Best 65-inch 4K TVs for Home | The Ultra HD 4K Television Brands in 2023

Today, the TV market has been changing dramatically when it comes to both technology and price. Currently, we have the 4K Ultra HD TV sets that boast of better performance than the regular 1080p HD televisions. The best 4K screens do not only offer four times the number of pixels as they have 1080P counterparts but also come packed in the modem in screen technology that ensures better contrast and picture quality. Another reason why this television has received much appreciation amongst gamers is that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X have embraced the 4K features, allowing for an exciting gameplay. While the 4K television sets come in different sizes, today we are going to focus on the best 65 inch 4K TVs.

The reason why we focus on this size is that more people are upgrading their current TV and are looking for a bigger size. The 65-inch 4K television set offers a timeless appeal and doesn’t take too much space. Since they have not been on the market for quite long, choosing the best 65-inch 4K television might seem like a daunting task.

Looking on the bright side, we have done an extensive research to bring you everything you need to know about these TVs. We have also reviewed the top-selling models to assist you in choosing a model that suits your needs.

Below are the top 10 Best 65-inch 4K TVs you can enjoy in 2023

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10. Hisense 65″ Class H9E Plus 4K UHD Android TV

Hisense 65″ Class H9E Plus 4K UHD Android TV

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The main selling point of the Hisense 65 inch H9E 4K TV is its superb price. Besides the affordable price, this TV brings you impressive features that will allow you to enjoy watching movies and playing games. Boasting of a 65-inch size and a modern design, this TV will add a touch of style in your living room as well as offices.

Featuring exclusive ULED technology, this Television offers you incredible pictures making it a great set to use for home entertainment such as playing games, watching movies as well as in the office when displaying your project proposal. Other features that we love about this unit include a 240 HZ refresh rate plus a wide color gamut.

Key features
  • Boasts of Dolby Vision HDR that brings breathtaking images
  • Unique 240HZ refresh rate ensures the best in class performance minimizing blur
  • FourK Upscaler and Local Dimming
  • Android TV with Wifi connectivity allows you to access thousands of apps

9. 2018 LG 65UK7700PUD 65″ Class 4K HDR Smart LED TV

2018 LG 65UK7700PUD 65″ Class 4K HDR Smart LED TV

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If you still use a plasma TV or looking to impress your friends and family with a high-quality TV during this festive season, the LG 65UK7700PUD 65 inch 4K TV might be the best choice. This television is designed with an in-plane switching that delivers a strong contrast ratio and rich color that remains consistent even at wide viewing angles. Also, it comes with Nano cell display that improves accuracy with wider colors gamut.

Better yet this model comes with a wide range of rich colors that gives it a palette 64 times broader when compared to the conventional televisions. Some of the other impressive features that you will love about this model include slim, elegant design, Multi-format 4K high dynamic range support including Dolby vision as well as Amazon Echo compatibility. Having combined all these features allow the TV to blend well with your interior and offer a real-life movie and gaming experience.

Key features
  • Features LG thin that allows you to connect all your smart devices
  • Slim and elegant frame plus stylish look gives your interior a modern look
  • Multi-format 4K high dynamic range support
  • Has intelligent voice control with Google Home inbuilt as well as Amazon Echo compatibility

8. VIZIO 65″ Class 4K (2160P) (E65-E1) Smart XLED Home Theater Display

VIZIO 65″ Class 4K (2160P) (E65-E1) Smart XLED Home Theater Display

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VIZIO 4K 65 inches smart TV brings you a classic and timeless appeal. Don’t let the low price sway you from purchasing this model. This smart TV does not only come in a modern design but also brings you brilliant pictures for an epic gaming and movie watching experience. It delivers a wonderful 2160P resolution that allows you to catch every detail in your games and movies.

We also love the active LED zones that are powered by an adaptive algorithm that works to bring the best entertainment performance.

Additionally, this television is also backed with the latest technology and features that bring a superior light uniformity and high-quality pictures. The fast refresh rate also ensures improved clear motion pictures as prevent blur and instead offers articulated clarity. What’s more, this smart TV is connectable to your home’s Wifi, allowing you to stream thousands of movies and access your favorite apps.

Key features
  • 120Hz refresh rate eliminates blur for a lifelike movie and gaming experience
  • The slim bezel that surrounds the 4K resolution screen gives the TV a modern look
  • Clear 2160P screen resolution ensures that you don’t miss any detail
  • The impressive sound quality that fills your room with clear and high definition sound

7. Samsung 65NU7300 Curved 65” 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018

Samsung 65NU7300 Curved 65” 4K UHD 7 Series Smart TV 2018

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The Samsung 65NU7300 4k curved smart TV boasts of interesting features and latest technology that is hard to beat. This TV is hugely a versatile performer that comes with an impactful high range plus the 4K ultra HD resolution. Another impressive feature that comes with this model is that the Non-4K TV content is upscaled to 4K content. Besides, with this TV, you will also enjoy the stunning high dynamic range of content, including HD 10 plus content that adjusts the quality of the picture scene by scene.

With the superior HD display and high resolution, this TV also allows you to enjoy the subtle details hidden in the color of shadows and darkness with precise lighting that reveals a lifelike picture. It also includes the universal guide that brings your favorite content from multiple devices and apps together in one easy to browse. Better yet, this TV also includes the Samsung clean Cable solution that manages the cords for a clean look.

Key features
  • Superior Purcolor feature lets the user enjoy the millions of shades of color that are fine-tuned to create vibrant pictures
  • 120 HZ motion rate ensures a smooth action on fast-moving content
  • A modern and stylish curved screen with a slim bezel
  • Allows you to watch stunning high dynamic range content and supports HDR 10 plus

6. 2018 Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

2018 Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

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Combining the latest technology and advanced features, the Sony XBR65X900F brought you top-notch picture quality and improved HDR as well as motion. Unlike its predecessor, this model comes with notable improvements including enhanced brightness that boosts its HDR performance as well as bringing better motion handling. Thanks to the fast refresh rate, this TV also ensures smoother motion handling when compared to other models.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to the image quality. You will love the fantastic image quality that has great black depth and insight. Also similar to other Sony models, the XBR65X900F is an Android TV, but it won’t frustrate you when using your gadgets. It also offers you access to thousands of games, apps, as well as streaming services. Better yet, the sound is also improved to bring you to surround and high definition sound, which is pleasing to your ears.

Key features
  • The 4K Ultra HD picture offers a high dynamic range of color and stunning clarity
  • The high-performance processor allows you to enjoy the controlled contrast and a wide range of brightness
  • The superior display ensures the user enjoy vibrant colors and crystal clear on-screen action
  • Compatible with both Google and Alexa enabling the user to use voice to change channels

5. Samsung QN65Q6F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV 2018

Samsung QN65Q6F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV 2018

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Your eyes will savor the 2018 Samsung QN65Q6F smart TV. It comes with prestigious features that tantalize your vision with thousands of shades of Q colors and ambient modes that help alter the screen into a spectacular visual display. This Smart TV offers a bold statement thanks to the amazing HDR image plus the upscale engine that makes all resolution content look great. To prevent the haloing that is seen in older LCD TV models, the 65Q9FN uses direct LED lighting and delivers great blacks similar to those of OLED televisions.

We also love the sound improvement that ensures that every instrument is clear, allowing you to enjoy your games, movies, and music. This TV also comes with advanced motion handling great contrast and ultra-bright HDR images.

Key features
  • Boast of Q contrast that lets you experience dramatic depths from brightest to darkest scenes
  • A 360 degrees design with a slim bezel on all sizes make the TV attractive from any angle
  • Comes with Q color innovation that pushes the color boundaries with proprietary quantum dots
  • Comes with a clean cable solution that allows you to organize your cables for a clean look

4. Sceptre U658CV-UMC 65 inches 4K LED TV

Sceptre U658CV-UMC 65 inches 4K LED TV

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Spectre U658CV-UMC 65 inches 4K television is a great bargain whenever you want to bring a movie theatre experience to your home. It also comes with incredible performance making it a great monitor for hardcore gamers. Boasting of 4K UHD with eight million pixels, this TV illuminates an extraordinary range and depth in every image for an epic viewing experience. The TV also comes with a 2.0 HDMI that lets you explore all the 4k content without having to sacrifice the streaming performance.

Besides, this TV lets you stream all the content from your tablet or phone and upscale the images to a 4K resolution that lets you get all the hidden details in the pictures and videos. Unlike other models, this TV comes with an impressive refresh rate that makes fast action pictures smooth with no lag time. This is probably the reason why many games are opting for this model.

Key features
  • An impressive refresh rate that minimizes blur when watching fast-paced motion pictures
  • Superior 3840 x 2160 resolutions ensure that you don’t miss any detail
  • Features two fast speed USB ports that ensure fast connectivity
  • Includes a Mobile High-Definition Link and 4X HDMI input

3. 2018 LG Electronics 65UK6300PUE 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

2018 LG Electronics 65UK6300PUE 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

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If you are looking for a 65 inch 4K smart TV that delivers great picture and sound quality, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick this model. It comes integrated with various versatile features that make it stand out in the crowd. The TV has a slim unibody design that surrounds the 4K screen with a slim bezel on all sides, giving it a modern and stylish look.

When it comes to screen resolution, this television is hard to beat. It boasts of 4k ultra HD quality pictures that are much vibrant, detailed, and clear. The TV also comes with an impressive refresh rate that enables you to enjoy fast speed motion pictures with minimal blur. Above all, this model also comes with smart features that allow you to access your favorite apps and unlimited streaming of movies from your favorite channels.

Key features
  • Smart functionality gives you access to your favorite apps
  • Comes with IPS technology that utilizes in-plane switching to offer rich colors and a strong contrast Ratio
  • This TV connects to your home Wifi and is compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Comes with immersive, rich Ultra Surround sound for an in-house movie theatre experience

2. TCL 49S517 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 49S517 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

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TLC is not only one of the best selling brands when it comes to consumer electronics, but it also the fasted growing TV brand globally. This brand was founded about three decades ago, and it boasts of delivering high-quality products that come in a stylish design. The TLC 49S517 Roku Smart LED television is their latest addition in their five series 4K TV. It is cleverly engineered to deliver stunning Ultra HD picture quality thanks to the four times the resolution of a regular full HD television. This ensures enhanced clarity and details, as well as allowing you to access the thousands of streaming channels with ease.

Best of all, this LED TV also comes with Dolby Vision high dynamic range technology that delivers bright and accurate colors for a lifelike viewing experience. The upscaling feature is also another great feature, as it will convert the non-4k content to Ultra HD 4K resolution. Some of the other great features that come with this model include the enhanced remote that lets you use your voice to find your favorite channels. It also has Wifi connectivity that allows you to access streaming channels as well as your favorite TV shows.

Key features
  • Smart Functionality allows you to access thousands of streaming channels
  • Pairs 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with high contrast and rich colors
  • Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) brings lifelike pictures
  • Edge LED backlighting with Deep blacks delivers excellent picture quality

1. TCL 65R617 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 65R617 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV

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The TCL 65R617 smart LED TV is a high-end 4K television that ticks all the required boxes when it comes to high performance and cool looking TV. This TV comes with a high resolution and image quality that matches televisions that are much more expensive. It also offers better media streaming services than some other models twice its price.

We also love its 120 zones of full-array local dimming that offer deep blacks without washing out shadows. Another excellent feature that comes with this model includes the inbuilt Roku platform and Wifi remote that has an inbuilt headphone jack that lets you listen to your favorite channels without disturbing the others.

Looking at the features that come with this television, we can attest that it comes with advanced features that belie its low price. By combining the requisite Ultra HD resolution and Dolby Vision, you will see much difference when comparing it with regular HD television. Most importantly, this unit support WCG and HDR that ensures convenience and lifelike pictures.

Key features
  • Premium Picture Quality with Dolby Vision HDR for the most lifelike pictures
  • Smart functionalities offer access to the thousands of streaming channels
  • LED backlighting with contrast control Zones brings excellent picture quality
  • Enjoy dark shadows and rich colors for a truly immersive 4K gaming experience
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Factors to consider when selecting the best 65-inch 4K TVs

With the increase in demand for 4K TVs, many companies have come up. While this is a good thing since you will have a variety of choices, it can be confusing for you to choose the best, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Below are some of the features that should help you in finding the best model.

  • Contrast and colors: 4K TVs are expensive than the full HD television as they are designed to offer 4 times better performance when it comes to the display. For this reason, you should invest in a model that provides the best performance; otherwise, you will have a full HD TV only that it will have a steeper price tag. Regarding contrast look for models that offer a resolution not less than 1920 megapixels. The colors should also be bright and solid.
  • Check the fine details: Here, you should look at the screen texture, the design, and the bevels. Television with a slim bezel on the edges looks modern and stylish. Some will also prefer the curved models while others will go for the flat screens. Here you should ensure that the model you pick meets your needs.
  • Image artifacts and edges: When it comes to edges, you should check for ghosting, jaggedness, and bright halos around the curves. Additionally, you should look for blockiness, grain, and color bands. Also, you should tinker with the television picture settings before making your final decision.
  • TV Refresh Rate: The refresh rate will determine the television performance when running fast-paced motion pictures. The higher refresh rate, the better television. Models with slower refresh rates tend to have blur images, especially when playing games. To be on the safe side ensures that the TV that you select has a refresh rate of not less than 60 HZ.


A 65-inch 4K TV will surely leave your family mesmerized thanks to the quality of pictures and sound. They are also a great choice for hardcore gamers as they offer a better resolution that ensures that they never miss any detail in their games. The above models have proven to be the best based on advanced features, compatibility, and looks. Select any of them for you to bring a movie theatre feeling to your home.

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