle tension and soreness around your neck and shoulder.

Key Features
  • 4D air mesh technology for breathability and superior comfort
  • Easy to clean; machine washable
  • 7 large suction cups for better grip
  • Quick-drying
  • Comes with a hook for hassle-free drying and storage

9. OMYSTYLE Full Body Bath Pillow

OMYSTYLE Full Body Bath Pillow

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For superior comfort that lets you luxuriate in a full body warm bath, a single panel head bath pillow might not suffice. With that in mind, this exquisite design from OMYSTYLE might just be the perfect pick for you. It highlights its lengthy size that provides incredible comfort for your head, neck, shoulders, entire back, up to your tailbone. 

The 3D air mesh technology does a great job to gently support your body with the utmost comfort even when the pillow is fully submerged. You won’t also have to worry about the grip as it has 21 suction keeps to keep it in place. 

As it is a mesh fabric, it offers ample breathability that prevents water pooling. This also makes the pillow soft and comfortable at all times. Plus, the ventilation properties keep the pillow clean, fresh, and free from bacteria and mildew. It also wards off any awful smell that is usually caused by moisture.

Key Features
  • 3D air mesh technology for optimum ventilation and enhanced comfort
  • Full body bath pillow that supports up to the tailbone
  • 21 suction cups for superior grip
  • Quick-drying 
  • Offers whole body comfort and support

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8. Homer’s Choice Bathtub Spa Pillow

Homer's Choice Bathtub Spa Pillow

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If you need a thicker cushion that will give you that lush and cozy feeling as you bathe, you’re in for a treat with this bathtub spa pillow from Homer’s Choice. Apart from its exceptional density of 4-inch inner filling, it is also streamlined with a silky and soft fabric that makes it even more comfortable as you lay your head and back on it.

Another thing, what makes it special is the contoured shape and orthopedic two-panel structure that provides custom comfort. Crafted from a weave mesh materials, it wards off any moisture and rather dries quickly. In this way, you can put it away for storage without worrying about moisture buildup, mildew, and bad odor. It also has a built-in hook so you can just hang it and leave it to dry!

Key Features
  • Offers great density with its 4-inch inner filling
  • Made of mesh material for maximum ventilation 
  • Cleans easily and dries quickly
  • 6 large suction cups
  • Built-in hook for convenient drying and storage

7. BASIC CONCEPTS Luxury Bathtub Pillow

BASIC CONCEPTS Luxury Bathtub Pillow

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If you’re unsure which size or style of bath pillow for your bathtub, this one from Basic Concepts would probably be the perfect fit. It is innovatively designed to fit all bathtubs so you can just stick it on your tub, and you’re all set!

It highlights its two-panel structure that provides essential comfort, allowing your head and back to rest with ease. You can also recline the upper part and hence, giving your neck the comfort and relief it needs. The thick cushion and 3D mesh material also amplify its quality, breathability, and softness, thereby letting you indulge in your much-needed rest after an exhausting day.

When it comes to setting it up, this tub pillow is designed with 4 powerful suction cups. It keeps the pillow in place so it won’t slip even when it gets wet or you stay on it for long periods. Cleaning and drying it won’t also be a problem. It comes with a built-in hook so you can just hang it dry after every use.

Key Features
  • Tailored with 3D mesh material for ventilation and superior comfort
  • Features 4 powerful suction cups
  • Compatible with all tub sizes
  • Hassle-free cleaning and storage with its built-in hook
  • Can recline for better neck and head support

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6. Bath Haven Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort

Bath Haven Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort

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It’s probably the length that makes it one-of-a-kind. But beyond its size, the complete comfort comes from its soft cushion and the brand’s patented QuiltedAir 3D Mesh Technology. With such fascinating features, this tub pillow from Bath Haven has become a necessity for many users, especially for those who find relief in taking warm baths. 

This essential addition alleviates the pressure and tension from your entire body (from your head, neck, shoulders, back, and tailbone) with its full-length size, allowing you to lie down comfortably and revel in pure relaxation. It also comes with an ergonomic head and neck pillow for extra comfort and support. 

Crafted with 13 strong suction cups, it ensures maximum grip so it won’t move or slip as you lie down on it even when the pillow is fully submerged. It offers excellent grip but you can still easily detach the pillow and the suction cups when you’re done with it. As it also has an attached hook, you can just clean it up and hang it to dry.  

Key Features
  • Offers full body comfort with its lengthy size
  • Features patented QuiltedAir 3D Mesh Technology for superb comfort and softness
  • Comes with 13 strong suction cups
  • Has an ergonomic pillow for added comfort and support
  • Has an attached hook for easy drying and cleaning

5. Idle Hippo Full Body Bath Pillow

Idle Hippo Full Body Bath Pillow

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Pamper yourself with a luxurious bath with this full body bath pillow from Idle Hippo. It offers a superior length that treats your body with extreme comfort as you relax in a warm bath. Besides that, this pillow has unique ridges that provide custom comfort and relief, thereby reducing body pain and muscle tension after a long and tiring day. 

What stands out with this bath pillow is the 3D Air Mesh technology. Although this seems to be quite common among tub pillows, the manufacturer ensures superior permeability so it will stay soft and cozy even when completely submerged. 

This also speeds up drying while warding off any bad odor and buildup of mildew and moisture. This retains the freshness and cleanliness of the pillow. Plus, it has 13 suction cups that hold the mat firmly, preventing it from slipping or sliding away. 

Key Features
  • Long bath pillow for full body comfort and support
  • Features 3D Air Mesh Technology for ample ventilation 
  • Holds the mat in place with its 13 suction cups
  • Features unique cushion ridges for custom comfort

4. BILLIE BEAN Luxury Bath Pillow for Bathtub

BILLIE BEAN Luxury Bath Pillow for Bathtub

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Among the bathtub pillows on this list, this Billie Bean pillow is probably one of the beautiful bath essentials out there. Contrary to the typical design, this one takes it up a notch with its large and wide size. It exhibits a unique craftsmanship that lends custom comfort and support, not to mention its affordable price. The wing-like structure is an ergonomic design that hugs the contours of your back, giving you a calm and relaxing feeling. 

Other than that, the soft and thick cushion on the headrest supports your neck and head, keeping it comfortable as you lie down on it. And because it is designed with 6 strong and gripping suction cups, you won’t have to worry about the pillow slipping or moving as you rest on it. 

Besides that, the pillow ensures durability and great quality with its double stitched fabric. While it is sturdy, it doesn’t feel stiff but rather the adequate amount of padding makes it even softer and more comfortable. Plus, the material is antibacterial and antifungal that keeps your pillow clean and fresh at all times. 

Key Features
  • Wide and large size
  • Has wing-like structure for custom comfort and ample back support
  • Has 6 suction cups for strong grip
  • Ensures durability and long-lasting quality with its double-stitched material
  • Antibacterial material
  • Machine washable
  • Budget-friendly 

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3. KANDOONA Bath Pillow

KANDOONA Bath Pillow

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This Kandoona bathtub pillow is another option that you can check out for a contoured design. It resembles the style and design of the Billie Bean, only this one is much longer. It also has thicker shoulder padding that supports your head up to the lower back and gives your body optimum support and comfort. This ergonomic design provides a comfortable haven that hugs your back and the sides of your body. 

Tailored from a 3D air mesh material, it makes the pillow breathable that dries quickly when you hang and leave it to dry. Such a material also prevents bad odor and bacterial buildip, keeping the pillow fresh and clean as you use it. Besides that, this material also feels good in the skin and does not cause any skin irritation. Rather, it lends a soothing feeling that can reduce body pain and muscle tension.

When it comes to its grip, the pillow has 6 large and extra-strong suction cups. These cups hold the pillow in place so it won’t slip as you lean your head and body on it. 

Key Features
  • Able to deliver maximum comfort and support with its thick padding
  • Long and wide size
  • 3D Air mesh material for breathability and comfort
  • Dries quickly
  • Comes with a built-in hook for easy cleaning and drying

2. Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men

Bath Haven Luxurious Bath Pillow for Women & Men

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If you love taking baths but the tough edge of your bathtub strains your back, you might need this bath essential from Bath Haven. It truly is a haven with this luxurious bathtub pillow as it provides a different level of comfort and a cloud of softness with its soft and thick padding. You can rest your head and body and let the right amount of cushion provide the relief you need. 

Apart from its ergonomic shape, it showcases unique stitching patterns that resemble waves. While this stitching design ensures great quality and resilience, it also provides optimum support that can reduce body soreness and muscle pain. 

It is also backed up with an air mesh technology and 3D ventilation so it won’t smell bad or build any moisture or mildew after you use it. It can also prevent water pooling and rather promote better permeability. To keep it firm and fixed on your tub as you bath for extended hours, it has 6 powerful suction cups to do so. It won’t easily slip or move as you rest on it.

Key Features
  • Soft and thick padding
  • Ergonomic shape for a comfortable feel
  • Features 3D air mesh technology for ventilation
  • Has 6 strong suction cups
  • Features unique stitching patterns for durability and ample back support

1. GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow

GORILLA GRIP Original Spa Bath Pillow

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What makes this Gorilla Grip bath pillow to the top spot is its combination of durability and comfort. It may look like some of the pillows on this list but it stands out with its 2-inch padded foam. It lends luxurious comfort that delivers superb softness and smoothness, leaving you with nothing but a haven of comfort as you take a bath. 

This Spa bath pillow exhibits a large two-panel structure that provides an ergonomic design that can relieve neck and back pain. It reclines so you can rest your head comfortably while treating your neck and shoulder with the support it needs. 

Aside from that, the fabric or material is unlike the usual designs of bath pillows. While others stick with air mesh technology, this item utilizes a waterproof and nonporous material. It promotes convenient cleaning as you just have to wipe it clean if you need to dry it. 

The waterproofing ability, moreover, keeps the pillow free from any mold and mildew buildup that usually leads to bacterial growth and bad odor. Need not worry about it slipping or sliding because it has 7 large suction cups to keep steady and still. 

Key Features
  • The waterproof surface that wards off moisture and mildew buildup
  • Two-panel orthopedic design for maximum support and comfort
  • Thick padding for superb softness
  • Has 7 large suction cups for excellent grip

How to Choose the Best Bathtub Pillow

  • COMFORT & SUPPORT: The main purpose of a bathtub pillow is to elevate the comfort as you lean against the tough surface of your bathtub. It also ramps up the support so you can revel in a soothing feeling as you take a bath. Aside from that, it can prevent muscle pain and body soreness that you might usually experience when you lie your back against the hard porcelain for long periods. Therefore, it is imperative to determine how much support and comfort the pillow can provide. The material, size, softness, and ventilation are some of the primary factors that make up the ultimate comfort and support of a pillow. Typically crafted with soft and sturdy cushion, bathtub pillows render a different level of comfort and hence, it can alleviate tired muscles and body tension after a long exhausting day. It has the familiar feel of a regular pillow only this is innovatively tailored to support the contours of your neck, head, and shoulders. It would also be a lot better if the pillow you’re looking for has adequate ventilation. To enhance the breathability properties, some pillows utilize modern mesh technologies that feature quilted soft layers to make the pillow permeable to water. While this speeds up drying, it wards off moisture buildup that usually leads to bacterial and mildew growth and odorous smell.
  • SLIP RESISTANCE: To make sure the pillow won’t slip off the tub’s surface, they are designed with suction cups. They keep the pillow to stay in place and you can rest your head with ease. The size and number of suction cups vary according to the type and brand of pillow. Some have large cups while others have multiple stitched-in smaller suction cups. But no matter what the size or number of cups there are in the bathtub pillow, it all comes down to which can provide maximum grip.
  • STYLE & DESIGN: The styles and design of bathtub pillows are not limited to a single panel for a cozy backrest and headrest. If you sift through the options on the market, you can find a plethora of designs varying from double-panel pillows to lengthy tub cushion for whole body support and comfort. It’s all up to your comfort demands which style and design you should go for. You can always settle for double-panel pillows with extra soft cushions to support your head and back. But if you want to extend the support right up to your tailbone or broader back, you should choose the ones that are longer or wider in size.
  • STORAGE & CLEANING: It is very important to your bathtub pillows fresh, clean, and odorless. Apart from its sturdy quality, the pillow should be tailored with a quick-drying material to ensure superior breathability. For hassle-free storage, some manufacturers designed their pillows with an attached hook to make hanging and drying a lot easier. 


Have you found the best bathtub pillow yet? Surely, there’s a ton of options to choose from but the best pick ultimately depends on your comfort needs and preferences. You have to settle for the one that provides optimum support and comfort as you take delight in a nice warm bath.

While this type of pillow spruces up your typical bathing day, it also lends you a comforting and therapeutic relief that soothes body pain due to exhaustion. And if you’re going to purchase your own, make sure to consider the significant factors such as the ones mentioned in our buying guide. You can also find the perfect pick from our topnotch picks and reviews!

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