The Best Baby Play Mats in 2023

Each of us loves to hold our babies all the time and cuddle them, but this is not possible practically. A playmat comes in hand at these times, providing the perfect opportunity for your baby to explore the space around him/her. Playmats come in various shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and designs that are extremely attractive to the baby.

A baby play mat is nothing but a mat that comes with arches that help you hang your little one’s favorite toys that fascinate the baby keeping him/her engaged while you quickly do something that needs your attention.

This is why we have researched the top 10 baby play mats in 2023. You can check out the reviews and buying guide section given below.

Top 10 Best Baby Play Mats In 2023

Read information-rich reviews on the top 10 best baby play mats given below.

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10. Tiny Love Play Mat 

Tiny Love Play Mat

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Place a readymade playground in your living space with the help of the Tiny Love play mat that’s extra-large featuring all essential activities and utilities to keep the baby engaged throughout the day. The theme is uber cool-Meadow days featuring bright colors and shapes that are cooling to the eyes. The design invokes the baby’s curiosity and sensory skills.

The mat is bordered with a shiny satin ribbon that’s delightful and could be easily carried around anywhere you go. The mat has ample features that help kids learn cognitive skills and develop learning abilities. The baby would love rolling on the mat that’s comfy and kid-friendly.

Key Features
  • Padded mirror improves face recognition skills
  • Provided with an adorable carrot teether that’s child-friendly
  • Designed to develop visual, cognitive and fine motor skills
  • Machine washable
  • Comfortable padding
  • Removable mirror helps increase baby’s tummy time
  • Cushioning effect is quite less
  • Slippery at times

9. BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Floor Mat

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Floor Mat

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Be sure of your kid being attracted to the multi-color floor mat that’s made from non-toxic, BPA and phthalate-free materials that meet the US regulatory to safety standards. Parents love this mat for its high-quality material and comfort provided to the baby when the little one rolls, lies down or sits on it. The mat comes with 36 different tiles and 54 end borders that provide perfect interlocks.

The mat is made of perfect-density EVA foam that promises comfort, durability, and long-lastingness. The material is also sturdy, providing the right platform for your infant’s playing needs. The two years warranty is an extra perk guaranteeing good quality of the product. The numbers and alphabets printed on the mat encourage the development of cognitive and motor skills of the kid.

Key Features
  • The tiles could be arranged to make big/small surfaces using the extra edges that provide a perfect locking system that keeps the mat tightly intact
  • Non-slip surface on one side of the mat and a flat surface on the side facing the baby
  • Non-slip surface promises grip and sturdiness keeping the baby safe against injuries
  • Moisture resistant technology makes it easy to clean the mat with soap and water
  • Perfect cushioning for the baby’s spine, hips, and elbows
  • Smells quite often
  • Number and letter tile pieces don’t match perfectly

8. Gupamiga Double-sided Play Mat

Gupamiga Double-sided Play Mat

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Gupamiga has come up with a lightweight, easy to fold, simple to carry and attractive play mat that’s suitable for every infant’s needs during his/her early developmental stages. The mat is imprinted with different animals and trees that invoke the baby’s curiosity while he/she lies on it.

The mat is quite huge, making it easy to use while going on a picnic, camping, or any other outdoor use besides using it regularly in your home. Non-toxic and eco-friendly XPE material used in manufacturing the product makes the patterns, color, and design last long. Also, it keeps the baby safe without any worries about skin allergies.

Key Features
  • The product is waterproof making it ideal for baby use
  • Reversible mat with prints and designs on both sides
  • 100% refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product
  • Easy to clean urine, food particles and liquids by merely using a damp cloth
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to use
  • Quite thin and small

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7. Tadpoles Soft Play Mat

Tadpoles Soft Play Mat

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The mat is made of 100% EVA foam that’s non-toxic, phthalate and lead-free. It comes with 36 colorful and fun-filled interlocking tile pieces that are easy to assemble, creating a perfect play environment for your little munchkin. The interlocking tiles are durable and get woven tightly into each other, guaranteeing the lost-lastingness of the mat even when the child stays on it for hours together.

Every mat comes with colorful and engaging numbers and letters printed on them, which helps your kid learn shapes, numbers, and alphabets using visual stimuli. You can combine any number of pieces to suit your room size and play needs making it a multipurpose product that could be used in your kitchen, den, bedroom, or even garage.

Key Features
  • Prints on the mat trigger hand-eye coordination and visual sensory development
  • Made of premium foam that supports a soft base and provides insulation for the child from the cold floor
  • Child-friendly material that promises comfort
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Ability to combine multiple sets to use over larger areas
  • Interlocking tiles don’t stay tight for a very long time
  • Color patterns don’t match perfectly

6. Infantino Twist & Fold Play Mat 

Infantino Twist & Fold Play Mat

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The Infantino play mat is colorful yet subtle, consisting of all kinds of toys that your baby would enjoy playing with. There are three unique features provided in the mat, including sit and play, tummy time and overhead discovery that provides a great play experience for kids aged between 0 and 1 year. Overhead discovery feature is loved by kids as there are ample toys such as monkeys and elephants fixed on colorful loops that dangle and prove to be attractive to the kids.

The mat is elementary to store or carry around as it folds up compactly in two easy steps, making it ideal for use while traveling. The four different repositionable toys enhance sensory development in kids as they come in bright colors, various fabric textures, make funny sounds and music, and provides a versatile playing experience.

Key Features
  • Comes with four colorful and funny linkable toys
  • Plush, small and comfortable pillow that adds luxury to your baby’s tummy time
  • Twist & Fold technology makes it easy to fold and store the mat
  • Peek-a-boo mirror provided with the toys keeps the infant engaged with the play mat for a long time
  • Teether is safe for a child as it is BPA-free
  • Perfect for travel
  • Gender-neutral colors used on the mat and toys make it ideal for both boys and girls
  • Few problems with the twist and fold mechanism
  • Difficult to collapse

5. Skip Hop Infant Activity Gym Mat 

Skip Hop Infant Activity Gym Mat

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What if we bring the clouds and sky to your baby with the Skip Hop silver lining play mat for your infant that’s been elegantly designed to enthrall your little one’s visual, hearing and touch senses. The playmat is oversized, offering ample comfort and cushioning. It is provided with different textures that help in sensory development. The mat comes in subtle color combinations that enhance the look and feel of the product.

The mat presents with ample developmental activities, including a musical sheep toy that brings about fun-filled music, a bird rattle that cheers the little one with noisy tunes, and cloud squeakers. There are bright and colorful LED stars that light up reminding of the beauty of nature, which keeps the child engrossed. The product helps your baby enjoy uncompromised fun and long-lasting happiness as it is designed with a sky-based theme that’s enjoyable.

Key Features
  • It comes with a cloud-shaped tummy time pillow that could be used by newborn babies. On one side, it is printed with stars, and on the other side is a cloud-like Minky surface.
  • Fun-filled toys including a musical sheep and a baby-safe mirror that interests your little one for hours together
  • BPA, PVC and phthalate-free
  • Neon colors included stimulates baby’s vision and keeps him/her attracted to the mat
  • Comes with interactive toys including a rattle, crinkle, lights, music and teether that keeps the child engaged and helps develop motor and cognitive skills
  • Plush fabric use and comfortable mat made of child-friendly material that’s safe
  • A bit plain
  • Quite expensive

4. BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles Mat 

BalanceFrom Interlocking Tiles Mat

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So colorful and neat is the BalanceFrom mat that you will fall in love with the product at first sight. The mat is filled with nine attractive colors and comes with 16 tiles. There are 24 end borders each of it provided with extra edges that help you make the mat as big or small as you wish. The material used is of high quality, free from lead, BPA, and phthalates making it child-friendly.

If you wish to carry the mat to different rooms that are of various sizes, you should buy the BalanceFrom mat that helps you adjust mat size using the interlocking tiles as per requirement. The colorful tiles are attractive to kids, and the cushioning helps support the tender infant comfortably for long times. Don’t worry if your child spills milk or other liquids as the mat is easy to clean, which is essential when you buy a baby product. The grip offered on the mat also safeguards the little one against injuries.

Key Features
  • Excellent cushioning. High-density EVA foam used offers good cushioning for the spine, hips, knees, and elbows when laid on a hard surface
  • Double side non-slip grip
  • Ability to customize mat size using extra edges provided
  • 2 years warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Easy to clean and maintain using mild soap and a damp cloth
  • Simple to assemble
  • Superb protection against slippery surfaced due to the grip provided on both sides of the mat
  • Smells of chemicals sometimes

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3. Baby Care Water-Proof Play Mat 

Baby Care Water-Proof Play Mat

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It’s more fun when the entire family is playing with the baby, and the Bare Care mat here helps elevate your fun quotient. Sized as big as a queen mattress without having to bother about adding puzzle pieces correctly to form the mat, the mat comes with innovative cushioning that’s sure to provide ample delight to all—even an egg dropped from a 10 feet height stays intact with the superb cushioning offered by the company.

The manufacturer surely knows how to keep babies safe, and that’s why the mat is entirely non-toxic free from BPA, phthalates, latex, formaldehyde, and EVA. The designs on the mat help kids improve mental ability as they start recognizing numbers, images, and letters that are depicted in a colorful and attractive form on either side of the mat. The mat is safe and hygienic to use with good-quality materials used that are eco-friendly. You could take the mat to any room of your choice as it is lightweight and even make your baby sleep by lying beside him/her.

Key Features
  • Reversible: The mat comes with different designs on both sides that keep the little one utterly obsessed with the drawings, colors, and shapes without being bored
  • Comes with two years warranty
  • Excellent cushioning that offers utmost safety when babies learn to crawl, fall on their tummy or even try to sit/stand
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Simply use baby wipes to get rid of dirt and stains
  • Excellent customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Water-proof
  • Good for all types of flooring
  • No such cons

2. Fischer-Price Rainforest Deluxe Gym

Fischer-Price Rainforest Deluxe Gym

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Your child is bound to get ample workouts from the play mat using different toys hung from various positions in the arch. He/she can spin the snail’s rollerball, make noise with the zebra, and play with the soft lion and monkey. You can rearrange all the linkable toys by providing them a different perception every time the baby starts to play. There is a light-up musical toucan that comes with glowing light and funny sounds when you press the wings or give it a gentle shake.

Here is an in-and-out deluxe gym with more than 10+ toys to keep your baby occupied engagingly that he/she doesn’t want to move out of the mat. The rainforest-themed mat is a delight to the eyes with colorful animals swinging from trees, playing in the water and staring at your face. The company has made sure that every animal depicted is attractive and enhances the learning potential of the kid.

Key Features
  • Removable toucan which could be carried along everywhere you go
  • Ability to play 20 minutes of music using long-play settings
  • Offers three different ways to play using lay and play method, tummy time and take-along soft toy play
  • Delights the baby with lights and music features when the baby shows movements during short-play settings
  • The mat is soft and comfortable, there are a crinkled leaf and a satin border for the mat helping the baby feel safe and secure while playing on it
  • You have an excellent mirror that engages the kid for ample time
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Color-changing lights and music provide ample fun during playtime
  • The top part is bulky
  • The bird might not play music occasionally

1. Fisher-Price Gender-neutral Piano Gym Mat

Fisher-Price Gender-neutral Piano Gym Mat

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If you are looking for an ideal mat that could satisfy all your baby’s needs, don’t look beyond the Fisher-Price piano mat that comes with three smart stages of learning levels. The company has set up a deluxe gym on the mat with five light-up piano keys and four different musical settings that aptly suit your growing baby. The material used is soft, well-padded, and comfortable. The item comes in a packaging that’s 100% recyclable, helping users heave a sigh of relief.

The mat comes with a repositionable toy arch that holds five toys, including an elephant teether, self-discovery mirror, crinkle panda, lion rattle, and monkey cymbal clackers. The smart stages technology used in the mat helps you change content as the kid grows. Besides the four musical notes available, the child is provided with an excellent opportunity to play on a real piano once he/she learns to get on the tummy.

The various colors, textures, designs, music, and songs stimulate your baby’s sense of organs prevailing as an ideal platform for development.

Key Features
  • Introduces the child to different shapes, colors and numbers using visuals on the mat and by hearing simple lyrics played
  • Develops gross motors skills as the baby tries to kick, push and reach out to different toys
  • The 3 level smart stages technology combines learning with fun
  • The keyboard is detachable making it an additional toy for the baby if he/she wishes to take it along when you go out
  • The well-designed play gym with attractive toys makes the baby play with them, again and again, triggering their curiosity
  • Learning features change with baby’s growth fulfilling their needs to explore new things
  • Easy to clean and maintain as it is machine-washable
  • Microphone doesn’t function occasionally

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What Points To Consider Before Buying The Best Baby Play Mats

Any infant accessory must be picked with care as a baby’s skin is tender and needs the utmost protection. There are multiple factors to consider before picking the right play mat for your child.

  • Material: Any product that you choose must be breathable, hypoallergic, non-toxic, and free from PVC/phthalates and must be extra-soft to protect the child. Mats come in various materials, including foam, carpet, and even eco-friendly ones.
  • A Balance between Entertainment and Development: Play mats were created for fun, but why don’t we use it for some quality learning time as well? Rather than choosing a bleak play mat that simply has scores of colors in it, it is ideal to choose a mat that has alphabets, farm scenes, or jigsaw puzzles that are even machine washable, providing the perfect opportunity for your child to developmental skills. Themed mats with such depictions are loved by individuals these days, and many of them even come with detachable plush toys that help the baby take his/her favorite toy wherever he/she goes.
  • Maintenance: Your baby is going to spend ample time on the mat, which means that you must be well-equipped to clean it often. Choose a mat that has the provision for cleaning it efficiently without spoiling the texture/colors. Machine-washable mats where toys could also be easily cleaned regularly must be preferred.

Benefits of Using a Play Mat

The play mats are for newborns, and what these little ones need at this time are toys and accessories that enrich their cognitive and visual development skills. Some of the benefits of using a play mat include:

  • It helps developing motor skills when the baby starts to crawl using legs and hands. This action helps in gaining muscular strength and full-body strength. Hand-eye coordination, crawling, and dexterity also improve
  • These mats are ideal for tummy times-lying down on the stomach increases the strength of the neck and shoulder muscles and also prevents getting a flat head
  • Placing your baby on the mat helps them gain independence and develop individuality as they grow. The reflecting mirrors are a great help when babies start recognizing themselves laying the platform for self-discovery
  • Promotes visual skills significantly with the help of bright and contrasting colors, designs and accessories
  • Cognitive development happens as the baby tries to pull and grab toys, interacts with them and also learns to play with them helping them develop spatial and logical development skills


Baby play mats are essential accessories to keep the child engaged, have ample fun, and develop sensory skillsets that promote motor, visual and emotional skills. So, it becomes necessary to buy a mat that’s safe, comfortable and helps the baby grow independently. After going through all requirements, we have given our top 10 baby play mats in 2023 reviews and buying guides. Consider all the essential factors before choosing a play mat for your purpose.

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