Best Baby Bath & Changing Centers in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

A baby is a joy to the entire family. We forget our sorrows and grief at the simple smile of the baby. But nurturing the infant properly, taking good care, keeping him/her safe and happy is the responsibility of every mom and dad. These little munchkins are so tiny that some moms instead feel them sliding out of their hands every time the baby is picked up.

Then how easy is it going to be to bathe the little one, change his/her clothing, dress him/her up, and keep him/her neat and safe? Like a big sigh of relief, baby-care brands have come up with their best baby bath and changing center models to simplify the job for the parents and also to give the child an enjoyable bathing experience.

Top 10 Baby Bath & Changing Centres in 2022

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Read authentic and unbiased information on the top 10 baby bath and changing centers, which could give you optimal ideas on the best fit for your specifications and budget.

10. Munchkin Pink Tub

Munchkin Pink Tub

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Enjoying the birth of your child but not knowing how to bathe your little one? The Munchkin tub could be the choice for those with kids aged 0-6 months old. This is a bright pink tub that’s sure to attract your little one’s attention. The color might also be inviting for your baby, who could have hated bathing until now. The tub is ideal for use on the counter or in your bathtub as it comes with high, secure sidewalls and non-slip feet for maximized safety.

All you have to do is to pour warm, soothing water on the baby giving him/her a bath while all the dirty water drains out of the front drain designed.

The product is instantly eligible for use as it requires no assembling and is made of high-quality plastic. It has a non-stick design with a soft elevated headrest that keeps water out of the baby’s ears without causing any panic to the person giving bath as well. The product is from a reputed brand, munchkin, that manufactures a range of baby products and accessories that promise comfort and safety.

Key Features
  • BPA-free
  • Made of plastic
  • Zero assembly
  • Safety overflow protects the baby with safe water levels while bathing
  • Front drain neatly removes dirty water
  • Head and body support making it comfortable for the baby while having a bath
  • Fulfills ASTM and CPSC standards
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One year limited warranty

9. Summer Shower & Bath Tub

Summer Shower & Bath Tub

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Are you looking for a long-term tub that grows old with the baby encompassing his/her growing needs? This baby bath and the changing center should be your go-to one as it comes with a four-stage provision for a soothing bathing experience. The infant bath sling is used in stage one with the shower unit removed. The infant sling could be used in the toddler tubs that fit into adult tubs, and the shower unit could be attached to the toddler tub for use.

In stage three, the sling is removed to provide more space as in a toddler tub. In stage four, the removable shower unit could be used in the adult tub for your baby.

The bath tub is designed with a splish splash theme that depicts funny creatures in bright colors. It also has a soft foam pad for added comfort. The removable shower makes the tub convenient to use as babies enjoy sprays of water all over their bodies. This motorized shower is provided with ergonomic handles without any sharp edges for keeping the baby safe from any injury risks.

Key Features
  • Four stages with a detachable shower unit
  • Shower unit sprays water gently with continuous balanced pressure
  • Ideal to use from infant to toddler stage
  • The removable shower could be used on babies even after they start bathing in adult tubs
  • Attractive and stable
  • Could be used in the sink or adult tub
  • Improperly fitting sling

8. Primo Euro Baby Bath Spa & Changing Center

Primo Euro Baby Bath Spa & Changing Center

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It’s time to pamper yourself and your little one with this all-in-one unit that comes laden with a baby bathtub, changing pad, and bath stand. Give your baby a refreshing bath anywhere within the house or even in your garden when the whether is optimal outside as the unit has four locking wheels that make it easier to move the unit.

You are also provided with two ergonomic handles for enhanced comfort while moving the unit. You can give bath to your child in two different positions in this bathtub-reclining infant position for kids between 0-6 months where the head is slightly elevated and the sitting toddler position (6-24 months).

The bath tub is great for moms as you need not bend down straining your backs! It also comes with big storage trays that could hold all your baby products and the cute little attire for your dumpling. There is also a changing pad made of soft, non-toxic vinyl cushion for changing diapers, and this is restrained with a lock to prevent any obstruction from it while bathing the baby.

The design is innovative, and the comfortable-the unit has an extended drain tube for draining out water efficiently without having to carry the tub or drain it out manually.

Key Features
  • Two baby bath positions
  • Long drain tube
  • The restraining strap provided with changing pad
  • Easy to maintain with soap and water
  • Phthalate-, PBA- and lead-free
  • Easy to move
  • Luxurious baby bath station
  • An oversized unit that’s not easy to move around

7. PRIMO Bath Tub

PRIMO Bath Tub

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Make your bathing experience fun for yourself as well as your child with the pearl-colored PRIMO baby bath and changing center that offers the convenience of use, safety, and enjoyable time. The bath tub is specially designed to suit the baby’s petite contour with ample back, leg, and arm support that keeps it safe from slipping into the water.

The parents can give bath to their little ones in two different safety positions-reclining position for kids between 0 and 6 months to keep their head well above water level and the sitting position for toddlers between 6 and 24 months. This lets your baby have some real fun in the bathtub while cleaning himself/herself too.

This is one of the enormous baby bathtubs available creatively designed to keep the child safe, happy, and comfortable. There are two individual compartments provided with the tub to facilitate easy use of baby products, including soap, shampoo, toys, and more.

Key Features
  • Folding bath stand available for preventing back pain on moms
  • BPA, Phthalate, and Lead-free
  • Bathtub design accommodates two baby positions
  • Largest baby bath tub
  • Design is safe, comfortable and durable
  • Easy to maintain with soap and water
  • ‘Smart’ bath option due to its unique anatomical shape
  • Slippery and not ideal for toddlers who love to stand

6. Kinbor Portable Baby Bath & Cleaning Unit

Kinbor Portable Baby Bath & Cleaning Unit

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Enjoy excellent bath time with your little one without straining your back anywhere you wish to give a bath-in the living room, in the lush green garden, or even in your bedroom. There is a customized changing table to make your kid sparkly clean once again with the utmost comfort.

The changing table is useful for giving a soothing massage to your baby’s tiny hands and feet, and changing your baby’s clothes, enjoying him/her in different colorful attires besides changing diapers too. It is a 2-in-1 product that comes with a bath tub and a changing table.

Key Features
  • Four sturdy locking wheels at the base of the cart
  • Folding changing station made of soft fabric for a comfortable changing routine
  • Tray provision beneath the bath tub provides easy access to baby products
  • Simple to move around
  • Comfortable on the spine as there is no need to bend for giving a bath
  • Unattractive colors

5. Primo Bathing Spa 

Primo Bathing Spa

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This product is suitable for infants between 0 and 18 months for a refreshing daily bathing experience. This is a complete baby care unit that comes with a bath tub, changing pad, and a bath stand. The changing pad is made of soft fabric with a restraining strap that prevents it from falling off on the baby while bathing. There are two positions for bathing the newborn-an infant position that supports the little one with appropriate inclination and safety and a toddler position that allows them to play and enjoy while sitting contently.

The bathtub comes with a quick drain plug that drains out dirty water quickly. There is ample storage space with organizers that can hold your baby products carefully and neatly. The entire unit comes with two ergonomic handles that make it easy to move around-this This is possible with the four sturdy wheels that come with locking grips that offer the flexibility of movement as well as the provision of fixing them when needed.

Key Features
  • Changing pads are made of vinyl fabric and phthalate-free
  • Bathing tub with changing unit and two trays
  • Handles and wheels provide easy maneuvering
  • The cleaning unit is made of soft vinyl fabric that is easy to clean and safe
  • Can accommodate infants up to 30 lbs of weight
  • Provides a relaxed, comfortable and genuine happiness for the baby
  • Wheels are subject to wear and tear quickly.

4. Safety 1st Baby Bath Tub

Safety 1st Baby Bath Tub

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As the brand name suggests, this is an excellent baby bath and changing center that comes with a classic design that promises the safety of the baby while bathing. The design is well contoured to keep the baby steady while bathing and also comes with a provision for keeping all your baby toys intact in the accessory holder provided.

The unit is comfortable to store occupying minimal space as there is a hook to hang it anywhere. The baby’s head is safe without any water entering its ears as there is an optimal inclination on the tub.

Key Features
  • Bath hammock is easy to clean
  • Two-stage design
  • Can be used in single/double sinks
  • Provision to hold soap and accessories
  • Towel holder and hook provisions
  • Not much suitable for newborns

3. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Bath Tub

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Bath Tub

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Hurray! A colorful baby bathtub that inevitably attracts every baby to have a warm and comfortable bath. Even adults are fascinated by this bright tub. So, this is a 4-in-1 tub that helps the infant take a convenient bath until the toddler stage. Stage 1 contains soft mesh sling for newborns for security.  Stage 2 removes the sling and in comes the baby stoppers that put the baby in an inclined position avoiding any slippage.

In stage 3, the stoppers convert into a sit-me-up support system, which helps toddlers who are not yet independent to sit on their own. In Stage 4, the sit-me-up support can be removed to make way for a big tub.

Fisher-Price is s space-saving device as it could be easily hung on a rod or door. The bathtub is for newborns up to the toddler stage, which makes it a good value for money. The entire unit made of high-quality material with the right fabric, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Key Features
  • There is a plug for easy draining the dirty water from the tub
  • 4-in-1 model
  • Provides perfect inclination position to babies supporting head and body
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Attracts children for bath with colorful fabric
  • Sharp sling that could hurt the baby

2. Summer Infant Bath Tub

Summer Infant Bath Tub

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Summer Infant is a three-piece bathtub with a new platform that provides height for the tub, the bath tub unit, and newborn bath support. This support comes with the ideal inclination that supports the baby’s contour giving comfortable support to the infant’s height. The bath tub could be used anywhere-in the sink or inside an adult tub.

This is a large-sized bath tub that supports kids up to 2 years of age. The three parts of the unit come in three different colors attracting the baby’s attention. The platform that offers height also makes it easier for the mom to give a soothing and happy bathing experience to the baby.

Key Features
  • An extra platform for height
  • Locking tabs that rightly keep the tub and the base well attached
  • Large in size giving ample space to the kid while bathing
  • Sturdy and durable made of high-quality material
  • The raised platform could be used as a step stool later
  • The drain system is not properly designed

1. The First Years Deluxe Bath Tub

The First Years Deluxe Bath Tub

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This could be your favorite tub coming from a reputed manufacturer with world-class features. The tub has a mesh hammock to hold your bundle of joy securely while he/she enjoys a great bath. Once the baby becomes a toddler, the sling could be removed to provide ample space for the kid to bathe.

This is a single unit that helps in the smooth transition between stages. Though small and compact, the tub can hold toys and baby care products easily. The unit is ergonomically designed to hold the baby securely yet freely with maximized comfort.

Key Features
  • Non-slippery padded headrest
  • Bear baby weight up to 25 lbs
  • Drain plug to drain out water instantly
  • Compact and comfortable to use
  • Easy to clean and wash as the mesh hammock can be washed in the machine
  • Three stages transition provided
  • Baby weight not balanced optimally

What Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Baby Bath Tub?

Bathing is a joyous experience for the little one who loves to splash some water around and play with you. The below-given points might help you in choosing the best and safe baby bathtub for your infant.

  • Design: This is very important for your baby’s safety. The tub must have a contoured design (side support is preferable) to keep your baby stable while giving a bath. Padding, though thin, is good enough rather than resting the child against the plastic cover. Tubs with overhanging rims are more comfortable to carry around when then are filled with water (but without the baby, mind you). Wet tubs are breathing grounds for the foul smell, and this could be avoided by drying your tub well. Some tubs are provided with a hook or handle at their back for the natural drying of the product. Individuals generally place the baby tub into their bath tub, which might cause the sliding of the baby tub. Hence, many baby tubs nowadays come with non-skid surfaces to avoid this.
  • Folding Option: Foldable tubs (which mostly come in plastic) are great space savers and also make it easier to carry around while traveling, but we do have complaints of leakage or lack of sturdiness in quite a few of them.
  • Material: Plastic tubs facilitate easy cleaning of the product. Some come with nylon mesh support, while some others include a small shower nozzle too. Convertible tubs come with a removable sling or hammock that keeps you closer to the baby. If these aren’t present, they at least have a slight inclination to keep the newborn in a slightly vertical position. When the baby is quite older, you can detach the insert and make the tub bigger quite right for your toddler. Whatever type of tub you buy to ensure that it comes with a plug that helps to drain out the water rapidly.
  • Temperature Indicator: It’s easy to put your hand into the water, which is the ideal way to ensure warm water for your baby’s bath, but some tubs do come with temperature indicators that change colors when the water is too hot for your infant.

Other Factors to Consider while Giving a Bath to Your Little One

Besides the perfect bath tub for a safe bathing experience, you need to use the right soap, shampoo, and moisturizer to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple. Follow the below tips to avoid any skin irritations:

  • Soaps: Buy the best quality-baby soap that’s free from ingredients such as alcohol, glycol, or propylene and choose the ones that contain butter, almonds, olive oil, and milk as these are natural moisturizers. For children who are prone to allergy, choose only those soaps that are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin.
  • Body Lotion: It is always recommended to choose non-fragrant lotions that contain ‘petroleum jelly’ which helps in preventing eczema attacks on kids. Fragrant lotions and soaps might be aromatic and smell tremendous but never be tempted.

Above all, ensure to stay right next to the baby all the time-the American Paediatric Association warns parents to keep a watchful eye on kids under 6-years while they are in a bathtub.


Babies love to be pampered and cared for. Purchasing the right baby bath and changing center could help your little one enjoy her/his bathing experience safely. Choose a product that’s durable, reliable, made of good-quality material, and above all, ensures the safety of the baby.

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